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Atheist | Draws with Light | Reader of Books | Watcher of Stars | Lastly, but not in the least I am the one who Cooks!!

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@BaazDrame @nazmaaman Yes you are consistently hypocritical.. Kudos. 😊 @BaazDrame @nazmaaman The pot calling the kettle black...😂😂 Beta embrace your true self, dont be shy. 😘 @BaazDrame @nazmaaman As I said earlier... 🤣 @BaazDrame @nazmaaman Hypocritical clowns don't deserve any answers, if you come clean as what you are trying to hi… @BaazDrame @nazmaaman @BaazDrame @nazmaaman You think the 21st century laws came in to being in 1920s.😂😂 Don't try to monkey balance and… @BaazDrame @nazmaaman It's funny how a person willing to go back is saying he is only willing to go back certain am… @BaazDrame @nazmaaman Nah nah no need to be hyperbolic, instead of going 85 years or 500 years or 1000 years to justify present wrongs. 😁 @nazmaaman @BaazDrame Exactly! I smell off something... What is that smell.... 🤔 Aha... Its Hypocrisy!! @BaazDrame @nazmaaman @BaazDrame @nazmaaman And if you read your history you'd know that it wasn't "someone's home before that", it was b… @BaazDrame @nazmaaman Well if one is willing to go back 85 years it's assumed one shows the keenness to go back a 1000 year also.If Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by अंशु @BaazDrame @nazmaaman Wasn't it a church before that, bhai... 🙄 @tweeterrant @rohini_sgh Have we ever lived in a democracy though, it's just that with the advent of the information age its jus… @sleepyhead148 @theBekku Silly, you don't have to drive hard to topple it, you just stand on its side and push it like the UP police. 😎 @aliyaabbas @Aaabshar So it should be a church? @AnaarCasm @Aaabshar Then why even comment here. 😂 @nirali_ss Where does Narendran fit in to this. 🙈
@internetrowdy Who dat. @Liv_Boeree Micheal Scott approves @AnantBhan Waaa... I was gonna celebrate the independence day as the independence from Covid-19. ICMR this is just… have filled a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission on the alleged #fake_encounter of…
Retweeted by अंशुOUTRAGEOUS STORY of Vikas Dubey encounter. The vehicle is seen lying "conveniently" on its side, all doors closed.…
Retweeted by अंशु @Neurophysik @free_thinker @samjawed65 @d_s_thakur @rasmus_kleis Isn't this basically confirmation bias, what "news… @anumccartney @saahilmenghani Yep, I would like to see how the "nationalist" anchors would spin this, it would be a master class… @LOLrakshak @nikitadoval @chasingiamb They mistake lawlessness for justice. @krishashok Hey do you season the clay pot before using it, if so how and is it seasoned only one time(when you bou… @Atheist_Krishna 2 mins of silence for this poor Boot licker. 😢 @rohini_sgh Those celebrating this encounter don't understand that come tomorrow when the same police harasses or i… @SonalHayat @KarnikaKohli's report published in Feb 2018 by @thewire_in. A Chronicle of the Crime Fiction That is Adityanat…
Retweeted by अंशु @amitvarma That we live in a lawless state and people celebrate it. @sohinichat In America they make movies about corrupt cops who are portrayed as villains, in India we make movies a… @rohini_sgh 😂movie villain actual villain
Retweeted by अंशु @RDValerie This! The more flashy the advertisement the more trashy whatever "food" they are selling. @sandythapar And this Jungle Raj is now celebrated across the country. @rohini_sgh @Uppolice We are living in a Jungle Raj, where an obvious murder by the state is celebrated as "justice". @OmarAbdullah @sonaliranade Exactly, and the people of India will celebrate this Jungle Raj.#BreakingNews | UP gangster #VikasDubey, arrested in Madhya Pradesh, killed while being taken to Kanpur, confirms p…
