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Blair Renaud @Anticleric Toronto, Canada

Lawful Neutral, Cyberpunk AF, game designer, Currently working on next generation dopeness. Co-founder @QuantumCapture @OccupiedVR @WEED_VR @holodexxxvr #vr

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@jersey_vr I can't even tell you that right now. Mostly because I'm not sure. It's all government R&D grant stuff i… @jersey_vr It's playing back in real-time yes. The body is rigged as well. @BobbySolace @DennyCloudhead Ha. I mean maybe as an Easter egg. We're just using Dom to test right now. @DennyCloudhead Thanks Denny. Early stages still, but it's super affordable and works great. Will let you know when you can use it. :)
@amoration @KungFuNuns Weird that they say nuns aren't allowed to practice. The style I practice (Wing Chun) was de… @Digital_Logik Was great fun :) Thanks for having me.Hearing Blair's journey from a high school dropout, to working in games, to founding multiple companies in #VR was…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud @MikeJMika Unfortunately not equally paid, haha. @Beetlenaut @thedextriarchy Yes it's Control. I think you missed something @therealjustlike Cheers. Still secret sauce unfortunately. Hope to announce it soon. @The_Preacher83 That's a bad thing by the way. Lol @David_Jagneaux I find writing to be one of the hardest things to force. I can't think of many other jobs that have… @JonVirtual Don't tease me. I'm fragile.LOW-FI Character performance playback test #VR #IndieGameDev @JBergounhoux @technobaboo Or the really great controllers that came with the device. @JonVirtual What did he say? He thinks I'm a smut peddler. Lol @DevRelCallum @glassbottommeg Toronto? @AndreElijah I'm surprised. It didn't come out this year. @OpalStar3 @Toronto Already have a few. Plan on adding many more @Zimtok5 Right? I'm confused lol. @karanganesan @BeatSaber Wait.. beatsaber was this year? That can't be right. @AntonHand Wheew. Thanks. Anyway. Cheer up. It ain't all bad and most(a lot of) people are alright. @AntonHand Can I go back and pretend I didn't say anything? Not sure I have the energy to get into a political debate tonight. Lol @AntonHand So, were doomed? I mean, even if it's overly optimistic (it probably is), I would rather like to think w… @UploadVR @twisted_pixel 2 hours isn't too short for a beatemup They're typically 30 to 45mins. I dunno. I'm gonna… @AntonHand Don't hate me, but I want to recomend a book to you. It's called Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker. It'… @oculus @twisted_pixel This is relevant to my interestsHoly crap. Yes please! @KamiKarras @Charlie_Athanas @Sketchfab I need to hear this! Thank you. Going shopping tonight! @thedextriarchy Sadly, I imagine about 0.01% of people that played it even know what brutalism is. You, me and… @vr_oasis Who are these people though? Lol.. like, does it have extra value? I don't get it. @Zimtok5 I'm just gonna guess that they blew their wad on that trailer and showing dev walkthrough would be anticlimactic @AntonHand Bit harsh. @Toronto ♥️ @thedextriarchy Control? @UploadVR I feel like you can swap the noun in this and write many, many articles.I ♥️ this city @jeriellsworth We should talk at some point. I feel like @tiltfive could use a bit of cyberpunk love. @_tlr_ Definitely @_tlr_ Not even close. I'm in Canada. Heh. Have a good time though! @_tlr_ Sup @jeriellsworth Gonna make a cyberpunk VR game. You? @JonVirtual @Toronto Ya, Jack Ryan isn't that cyberpunk. Looks better when it's all cosmetics ads. @DennyCloudhead You doing a world tour? Come to Toronto! @miketuritzin @Toronto I think it's because they're at the very edges of the visable range and freak our eyes out a bit.Downtown @Toronto #CyberpunkisNow
