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AAPI solidarity means acknowledging how Pacific Islanders are often left out am on a snippet with... @IamSandraOh 😱😱😱 Zoom meeting has been cancelled
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @fayewachs I always think about how some places have been around longer than all of western civilization!
this tree is way older than most countries and will outlive them all, including ours., everyone, ucla was juuuust fine. just normal regular grad school toxic, nothing more nothing less. and ma… @aadeleon I love dragwhere do I begin? you call someone a friend if you haven’t shared like a laughing so hard you are CRYing moment? me thinks not, at least for me.
@DrJonathanRosa because tossing leftovers is a barometer of upward mobility?when this book comes out, my boundary is i'm not going to do the whole academic book talk where the author summariz… 40-something years of having no interactions with people of color, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are going t… @sgbuggs I ii I I I I I I I I I I I I !!!!!!! @Cati_Connell Oh my!i love all of them
@Quincetessence @EWPlayers @ZehraFazal Oooh I wanna sign up! @LaDoctoraRod @aimeenez Literally. delivered. JOY.i kept seeing @aimeenez with roller skates on IG and i commented that i was considering getting some and she was li… is just oh so cute! 😍😍 @sgbuggs My senses can’t even digest the all of iti can’t stop watching @thePhDandMe thank u! i'm so shy about sharing pictures sometimes @gottahaveaJOB thank u, john!
no more twitter crop means i can share this photo taken by my dear friend julian sambrano advice...if you apply for a TT job in a CSU, you should review Retention, Tenure, & Promotion guidelines in t…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @ParisNoire Hooray! So inspiring to see a fellow CSU colleagues representing on this illustrious group of scholars. 😃🥳I love this this looks very appealing! dad asked me if I could pick up a Mother’s Day present for him so here ya go, dad your company's net worth is in the 100s of billions, it can offer to pay me more than $150 an hour. #BYEin the year of #StopAsianHate, HBO Max presents... ageism
@wren_romero Wow!!also the best news today best news today’s only been 4 months since thousands of yt people tried to overthrow the US government. @mygiantrobot the rumor mill!i miss the rumor mill in Culver City, aka the unofficial ucla grad student writing spot/coffee shop. @c_j_pascoe @sarahdief @AsaNet That sounds so nice rnoh my! @sarahdief it helps so much. i'm like, what if @asanet had a zoom that was on 24/7 so sociologists could be less lo… @DSlakoffPhD yeah if this weren't around, shooooot omg i wouldn't even kno @zra_research you gotta audition the right folks for writing groups lol. gotta find friends who lie on the chatterb…, academia decimated my social life long before pandemic: a memoir @zra_research things were just perfect like my last year of grad school. cultivated the right rhythm and circles. i… @tnflorvil 🥰 @c_j_pascoe thank you. like what the heck happens with each passing year. it just feels lonelier than the previous. esp as you change rank.i can’t believe how lonely this profession feels sometimes. @DrKittyGirl @animaadjepong love!! @lportwoodstacer @PrincetonUPress Princeton Press covers are so stylish! Definitely lots of trade appeal.Procrastination time! Share your favorite University Press book covers from the last year. 📚the terribleness that is typing ‘cinco de Mayo’ on a GIF searchyay thank you for saying this out loud @LoganAHeiman 30 = Palm Springs gay!so basically i never had to write that dissertation i coulda just wrote this tweet instead @daynaco @contodonetflix 😱 @Prof_GraceKao Very cool!
A lot of #AAPIHeritageMonth features of journalists are leaving out Pacific Islanders. Decided to make my own list…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈happily using the real names of my racist teachers as pseudonyms for the racist teachers in my study.
Some books on AsAm history: The Making of Asian America @prof_erikalee The Color of Success: Asian Americans...Or…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @hormiga Look @laurenthehough @CommunityBkstr Your book, your last chapter, got me through of a serious low point today. Thank yo… was just told that Los Angeles is pronounced loss an-jel-less. @jh1791 Ur right. It’s now law. 🙃*anything extra, I meanthis May is a good reminder to everyone to not commit to anything for next May. or April. give yourself that gift.i had a dream the school year was abruptly ended three weeks early. someone was just’s over, please get some rest, everyone.
@ProfessorPinto holy moly!! @sgbuggs my fave are always his awkward too long pauses 😂🤣 @Aspield Do it! I support!
@biacatbagan HonesTea @DeeshaPhilyaw Oh my goodness, yes, thank you for naming it. (Also looooove your writing so much!)India is part of Asia @SageEkere I’m trying to tell it to myself!why is filling out the paperwork for talks harder than giving the talk itself? 😫😣😩ok do incarceration rates next will condition you to approach life like it’s a resume. it absolutely is not a resume. it’s your fuckn life.Today, India became the only nation to pass 400K cases in one day: 402K 21% test + 3500 deaths True infections,…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈Today, the Sikh community in Indianapolis is holding a memorial for the lives lost at the #FedEx shootings there. T…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈This is my same physical reaction to peopling in the pseudo-post-(but not really post)-panini @sgbuggs @thetrudz I was waiting for this! 😄 @sgbuggs @thetrudz and now I know the level of queerness of said friend 😂 @sgbuggs Is it bad that I clicked on the shirtless ones first 😳 @victorerikray we all are and super permanently damaging the vehicle like fer realliterally nothing left to give this last month of the semester. it need to be over already. been driving this car w… @DrJonathanRosa Clairee! 😩😭 @victoriadreyes @thePhDandMe holy christ, victoria, i'm so sorry. how fucking enraging. my god. @DrJonathanRosa But the jokes that will be made... @sgbuggs Poor Lil Papi!
@KatecBowler I quit just after swamp girl appeared and it was revealed to be Bo’s post-Hope relationship!I study character. Corrupt government officials & world leaders; teachers who groom children for sex; deceitful CEO…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈😱 @lauragoode In some eerie coincidence, my best childhood literature teacher was also a predator Asian Americans have a long long history of speaking out. And taking action. Just because you didn’t lear…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @lauragoode Good God what did I just read. Horrifying. The calculatedness of the grooming is beyond horrifying. @_zulema_valdez @estelaballon All great cites, thank you!It’s really disheartening to only see fellow South Asians talking about the crisis in India right now. Where’s the…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈 @ProfKori @MCHammer KORITHA, THE IMPACT! ❤️❤️❤️