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@KitchenChemProf So some time back my wife told me that her extended family in kolkata have been using this forever… @saahilmenghani Now these 144 veterans will be dubbed as anti nationals. @VijayKu85928066 @Newspaperwalli @thewire_in Once again why don't you fuck off you casteist scumbag. 😀 @VijayKu85928066 @Newspaperwalli @thewire_in Again why don't you fuck off with with your half thought ideas of "Merit". @pujamehra @abhilash_gara @Spotify Hahaha.... If I had a Penny for every time I came across an entitled person on t… @saahilmenghani Yeah, they probably pegged you as an outsider, dhoti is only mandatory for Bhasm Aarti done at early hours of the morning. @saahilmenghani It's not mandatory to wear dhoti, they probably said so to keep the dhoti rental trade to keep going, I'm from ujjain. @rohini_sgh बड़े बड़े देशों में ऐसी छोटी छोटी बातें होती रहती है. @VijayKu85928066 @Newspaperwalli @thewire_in Why don't ya fuck off you casteist 🐷It’s weird to me that people think the biggest obstacle to healthy discourse today is mobs of angry progressives an…
Retweeted by अंशु @brandonmcneice @jessesingal Then India is totalitarianism state😜(I'm sorry you probably won't get the pun, but couldn't be resisted 😂). @BabaGlocal @amitbehere @BabaGlocal @amitbehere The whole entertainment business nowadays is based on milking the nostalgia of suckers like us. 😉 @rohini_sgh He chose a perfect spot, ujjain is covered with cctvs everywhere, it will be difficult to encounter him here. @kittypurrzog "Salman Rushdie a mediocre writer made a career out of being silenced" Is the writer of this piece perchance a 13 year old? @rohini_sgh @Uppolice He probably had help to reach here without anyone knowing. And surrendered in a public place… @rohini_sgh @Uppolice I'm from Ujjain it's big news here. 😂
@elka_wildlyne @StephenKing @elka_wildlyne @StephenKing Genuine question, why do you presume that anyone on the internet cares about your feelings.Those men and upper-castes who applaud this but do not recognise their own participation as individuals and as a co…
Retweeted by अंशुIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers a case study for how nationalist leaders can back down from confrontatio…
Retweeted by अंशु @margaritaevna95 "Taste" is subjective. @UnluckyWanderer @jonronson What if the the mob is punching down on a person who is obviously and blatantly being bigoted/racist. @MorningBrew 01 @AITA_reddit NTA @MollyRatty @Boomieleaks @straycunt @Boomieleaks Everyone is a concern troll on twitter... 😃 @Boomieleaks @davidadonaldson @safimichael No Indian in the world would have any problem with "lakhs and crore". 😐 @pujamehra Exactly, these Firangis I tell ya... 😐 @Boomieleaks @jonronson @MollyRatty @Boomieleaks Nah it just goes to show that you lot haven't read his book and are just going by the title alone. 😐 @nowme_datta बेगल के बगल में @netshrink Is he advocating for "encounter" of that guy. @amitvarma Translates so well in regards to casteism in India. @gauravsabnis @kskarun Is there a "Dad Pun" category, if so this belongs there. @Daniel_K_B @clairlemon Helmut Newton was a Master. 😍 @mean_balak @PoojaB1972 @anuragkashyap72 @sanjayk_13 @RealLatinX @clairlemon I think that's besides the point here, when his blog was compared with SSC, whi… just stumbled upon these articles and quite honestly, the distinction between real and performative faith could n…
Retweeted by अंशु"We're seeing things in the way Covid-19 affects the brain that we haven't seen before with other viruses."
Retweeted by अंशु @matthaig1 That is a regular occurrence here in India, and it also makes the "news".. 😂 @Full_Meals @saffrontrail The dough of this puri also incorporates Urad Dal, bedmi puri and aloo is a breakfast staple of UP. @saffrontrail @Slate It's not as if one has to read the whole text the blogger has written, one can just scroll dow… @saffrontrail @Full_Meals Here some run of the mill Aloo-Puri. @Subhashitani1 @kambleakash0 Does he mean you are a fool if you understand them?.... 🤣 @fgautier26 Fuck off why don't ya you wannabe bhakt. @anoosrini @krishashok @madmanweb They have no understanding of "bhuno" or "tadka", dump it all together and voila its butter chicken. @AnnakTaknev @SaniaAhmad1111 King in the south was a wannabe and was easily assassinated... 😜 @SaniaAhmad1111 I feel those peeps who exhort that "दुध खीर कश्मीर" slogan, probably gorge on boiling kheer.
Don’t disrespect me like this.
Retweeted by अंशु @DrVW30 @Sumeetxolt I don't think it will. @Sumeetxolt I don't get how people here are okay with economic corruption. @Sumeetxolt I can live with moral corruption, because every one is some way or the other morally corrupted in their… right now....