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State Representative, District #32 Florida | Captain, Florida Army National Guard | UF: BA ‘12 JD ‘17

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2020 Cultura: Wet-themselves Republican senators flip the bird at Italian-Americans. Take a bow @RonJohnsonWI an…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini.@AnthonySabatini files another case against a local mask mandate. #FlaPol
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniJUST FILED a lawsuit against @CityStAug for creating Admin. Ord. 20-21, which mandates people wear masks or receive… leaders are letting radicals destroy our country—sad
This ARBITRARY order furthers the terrible lockdown on bars/breweries in FL—NOT the right approach! We are in the…“This is fake E-Verify. People expected mandatory E-Verify; this is the opposite—optional E-Verify,” Rep. Anthony…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini @Cernovich @ADL_Florida Nope! Haha @ADL_Florida you to the folks that convinced BOTH St. John’s and Brevard Counties for voting DOWN on mandatory mask orders today—common sense!The LAST thing we need in an economic recession are “feel-good” regulations being issued from virtue-signaling, car… THE BARS IN FL!!!Hahahahaha!!! As if ANYONE from Florida would want to visit what’s left of your failed socialist nightmare of a St… RECOVERY RATE 99.8% RECOVERY RATE 99.8% RECOVERY RATE 99.8% RECOVERY RATE 99.8% RECOVERY RATE 99.8% RECOVERY… Democrat party is run by a basket of deplorablesPoliticians are implementing laws that result provide for arrest and 60 days jail for not wearing a mask—if you bel… to wear #facemasks in @HillsboroughFL businesses and public spaces will continue for another week, but…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini up! Lives Matter is a Marxist movement.
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniPhotograph taken of @GovRonDeSantis after signing budget today
State GOP Rep ⁦@AnthonySabatini⁩ announcing lawsuit against ⁦@HillsboroughFL⁩ mask ordinance #FlaPol ⁦@BN9⁩
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini every Democrat wants open borders—in case you forgot.
💯 BLESS THE USA I owned a Bar I would open up immediately
JUST FILED a lawsuit against @HillsboroughFL County on behalf of a small business owner for illegally mandating tha…’ve never met a liberal who believed in tolerance—they simply don’t existSpoke with a FL brewer/bar owner who lost his life savings in last 90 days—150k—and now he’s being forced to shut d… I sent a letter to @GovRonDeSantis strongly requesting him to issue an Executive Order restricting the power…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini @NYGovCuomo You are an Idiot @PeterSchorschFL Lol my family is from Italy. Not sure where your degenerate criminal trash lineage hails from.
OPEN THE BARS! @PeterSchorschFL Peter—your a digusting fat career criminal and a liberal wimp—you should give twitter a break and…, that’s incorrect—the change is restaurants will make more money and bar owners/employees receive welfa… @OCFLMayor @OCCC Yep—and you’ve made it worseThe Media and @FlaDems win! Fourth of July cut to pieces! I swear the media runs Florida. All they have to do is… LOVE to speak highly of Scandanavian nations—but since those countries do NOT recommend masks, liberal mas… @Mike_Grieco These 4 anti-science nations— Sweden Norway Finland and Denmark must not care at all about health sinc… we all know, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden are bigly red states, Trump supporters all the way. Otherwise…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini"@GavinRollins is the real deal. As a patriot, proven conservative, and a life-long pro-lifer, he is exactly the ki…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniWhat Mask-Nazis *should be reading: rule that is the same in both sports and politics: if you only play defense—you will lose. Republicans are ALW…
One major error in state and local law is there is no valid legal definition of “emergency.” A State of Emergency…⁦@leongop⁩ chair makes good on mask lawsuit against ⁦@LeonCounty⁩ ⁦@EvanPower is represented by state Rep.⁩…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniAs expected, @EvanPower has filed lawsuit challenging Leon County’s mask order Attorneys are state Rep.…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniJUST FILED a lawsuit on behalf of @EvanPower against @LeonCounty Commission—their vague Emergency Order 20-15 would…
💯! Encouraging citizens to call the police and snitch? This is the New Normal?! Big-government… what it’s worth, Rep. @AnthonySabatini has filed a lawsuit against Orange County, Fla., in which he questions w…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniAfter conferring with attorney @AnthonySabatini I intend to bring suit against the Leon County Commission passing a…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini @CarolKilleen1 @EvanPower @TDOnline @AnthonySabatini @KarlEtters @MonicaCaseyNews When governments MANDATE behavior…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini💯
💯💯 is getting ready to hold a news conference about Orange County’s mask mandate at the Orange Count…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniSupporters of @AnthonySabatini gather outside of the Orange County Courthouse to hear about a lawsuit filed against…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini
“Thank you to our Italian population!”
@JimRosicaFL @JohnStemberger @OrangeCoFL @orlandosentinel Yes it’s a pro-live eventYOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP! Did you know the unlawful Orange County mask mandate, Emergency Order 2020-23, doesn’t app… Rally to be held & major announcement made by attorney @AnthonySabatini & Law Offices of John Stemberger…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniHuh? If masks should be voluntary “because the Constitution is not suspended just because there’s a virus,” as… one of my Bills from the 2020 Legislative Session was signed into law. SB 384–a repeal of the Harris Chain o… what @GovRonDeSantis and EVERY Governor in the country should do! #freedom is right again. The silence and weak leadership of Republican leaders has been a massive failure this last…
@JimRosicaFL I can see my house @richardcorcoran @realDonaldTrump And it’s EvilToday I sent a letter to @GovRonDeSantis strongly requesting him to issue an Executive Order restricting the power…
Currently drafting lawsuit against @OrangeCoFL, @OCFLMayorWow! So @UF RUSHED to destroy this tradition but never even spoke to Lawrence Wright? The UF player who basically… like @UF should be standing up and saying “CONTEXT MATTERS” in the use of language! Forever eradicati… @UF. So even though the phase has “no evidence of racism associated with it,” we are going to eliminate it?! T… it!!!’m old-fashioned—I still believe in liberty @AnthonySabatini files lawsuit against Miami-Dade County over mask mandate #Flpol #COVID19
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniIf the other members of the Florida congressional delegation fought half as hard as @mattgaetz, DC would be be a mu… FILED a lawsuit against @MiamiDadeCounty on behalf of a small biz owner for creating Emergency Order 20-20 whi…
Commissioner @nikkifried is getting very paranoid and delusional—exactly what happens when you combine a 3 month se…
Free Speech is under attack like NEVER before Elected "leaders" are sitting idly by while Americans are being targ… learned that at @UFLaw law school, their constitutional law course does not cover ANY aspect of the 1st Amend.…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony SabatiniProud to receive an A+, the highest possible score, from Americans for Prosperity scorecard for the 2020 Legislativ… illiteracy in our country is at an all time high. Scrolling through twitter, NO mention of textualism vs. or…
VIVE LA FRANCE!"We need people in Washington with Gavin’s understanding of global affairs and the risks facing our country." - Maj…
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatinisparkling wine from England 245th Army Birthday! @AnthonySabatini
Retweeted by Rep. Anthony Sabatini
Italian Lives Matter💯💯💯 BLESS OLD GLORY! #FlagDay culture and Cancel culture were created by the losers of society—angry people that have accomplished absolutel…
While the media continues to shed the little credibility it had left, reasonable Americans are reading…—WOKENESS is a cult @CBSMiami As they should!Ban Paw Patrol?! What in the actual hell is the matter with these angry, insane people