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Clinical Scientist with interests in planning, sustainability, progressive politics, and Japan. My views are my own, etc, etc.

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A council transport boss who endorsed an anti-cycling tweet has faced a backlash and been urged to resign.
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @maryoxford @CllrTomHayes Hmm a mulled wine, hot spiced cider or hot chocolate, and a cozy blanket whilst watching the world go by. Lovely. @duncanenright More car dependant, low density, rabbit hutch development in west Oxon 🙄 New thinking, not new roads…
@john45761 @OxonCyclingNet @_Liam_Walker_ @WestgateOxford @OActivetravel @CoHSATOxon @OxLivSts @cycloX @OxfordFOE1
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @Urban_Turbo @duncanparkes @_Liam_Walker_ @WestgateOxford I don't think there is a good solution to allowing traffi…
@COLTA_Oxford Absolutely is. Botley Rd is a mess, as is usual on Saturdays. Maybe the bus gates should have been po… Test and Trace reached 62% of contacts this week, a record low. Local health teams reached 97%. Serco also j…
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@jonny_ives Not only supersonic flight, but also net zero carbon supersonic flights. Delivered by an Oxon company t… @kwilhelmsson @KnollysTom @pedalandpostCB @ReconnectingOx @tonybrett I don't understand your issue with bikes. I se…
#TheThreeBellends Brilliant.👏👏👏 Very well said. Thank you. @bbclaurak @RussInCheshire has written a balanced and generous defence of you, @bbclaurak , but i think the best th…
It is disingenuous to say Labour councillors are anti business. The survey showed the majority of Oxford residents… @OxfordshireCC You are continuing to gaslight. Cease and desist. @bigdamo @SpinningHugo @Urban_Turbo @OxfordCity @NuffieldCollege @OxfordshireCC @CanalRiverTrust More canals than V… @SpinningHugo @bigdamo @Urban_Turbo @OxfordCity @NuffieldCollege @OxfordshireCC Some of it used to be. Not so sure… @AndrewGant3 I'm not sure about the legalities of this, but could @OxfordCity put a levy on the spaces and then re-… @bigdamo @SpinningHugo @Urban_Turbo @OxfordCity I believe the possibility of returning the carpark to a canal basin… @_Liam_Walker_ @LukeHall When you say Oxfordshire, I really hope you are excluding the city in that, as the county… @COLTA_Oxford @_Liam_Walker_ @OxfordshireCC one of several: Through traffic. Hostile environment for active travel.… @_Liam_Walker_ @jodangeeto Removal of Westgate car park would not solve through-traffic. What are you going to do about that? @cycloxoxford @OxfordshireCC @_Liam_Walker_ is suggesting that businesses don't want them despite largest employer… @_Liam_Walker_ It is the through traffic that the gates were trying to stop, not people visiting the centre 🤦🏻‍♂️ F… @_Liam_Walker_ We keep talking about businesses, I have evidence that suggests that reducing congestion is good for…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @_Liam_Walker_ @OxfordshireCC I think this is a knee-jerk reaction to listening to a loud-mouth minority, but you o…
@richardhorton1 He doesn't sign off any measures. It is a political decision that he is wheeled out to describe mor… hate your government, @BorisJohnson. And all of us who retweet this hate it, too.
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Cyclists: Retweet if you got hit by a car. Like if drivers threatened to kill you.
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @BBC6Music Small Wins: this morning everything came out of the dishwasher sparkling clean. Not a single item needed…
@HanneyDP @AsEasyAsRiding *cough* bullshit billionaire press *cough*Alexa. Define corruption.
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%I'm not going to link the petition but we have to be honest here. A&B road usage has slightly dropped in London but…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Company Accounts show c£103M profit over last 5 years, but paid ZERO UK corporation tax as ultima…
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@RichardBurgon How about giving it to @GoodLawProject to help kick out the current corrupt cabinet?It’s being reported that the independent body that decides MPs’ pay will give MPs a £3,300 rise. This shouldn't h…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WILL GIVE NURSES: An MBE An OBE Warm words A clap WHAT THEY WON’T GIVE THEM: A proper pay rise
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%We all need to unite behind a single ticket: electoral reform & PR. Then anyone can join any party they like - Corb…
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@allpartycycling @hackneycouncil @OxfordCity @OxfordshireCC Any reason why this can't be done in Oxford? Health an… @photocycleadv @PBalfe64 @t1nyw @Gist_World @kent_police @DVLAgovuk @Chris_Boardman I read somewhere that the disco… @TheOxfordMail This is the real issue. Crossing Oxpens Rd by RM sorting office and driver of this car nearly took… @zarahsultana I wouldn't mind MPs getting a £100k pay rise if they could not then claim for ridiculous expenses, or… @SelfHarmNotts @IsabelOakeshott @dontbetyet @GMB @GabrielScally Yes, there are months of data. That is why those co… @TheOxfordMail What the actual fuck? I try not to use expletives but the headline is absolute rubbish. Alison migh… @ShamrockSoup @TFacists @Suzie_AS @BowBetter @TowerHamletsNow Whilst the bollards are being fitted can we have a te… local Oxford businesses 📣 🚗 ⬇️ fewer cars = more customers🚶🏽🚶🏼‍♀️ ⬆️ This pattern is clear and strong,…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%It’s not anti-car or anti-motorist to ask for fairness. Where’s the fairness in overwhelmingly gearing Oxford’s tra…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @maryoxford @SmileyTallBike @marstonbikepath I was also thinking about those that use the towpaths, and the propose… @maryoxford @SmileyTallBike @marstonbikepath I agree that you can't, or should, do anything about flooding on a wat…
@LabLinda75 It is inequitable for some in Ox to pay to park in the street via a residents permit and for others to… @MumsForLungs @willywigan @sainsburys @asda @waitrose @waitrose @asda where are your responses? Supermarkets have d… just give up on Brexit. Remainers were right. We know we were. We’re watching the chaos with the rest of the…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%* Cars have increased by 10 million in the last decade. * Rat-running in London has doubled in a decade. * Fuel dut…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @OxfordshireCC @ianhudspeth @_Liam_Walker_ Most of the arterials are at a standstill for hours a day. What else ar…
@PedalandPost Doesn't @PelationTech gear have some kind of close pass measurement tool? If it does who would need t… want it, disabled people want it, older people want it, younger people want it, my dog wants it! The only…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @AsEasyAsRiding @gazza_d Who, exactly, has advised county councillors to ditch the project @BBCNews ? @thehappycity @CANURB OK, so this is recommendations for Canada, snow removal is perhaps less of a priority here in… of track and trace system: 🇮🇪 £773,000 🇬🇧 £12,000,000,000 And the Irish system works. Am I missing something?
