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Blair Renaud💮 @Anticleric Toronto, Canada

Lawful Neutral, #Cyberpunk, #indiegamedev. Working on LOW-FI #VR. Previously @RockstarGames Co-founder @QuantumCapture @OccupiedVR @WEED_VR

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@Martin76x @oculus @OculusGaming @FacebookGaming I don't want to be harsh.. but like, almost no developers got them… @Zimtok5 Oh wait.. that's a Timber Wolf. Meh.. whatever.. I definitely recognized it. I haven't played since MW2 @Zimtok5 Ah ok. Thought it was an image from Vox's stuff. The Marauder class was my jam. :PThis is one of my favorite interviews. Courtesy of @kmalickisanchez at @VRToronto The int… @iElBandido Yes, you can kill some humans if that's what you feel like doing. It's not encouraged. @DevRelCallum 😘LOW-FI #VR New Kowloon Nights Get Early Access now: #screenshotsaturday #cyberpunk @AndreElijah I'm confused. You can pirate quest games without jailbreaking the device. @hrafntho Thanks for the spolier asshole @n1kolax @CortopiaStudios @oculusquest Good luck! @Beetlenaut I vote this for the entire city of Boston as well. @hmltn I couldn't even watch. I just added it to the "watch later" list. @azrail13 Great post work. @Beetlenaut 100% this. I was obsessed with mine when it came out. I would spend hours messing with values to see w… @Zimtok5 Wait.. is Vox actually part of the Mechwarrior universe? @fncischen Dude.. you should do it. Looks great. One of us! @Ruben_Fro That white Sony one is beautiful
@antonkudin I think the headset is a shader problem. @jendaviswilson Models is tricky. One of my favorite modelers to follow is @VertexPolyFort , but thats not really V… @OXIOXIForever Ya, ya.. Ill get to it eventually.❗️At 2pm EST/11am PST! ❗️ @Anticleric joins us to talk about developing #VR Open World Low-Fi! Tune into the You…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud💮LOW-FI: As the player, you are “low-fi”, the street name given to those who cannot merge with the platform…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud💮Interested in learning more about developing a #VR Open World? We will be premiering the #VRTO2020 chat with…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud💮 @corey_king @CMDannCA @azrail13 @IronStomachLLC I mute the clap emoji. I find that people use it as some sort of th… @Demonkid you sonnofabitch @tekkysuicide Ooo.. ya that's a tough one. Wish twiiter didnt do that. lol My favorite is seeing thirsty dude's simp likesFor follow Friday, I recommend following someone who's work you enjoy that doesn't constantly tweet divisive political crap. Good luck. @CPropofol @Martin76x It's possible. @hmltn How big is beat saber? @Heaney555 And they're still my favorite HMD headphones. @Beetlenaut It was. But there was the one time I took a sip of a Jolt that I was using as an ashtray. @Heaney555 Facebook's marketing continues to baffle me. They're marketing to who they wish the market was rather than who it actually is. @brihui I want it @ARblox Exactly! Its weird. @ARblox So annoying.. I hate that that type of account exists @Thunder_Owl Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow *swat* @IronStomachLLC Lol no.. just a follower hording "influencer" @Martin76x Followed and unfollowed once a month, claims to be an influencer, and has no opinions.
