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Instagram vs TikTok mornin’ Colorado!!! This is why I do what I do!! Now time to head back to the west coast. Blue skies y’al…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @sandrogynous @ProductHunt Just use TikTok 😉Dangerous TikTok 'skull-breaker challenge' leaves Cherry Hill teen with concussion via @6abcThat mask wouldn't have saved her in the movie @JoshEdits They may look good but they rarely ever perform because people are smart and know that it's not content that is authentic. @girlmeetsgeek I'm starting to take my wife to work instead of her taking public transportation.PARKER: Some Denver area stations now selling gas below $2/gallon. #KDVR #KWGN
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoI just realized the debate rolled into my local news broadcast and I can't remember the last time I watched the loc…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoI'd love to know- are you prepping for disruption from coronavirus? If so, how?
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I'm curious -- What are y'all hearing from companies about their prep for COVID-19 issues? Work from home? Other things?
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoSan Francisco mayor declares state of emergency in effort to "step up preparedness" for coronavirus
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoWHOA: Disney CEO Bob Iger to step down (per release): Bob Chapek, who runs the theme parks, will start immediately…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano.@AP photojournalist @maltaffer documents women covering Weinstein trial:
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoBREAKING: Bob Chapek has been named Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company, effective immediately; Bob Ig…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoJurassic World 3 starts filming today @allyhardesty96 Welcome to Colorado! high winds today so don't be surprised if you're delayed. @LisaDNews Was this a press conference or a press release?Travel influencers new strategy during the #CoronaVirus @AkilahObviously @TaylorLorenz Just pin this @YouTubeLiaison Your 'OK Google' video keeps triggering my Google Home lol @YouTubeLiaison I appreciate your response, Matt! IOC board members suggest that this summer’s Tokyo Olympics could be canceled due to coronavirus if it isn’t con…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @BenLaBolt Many of us are smart enough not to listen to the White House. @AkilahObviously @harper take selfies with masks and hand sanitizer#CoronaVirus explained by @HopkinsMedicine thing that i hope Americans don't gloss over in the coronavirus response is that if you ever think you are sick…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoCDC immunization chief, Nancy Messonier warns "disruption to everyday life may be severe" from coronavirus in the U…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoJob news! I'm in a new gig as Head Creator Liaison @YouTube. I'll still tweet from here, but anything more official…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @mattkoval @YouTube @YouTubeLiaison So is this creator liaison for all creators or just the ones with over 10 million subscribers?Creating videos with stock imagery is not a good strategy for anyone. @LanceUlanoff What is the truth anymore? @LanceUlanoff There's a movie lol incoming -- and will lead to rapid cyclogenesis tomorrow-Thursday downstream while heading into southeast Ca…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoFreelance food journalists and photographers in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, NOLA, Puerto Rico or South Carolina:…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoVery windy with blowing #snow at DEN. Temp 21, wind chill 2. Wind 33 gusting to 44. #travel #weather #COwx
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoA look back: @WeatherChannel's @JimCantore interviewed me about my experience covering the 2018 volcanic eruption o… THAT's cool! h/t @Sean_Breslin launches AI-powered social video editing platform out of beta via @VentureBeatWhat it's like to study an atmospheric river by @ra_becks and @vergescience* U.S. HHS SECRETARY ALEX AZAR SAYS THERE WILL LIKELY BE MORE CASES OF CORONAVIRUS IN THE UNITED STATES (via @reuters) #covid19
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoNetflix is rolling out a new Top 10 list that shows the most popular titles — shows and movies, original and licens…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoThe makers of Jif peanut butter team up with Giphy to try to settle the GIF/Jif debate once and for all @kioken You will be missedThe social media trap @david_perell Ways to Spread Kindness on Social Media love @Reuters photographers.
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoIntuit confirms that it is buying Credit Karma for $7.1B in cash and stock
Matrix 4 filming in San Francisco. @verified @jack can tell me why the first African American female who went to space is not verified? Let alone t…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoAn unprecedented Snow Squall event smacked @AspenSnowmass at exactly 7:50 AM and it was caught on the Power of Four…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoMission: Impossible 7 production halted in Venice, Italy due to the #CoronaVirus via @DeadlineThat frame tho! #COWX📍: Monday morning's snowsquall near Keenesburg 📷: Bear Benson Share your photos with
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoEver wondered who the millions of people who edit Wikipedia are? @mandiberg has your answer:
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @tammy @ewarren @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg You mean they won't be attending SXSW?NASA's InSight lander records hundreds of marsquakes on red planet’s a view looking north from Westminster at the snow squall moving through Greeley, Colorado. #cowx fired from Apple "was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful w…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @vlad_box No consistency in postingHong Kong to ban all non-resident arrivals from South Korea amid coronavirus outbreak; residents returning must und…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano3 Life Lessons @tomhanks Learned From Playing Mr. Rogers: Connecting with people isn't about selling them somethin… @FNLazyLeaks 116Remember that van life YouTuber everyone was talking about in 2019? Her viewership has been declining since. spent the last week off Twitter and I feel fifty years younger. Highly recommend.
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New Jersey found millennials. In 2020.
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @BuzzFeedNews She is right 🤷🏼‍♂️1-2” of snow for most of the Denver area, starting late tonight through tomorrow evening. Higher amounts + greater…
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Wait for it! 😮 Dustdevil plays with fire 🔥🌪
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano😂😂😂 of Instagram @Mosseri provided some answers during a 'Ask Me Anything' series he shared via Instagram Stories.… IN: One person confirmed dead in a downed aircraft near Dillingham Airfield
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoNASA Images Show Dramatic Melting During Antarctica Heat Wave
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @AFPFactCheck @AFP You should not be quote tweeting the video.Twitch to top 40 million US viewers next year, forecast says meetup to kickoff the #DenverTravelShow #TravelMassive (@ AC Hotel by Marriott Denver Downtown in D…
I’m going to be on Reliable Sources on Sunday talking about influencers and memes and the 2020 election
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano4-Day Workweek's Appeal Goes Global As Bosses Seek To Boost Profits And Morale : NPR on @USANPN leaf index, spring is arriving up 24 days early in parts of Washington region. (4/x)
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoCreators are sick of being hidden by algorithms and are now creating private communities to ensure fans see content. to an OSHA-certified safety inspector, the great @GinaMarie_phd at VCU, and the narrator of How It's Made,…
Retweeted by Anthony Quintano @jannazagari wishing you the best‘We’re all against the algorithm’: YouTube, Facebook creators gravitate to group chats for support - Most of the Americans who were being monitored at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for …
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoBig announcement coming tomorrow 😌
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoMickey Balloon Ears Coming Soon to Walt Disney World and Disneyland“Star Wars” Exec Says a Mandalorian Meet and Greet is Coming to Disney Parks Tests Direct Website Links on Profiles via socialmedia2dayNow you can add a Tweet to one you already Tweeted, faster!
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoNo french fry scent???? @McDonalds? took 2 years for traps to be removed for a season and honestly... not upset #FortniteThrowback
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if I understand correctly, you can now start a fire in your home using an app, but only put it out by hand
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoA few more snaps from yesterday’s snowy Red Rocks visit! So great to catch up with my friend @AnthonyQuintano #cowx
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoI could go on, but I’ll just say: Reporting this story has been nuts, and had me sitting back in my chair saying “w…
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoThe Island has been taken over by covert operatives - members of Ghost and Shadow. Will you join the fight?
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoFINALLY got to visit @RedRocksCO! • • • @AnthonyQuintano #redrocks
Retweeted by Anthony QuintanoI had a great time catching up today! Let's try a warmer climate next time!