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The Corner/OstGut Ton/Dekmantel Bookings: (WW) & (N&S America)

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Fucking facts!! There is zero reasons why a cop should ever use a knee on neck while a man is handcuffed unless you…
@itsthereal Prince at Club world nyc NIN at Irving & Hammerstein Wutang at a catering hall in bk Jayz at club expo… @kenek Yup my first question if I was the prosecutor “so scumbag where did you learn the knee to the neck tactic wa… using taught down “tactics” that wouldn’t work with no “badge” on in the streets to make people “comply”,… @truncate_la @Hodgebristol @mikeservito Pal Joey’s hot music makes dance mania tracks feel like mixing on a Cdj, good luck!
LOL Rubio over @StarburyMarbury or Draymond Green over Chris Mullin 🤦‍♂️ this has to be made by a 27 year old 😂😂😂😂
@sBuddz047 @DailyKnicksFS Thanks for making my point because I said nowhere about a long term signing I said just s… @DailyKnicksFS Love how knicks fan twitter thinks it’s a good idea to sign this guy at around 20 mill a year which…
@KnicksFanTv I’m sure that’s not happening but this wouldn’t even be a contest not many can beat X in a 10 to 20 so…
My beard won’t stop growing at an exponential rate and it needs to be stopped immediately! @mikeservito @RonLikeHell This carrier dome is like 70,000 people he’s making it feel like it’s Irving plaza ....unbelievable! @mikeservito @RonLikeHell Me and my mom now ☔️💜 @mikeservito @RonLikeHell Fun fact this was the first concert I went to sat in the last row at Nassau Colosseum with my mom 😊😊
@IsaacBasker For sure 👏 @contakt321 @BlackLauren Very Early in my djing career i played a few warehouse parties in the early 00’s that Rob… @silent_season Yes indeed! 💪 @contakt321 @BlackLauren That’s super dope that you worked on that project! Yeah those videos were sick I use loved… @BlackLauren Yes indeed, I seen him Dj 100’s of times around nyc down to little lounges even back into the 90’s he… Influences we all have them even thou some pretend not too, here’s a major one of mine I want to share a real ma…
@KnicksFanTv He’s my number 1 option for the Knicks but I honestly think Houston will make a hard play for him this offseason @KnicksFanTv Bruh 😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️ @KnicksFanTv Fake ass Jeff did a scumbag move thou at the end when fatty turned his back completely Jeff took his t…
@DeanMuhsin Imagine they sat in a room and was like “Eureka I got it! Drive in movie theaters!!! we have to reopen… thing the “drive-in movie theater” is a priority to be reopened immediately... can somebody point me to said c…🤔 hmmmm 🤔 may have had the “mamba mentality” but nothing is like Jordan’s “kill or be killed mentality!” @RobSoniNBA @SKPearlman Totally and it makes total sense now in retrospect why MJ would think this there’s a lot of… @SKPearlman Totally bizarre for sure ,There’s a few interviews of him talking about this exact period,Terry said if… @SKPearlman I can and he turned out to be one of the best mlb managers of modern day baseball it was Terry FranconaThis episode of Last Dance just confirmed to me the conspiracies of Michael Jordan being suspended from the NBA, Da…
DAMN! This is 🤯🤯🤯 is a absolute monster
#UFC249 HERE WE GO!!!!!! So fucking pumped up for this right now!!!!! @mikeservito Yup very thankful in the form we know them for sure many of these artists may sound very different if… @mikeservito Also there’s a very major 2 artist miss on this list no Andre no teddy rilley = no NEPTUNES no Pharrell!🎯 And if you didn’t know, now you Know!
@extinctdaemon It wasn’t even proper gi’s it was the pajama’s and dudes wearing them were deadass serious too 😂 @extinctdaemon I mean Im from that generation I remember clear as day and there was “Kung fu” stores all over the b…
“We are the 🤖’s!!!”
@JohnOsborn75 😉😂Stung and LIVED to tell about it, another words don’t be a pussy!!! @SHFTD_AVN Could be worse it could be a new U2 album dropped on your phone magically 👍
Oh please I could do this in my sleep 😂😂😂 @PreslavPTA It’s really absurd“Hold these pads for me please kind sir!” 😂
@HowardTNY @IanBegley I do agree about the receiving a pick or two with a swap option every team that takes on sala… @HowardTNY @IanBegley You shape this narrative as if he isn’t a top pg in the entire league this year he will easil…
@IanOrrNYC Lucky charms rules! @KnicksFanTv Nothing changes in the knicks front office Mills is the boss sitting on the board, Mark warkentein sti…
Redimension presents #RDMSTORY - A journey into Redimension's catalogue: #RDM003 - Anthony Parasole with ‘Velocity’
Retweeted by Anthony Parasole🎯 @KnicksFanTv Damn Horace looks like he’s bench pressing 800 pounds these days whoa drags Rodman out of bed after his 48 hour “vacation”“I went to that fucking Vegas”-Dennis Rodman 😂 love that dude @KnicksFanTv He was a rookie I think on this flashback year their showing 87, 88 @KnicksFanTv He wasn’t on the last dance teamChuck Daly looked mad as hell after that loss and put a hit out on Michael Jordan!
