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Texas meets Chicago, which just means I eat a lot and can survive in any climate. he/him

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I'm convinced the lead in The Investigation is the inspiration for this character in Bugs Bunny Halloween. @gay_pnw Print this and sell it to replace all those Hate Has No Home Here yard signs. @APredatoryWasp All of your tweets are a burden and I report every single one. @StopItWolfe A nesting doll of mohawks is a lovely concept. 🥲I'm growing more convinced that I might be immune to every disease after attending 4 Bonnaroos.
@jeremyashley I'm hoping it's a "We're just being over prepared in case things are way better than expected!" But b… @aguatheejamaica I'll pack @PTSD_papi an overnight bag.obsessed with this photo of my grandmother with her weightlifting class from a few years ago (finally, facebook mem…
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @catmancatman864 Sounds like William Orbit produced heteronormative meal to me. @aguatheejamaica And yet you keep throwing all those underground raves. :( @shipatadistance 100! I understand people are frustrated with the messaging of "just 'cause you're vaccinated doesn… @brunapesinato Oh, good. Nothing could go wrong there!I mean... are absolutely going to screw this up, America. the St. Vincent album into my big ears now. does the NYT think the key to getting me to download their app is "Your folks horny enough?" @SonicAlligatour Because you can't poop when you're hanging on a meat hook! Or so I've been told.As happy as I am for the Frasier revival, I still want a 3rd season of Boss. It had everything: Chicago! Kelsey Gra… @KBQWrites I know nostalgia plays a big part in it, but of all the Baz I've seen it's the only one I truly love and…
March 2020 / March 2021 @thereidfeed @lizzo Not pictured: You running over me."Are you finally finished with work?" "I am." "Good, now I can confront you." My telegram chat has turned tense. @patricknathan That only makes me like it more tbh. @notKevinAllred I'm blocking you for making me see this. @patricknathan What is hockey hair? I was going to look it up but now I'm enjoying where my mind is going and it is terrifying. @justinyourmind @hulu @netflix @ABCNetwork @AppleTV I own the copyrights and I'm not letting it go.Your silence is deafening, @NutterButter. @lilchurropdx @ruff_bluffs You now owe us money for having seen this. @notKevinAllred To be fair, it's barely gonna be season 4 but it feels like it's been on since the the W administration. @fka_tristan They've given us The Knife and Kate Bush and for that I am ever grateful. (Shrill giving us a PJ Har… Handmaid's Tale have only lasted 1 season (maybe 2)? Yes. Have I angrily screamed at each season finale so f… @liamgareau What is the Skip-It?In retrospect, this phenomenon should've been the first clue we were never capable of handling the pandemic correct… German have a word for “I only started watching your Instagram livestream because the notification popped up j…
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @RyneIsMean Exactly. I don't care how great FFC's new ventilation is (and I bet it IS great), I do not trust people… @RyneIsMean Even though I'm certain my insides are becoming gender neutral potato parts and I long for my gym crush… @adamjmoussa Save this brilliance for the paid tweets!YOU CAME HERE ILLEGALLY
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @tylerhower Wow. Can't believe you're partaking in carb cancel culture. @paulsnyder90 I remember when they did BTM 2, the 30-minute version for niche acts (hi, Tori). I would love that ki… @transitdiagram That Google side stage used to be the best. I believe Beirut closed down the stage that night (or w… @paulsnyder90 OK I am on board for this! @mikeybabiii Ugh, that is the worst feeling. I hope it goes the way you want and soon!Although I applaud the move I will be suing for copyright infringement. @2mannythots You do not deserve the vaccine.I know we were ALL thinking it
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @kamilumin New prompt format: Don't. @jakegilesmusic David LaChapelle saw her and said "I'm stealing that look." @LITMAJOR_music I still want a LIV album, though. :( @st33bles @motoridersd Oooh this makes more sense. I only knew him from Y&Y and when I saw him in this thought, "Wo… @LITMAJOR_music I ended up loving I Never Learn so much, but it was the slowest grower for me by far. I actively… we honor this gem, the 2nd in Lykke's flawless B&W trio. @Philip_Ellis Same. Can't wait until we get to Ariana length for joint TikTok performances next year. @EmilioEmm I'm gonna be so pissed if I survive a pandemic only to be taken down by the ice.My every day since last March at the start of Zoom call the ground wet from melting snow or is that a barely visible veneer of ice ready to destroy my frail body?3 Oscar winners. Meanwhile, Amy and Glenn... @justinyourmind He *spoiler* died in 2014, but they were still married!"Did you know he dated Gloria Steinem???" @TylerDinucci They're all cagey celebrities who don't believe in labels.If we were in normal times, I'd be on the dancefloor shouting "So, I'm reading the new Mike Nichols biography..."
@Daneuntamed @peteypayless This has appeared in the wild in a fan group and lines up with the rumors/leaks. 😭 @2mannythots Well them I'm not inviting you to the watch party! @welcumbackotter Martin is dead, but daddy is home. @st_vincent Vincent album news and this in the same day? me the vaccine so I can live to experience the album. @paulludwig @yupitstrav No, you're several miles south, Paul. 😭😭
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @jakegilesmusic I still have that helicopter in my garage. It came with the deluxe CD at Tower. @anxiousdeluxe @motoridersd I still think about his little squishy face all the time. Perfect jelly bean. @APredatoryWasp You WOULD be a Present Tense girl. @RyneIsMean Get Jack Antonoff on this ASAP.Imagine if Covid has killed all the people who take Bluetooth speakers to the park in the summer
Retweeted by Brown Anthony™ 🦦 @RobynBahr Buc-ee's is really the way to ensure Texans tune in. Clever.Can everyone on the call please make sure your cameras are on? I wanna see how rapidly the last 12 months have aged you. Thanks. @shipatadistance and I'm not even making it up. :( amount of times I reach for a mask but I pull out my Madame X eye patch... @the_otherjcole I've never heard of this but I am ready to hear the stories... @HarmonicCity I admit it feels like the longest stretch of early spring we've seen in several years, but that makes… Michaela Cole interview with FKA twigs (and the photo spread of twigs) is wonderful reading. are acting like Spring is here to stay in February... @itsonlyzach Same, but June 22 because I'll probably be asleep before they even start posting pics. @FirstKnivesClub This tweet has such Three Billboards energy.Daft Punk said, "We can't compete with this. Later." dressing up to wait by the mailbox just to have human interaction inexplicable ennui of thinking “Oh, we should absolutely watch *movie* tonight” and then realize that it’s some…
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@jakegilesmusic "Hiiiiigh hopes" @kamilumin Let Spider-Man make the Hannukah cake, you cowards! @jakegilesmusic But did you know that both of them are cake?Take the 6 minutes to enjoy this. @pittworldwide I grew up with Erotica at #1 and then when RoL came out and was my #2. As the years go by I think Mu… @pittworldwide For me Madge has 4 top tier albums, and these are 2 of them. I'm not sure I could rate them like this. Too hard. @rshuffandstuff I just want Kingdom of Ends to dramatically play as I enter the club and saunter over to the bar (t… @aguatheejamaica That will negatively impact my daily step count. :(That's not snow melting from buildings. That's little bits of pee from giggling angels.