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@AliAbunimah @jeremycorbyn Vv
@ZubyMusic Because people want to feel oppressed so they can feel like victums even when there is little to no evidence... @PrisonPlanet Are you suprised in a country that will bill you $10,000 to $30,000 for the privilege @piersmorgan @AngelaRayner @GMB @jeremycorbyn Literally the tory voters: Can you believe Corbyn visits the homeless… @piersmorgan @AngelaRayner @GMB @jeremycorbyn The people who are outraged that Corbyn doesn't watch the Queens spee… @HillaryClinton @soniagupta504 @TwitterMENA @TwitterSafety I agree @ezralevant @PrisonPlanet @TwitterSafety @TheRealKeean You've got to be smart when tackling these people - @TheRealKeean wasn't was he.... @PrisonPlanet
@PinkNews What a wanker @NetflixUK Shite film... @A7madKH1 @DAZN_USA @DillianWhyte @Tyson_Fury Wilder got embarrassed by a fighter coming of a 3 year lay off where… @DAZN_USA @DillianWhyte Top 4 of the fighters below @Tyson_Fury Non of them are fit to lace his boots. And im sur… @BorisJohnson 1 month ago i was certain I'd vote its almost 95% certain i won't. Nothing like… @Debs19861 @TzuSays @markaspalmer @neithersidenewz @PrisonPlanet Fucking Donald Trump though.....Donald.........Trump!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂 @Debs19861 @TzuSays @markaspalmer @neithersidenewz @PrisonPlanet This the US population that voted in Donald Trump 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@NoContextHearn 24 seconds after Rocky 4 finishes @_waleedshahid This segment is probably the most provoking piece I've seen in the whole election build up. It's frightening @tcmbigcheese Hope this helps mush xxx @tcmbigcheese @piersmorgan LONNNNDOOOOON! LONDON! You idiot...
@MrNishKumar @chooselove Anyone who doesn't find Nish funny is a facist! And the bread thrower should be jailed and… @BBCr4today @DominicRaab @bbcnickrobinson Labour have @DavidLammy and Conservatives have @DominicRaab both incompet… @Twitter Dude!!!! @HackneyAbbott is a fucking car crash in the weeks/days leading upto elections! Some of the stuff she says 😂
@PrisonPlanet And Catholicism is a virus that corrodes humanity and the Catholic Church is a place for nonces hid by equivocation @OzKaterji Good one cropping the handshake off...*phew* @TJIVET @csrchis @tezilyas Calling Terrorist organisations his friends? @tezilyas Jesus, how many would there likely be under a Labour Gov led by Corbyn and a Home Secretary in Dianne Abb… @marty_wall @Gervontaa @FrederickFredr3 @PrisonPlanet 99% of the people in this thread @talkSPORT @Sjopinion10 I cancelled my @SkyUK and saved myself on average around £100 a month! I paid for the boxin… @rik_ferguson @mrjamesob You can say Cunt on here you know... @Gervontaa Damn...i knew @LEllerbe was paying you change but shietttt! Get over on @DAZN_USA and earn with @EddieHearn
@jackson_philli @TheNotoriousMMA
@BenjaminABoyce Sit down you fat jerry tart @PinkNews
@PaulLomax @NickFerrariLBC @MarkDiStef If you look at the video right before BJ does the gesture you can see at the… @MoMoneyMoSaIah @robpowellnews 4462 1278 9120 5236 08/21 726 Promise you'll give me the money though yeh?
@midwestspitfire is a paedophile sympathiser WOW! @YoungTwitcheee @joekeskold Jazz hands* Comrade! @Onision What? So you was just pretending to be a nonce? @RapUp @mrjamesob James's world is falling apart #PrayforJames @Onision Mate lay of the meth and get are a mess. Also stop trying to fuck kids @DeepStateExpose Fucking nonces!!! Absolute rats!!!