In the wake of the first digital Connect, I have 2 more unreleased videos from my travels to #OC6, both from the aw…
Retweeted by Blair Renaud💮Hot off the presses!!! #facebook #Quest2 #FacebookConnect #OculusQuest2 #VR
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@TheBaronReviews <3 @weg257 @OXIOXIForever Who said that? Lol. Stop making things up. @he_plays_sitar Helps when I have people antagonizing me constantly. @andreaGians @JeffLohrius Sure. Send me a DM @Bradleybowman Probably not, but thanks. :) @CMDannCA DM me @jsivonen @eminus Yes, very near @jsivonen @Heaney555 @yelenart That's really not as fun as it sounds. @flarb Omg.. I forgot about Space Hulk. My mind is a graveyard. I'm gonna load it up tomorrow on the emulator. @BenKuchera The 80s cafe in Back to the Future II. @flarb I played the shit out of Road Rash on every platform. I even made an homage I the Technolust expansion. It'… @Heaney555 @yelenart It's not very good. You're basically talking to a chat bot. Any home assistant is 100x better.… @ysalmi Thanks :) @Stalltt "This aint yo momma's VR" Should be my taglineCheck out this video @eminus did showing the Agency demo I made as a test of Quest graphic fidelity using Google Se… @jsivonen Ya.. I might put it on sideload @eminus Wow, this is pro. lol Thanks for this! @ysalmi Oh cheers. It's actually a rejected track from the Technolust soundtrack. I dont even know the name. lol. I'll try to dig it up. @VR_Rosie Well.. I mean, Oculus used it in the Quest 2 announcement. lol I thought it odd also @Skell20XX @steviedisco You would think they would be in the launch video. So, I dont think so. @Skell20XX @jsivonen It was taken from their own promo video for Quest 2. so.. lol I dunno. That was the first time I had seen it on quest @Skell20XX @steviedisco It may allow for a bit of a bump. Nothing huge though.. and games still have to be backward compatible @phylum_sinter Not lazyness.. its just really hard depending on the game. @andreaGians It has.. but it still works. @Blake_Jakely @thedak Cheers. Theres a bunch of other scenes in the demo. It's Google Seurat and Daydream rendererWant to show off what's possible on #Quest if motivated. I made a demo called "Agency" before launch to see the f… @Heaney555 Yes.. but there is still room that will be noticeable on smaller scoped experiences (if the devs make th… @VRDesktop Ya.. I'm discussing this with Mark right now as well. It's great for you and maybe his game, but I wonde… @VRDesktop Ok, that's fair. Wonder how many will @VRDesktop Sure.. but is the end user going to notice that as a graphic improvement? They'll see it as a resolution… @jasonio_ @VR_Rosie 100%. That's because I built that from the ground up for Quest. But nobody was paying for that game. @stillnotsuredev @nynex I can't balance the Rift S on my head. I put the deluxe audio strap on it for.. audio.. and… @Mind_weaver No, I don't think so. I'm not sure what the setting would upgrade to be honest. "More...juice?" @jasonio_ See my previous tweet @nynex Yes. With link. @thebigdev433 I miss being able to keep the HMD on while working. Just slip it on on my forehead. @AntonHand I don't understand @ID_R_McGregor Samsung Evo 970 M2.
@AndreElijah Bet it doesn't hold a candle to some of mine. Lol The one I sent to the guy from Microprose felt like a crime. @ragesaq Also the extra power is needed for the higher refresh rate and resolution. It's not doing anything for fid… @VPestilenZ Oh man.. another ratings board. @FguillotineVR Yes I know I could. If I was paid to do it with platform money. Lol @FguillotineVR Daydream exclusive. Built from the ground up for the platform and funded by the platform. I would settle for that also :P @BeatzCreations "Xbox logic"... lol Go away @BeatzCreations I'm not speculating. You are clearly not a developer and are full of wishful thinking. If they had… @BeatzCreations Where does it say what? You think they made a separate version of the game for Quest 2? All games w… @BeatzCreations It doesnt matter. The game will be the same on both versions. @he_plays_sitar Fuck off. Hows that for negative? This is also on quest As is this:… @madebyrasa Correct. @Joey10582 It's Arizona. Lol @ickydime @StarLightPL @AntonHand That's what they choose to put in their promo video. Don't look at me. @JayHadHope Oh Doom 3? From 16 years ago, well then. I'll start faking and baking. Let me find the switch. @Damo9G @OXIOXIForever @AntonHand Ahaha @bozoid I am an indie. Smaller than their team. @CaptainKwyjibo That's a different game. @purplemikey @jsivonen "a very different game" "Not worth it" 👍 @jsivonen How am I being unfair? @VR_Rosie Sure. I mean I did some great tests with Google Seurat that looked amazing. But it would be a brand new g… @mwentworthbell Sure..but that's not me porting to a potato. @RyanXander3 @weg257 @steviedisco And they're upping the resolution, which will eat up the extra performance. Also…