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author, THE LATINOS OF ASIA | writin’ BROWN & GAY IN LA | @nyupress asian am sociology series editor | @calpolypomona professor | stanford & ucla alum | he/siya

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so many of these 😩 totally jaded now @shakirasison That’s amazing. Maybe one day!Disrespectful to the flag! @QueerXicano Weekends are for literary parties! @thomasgpadilla Uh how amazing. That must’ve been something.2 years today 💔 I first met Dawn Mabalon as an undergrad in 1999. She taught Stanford’s first ever FilAm Studies c… @ortile all tops are @LoganAHeiman The biggest asshole are ScarJo’s dance moves @oona_paredes Oh my gad yes. That theme song and freeze frame would be hilarious. @oona_paredes The disdain is oh so delicious! Maybe kasi it always happens while we’re having breakfast.#AThousandCuts is out today in select theaters and for virtual streaming! Congratulations director @CineDiaz &…
Retweeted by anthony c. ocampo, ph.d. 🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈everyone’s got knowledge but whether it counts is a different storyThis is trauma. This is trauma. This is trauma. This is trauma. This is trauma. This is trauma. came with a whole ass robot. also, the power glove was some garbage. @DrKittyGirl I wanna be this level of petty @j0cip You stupid bitch @ginasue thank you! One of these days! @janicesap Oooh yes. Would love to see. I feel like there are some indy short films tho right? @janicesap That star shots airbrush tho. And the HEARTS! And that damn mirror where u place ur forearm. @janicesap Wuttt ? I don’t kno any but I’d love to read the one u have if there’s a link. @janicesap Wait just one?? I have so many memories. Filipino R&b groups? “Gangsters”? CREWS with three letter acron… @1solbro U got the recording tho? @janicesap Lol oh that makes way more sense. That era of Fil am life was unforgettable. My GAWD. @janicesap omg was that about doing e??! @gayasianthot I have many a drunk sandwich stories from my ucla days stumbling into the Bundy drive south of Santa… @janicesap if I ever ever embark on fiction, my dream would be circa 1990s AOL-era PinoyPiNaY chatroom / linoleum i… @janicesap ::song:: heeey you reached ao’s voice mail, you kno what to do after the tone, aight, lates ::song continued:: BEEP @janicesap Mhmm! And what song were YOU singing on that vm intro?!? @nedasoc What on earth is 4.5 hours long?!things i wanna write about that have nothing to do about race & queer shit: -childhood obsession w/transformers -… I really wanna do is own and operate a fucking bookstore
@palumboliu For clarity, this is about sociology ASA. I think I’d actually enjoy the other ASA!If I’m honest, ASA has me living with anxiety for a week or two or more after it’s all wrapped up. That doesn’t mea… a half hour walk and 2L of water to my day every day last week has made a huge fucking difference in my life. @nitashatsharma Ok good I’m not alone 🙃 @GeekMelange It’s real! @spamfriedrice I thought these were supposed to solve racism! embracing fall semester reality @JustinneRamirez Thank you for these incredible resources. Been spending all day reading through the many papers an… @emanuela_grama thank you! @tuwalimarge Thank you for the reminder to capitalize I in Indigenous. Always embrace the opportunity to get better… reality is we Filipinxs have to interrogate how every iteration of “Filipinx” engages in erasure of major numbe… @MalakaGharib @1demerith I’ll be there too!GameBoys on YouTube is sooo adorbs. Ang kyoot kyoot naman. @nedasoc I know you get the same notes as well 🥰 @nancywyuen Haha we loved it too! Perfect Saturday stay at home movie.Feel like the luckiest person to have Filipinx fam engage with the work like this. Thank you, Maria, for all you do…'m at Project PUSO conference and @MrsKeipp dropped this bit of wisdom that should be a t-shirt: "Embrace the me…
i know it’s not like NYT bestseller level by any means but i feel good that my book has sold ~6500 copies. and that… starts next week and it’s gonna be a shit show just accept and be gentle with yourself is what I keep trying to tell myself. @StevenCanals I’ll never forget his resurrection scene eitheri. WANT. anyone who was digging my gravy essay “adobo and anxiety” aka my love letter to Filipino food in the South, you…
Some incredible Filipinx college students from across the nation assembled a crew of Filipinx writers and creators.… your uncle, maps are racist
With Biden trending, I am remembering Elizabeth Warren’s last LA stop. There was no stump speech, instead she narra…, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Meeting Agenda I. Plan out for all the work white people need to do II… @motorresx The worst is that he actually thought he was being nuanced n not totally insultingsoooo...were there like any other cardboard movie displays to demolish ? 😐 whiteness work dear @ForrestDStuart, look: of dictator who plundered billion of dollars for personal wealth worries that college degrees aren’t hard-… @andrewv_0 Racist!+ that whole election thing to get the ********** Hey, I need x. -<Student Name> *********** emails.Ascot Hills hiking @stubes2006 i've felt both the w and W in a matter of minutes
@lauragoode like 90% of my editing is retyping Latinx/Latino/Filipino/Filipinx/Pilipino/Pilipinx/queer/gay/cis/cish… i'm at rn: "In this book, given my desire to shine a light on the racial treachery of White gays, I opt to c… editing woes: white or White @helenbmarrow Election *weekS!How are you all planning classes before and after the election? Should I schedule in blank days for grieving? @DrKittyGirl Yayayayay!!
Schmidt & me ♥️ case folks are wondering what kind of country this is, it's the kind that dropped two atomic bombs that killed o… @ProfessorWherry i am a gay, but only culturally. u don't see race or class?! ur so west hollywood!For anyone running a department, a college, or organization of any kind, this event by @PositiveOrg is one of the b… i wonder how many of my personal and professional connections were predicated on some straight person's d… please don’t schedule meetings with me about things that are easily found on the internet. Thank you. 🙂holy shit Beirut. My parents brought me and my GRANDMA to watch Basic Instinct in the theater in 5th grade, wHAT why… @voice_exit That’s subtle!
@JenniferReich1 !!!!!!! Too relatable! @edgeochampo U shame us! U & Poch! @donnalyy Body shaming disguised as concern is a thing!imagine a gay club but poppers @onphileek Coffee Grindr for connecting with other coffee connoisseurs !Pitch: The Immigrant Family’s Guide to Not Body Shaming 👍🏽 or 👎🏽?I’ve tried for like 10 years to get my parents to exercise and then I show them like 10 seconds of a @WalkAtHome by… @DrJonathanRosa is this about science bi? @DrJonathanRosa hot takes about what? @ortile KIMJOY!a book u read when ur sad and then ur less sad (fyi, i’m fine just regular pandemic sad k) @ILnewfaculty @NCFDD Happy to see the message resonates. 🤗
💔 for the families of Frank Ocean and Ryan Jamaal Swain.. both lost younger siblings in such tragic ways this week.It’s so terrible that this tweet is even necessary. @ortile West LA = NO. Eastside = YES.Imagine if he cared as much about the danger of semiautomatic know, like the ones used to kill 49 inno… is when am I gonna wake up not sad?Today is James Baldwin’s 96th birthday. To celebrate let’s made a thread of his quotes. I’ll start: “The black man…
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