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Scott Ketcher @anson13 Stilwell, OK.

ScottK, Native American, ᎠᏂᏴᏫᏯ (Cherokee) single, lives with a dog. want to know more feel free to ask.

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@AnneErickson Me too @PdxPestle I've seen all the Rocky movies and both Creed films and they are all good @madelpillar You do look good with bangs but in this one with the long darker hair really works out @madelpillar Absolutely beautiful @madelpillar Ok curiosity is peeked I'll play too @madelpillar Sounds like depression to me, I'm manic depressant and have learned how to spot it a mile away @DelightDaniTV Not healthy physically, mentally or spiritually not to vent frustrations @emmatsalageek Cats are always fun to play with when their any age, it's like it's hardwired in them @DelightDaniTV If they don't like it they don't have to read it
@girldrawsghosts Do hot, your eyes are just so hypnotic @lieutennantdan Sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon @aspencolorado99 I hope no one got hurt, except maybe the crackhead... @lieutennantdan What's wrong @madelpillar What now? @masolni Sounds like a great plan @xAshteria Beautiful @PdxPestle Absolutely perfect for Samhain @DelightDaniTV As a manic depressant I fully sympathize with youUntil we are all healed none of us are
Retweeted by Scott Ketcher @morteperamore So true @emmatsalageek I hope you don't mind me saying but your beautiful 🙂 @emmatsalageek Did she spit on him for no reason!? I would have thrown her off the bus too
@tori57945726 Beautiful 😍 @italiana_Maiden Have you ever seen Iron Maiden live? I have twice that is an amazing show they put on
@aykijmm Thank the Great Divine Creator she's alright @girldrawsghosts Oh carry on then 🙂 @girldrawsghosts I don't blame you I wouldn't either, but isn't this Thursday?C-3PO at the Oscars #classic #starwars #anewhope #c3po
Retweeted by Scott Ketcher @coolstorybexx 😍 @ElleKnoxxxAu I like them both @xAshteria I think I need the sameone person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by @girldrawsghosts Sending all my good positive energy your way, my heart goes out to you @girldrawsghosts Yes and you do have nice curves too @lieutennantdan That looks like a wicket for playing Native American stickball, 2 would be needed for traditional stickball though @realslimmkatie That's a great philosophy to live by. @emmatsalageek I'd like to see Sagittarius sun, Scorpio Moon and Capricorn Rising, and maybe Aries natal
@girldrawsghosts Yeah coast to coast is a great radio show, I'd listen more often but AM reception here is shit @girldrawsghosts Hi, your eyes are your best feature. Absolutely beautiful @masolni Right side usually @coolstorybexx So very sexy 😍 @morganisawizard I suppose having light in the transport tunnels would be useful @Ayani_holly @_karass @zenmindcrystals The necklace is really cool and the first one looks like smooth polished qua… @masolni All it really needs is a cup of brown gravy, after that delicious @kkennedystanek Strong will, I like that in someone @masolni I've been fortunate enough not to have that happen to me so I might not be much help
@DelightDaniTV I've come across a few Christians that try that, I think they need to be in that hospital for life @aspencolorado99 Yeah most I'm kinda familiar with that one @masolni Can you get a dreamcatcher? Preferably blessed by a Medicine Person @nakedrainbows @inbedwithBambi Nice hair, I really like @11hr11min @xAshteria And it's always the little ones that are so bound and determined @raccorns @Pontifex How can a theology student not realize this? @PdxPestle Looks like a really eager assistant in the first pic @jtylerconway @aspencolorado99 Looks about right @lieutennantdan Your hair looks great like this @GuitarGirl11 @Luscious_Vibe :XXXXX D I just gave you the 5 fold kiss, it's a Wiccan thing 🙂 @tattooed_bee Wow your eyes are just so beautiful, I love that shade of blue @jessie_lovefit Very sexy, I e of the finest asses I've seen 😁😍
@MyNamyIsAmy Marshmallows? I love those @coolstorybexx I've seen this kind of art before, but never seen this kind of art in the making untill now @girldrawsghosts Nice mask @niccjagger The hair is fine but I think a woman with tattoos and has experience to be more of a turn-on @morteperamore You have very graceful movesone person followed me // automatically checked by @TheEmilyBloom Nudity and sexual activity? Well you are sexy and beautiful I don't see such a thing in this video c…
@girldrawsghosts 😍 @coolstorybexx Nice tattoos, and legs, and ass... @girldrawsghosts No joke, right now I want to walk up to you and plant a big wet kiss on your beautiful mouth. Please don't block me @DelightDaniTV What happened? @masolni @Shmigit That one is one of my favorites, and it Includes ALL of the creatures underground I mean everythi… @om_eye_goodness I've lost count of how many of these "good Christian people" just openly insult people and then tr…
@masolni I hope you feel better soon, and you might have want to have your glasses checked. Just a thought... @raccorns You look beautiful in Autumn colors @girldrawsghosts Your eyes are just amazing
@masolni Same @realslimmkatie Ok I'm 5'4 and if some idiot tries to throw me I'll have to remind them of one of my favorite sayin… people that would lie about a positive Covid test… Are the same ones that would HIDE a Zombie bite.
Retweeted by Scott Ketcher @coolstorybexx So sexy 😍 @masolni It's nice to see you back, there for a bit I was getting worried that you haven't checked in in so long3 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @Ohhiitstina @realslimmkatie BeautifulMy mom is disabled and just found out she is in heart failure a few weeks ago. She is supporting herself and my sib…
Retweeted by Scott Ketcher @aykijmm I truly feel you on this, when my dad was alive he lived through about 20 congestive heart failures and he…
@coolstorybexx Beautiful, nice tattoo BTW @SusannahRenee15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @coolstorybexx I personally would just drive, can't beat a good road trip @PdxPestle That is a really nice robe you have @girldrawsghosts I just love your eyes @morteperamore The last time I had to deal with a narcissist I had the little bastard in years. I normally don't do…
@coolstorybexx Some dogs are just that way @girldrawsghosts Or it could be nice, that's what happened hrte @coolstorybexx Beautiful 😍 @realslimmkatie It is true. You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen 😍 @leigh_jeanette I've noticed that greeting the dog is easier then the person, depending on the person
@AnneErickson Absolutely beautiful 😍 @coolstorybexx Hell yeah fuck Columbus @girldrawsghosts I surprisingly have not seen that one, is it a good one? @kkennedystanek I personally like listening to paranormal podcast I have saved on my phone while I'm trying to doze off
@girldrawsghosts Is why we Natives call this day Indigenous people's Day, and in Canada it's Thanksgiving @girldrawsghosts Really nice looks Egyptian inspired