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@StaceyKillings @art_stapleton i cant believe Gettleman could be this incompetent i gotta see him draft this bum Jo… @art_stapleton i really cant believe of all the Qbs that the Giants have/had a opportunity to Draft the guy that th… article is a amazing play by play of how this came together by those who performed and set this up with Prince legacy lives on forever 💜
@RufusGibson Well watch this to understand the point I’m making its in a field out in the open it’s a very unique environment anywherePut aside how you feel about Kanye’s antics over the year this is outstanding and if you love music you should watc…’s Sunday service performing “FOLLOW ME” beautifully ♥️ to a fucking vibeless coachella crowd 🤮! @StevePoliti 7 😂 that’s like a secretary for the Pats saying I went to 7 Super Bowls this guys is the fucking worst!
@EvanRobertsWFAN Who cares @juanmaclean Persistent 😊👍 @juanmaclean I just remembered that Creatine Monohydrate is a great nootropic believe it or not even better then 5h… @haaidj @de_thuishaven 😂😂😂😂🤣
@CaraDaley I don’t even know who you are anymore 🤷‍♂️ @juanmaclean Makes sense the abyss would do that to ya :) @juanmaclean You would ...I think it’s illegal in berlin I’ve went thru this a while ago when I was on my nootropic kick trying to find some @juanmaclean From ny
@IanBegley @DonaldP47082631 Knicks twitter is the worst don’t even bother 😊 @JimmyMaheras @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis Not my fault you don’t comprehend what is a free agent is 😂 @Eye_Am_Nick @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis The trade means nothing after his contract expired in 2013/14 to become a FREE AGENT!!! 😂😂😂 @JimmyMaheras @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis @JimmyMaheras who’s the number 2 FREE AGENT on this 2014 class according t… @JimmyMaheras @Eye_Am_Nick @BackAftaThis Theres no semantics he was a complete FREE AGENT on the open market in 201… @Eye_Am_Nick @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis 🎯 that’s it,convo over no yeah but thanks for playing if Carmelo Anthony w… @Eye_Am_Nick @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis In 2014 was Carmelo Anthony a FREE AGENT on the open market its a yes or no answer??? @Eye_Am_Nick @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis Fyi When your contract is up you are now a FREE AGENT and you can speak to… @Eye_Am_Nick @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis Knick fans are clueless
@iamericcano @JulienDecanali @TheKnicksWall no big deal that you didnt understand what a guy you claimed is mentall… @iamericcano @JulienDecanali @TheKnicksWall what does MVP in those series mean? @teachu2die @aerielist 🎈😎🎉 @teachu2die & @gunnarhaslam talking shop (shit) about all things electronic music in their own unique oddball take(… @teachu2die @aerielist I know numbnuts tell the world 😂 @teachu2die @aerielist You kids on iTunes yet? @devourTheCity Everyone’s been programmed my dude, the social experiment is very real! @iamericcano @JulienDecanali @TheKnicksWall Which part the 2 championship mvps or the 2 championship mvps???? @JimmyMaheras @BackAftaThis False he opted out of his contract and became a free agent and then resigned after meet… @desusnice “SHOWTIME!” @BackAftaThis two narratives that are completely false-1Knicks dont develop talent look how many players are on the… @bennyrodrigues Congrats 🎉 that feels good!!!! @iamericcano @JulienDecanali @TheKnicksWall the mentally soft guy has 2 championship mvps being guarded by the best…
@RohanRandomer Zoom H5 I’ve been using since they released it and there’s many mixes of mine that are online that came from that🎈back in Berlin and tonight I’m closing out Berghain 🎉
@FARCED @ConcreteParis @haaidj That was me today ☀️ @bennyrodrigues For real!Facts 🎯😂 @DeeWashington 10 fucking minutes bro 🤯 @MATRiXXMAN I crushed everything in my sight
I’m in Paris for not even ten minutes and I already ate a entire loaf of a baguette 🥖 and some pastries 🤦‍♂️ @MaceoPlex 😂😂😂When you redo your record box and or playlists a few things happen you rediscover tracks you love to play and find… @Vinny290 @JordanRaanan Point made! @Damnllama @Vinny290 @JordanRaanan Also I think both Haskins and murry are top qb talent in there own right the ide… @Damnllama @Vinny290 @JordanRaanan you think there’s another bossa or allen or Williams at 6 no way after those guy… @blackmadonnachi Great hospitality!!! ❤️ @JordanRaanan They could have had him or bossa if Gettleman was competently doing his job and traded Odell to the 4… @gabrielszatan @CaraDaley I use to like you 😂 @blackmadonnachi Holy shit this rulez!!!! 😊👍 @gabrielszatan @CaraDaley Dont be a party pooper!!!!
