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Looking for a reason to delete this. #BlackLivesMatter

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the power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the impact that that has, the… @zeeleis When Snoop came in I was like WAAAAITIf you’re like, I haven’t seen anything gloriously extra in a while, highly recommend Mariah Carey’s Christmas spec…
Retweeted by ANT🎄These ad libs are so cute 🥺 I’m an Ari stan now 😌 it’s the Christmas season after allI need to know what deeply powerful astrological occurence coincided with this taping.
Retweeted by ANT🎄 @trijws Well I’m high and it was the one SUGGESTED TO ME#MariahCareysMagicalChristmasSpecial is exactly the over the top camp chaotic mess you’d expect from Mariah and it needs an Emmy nowWait akskksskk this collab with Snoop is hot too 🔥 😍STUNNNN is CAMP skskskk I’m obsessedNow lemme get into #MariahCareysMagicalChristmasSpecialA moment in pop culture history AND MARIAH WHISTLED TOGETHERRR AHSJSJDSNNSN @MariahCarey @ArianaGrande @IAMJHUD omg do you summon them with your magical Christmas powers? I’m perfectly high for this yesssss!! @digggles the best TV writers could not write thisPEACE ON EARTH 🕊🌍’s Met Gala luncheon I’m fucking screamingggg. This is gold. #RHOSLC
Seriously considering taking a nap now so my old ass can stay up until midnight for this Christmas special 🥺Right Down Santa Claus Lane! #MariahsMagicalChristmas @jermainedupri @SnoopDogg @AppleTV
Retweeted by ANT🎄this is so magical I’m 🥺 @Kris27jam The birth of my Zelda main 🥰 @Pschlarm @ashtonevans that’s not true I’ve seen you swinging kettlebells Dug!!#OhSantaIsComing @MariahCarey, @ArianaGrande, @IAMJHUD Set your reminder for midnight ET - #OhSanta:…
Retweeted by ANT🎄 @benarmishaw Throuuugguugh the YEAAARRRAHHS weallwillbe TOGETHERAHAHAYYYE if the fayayaaytes AHHHH-LOWWWWWAHAHAWWWW awww yahhh.Alsksksksksksdj @btswifey4eva you’re sickWhen @oscflrs and I first met @Gutter_Spice it’s beautiful right 😌I can hear this picture except with having not been on a date since January 2017 😌 @jonruizmota Anyone: *breathes* Mariah: @OffBrandHeels sksks pleaaaase @OffBrandHeels share with the class, Jennaomg she’s here @MariahsCookies
This photo did not happen??? I’m crying 😭 @TheDJF nooo I didn’t even see that one @Zohairblah we’re eating good this ChristmasI now have 9 3-wick holiday candles from Bath & Body Works help @MariahCarey COVER REVEAL EVERYONE MOVEDManifesting 85 weeks by the end of this year 😌 @kamilumin @nickybrownson my SD card is 128GB (prob should have gone for the 256), but I have to check how much I have left @nickybrownson oof yeah omg it took spectrum internet like 8 hours to download Smash I can’t imagine 😭We’re getting new Mariah Christmas music in two days omg @mattdwille I have one but all my other games have been digital and Smash Ultimate is pretty big so I have to check my storage 🔍Is Breath of the Wild a massive sized game? Would I be better off getting a physical copy over digital? 👀 @_Brodes tbh I have the controller already but always good to have a spare with the way I play smash and all 🥴 @_Brodes Oh shit I don’t have this game yet thank you!!Everyone’s Spotify top 5 this year
Retweeted by ANT🎄 @NadineCoyleVEVO @TheDJF She was really drinking sugar water out of champagne flutes ihhsm🥺🥺🥺 @TheDJF The sugar content in this...far too much 😭Mariah and Gaga moving into the cookie industry. Their minds.Happy birthday to the pettiest @turnandstomp @DiscreetLatino I specifically didn’t post my top artists to avoid this 😭 @luxurytrash_ Should’ve been 0.005% at least 🥺Was ‘Say So’ this year?? Nvm I don’t want to know I want to forget.Rina being the only true 2020 release on this list — why am I like this?? @Esteban_RDiva got violet @Esteban_RDiva chokeI highkey want Mariah to bring back “One Child” for the Christmas special this orchestra version has me 🥺😭 @PalIahAbdul “Not worth listening to” I wanna fight herwhy do I cry at everythingDolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square 🥺 @MariahCarey @RobinHoodNYC @iHeartRadio You sounded a+mazing 🥺💕Thank you @robinhoodnyc for making a difference and celebrating our real life heroes. Happy to be a part of tonight…
Retweeted by ANT🎄 @drumicarter SO GOODPlssss the way I live in the past. Love that for me. @Daneuntamed and tbh I barely listen to her on Spotify bc I have her entire discography on my phone 🥴 @ChrisDStedman @Esteban_RDiva I wiped my ass with it and threw it out sorry @Esteban_RDiva Omgg also my top song @ChrisDStedman TASTE!!!!! You’re an official LAMB. 🐑Really shocking to “Upside Down” by A*Teens again? Yes, of course. @edemoyam 🥺🥺 @oscflrs omg you ordered themmm?? 😭
I need Mariah’s cookies 😭 @OffBrandHeels @DiscreetLatino he’s a terror @DiscreetLatino STOPPPP akskssk @OffBrandHeels Nooooooo @OffBrandHeels As long as it’s not another Lifetime production sksksks @OffBrandHeels Also Zendaya is right there lbrThen the movie won’t ever be released 😭 @yoquieropizza yes 😌same @trijws @kylieminogue @trijws @kylieminogue you like this album but not Rina’s...umHappy December 💙 @officialcharts @MariahCarey STREAM IT @Kris27jam @TheElliotPage 🥰💕🥰💕🥰Can’t wait for the Oh Santa! remix 😭 @baerut She has no taste, I fearExcuse me... @MariahCarey @OhShaun 😍Watch me play @ELLEmagazine's Song Association game! I tried cheating by writing some new ones, I should've gotten…
Retweeted by ANT🎄 @ChrisDStedman Or did she?? 👀 no this is still very bad 🥴.@MariahCarey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is on track to launch to #2 on the Hot 100 next week.
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