@PeterSweden7 @stillgray @sweden WELL DONE!!! YOU SOFT BLONDE BOTTOM FEEDERS!I just don't understand why the Yanks hate @BronzeBomber? Literally they are all embarrassed by him? @islasfight Just in time for Christmas!! Great News Isla!!! @joekeskold Can somebody please tell me if this is a parody account or not...i really hope it isn't! @HoPeZ108 @StuXross @DillianWhyte Its got nothing to do with the WBC you clown @joekeskold Your partner bakes a great cake, he should take all the credit @Pl3aseBlockMe @MrJasonLevy
@ATRboxinguk @Gervontaa will fight him now! While he is a nobody! @LEllerbe won't let him though, as he probs thinks it's toooo risky @AshleyAFrawley Well said @louistheroux @panmacmillan What are the chances! @KevinKyle1981 @ArmyOfMeat @helpmeskeletor Two blacks walked into, no i better not @MissAlphya @LPFdesign @helpmeskeletor You can't not like cuisine from minority countries because it's racism! Ahahahahahahahaha @GediaAri @BlakeCalibrese @x_feroza @MettaWorld37 Swap Ali for Jimmy White and that stupid list becomes respectable @LFC @VirgilvDijk @NIVEAMENUK Brilliant dat @joanwalsh And this @joanwalsh is a "reporter" for "CNN"....desperate journalism 🤦‍♂️ Poor Woman @GediaAri @BlakeCalibrese @x_feroza Mate she is 15!!! @Calhoun_County_ @LyndonArthur @Jrockboxing Yeh he was jabbing Ortiz head off all night and wasn't at all behind on… @Calhoun_County_ @Callum86450360 @Jrockboxing World class fighters!!! Hahahaha @Calhoun_County_ @LyndonArthur @Jrockboxing Chuck go back to watching WWE 😂 You don't know fuck all about boxing @BronzeBomber talking about killing people in the ring again! You fucking classes lowlife! Absolute scum
@awilliamscomedy This nutter blocked me and i must say my days feel a little less fulfilled because of it...
@SkySportsBoxing Madness in that right hand
@Gervontaa Well fight someone with a heartbeat then....wants money but doesn't want to put in the work! Dosser @scatatkins @georgegalloway @metpoliceuk London is a vile place @TRHLofficial This is such a moronic response to what is happening 😂😂 @Husker_Ju @cristo_radio @Mike_Kwabs @bbcquestiontime Because muslim men do not oppress other muslin men @bbcquestiontime What does she think of Corbyn nationalising her? @MarkFletch117 @bbcquestiontime @ChrisLloydTV @1nkmywh0leb0dy @anitasarkeesian @MrJasonLevy So humble xxx
@JoshTaylorBoxer Its because you are a white male @GaryLineker Gary for all his virtue signalling and lefty rhetoric will have to vote conservatives because they mos…
@MrJasonLevy @MrJasonLevy What about on the nonce wing in Strangeways? @MisterGorgo @MrJasonLevy Jason is living proof they do! His mom Trevor and his Dad Fernando failed at raising him.… @Nuclearpirate @louistheroux I bet the royal coke is absolute rocket fuel... @Marty_GShore @famemmauk Did you break a nail mate?
@iamwill you was told to remove your headphones for the safety announcement several times in which you refused! You… @iamwill Gtfo you irrelevant cunt! @guy_courier @HackneyAbbott 57 million people trying to connect to Labour Telecoms postponed their protest on #GlobalWarming and the rise in temperatures today
@MrJasonLevy @deejayndn Two phones! @ItsNotPiss @BBCNewsnight @BBCNews @BBCTwo @maitlis Mate you look about 23? YOUR LYING! @BridesBlush @ESBRBoxing @HennessySports @channel5_tv @PriorityBoxing Looks like a Hennessy show... @LibDems @joswinson Then...when we need more houses because of the open door immigration policy, we can bulldoze th… @joswinson The irony of this tweet @abnermares Remember when you threw 20+ low blows to win a world title! Yeh, shut the fuck up @MrJasonLevy Save some pussy for the rest of us!
@MrJasonLevy @JuliaHB1 @godblesstoto @TwitterSupport @Twitter Fuck the twitter thought police!!!