@kmalickisanchez @AndreElijah "everyone" I didn't say I won't watch it, but I'm not gonna pay for it anymore if it shits the bed. @kmalickisanchez @AndreElijah For me it was more about casting, acting directing in the last episode. I mean, the c… @MCDopsa @Nebuch Yes. I have good Sennheiser open headphones. @traveltrousers I don't even have it. Haven't turned on my Quest in a week. Don't really care though. I have a perf… @Nick_Shively Yes :P @SystemShockGame @NightdiveStudio Wow wait what? @brekelj @intel @IntelRealSense @inannamute @mux213 $$ @FroyoTam @_tlr_ I♥️MY D.R. @mux213 I haven't tried it. Shame it's not on anything else. I like those kind of one off experiences with a lot of production value. @benz145 I honestly think I have a set around here somewhere.LOW-FI @skyworxx #VR Casino Work in progress. @HTHazard Im not saying it's anyone's fault, and I'm glad people like it. I'm saying that it feels like a step back… @Nebuch Honestly not sure the experience would have mattered. I dont think he would have gone all out and looked li… @HTHazard Trust me. I know that I'm in the minority. Consider that it's ok to not like something that's popular. @Nebuch Superhot, Drunken Barfight, Pistol Whip. Honestly I try not to demo, I find it frustrating. I brought Pist…'t get me wrong. If you enjoy Boneworks, great! Enjoy it. Just saying.Not trying to be a downer, but today feels like a step back for VR to me. We got hand tracking tech that was enabl… @VPestilenZ @AntonHand Ya, there's a German doc about it all on Vimeo. He's one of the first cases of a living meme… @Ruuubick_ And a community made Portal skillWatching Boneworks gameplay videos on youtube. This joke is still funny. @nimazeighami Everybody loves Raymond? @DennyCloudhead I like to imagine you would say no out of some kind of higher principal I'll never understand. @FoxBuchele I don't see how the platforms have anything to do with it. The consumers are the ones with the money.
@AndreElijah Fine @Heaney555 I don't know if I have too many friends or something, but it takes a good 30 seconds to accept a request… @IronStomachLLC GitHub with LFS. @B4DC0FFEE Thanks man :) @VRInsider The question is whether you'll come back to boneworks though. @Demonkid @DansOnRoad Shame. I love the original Wipeout. Haven't tried it in VR @johnblueriggs Me either. You're in good company. @johnblueriggs Fair enough. Just feeling sorry for my YouTube feed :PNew VR thing released. Everyone with a VR headset covers new thing on launch dey, each gets like 100 views. @AndrewRHarvey Nah. I mean it's just the things people in general are hyped about on this particular day. Expensive… @PoliticalSmark Hmm.. another I haven't heard of. @vr_sam I learned that just from watching Indie Game the movie. In fact, I think the only person worth being in t… @skyworxx @noalabs Looking good buddy. ;) @David_Jagneaux You've got it easy. Where's the food and garbage? @glassbottommeg @B4DC0FFEE @joewintergreen I think the issue is that there isn't really a wider audience to speak o… @bozoid @ReloadGV Yep
@JonVirtual More like "if this dev can only pay me a couple hundred bucks, I'll ask him to let me resell them." @JonVirtual Yep they are. There's also some from games that were shipped. Depends on the contract with the artist. @NKIlTA Thanks :) hope you get one! You've got time though. Haha @marmishurenko I called him out and got blocked for it. Glad to jump on that grenade. @dakini_3 @oculus #k @dakini_3 @oculus I don't understand. Are you a bot? @DevRelCallum Here's my number. So call me maybe? @cr1s_m1randa Same @CR00K__Gaming What in particular brought you back though? Just that it was good? @Heaney555 No specific app? @NKIlTA Separate things. @MCDopsa Hmm, never heard of this eitherWell, if I had to pick a couple devs to be blocked by, I couldn't have chosen better than Notch and Blow. @VRXDirtyPaws @Jonathan_Blow Must have struck a chord, he blocked me