@HE_VALENCIA Knicks starting to look like the future of the nba which is a shocker but what future is left in techno twitter at this rate 😂😂 @Slimsfresh @HE_VALENCIA I think you’re right! @ClaudeSpeeed @Jozef_K_DJ I’m a producer a dj and multiple label owner and without djs producers have nothing you e… @mikeservito @ConcreteParis @haaidj Packed 😂 @haaidj @ConcreteParis Me too 💪😊🎈 @lerosa_ie @ConcreteParis @haaidj Yes indeed! 😊👍 @ClaudeSpeeed @Jozef_K_DJ The part you’re missing is the producer did! music is released said dj buys the released… @askjenhowe Me too actually 🤯😂Then Sunday I’m back in Berlin for a Berghain long journey, strap in kids we’re going deep! I’m back in Paris with my crazy @ConcreteParis crew playing b2b with the ultra talented @haaidj as I try t… Ny Knicks season begins NOW!!!!!! 😎👍 @joeysofficial Oh hahah nah I’m in Europe have a mezcal in my honor 😉 @joeysofficial Where am I going? @DJDarkmode 🎯 @nickmcdonnough Its such a coin-flip but you maybe right 😂
@Julianna_move @TheBunkerNY 😉😏 @Jozef_K_DJ I just saw somebody on twitter write that afx is “stealing” by playing a promo, that persons words not… @JesseHeartthrob @MATRiXXMAN @JesseHeartthrob on a roll today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @bennyrodrigues Need! @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA Frank Stans like yourself get so upset when somebody questions your alternate reality… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA Dude you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about especially on this rockets topic… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA My guy i said rockets YOU said Harden but maybe your not getting enough air in your mo… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA Let me refresh your memory 😂 @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA And are you going to ignore frank is the absolutely worst shooter in the game that doe… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA I haven’t moved anything you just can’t except facts apparently @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA I didn’t compare frank to harden you did I used Rockets because D’Antoni is notorious… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA 2 games dude out of two entire seasons is ron baker good because he had similar number… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA Tell that to the rockets 😂 @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA I also saw frank being guarded by embid and he couldn’t even take embid off the dribbl… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA But franks the best pick n roll guy no???? @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA Please explain how frank is smarter you’ve spoken to him? You gave frank a test? If he… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA I’m not I also use eye test I’ve watched frank get toasted by almost everybody he guar… @TheCohencidence @JCMacriNBA I get this but there’s literally nothing on the basketball court that’s including defe… @JCMacriNBA @TheCohencidence I’m bewildered after you guys watching dsj you have still convinced yourself that fran… @miss_gypsy_e Its a coinflip for sure but you maybe right yesterday I still saw people saying Frank is better then… @LIES_News I’m telling you 😂I haven’t decided what’s worse Knicks twitter or Techno twitter 🤔 @TheBunkerNY Bro how dare you shoot techno twitter into the black hole!!! how do you think the black hole will feel… @MARTYN3024 🎈😉 @MARTYN3024 What do you want from me 🤷‍♂️ blame twitter not having aedit button 😂for the record I buy vinyl, I also buy digital, Im subscribed to Apple Music,I totally get why a young person would… @0x00B1 @bennyrodrigues @mikeservito I get what you’re saying but I’m not discussing if music is good or bad today,… @bennyrodrigues @mikeservito I completely agree I myself try all the time to put my blinders on have fun djing or f… @bennyrodrigues @mikeservito Everything you said here🎯 👍👍