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @cycloxoxford My home town's local rag has a regular slot called "Parking Mad" where they print photos of that week… this before you next park on the pavement....
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Air pollution particles in young brains linked to Alzheimer's damage
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @MarkBullivant4 @AlexBurlison My point is that even with a test, insurance and road speed limits cars and motorbike… @jonburkeUK Build it, but make it bike, bus and tram only🤷🏾‍♂️ @MarkBullivant4 @AlexBurlison How is this relevant? @MarkBullivant4 @AlexBurlison Wait until you hear about cars! @bigdamo Freedom of information request for number of collisions on pavements where @OxonFireRescue have been calle… was driven at, sworn at, pushed and punched ,and I received a written warning from police Scotland for Breach of…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @OxfordshireCC @Urban_Turbo When, please?
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @OxfordshireCC @Ezy_Ryder @Velociraptor479 @CambsCC @OxonFireRescue Ok, excluding hedge trimming and path clearing… @OxfordshireCC @Ezy_Ryder @Velociraptor479 @CambsCC Simultaneously advertising improved cycling whilst having done… @OxfordshireCC @CyclingTeacher1 Hmmm, you mean the connecting oxford plan that requires bus gates? The bus gates yo… @bigdamo @Urban_Turbo @PedalandPost Given the survey could be gamed, how valid are the business, school and univers…
@_AndrewSang @crschmidt @yfreemark In zero ways is diesel sustainable. If something is dug out of the ground and bu… @CharleyChetto @TheOxfordMail Same rules apply, but given the width of tires and the speeds involved, the relative… knows our democracy doesn't truly reflect the people - not least those who are determined to keep it that…
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@cycloxoxford Old or new the issues are the same. It is an awful junction and the stats only reflect the reported i… @Urban_Turbo @BicycleLifeUK @OxfordshireCC @Urban_Turbo @BicycleLifeUK @OxfordshireCC When there is a break in the weather i may pop out and take a photo.Rishi Sunak’s plan for 6 million families to lose £1,000 in UC should end the fawning. This man is as cruel and cal…
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @trishgreenhalgh #covidtransmission will already find this chart. But why not try multiple hashtags? #mask ,… @bigdamo @JohnBaker1975 Presumably just the nip'n'tuck and boob-job types 😂 @DominicFurniss
@BicycleLifeUK We do have fixed wands at the moment along the Botley Rd. However, it is not for the benefit of cycl… @OxfordshireCC Pleased you are encouraging cycling. Not so pleased that you have done precisely nothing useful in t… @ForrisHilier @helenflynnCPT @OxfordshireCC @WhiteHorseDC Everywhere within the ring road should be 20mph by defaul… @OxonFireRescue @tvprp Cyclists will use judgement to asses risk. If too risky on road will use pavement. If areas… @BlanezChil @_Liam_Walker_ Lights yes. It is the high-vis I object to. In countries where they have made proper pr… @dave161256 @XitUp @MikeShimwell @SimonDalling @CarolineLucas I'm no expert, so genuine question. Before experiment… @BlanezChil @_Liam_Walker_ If on pavements do they need high-vis? Do cars parked on pavements have high-vis? Quest…
@bigdamo @MattHancock is just like Serco's test and trace system - broken. @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS If you have Covid I wish you a speedy recovery. However, given your loose relationship wit… @carolecadwalla I wouldn't like to think Trump would fake this, but it is not as though he does not have a history… @bengoldacre Although I agree in principle, I worry that it would increase conflict between drivers and cyclists. D… @PedalandPost Double yellows, wands and armadillos protecting 2 way cycle lane along one side. The issue is parkin… @RSPBEngland @DefraGovUK @LaylaMoran
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5% @ShelaghFogarty She should lead by example. Resign, but make the case in her letter or speach for others that have…
@Jean52601194 @HowardCCox @Iromg @impressreg @TomEPPayne @DailyMailUK You might want to look at some statistics bef… A. Single. Conservative. MP. Voted. Against. The. Government's. Deliberate. Breach. Of. The. Rule. Of. Law.
Retweeted by Just wear a mask. #3.5%The government and Tory MPs have just voted against a motion in the House of Commons which “requires ministers to r…
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