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@Alduin_CS There's only so much more of I I can take 😭All these people complaining about masks, always remind me that during the legendary, mythical, oft-cited blitz in…
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishCulture Secretary Oliver Dowden says the government is banning the purchase of new Huawei 5G equipment from 31 Dece…
Retweeted by Anthony English @JohnPeeOfficial WHY ARE YOU SHOUTINGnorthern industry towns after thatcher lol
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishHonestly woke twitter is one of the most frustrating things I've ever fucking come across in my life, it actually s… @demihogg_ @rainycone 😕
@deliveranz @Jack_USA10 @jaycummings98 mate watch that @XrpJester @LoverPlaid you'll love this @sekc89 @TEAMEVGAUK @TEAMEVGA Amazon refunded it 😎😎. @TEAMEVGAUK @TEAMEVGA surelyyyy not, my power supply pack in after 2 years and I have to send it from the UK to A… need a computer wizards help please how do you summon one @Wublicer @LinkFinland Black @BullRunJesus @SergeyNazarov I can still appreciate it mate @JetlifeSensei @demihogg_ Wilson is one of the best scratch DJs genuine master of his craftThanks uncle @SergeyNazarov $link @NeilThomasAllen Lots of drugs @jaycummings98 No I draw the line at bargain hunt first @DuckMoriarty I bloody enjoy rip off Britain though @DuckMoriarty It's bloody shit 😂Bargain hunt is the sole reason I'll never pay TV Licence @Veracityy_ Hahahahaaha absolutely fucking piss poor @Veracityy_ Then I'm out of luck @Veracityy_ I'm not sure can I ask a family memberNigga ME
Retweeted by Anthony English @Veracityy_ @JohnPeeOfficial @OllieTheFirst @ChainLinkGod 😂😂😂 @OllieTheFirst @ChainLinkGod You should have asked mate I'm always happy to help and I still am happy to help! @mickthetaig @Seanfarrell97 @ScruFFuR @Crypto___Oracle We the OGYo @KFC_UKI I think you need to look into thisMore expensive travel insurance, no pet passports, possible roaming charges, red tape for business: the government'…
Retweeted by Anthony Englishsomeone had to say it.
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishGod bless the marines 🙏🙏
@Weefreemenyt Still in warranty so going to go down that route first see what they say, may keep hush on the deets… @Weefreemenyt It's definitely fucked, done everything and then tested the psu by joining the wires on the 8 pin and… @Sergeys_son @QuintenFrancois WAS THATTTTT @ThePeachdoll So many questions @demihogg_ :(((( @Pommey Both wronguns @ThePeachdoll @woozyword You definitely are one of those people, I'm not sure of the laws in Sweden and charities b… @ThePeachdoll @woozyword I'm just telling the truth, some of the best people I know ended up in debt that was over… @demihogg_ Ew that hair @saiint @TomPickering Secondly, don't even have a beard I was comparing it to why it's daft that men's faces can be… @saiint @TomPickering I know and I totally agree ( go through my tweets were I specifically talk about how shit the… @saiint @TomPickering And what's the problem with buying themselves a bottle of whatever to celebrate there campaig… @saiint @TomPickering They're reply literally says she is celebrating the opening of female business @TomPickering I think it's been miss understood, look at her reply to her tweet @TomPickering Have I missed something hahahaha @TomPickering Idgi @OneThreeFourTwo This makes my day @woozyword Hi mate this just came on my timeline, I suggest you phone citizens advice with something like this as t… @____Vinci @JamieCodes @____Vinci @JamieCodes
@KOGGGYYYY What's up baby girl @demihogg_ to reactivate Facebook because @KFC_UKI app won't let me use my account if I don't sign in via Facebook :))) @OneThreeFourTwo Man I love your camper it's perfect, EXACTLY how I want mine now I've changed my mind a few times.
@fesshole @demihogg_ @____Vinci Nice for you to join me sir, we should hang out one time being your dad's camper.My daughter a nurse went to check her bank account and she has 36 claps left to last her till the end of the month.
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishJohnny Depp called Amber Heard 'Amber Turd' in texts after discovering faeces in their marital bed
Retweeted by Anthony English @Veracityy_ @DonerConor @JohnPeeOfficial @TomPickering He's got a pointi have too. i won't support an intrusive Chinese app like Tiktok collecting my data. i only support intrusive AMERI…
Retweeted by Anthony English
my brain is fried reading about campervan electrics @sophiesedd0n same reason they seen arse with huawia, china can use it to spy (and there is evidence to say that ti… @sophiesedd0n He said nothing to worry about it's just a bug 😭 just like Huawei can no longer make phones that run… if kitchen wizard became a national restaurant chainCulture secretary says from 11 July theatres, operas, dance and music shows in England can put on outdoor performan…
Retweeted by Anthony English @sophiesedd0n He totally avoided your question hahaha @____Vinci Should have sent him up my end my net is SHIT @JamieCodes What is fam @James_Heseltine @HuaweiMobileUK @Apple Genuinely considering it, this phone is nothing short of a pile of steaming shit. @repz1e @mozzyBlive @AcExFusi0nz Doesn't matter I remember now @mozzyBlive @repz1e @AcExFusi0nz Who's this geeza Huawei p20 pro was the best phone I ever owned. My Huawei p smart pro is by far the worst phone I've ever owned,… @hudsonjameson Is everything at home okay? @Veracityy_ @WannaBeReeceJr Tony soap hawkHeathens by @twentyonepilots! I was inspired to have a go! I think #twentyonepilots are really AWESOME! @joshuadun
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishMy (25F) boyfriend (25M) keeps asking me to invest in his "soup tube" business idea, and I am not sure how to deal…
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishWhy do they have to do these photo ops of politicians pulling pints or serving food? I don’t come to your work and…
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@SergeyNazarov @verified this manAmazing spaces has less than 1,000 covid deaths. They never went in to full economic shut down. They have an unemployment ra…
Retweeted by Anthony English @____Vinci Mine was a 2015 so should he same engine, was mapped to 384bhp 0-60 4.2 seconds @____Vinci Bimmer mate @____Vinci What year was it? I had a 2015 335D and it was quicker than my dad's 911 @____Vinci Just get a 335D engine and drop it in a sprinter @____Vinci What a man hahahaha @____Vinci Yeah it was hahaha, would you ever have a camper? @____Vinci Did he self build @____Vinci I absolutely hate tipping point @____Vinci Ducato?? Man that's the dream @____Vinci Fucking love campervans @____Vinci What camper has he got? @____Vinci I can get T28LNK for my transporter @____Vinci Hahahaha I fucking love these man