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Ant @ant_kenyon England, United Kingdom

70% water - 30% sarcasm ------Tories are cunts ------- 'These days, if you say you're English, you'll get arrested and thrown in jail'

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I'm a college dropout, my father is a drug addict. my father is in prison, 3 of my cousins are in prison, and 1 of…
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Guys, not to be racist, but going forward my two companies will be hiring solely based on skill and experience, not…
Retweeted by Ant @NicolaW79475553 @CasumoCasino Just closed my account with @CasumoCasino after reading this and many others....dis… liberals hate black conservatives because we don’t see ourselves as oppressed. Fundamentally, because we vi…
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@j_remy_green @halleberry @JP_Addie @LellyK She won't fu*k you, mate @deezylowe @Frank_Armitage @naycallingshots @Drebae_ self preservation 🤣
@Leetimberlake1 @Lord_Sugar @wattbike @GoZwift Stop projecting Lee @cameron_steven9 @Lord_Sugar @nornirishfella @LBC @darrenadam They idea is to stimulate the economies that have come under strain and are on the… @NicoleArbour Cosmopolitan went from Cosmopolitan to Take a break
@Philippa_Perry I'm going to need more ketchup @monrahoops @PaulHew03845348 @BBCNews What am i asking them? @PaulHew03845348 @BBCNews The bbc and msm have really done a number on your psyche 😔 Shame @BBCNews I was drunk last night and i socially distanced - As did the rest of the pub. What is crystal clear is t… @OwenJones84 @TheBluestYonder @MsDesiree4 @terrycrews You're just Uncle Knobhead who nobody likes @LiviaStevaux @guardian Thank God then! @guardian Why we cancelling Bras now? Anyone care to explain. Don't read The Guardian @VasBlackwood He's a real villain that Lennox
Good Luck to all the businesses opening up today, I hope you do a good days trade. 👇
Retweeted by Ant @PeterSc04888718 @SkyNews Ahh right, well fingers crossed she get's the match - Hoping for a miracle @PeterSc04888718 @SkyNews I have little knowledge on how you match? What are they looking for? @TwitterEng a message to all the soy boys at @TwitterEng @martin558 @SkyNews No mate, it's bone marrow she needs not hemp oil, you dribbling stoner idiot @SkyNews I have just registered for the swab test and i am guessing many people will after reading this! If you hav… @Joogle83 @IMDb
@bjsaunders_ Bottled it again....😔i bet @piersmorgan is sweating here @scouse_Everton @KeyM42 @mulier_loquax @spencermorgan93 Yes but Messi has played in the same Barca team that has do… @MikeCoppinger @MTKGlobal not buying that....another career going down the shit pan just like Kell Brooks @BehindTheGloves he is a bottler, no other way to put it...
@paul89626637 @WBCBoxing @EddieHearn Hahaha what's this acting like Garcia is some bad man that's unbeatable? The k… never ask for anything on my posts, but I would really appreciate it if you could sign this. It’s a petition t…
Retweeted by Ant @ProfKarolSikora Done 🙂 @KingRyanG not acknowledging the Campbell fight! This boy is about to swerve the cool hand Stick to twatting YouTube content creators @luke11campbell @EddieHearn @McGuigans_Gym Yes mate! Hope he doesn't duck this and you fucking bladder him
@KingRyanG I got $100 on you pussying out the fight with LUKE CAMPBELL!!!
@RobTebbutt 21! 😔 @BrexitGina Hilarious @guardian If people want to swallow this pile of tabloid sensationalism and live in fear, good luck with that. Sinc… @rosielanners Looks like we missed some countries out! *Lock and Load* the foul play calls!!!!! @WBCBoxing @trboxing @MTKGlobal @frankwarren_tv @ESPNRingside @premierboxing
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💖With Radiotherapy finished & this round of Antibody completed Isla goes into test week today, bone marrow test, sc…
Retweeted by Ant @islasfight You got this Isla, such a sweet girl! Can't wait to hear the good news soon! 💙 @Worldpeace4evre @DaveHow35873064 @BoxingKindgom14 @FannonBoxing @BoxingEGO @MccargoCheyenne Dip your he@d in a deep fat fryerHave a fantastic Sunday 🙏 @WBCBoxing
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@williamhamilto6 @DillianWhyte @Tyson_Fury 😆
@julowe I'm a floating voter - Tbh the idea that you are either one or the other baffles me but this government are…
@MatchroomBoxing @KatieTaylor @DillianWhyte @MartinBakole17 @LutherClay95 @2SlickChris @SkySportsBoxing @daznglobal @Skaro7 @guardian Bernie Ecclestone a boomer, hilarious...