RIP Mike Huckaby. A teacher, mentor, masterclass DJ and producer. A part of what makes electronic music special. A…
Retweeted by Anthony ParasoleI’m lost for words 🥀 @MATRiXXMAN Wait!!! What???? @Ed_Rivers Nah that would be quick and painlessGood news everybody a gigantic Asteroid over 2 miles wide flying towards Earth is “expected” not to hit us ...something to celebrate! 🍾🎉I wonder if Gettleman’s rotary phone is working
@KnicksFanTv Trade down but Gettleman has yet to maximize his first round yet he’s run the Giants into the ground e…
@KnicksFanTv Yup I agree I have him ,Woods, Bogdanović, Fred Van Vleet in some sort of combo as targets
@KnicksFanTv I’m more curious with who goes out because as of now Mills, Allen Houston, Mark Warkentien, scott Perr… @art_stapleton Nailed what? The traded Gronk for a fourth round pick
@jazz_cracker @andrewryce Here’s a perfect example of what I mean 😊👍 @MARTYN3024 @jazz_cracker @andrewryce Very clever 😂 @MARTYN3024 @jazz_cracker @andrewryce It’s just musical taste I respect AE, it’s just I like my coffee black with no sugar 😊👍 @jazz_cracker @andrewryce None and here’s why for my taste I feel like they always throw every sound and element in… @andrewryce I know this is blasphemous but I have never been able to sit thru a entire autechre track not a single one 🤷‍♂️ @ilolno So perfect! @jdp1713 It’s a crazy time to be alive thanks to social media 😂🤷‍♂️the pain the agony my joy 😂☠️ kids are on This thread here yelling LeBron is the goat, now wrap your head around that for a second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Anthony Parasole @2coldscope @IssiahSilva @ThatsjustMarcus @MAL___ If kyrie doesn’t play another game in the nba he’s a first ballot… @Pink_Marse @WentWorthDeniro @MAL___ Wait what???? You spelt Anthony Davis wrong ...Ad is kicking lebrons ass In ev… @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @PassMeSomeWater @MAL___ 😂 I mean do you even watch the games @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Lebron is not even the best player on his team right now 😂😂😂 @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ I know that hurts to hear @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Lebron is not only not the goat he isn’t even the top 3 post MJ he is NOT bet… @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Just making a point 😉 @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ 1996 Bulls > over every team ever to play in the nba @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Or we’re going to pretend the Lakers he beat with James worthy and this bum m… @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Look you guys keep dismissing the teams he played the Sonics would have steam… @johnnysensei_ @IssiahSilva @MAL___ You may have been 12 when this happen so I’ll leave this here for you young man… @ThatsjustMarcus @IssiahSilva @MAL___ Are you really serious???? You guys are to much 🤦‍♂️ @IssiahSilva @MAL___ 100% also the players he teamed up with theirs countless future hall of famers Wade Ray Alle… kids are on This thread here yelling LeBron is the goat, now wrap your head around that for a second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @IssiahSilva @MAL___ I appreciate you being honest about it , salute💪 when I was their/your age I wasn’t like magic… @MAL___ Millennials and their players in the 90’s was plumbers and janitors is as corny as the mumble rappers they all “STAN”MJ in this NBA would not only average 50 points a game but he would snatch the souls of everybody in his path with…
@truncate_la Be careful theirs no detox to ween you off it yet!
@kenek @PopeyesChicken I need to go eat a bowl of salad now to de compute this programming to have another 😂 @kenek @PopeyesChicken I’ve been enlightened+++Quarantine update+++ Chick-fill-a spicy chicken sandwich vs Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is a no contest KO… update• Somebody just got into my elevator to go DOWN 1 flight. 🤷‍♂️ @His_Name_IsKing @KnicksFanTv gsw won 3 titles and the finals MVP was igudola once and twice Durant let me know wh…
@His_Name_IsKing @KnicksFanTv Yup this here theory is exactly my point Knick fans don’t want to win a title or even…