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What a @ChelseaFC career @hazardeden10 had. I hope he comes back one day. 💙 #CFC
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One year ago...🏆💙#Baku2019
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎My statement on the death of George Floyd:
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaur…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Psychosis: A mental disorder characterised by a disconnection from reality. Psychosis may occur as a result of a ps…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @dxtroo No extra sheets Bro. It’s multiple choice 😆😆😆 @UmaruSanda 😆😆😆 @AgyareKwame_Jnr @joemmamen @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive Exactly!i think it’s time to bring this back 🙏🏽 #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎someone was billed to testify tommorow on a 40b naira NDDC contract scam, he has been pronounced dead today.
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If my opinion about the rap culture doesn’t resonate with your favorite rapper, don’t come at me. We can either hav… @joemmamen @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive What’s your problem? I don’t do PR for anyone and clearly I don’t de… ! Props to @Twistedwavex for keeping us on the edge on every @PureAkan tune. You'll never know what to ex…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @NanaKwedwo Receipts... The internet never forgets...Obinim to pay GHS1.6m tax liability as court throws out his appeal | More here: #CitiNewsroom
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Court dismisses Sam George's case against EC; fines him GHS6,000 | More here: #CitiNewsroom
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @DarkwaDesmond @RexOmarrr Chale ignore. It was to some other guy on the thread. @NationSulk @RexOmarrr Why are y’all quick to say someone hates Sark? 🤔Rwanda has deployed a set of drones equipped with loudspeakers to broadcast Coronavirus news and messages in villag…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @AuthenticSpark1 @dj_oceanz @Osborn___ @iam__fiifi @hotswappble @iamyourgrace @DedeDoe2 @P4_short @brafiiifi @kwadwosheldon Two sides of a coin you say? Anything for the paper Bro @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive From your point of view, Gamble is an Afrobeats EP. I can’t speak to things you hold in high esteem. @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive It’s clearer if you talk about everything I spoke about than talking to your un… @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive That they weren’t recognized as rappers anymore. My not Mdot PR but that’s what I understand. @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive It’s quite interesting but every genre is for masses. If he says he wouldn’t do… @TracySarkcess They can’t airlift every Ghanaian at the same time. Once they’ve started, it’ll get to the country you are. Relax wai @ddg_stan @Akua_lielie @manifestive So that’s your definition of pleasing the masses? I see 🤔I’m biased but @udemy is a true underdog story + thought I’d share details we’ve never shared before. ICYMI, we an…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎All told it was just 4 years. If you're gonna fail, do it fast. If you're gonna succeed, do it slowly. In startu…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎#RIPGeorgeFloyd #ICantBreath #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorge #MinneapolisPoliceMurderdHim Lock those racist mot…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎I woke up and saw this! So true🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎It’s time to end racism again y’all
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Sometimes, I wonder what the phrase "be citizens, not spectators" mean in this 'asuod3n' (stubborn) political envir…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @josephquansah03 @dxtroo King Promise has bad management? 🧐🤔"too controversial" lol. I can cough or talk about what i ate for breakfast and it will be "beefy" for some of yall…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎I’m in a different space. Create not chase.
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @trydenisrich @cornelmarfo1 @manifestive Facts!! 😆😆 @Akua_lielie @manifestive If you know M and what he stands for, he doesn’t conform to the masses. If he’ll put out… @josephquansah03 @dxtroo You think they don’t do marketing enough? @KOJO_Cue Happy Birthday Senior. You’re an inspiration. Don’t stop! God’s guidance, love and light always. Sincerely yours, Your fanHey guys, so my friend @theaprodoo did this lyrics video for Rich Dad Poor Dad - @KOJO_Cue. Please retweet till he…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @OfficialBlog_UR @ELgh_ @ELgh_ your list be tight waaaRT if Canada is still an option. I have something for you next week. 🙂
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The persistent brutality of it all is just jarring 💔. Rinse and repeat. #RIPGeorgeFloyd. Sending love and light to…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @josephquansah03 @dxtroo Oh Bro, which is the right thing?Make kindness less unique and more commonplace.
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎2012 Team USA was a whole cheat code!
