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Anthony English @AnthonyEnglish_ Barrow-in-Furness, England

Fundamentally, the ship is moving is moving is moving.

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Dumpy dumpy dumpy
This is so weird Twitter! Some people see and orange bus and a blue bus; other people see two blue buses 😳🤯
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishLiz Truss having trouble remembering the number 0. #politicslive #GE2019 #LabourManifesto
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishI'm sorry how can you argue against it @demihhxo Funniest thing you've tweeted xI hope he gets in and every thing bad I said about him gets proven wrong @DuckMoriarty It's not a nice van they are ugly :(Shocking if true
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishWhat vans make nice camper vans @TheSaiint I hope that's the case mate, all other countries could say the same though. Might want us to make the first move. @PeriGumpster Only going off what's been said in the past, the labour party aren't keen on nuclear power at all. Re… barrow been let down by the government? No but let's blame absolutely everything else which we have striped t… @PeriGumpster You don't have to talk down to me I'm asking a question. I assume this won't cover the RR nuclear reactor that powers it then? @PeriGumpster How?The king is dying $btcSo which is it then @Justcallmelewis Buy it if you want @Blankzinga @ViciousHorizon @KieranGhataora It went on my pay cheers lads @altcoinmooner88 Hmm we haven't been covered in the press for a while now lads @Justcallmelewis I literally use it like twice a week it's pointless owning it nowfuck it im selling my car and buying a van @Veracityy_ if they still fit us both (hes grown and im fat now) hahahaha @Veracityy_ Rubber Jonny bellendIf she'll cheat with you she'll cheat on you, when will lads start to realise this. noticed I didn't blank his name in the last one oh well, he's a bloody sound lad just confused me on this one :( @Blankzinga Thing is he's a really nice lad, but first thing he does is say the people I support are the biggest ra… need to drop the whole left/right wing finger pointing, stating your opinion/fact on ONE topic doesn't make… are in St Mark's Church on Buccleuch St along with @ApexRadioSystem until 12:30pm today. We are distributing the…
Retweeted by Anthony English @Veracityy_ @veracity @neggies plz give
@reformed_cheat @soph1eseddon She never plugs her twitter on her Instagram @MiGHTYMAXcsgo @Frazehh_CS @Frazehh_CS Just go on your tod mate you'll still have a class time @Frazehh_CS Phone the hotel and cancel it 😂 @demihhxo Me bloody neither! @soph1eseddon I can't with it being so close, you had to change it right from the start and I didn't know this at the time 😭Fucked my mystery holiday to maga right off and booked Krakow instead, lesson learnt don't fucking gamble 😂How much of my mortgage payments went on interest alone for the past 12 months @ladyhaja @heybxth @James_HeseltineI actually play both people in this clip
Retweeted by Anthony English @Veracityy_ @WeefreemenYT I was gonna @ you @Bongodrumss @Gizmo_GH @MarkAnthonyDigi We ready @Alantar_ not sure how good this is @Alantar_ heres one mate but its not 55inch with slipknotDelighted to share with you ‘Bad Sharon’ featuring the mighty @Tyson_Fury x Just a week to go until The Christmas…
Retweeted by Anthony EnglishAnd then Arlo's favourite show the wiggles still a mosher first thing I tested my Phillips hue TV with was slipknot have changed I'm no longer a mosher @Bongodrumss @Gizmo_GH @MarkAnthonyDigi Just gonna have my dinner then I'm game lad @Bongodrumss @Gizmo_GH @MarkAnthonyDigi im ready when you are @FlannelHandler fair point haha @FlannelHandler Tax on each trade? How does that make you want to pay taxes @SnodzCSGO @MiGHTYMAXcsgo Plz no i was only joking @Gizmo_GH @MarkAnthonyDigi Cod?Better off (dying)
2019 @demihhxo 😂😂 @demihhxo Just don't forget to bring me prezzies @demihhxo Plz do @Veracityy_ I'll bring my pcHi friends don't forget I like getting invited placed as well hehe"I support England." 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 "I don't support Scotland, Wales and Ireland and I don't care if they don't qualify."…
Retweeted by Anthony English @alexwrenstuff I didn't it was a meme @leviamberxo Amazon primeBitconnect @Veracityy_ @TheUltraLex @CSGO Yeah he's right, the models can just blend into walls and all sorts and that very sm… @hoxieloxie I prefer vintageMust have all died with beboThere is 0 photos of me in 2009 😂 @Cynil_ @stunna @daveycsgo Under all that pressure and you manage it with ease! just donated a special premature nappy to a UK hospital by tweeting #PampersForPreemies - show your support and do the same! 👶The new Motorola is 1300 quid and that upsets me fucking greatly @leviamberxo Get Vikings on mate
Not a good day to own a pedIntroducing CS:GO's ninth Operation, available now: Operation Shattered Web
Retweeted by Anthony English @MiGHTYMAXcsgo @Frazehh_CS Nahhh keep going lads it all starts to make sense trust me @Gizmo_GH @riotgames is starting to add up on Mr Robot after all these years of my head being smashed off a wall @_savkay_ @demihhxo I'm no small @demihhxo That was easy! @demihhxo Do itThis didn’t go viral on tik tok like I expected it to so I’m giving twitter a try
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@MaggioMatt @pzf You are fucking dumb hahahahahaSamuel L Jackson's next big film Snakes in a drain but this is the best thing I've EVER heard @itskikiyano @KOGGGYYYY Does look like you kogY'all retarded rabbit ryhme with ribbit?? @MiGHTYMAXcsgo @WeefreemenYT @Veracityy_ Get it boughtSomething just doesn't add up may or may not have bought a TV @Ste_Story I'm not a Tory, I won't be voting Tory but it's extremely easy to find JC views on our town and what we… WORRY GUYS PEOPLE AT BAE WONT LOSE JOBS @Rum__ple The anti-cheat measures that are in place for this game are literally laughableLast one for today I promise absolutely want one Chief of Defence Staff defined NATO as the most successful alliance in history, do you agree Mr Corbyn? A very…
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@HorseBurgersCS 😂😂