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Anthony English @AnthonyEnglish_ Barrow-in-Furness, England

Tamper-proof smart contracts are reinventing how every financial contract that needs to be trusted will work.

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Tee off from my arse? Go on then.... 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Anthony English @KeeperOfCoins My man it most definitely isI grew up here asks Khabib what he thinks of some fans comparing him to Muhammad Ali Khabibs response:
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@demihogg_ ❤️❤️❤️Don't get tested don't get fined Don't get tested and positive cases stats will go down Track and trace will no l… volunteered for vaccine trials Covid-19 in Dallas, which were made by a Russian Pharmaceutical company. I receive…
Retweeted by Anthony English @Veracityy_ Free bus pass when @Veracityy_ happy birthday old lady x
Do you think Jeff Bezos has seen the boys? @OOCConsole @James_Heseltine @OwainWynEvans @bmthofficial @yungblud
@KFC_UKI #KFCAdmin2IsTheBest @StopComplying We are aware of this video being shared on social media. Officers were called to reports of a man sp…
Retweeted by Anthony English @demihogg_ It's clearly not mine and someones from walney
My level of petty will never get over this being real hahahahaha
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@Gfinity @CODLeague @sekc89 @TomPickering Or the child molestersThis hands down is the most American thing I think I've ever seen
@TheEternalJay County cup? @TheEternalJay Ukgt.... @morganeliesha Hahaha especially now the bouncy castles are open again @sophieseddon Greenland village farm! It's just before the m6Feeding time on the farm
@ThomasLowes2 Keep it up lad
@Esports_News_UK @Envy @ThomasCS__ @TeamEndpoint 😍😍 @demihogg_ @eduardonut0 ❤️
same thing everyday
Retweeted by Anthony English @demihogg_ I love you xCoronavirus: Limit social contact as much as possible, urges Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Anthony English!!!!!!! @CumbriaRoadsPol It may have been asked before but is the only a reason why it's tweeted where they are? Won't it r… when it sees a large gathering but then realises it’s for work or school so doesn’t count
Retweeted by Anthony English*opens another community chest*
@merrelljess My anxiety would be through the roof if I was you honestly @shannxnleigh Its far better now, thank you x"A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions." ~Confucius #wisdom
Retweeted by Anthony English @HenryGcsgo @ThomasCS__ x @hype_val @dominos HAPPY BIRTHDAY @babyhoxie Glory hunter @cadam161 You have to be tested atleast once a week to he allowed back on site it's absolutely brilliant, folk are… spike in young people getting #COVID19 will result in more older people being admitted to hospital with the virus…
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishFind a better manufacturing employer @Alduin_CS Well it came out when the car was made so thought I'd show it some decent tunes xThank you to every single person that reached out to me the last few days, I'm not entirely sure what came over me… @Sergeys_son Good luck with everything man, we will meet again. @EchoGuild @dekl0lUnless you are in a classroom @Veracityy_ If that was even slightly true I wouldn't be better than the owners pffI actually can't think of any???? me you can tell I was tired when I wrote this doesn't even look like English is my 1st language hahahaha @Veracityy_ You know me better than most "pro photographers" @Veracityy_ Hello! This is the latest photo Arlo taken on my phone for me @OneThreeFourTwo Because I've started fitting stuff in my van it's just starting to weigh more and more so it's not… have my van don't panic x @demihogg_ What do you mean you realise I had one done for all the cars apart from the pug? And it was free 🤣 @FraserR6S Harry is a wizardLike don't get me wrong I've had some nice / fast / expensive cars. But when you are paying 600/700 quid a month on… like I'm meant to care the everyone judges me in mine shitty pug 206 LOL
@zodavies3 I've been banging on about pubs for ages honestly @zodavies3 I keep saying this to people but they just laugh it off and tell me I'm dramaticThink of three friends. If none of them are beetles you are a beetle.
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishI wouldn't be surprised if we have a local lockdown at this rate I feel fucking fantastic
Can't sleep wont sleep hope tomorrow is a better day you know I feel fucking wank @LegitoCrypto @SKY_HODL mate you'll be in a rocking chair in 5 years time repeating to yourself "tomorrow is the ma… @varionnn id love to hear an argument where violence by spectators is a good and rational thingSorry but having to get your planner singed was easily the most ridiculous thing we had to in secondary school
Retweeted by Anthony Englishover a bag of air being kicked around on some grass @sophieseddon Thank you Sophie"The rise is predominantly amongst younger people" Health Secretary Matt Hancock addresses sharp rise in number of…
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishNot surprised everyone acting like complete normal now someone who isn't at fault doesn't fix shit @BeccaTthatsme I get tested in work so will be doing one on Wednesday anywayCame back negative must be a cold but bless him he wasnt himself at all yesterday and had the symptoms that a toddl… $SUSHI and $BAND registered with the same IP address I just checked it myself Here are my screenshots $link…
Retweeted by Anthony English @LoverPlaid @BandProtocol @binance BullishThe boys on Amazon prime is hands down one of the best series I've ever watchedMet him at a charity gig once very funny and really down the earth @____Vinci I've seen people I care for nearly die of covid, my dad's lost friends due to covid, my mum is a carer a… is what the children heard during the WW2 blitz
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishI suppose I care about people I don't even knowDon't know how folk aren't scared of covid, if I gave someone it at work and their grandad died of it I wouldn't be… @stxwxrs Happy birthday 🎉🎂🥳
@____Vinci @Sergeys_son Didn't want an invite anyway :( @____Vinci @Sergeys_son He looks exactly like him @d9ryan @JamieCodes when we are on titty tower and someone calls in a cluster strikeme_irl
Retweeted by Anthony English.... Alice DJ // Better Off Alone
Retweeted by Anthony English... Drake // Passion Fruit
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishGreat weekend spent with arlo having him kicking and screaming getting a covid test, I've done fuck all for 6 month… @LoverPlaid @Sergeys_son He didn't just hit him with it, he put every ounce of energy his noodle arms could handle into it. @LoverPlaid @Sergeys_son That's exactly what I thought @sammiexenglish Atleast I can have one