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Blair Renaud @Anticleric Toronto, Canada

Lawful Neutral, #Cyberpunk, #indiegamedev. Working on LOW-FI #VR. Previously @RockstarGames Co-founder @QuantumCapture @OccupiedVR @WEED_VR @holodexxxvr

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@haisaid Hey Saul, right here is actually the best place. Unfortunately this last month has been slow due to a deat…
@PalmerLuckey If I had the money I would be there with you.
@eminus Love the thumbnail! @JonVirtual @NVIDIAGeForceUK Yes please!
@kagatoASUKA89 Thanks so much :) hope you enjoy it!
@kagatoASUKA89 Thanks, yes, upon release you can choose what platform you want a key for, steam, oculus etc. @nimazeighami @AndreElijah I actually knew a priest that loved playing Doom
@jfarmer1978 Alpha* :) But that you so much! I would get Keanu if I could :P haha
@jfarmer1978 @_LucasRizzotto @WhereThoughts Thanks man. I'm used to it :P "Titans of VR" seems like a bit of an ox… @jfarmer1978 @_LucasRizzotto @WhereThoughts So, funny story. Weird flattery like that is what triggers my anxiety.…
@NYC512 The game is called LOW-FI. This bike is my real bike, not a game. Haha @SyrslyWasTaken @David_Jagneaux Why not just do Kendo at that point? :P @CworthDynamics @MikeJMika Not sure there's a video card that could handle that scene. @thedarkfuture2 Omg.. you just solved the puzzle! I totally got it at the Canadian National Exhibition. Thank you! @eviljordan Haha. Don't make me Google things :P I kinda meant like, who gave it to me, I guess. @IntronDepot This is the base model. Not sure if it's fortunate or not that the manufacturer doesn't offer any upgr…'ve had this framed poster for 30 years and have no idea where it came from. @inspired12 I don't have a GoPro. So you might have to deal with crappy phone footage. Oh.. you mean in the game? HahaAdded a metal Autobots logo to windshield of the E-Bike. Running out of acceptable upgrades. Considering adding th… @MikeJMika @aaronloeb I've had the opening to Arkanoid in my head for a week because of a random tweet from you. Maybe it's karma.
@ablitter @testedcom @Other_Ocean @CworthDynamics @MikeJMika @jerware @ByronBarry82 Props to @ByronBarry82 my model… @MikeJMika The pleasure is mine. I might bug you for a screencap (video) of the attract mode failing getting it ported over to Unity ;)STARLORDS cabinet modeling completed. Check it out in Quinn's Arcade, in LOW-FI's next update.… @David_Jagneaux @SyrslyWasTaken I don't think it would even work in VR. Not without really great haptics to block a… @David_Jagneaux Bushido Blade
@Mr_TibiT @benz145 Yes of course. The game is VR only. :) @seanish0v @JonVirtual @benz145 They come pre-installed with burn marks. @njtoothman @JonVirtual @benz145 Probably yes to everything except flattening the bills :P @benz145 I can and will. :) @VPestilenZ My wallet hurts just looking at that though.
@benz145 Available now in early access. Arcade goes live in the next update :) @benz145 Thank for the free advertising ;)Let’s be honest, the only reason we want ‘as real as real life’ VR technology is so that we can hang out in dingy v…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud @MikeJMika I use the middle one. @vr_sam Toronto is cracking down on this also @JonVirtual I don't have to pretend. @kettlecorn @Heaney555 Is that Defector? I'm more disturbed thinking about how much money was spent on the game, an… @fncischen Thank you for posting all this stuff and saving me from installing TikTok myself. ;) @soylentgraham Udder nonsense @Nerd__Universe The light? I dunno. Runs off the 12v cigarette lighter. @John_Westra Heh. Mine's more for utility. Tips out at 35km/h @JonVirtual @deep_rifter @vr_rames In halfjack's shop when you first get into the city. Jack into the android on th… @RealityRendered Strobing lights like that trigger the oculus time warp like crazy. Lol @BOLL7708 Yep. Looked it up. It's legal. Especially if in driving slow or working. Haha @RealSexyCyborg @HamptureI I should do a video showing how I hacked it together. The beacon is magnetic mount, so I… @BOLL7708 It has different settings, some way less obnoxious. I think amber is street legal. It's just the hazard c… @deep_rifter @vr_rames Might happen. You can drive a bike in Technolust after the touch expansion. Don't think a lot of people have done it. @HamptureI Ha. Did those solar panels actually do anything?Pimping out my E-Bike. Lithium battery shaved off 50lbs. Mounted an LED hazard beacon over the headlights, added va…