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @caroline4real @manifestive and @PureAkan @Dr_nuellie_ You look hipsy here oo. Anaa demaa na wo ti? @dxtroo You bab... @dxtroo Ebi someway. Cos putting someone’s business on tv for 5mins or retweeting someone’s business will boost the… @dxtroo We dey like the clowns. The serious people who need following and endorsements are left hanging... be sad c… @MutomboDaPoet Call @manifestive den @worlasigh. Dema style disGoosebumps! This is music!
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@fiifi_andrews 😂😂 @DBLACKGH The embassy no capture you... 🤣🤣 @ameyaw112 Sark come Ghana long time. If you have money and influence you can do anything!!! @fiifi_andrews People dey cash out oo. Herh... @fiifi_andrews Bro, Ebi serious thing oo. Hmm @innomatijane @bonang_m @GetVideoBotFACTS ONLY!!! Lewandowski: 41 goals in 35 games Erling Haaland 41 goals in 35 games Two goal machines go head-to-head wh…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Kenya produces laptops. The name of the brand is Taifa.
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎33 Ghanaians have died from COVID-19 in New York – Ghana’s US Ambassador |More here: #CitiNewsroom
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎33 Ghanaians have died from COVID-19 in New York – Ghana’s US Ambassador |More here: #CitiNewsroom
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @tonisarfo1 @MOGBeatz Funny @tonisarfo1 @MOGBeatz But you never say it’s their effect when Sark gets a big break so why attribute MOGs Nescafé… good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children - Proverbs 13:22 🙌🏾👌🏾
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Car Dashboard guide....
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @tonisarfo1 @MOGBeatz And you think nobody made Sark? Or why don’t we say Duncwills effect any time Sark gets a big… they’ll disrespect him. Stephen Waddell Curry II changed the game!!!
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @Chronic77717065 @beauolassan Wopre do do 😂😂Hakim Ziyech leaves the Eredivisie with a bang 💥 Chelsea awaits. #TOTSSF
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @reuben_aka You mean e dey come EPL? Cos the last time I check most players wey dey come Chelsea dey get high ratin… @pee___kay @daddy_trig @fiifi_andrews eeeiii... people fool oo 😆😆😆 @tonisarfo1 @MOGBeatz Again, what is Sark effect? You haven’t said anything about it. What does it mean?
Man like @manifestive came solid with that performance 🙌 Tune in to the #AfricaDayBenefitConcert right now on MTV B…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Was lovely to see how Nkrumah resonated many times during the broadcast✊🏿 #AfricaDayBenefitConcert
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎#AfricaDayBenefitConcert 🇬🇭🌍💨 Catch the full performance on @MTVBaseAfrica @YouTube 💫
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎That M.anifest guy from Ghana is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭 #AfricaDay
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎M.anifest Spoil der make my guy rep article.... LMFAO #AfricaDay #AfricaDayBenefitConcert
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Prayer will make you a spiritual person. Jesus said, “Pray lest you fall into temptation”. Prayer keeps us from fal…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎MPs’ COVID-19 test results won’t be made public – Medical Services Director |More here: #CitiNewsroom
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎On this #AfricaDay, I wish to connect with Nigerian and other African brothers and sisters who are MS and PhD Stude…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @diggy_worldwide @fiifi_andrews @daddy_trig @Kezengs Haven’t found the whole sermon but this is the longer version
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎I’ve watched the longer version about 10 times already.
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Settle in for an evening of fun, music, and jaw-dropping talent straight out of Africa with Absa brand ambassador…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @dxtroo Nice @fiifi_andrews @KwabenaGyam_ 😆😆😆See, @manifestive is a GodMc for a reason! #AfricaDayBenefitConcert #AfricaDay
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @dxtroo Is your mother aware? @Kwame_Tsuca_1 You get PS3 controllersReasons people don’t get wealthy (a partial list): 1. A lack of skills 2. Lack of taking risks 3. Not building a n…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎Kennedy Agyapong is going to respond to Rev. Obofour ; reveal more dark secrets about Obinim and other alleged fake…
Retweeted by Joe Sutro 😎 @tonisarfo1 @MOGBeatz Which one is Sark Effect here? 🤷🏾‍♂️ @fiifi_andrews @KwabenaGyam_ But her claims are true eh... 🤣🤣🤣Champions! On this day 45 years ago, the Warriors won their first NBA title in the Golden State era…
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