@guardian It was well deserved we won it this year! But i fear we only won it because UTD have been poor the last f… @lima2590 @inserirtexto @TheFightVids You look like a bad nonceGood to see London’s Brixton coming back to life as the lockdown eases.
Retweeted by AntThis is really all you need to watch today. It can happen here too.
Retweeted by Ant @npjackson123 @LBC @PoliticsJOE_UK @JOE_co_uk @theRealEnzoMac Imagine if someone created this about you Enzo and everyone was sharing it… @0Domeski3 @theRealEnzoMac What a fucking scummy rat you are.... @JoshfromBoston1 @cyrhow @thehuman_nick @Thomasville911 @VitoGesualdi Fuckkkk you nearly had me!! I just had to del… @JoshfromBoston1 @cyrhow @thehuman_nick @Thomasville911 @VitoGesualdi tyrannical cis woman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@w6six6ad @guardian ok @Benjay13831470 @guardian I think black lives matter - But i don't necessarily align myself with the movement in it… @guardian his mum and dad obviously never hugged him enough as a youngster - He may as well paid for a banner to be… @TowingMikes @j0ne_s_ are you sure? Your moustache looks rather homoerotic
So from July 4th, you can’t hug your gran but you *can* go on Nemesis with her at Alton Towers. Seems sensible.
Retweeted by Ant @guardian @KIDCHOCOLATE Jesus wasn't white or black because he never existed! Soon as people except that religion is evil and… @talkRADIO look at this whole comment section, what does that tell you about @talkRADIO's demographic! I'd be asha… @fiercelyfeminin This is called cafeteria christianity - Take what you like and ignore what you don't @ijohnnyshithead @GiverPunished @HOLLYWOODMADDEN
@nixolesposito @TwatBibIe Slide straight in to a 100⁰C bath without screaming in agony @ShellShock11C @PrisonPlanet @GiverPunished @HOLLYWOODMADDEN These are terrible slurs - Must do better, i mean toilet paper 🤦‍♂️ No creativity -C @GiverPunished @HOLLYWOODMADDEN @guardian Utterly pointless banner - Someone's a tad insecure @CatWenham @guardian @disneyandkicks i bet literally zero people have said that to you 🤦‍♂️ Of course racism exists… @LEllerbe nobody is putting pressure on them to be like anyone, only to see them fight the best! And people like you get in the way of that! @Kingeric6686 @LEllerbe @guardian JK Rowling has become too right wing for the new leftI’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: black and white people largely live in harmony in this country. To all t…
Retweeted by AntHappy Father's Day! How are you celebrating? I'm rewriting my will! #FathersDay
Retweeted by Ant @Imamofpeace The most tragic and pathetic thing is, Zhao would criticize you before he could ever condemn China - B…💔 @PeeDee112 @LEllerbe @gabeguerrero37 promoter? 🤣
Rock music at Nigerian weddings needs to be normalised!! 😫😂 Love this! 😫
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I like to think even the smallest acts of kindness are never wasted. There is plenty of negativity in the world. I…
Retweeted by Ant @APompliano k @PrisonPlanet The MSM are waiting to see the maniacs identity before reporting - If the murderer is white it's goin… @WillowWyse @fmwales @BorisJohnson I'm with him! He is fucked, trying to grab all the lads cocks! Come and pick him… @lil_wari @guardian Well you certainly educated me on this - I was perhaps naive to think any foreign aid would be… in Bodyguard I’d written a government as incompetent as this one, it would’ve been my most implausible plot twis…
Retweeted by Ant @lil_wari @guardian Ok so on top of the millions we donate every year - What else would you like the UK to do make… @lil_wari @guardian Nigeria are one of the key beneficiaries of the UKs enormous foreign aid budget (over £13,000,0… @lil_wari @guardian You're stealing air - Please stop! @guardian Its ours by right of conquest!! Greece should appreciate that! @cheesybiscuit_ Blacks @hedgehogx7 @Cherrysue9 @cheesybiscuit_ pumps!