@amoration So that's what Beck had on his mind. @Zimtok5 See what you've done @benz145 ! @Moike_the_Squid @bai0 @alfredo_xr @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto @dnalounge @BrainFizzVR Do it. We'll talk @Moike_the_Squid @bai0 @alfredo_xr @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto @dnalounge @BrainFizzVR @djtripp Hmm. Could do a Quest thing and a subpac? @bai0 @alfredo_xr @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto @dnalounge @BrainFizzVR If someone is down to demo for me again *cough* M… @VPestilenZ Boom *mic drop* @bai0 @alfredo_xr @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto @dnalounge @BrainFizzVR Oh! Fair point. Haha. Forgot about the cinematic…
@Shackl3r People were speed running Windlands on DK1 I think @Roleplayers_TV How much D do you want? @Cryect @SanbornVR @Hero_Kvatch @Google I'll never forget the one I kept getting about scientists discovering "a bl… @_LucasRizzotto @vr_sam Add microtransactions :P Best way to catch a whale. @alfredo_xr @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto Meh.. I mean I could do a movie thing for sure, but I need the IP and the money… @vr_sam @_LucasRizzotto I'm going for "make dope thing on shoe string, sell many, many copies... Take all the profits" model. @_LucasRizzotto Are you filling out grant applications yourself or paying a 3rd party? They're notoriously convolut… @_LucasRizzotto Ya.. I mean one of my companies basically runs off Canadian government grants, but it's a sort of t… @_LucasRizzotto So we're talking platform holder grants, or government, or ?. Have you found kalaedoscope useful? J… @Hero_Kvatch I get a lot of bunk science articles from indie for some reason. I've come to imagine they do it to keep us on our toes. @_LucasRizzotto I'm not seeing the one about grants. I mean.. any help you can give would be super useful. As I sai… @_LucasRizzotto You didn't talk at all about the grants. Lol. That's like the I my thing that matters according to the chart. @ali_heston @chelscore Oculus was aware of some of this back at OC1 when they demoed the CV1. Sound proof booths wi… @SalsaKstream That's the plan. @OttawaPete @NeonEngine @leguilloux @Scobleizer @benz145 @rabovitz I see it as just a placeholder. I think that's h… @chelscore Taking the HMD off and on repeatedly during development. DK1/2 would just slide up to my forehead and sl…
@Scobleizer @OttawaPete @leguilloux @benz145 @rabovitz That's also a very silly thing to say imo. @Scobleizer @leguilloux @benz145 @rabovitz Space And time. Spatial-Chrono-computing. Space time-computing? But spac… @Scobleizer @leguilloux @benz145 @rabovitz Reality takes place in spacetime(space and time), so isn't "spatial" imp… @leguilloux @Scobleizer @benz145 @rabovitz Maybe they're trying to poach magic leap people 😂 @leguilloux @Scobleizer @benz145 @rabovitz Wait.. so they're using it for AR? @Scobleizer @benz145 @rabovitz And if your prediction that "we'll all use what apple uses" is true. It still won't… @Scobleizer @benz145 @rabovitz Yes. And the magic leap bubble are the one ones that use it. It's like a secret phra… @Scobleizer @benz145 Seriously though, do you own a trademark on that term or something? It's never going to catc… @helloserve Dude? @sid_sidorov No. Is that a volumetric package? I use HX volumetrics.
@teemusphoto Snokyo @VRReady2 Been thinking about this actually. You might have to purchase quarters from the pawn shop as they're no longer in circulation. @RalphMacSavage @nchan Air quality warning in full effect. @JonVirtual @LIV Hey @FileCorruptedGM MAME? Or just consoles? @LIV You'll have to supply your own ROMs for legal reasons. But, assuming we get a MAME emulator up and running, th… #VR Quinn's Arcade: coming to next update with full emulator support.
@MattSalsamendi Sweet. Thanks man. Next update will have an arcade with emulation support. Can't wait to share :) @MattSalsamendi Fair enough. @DarraghDandy I think they're self declared tbh. @saschkaunseld I seem to recall her looking less haggard in one of the Star Trek films as well. Regardless... ther… @Stealth40k Same. It's a classic for sure. @gabrielmosspdx @David_Jagneaux In my defense I think my phone decided how to format it. @gabrielmosspdx @David_Jagneaux Can you educate me? What's funny? @gabrielmosspdx @David_Jagneaux I'm not super knowledgeable in this area.. so I'm not sure if you're making fun of me, or the concept. Lol @andreeavr I want to argue about this, but twitter isn't the right format. I'll just list some issues. -Technical… @David_Jagneaux I want this remade. Talk about eSports gold. I would watch it all dayI really wish that Unity would focus on getting features finished before scrapping everything and starting again. F…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud @MichPAngel @nimazeighami @KhoiVietLe But money though