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Joined Twitter 3/26/10 @prestidp @kerryfjacob @MegKinnardAP @ewarren @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Disgusting. Her voters should stay with her. @BoeingDefense @PrettyBadLefty Suicide By Veep @jncatron Just like Bernie Sanders said he'd do. More proof you're a misogynist if you support him. @aubrey_huff @Alyssa_Milano Can't believe this guy pretends like he won a world series lmao @cushbomb @ConnorSouthard This makes Andy Borowitz look like Andy Kauffman @AliceAvizandum His whole candidacy is a psyop so I've got my money on "let people make wild inferences for a month… @lukeisamazing @eponawest Look I know Donald Trump's an idiot that's why I'm going to let the abortion and taxes party win. What d… @getfiscal It's the sensible thing to do if you're worried Hunter Biden has been compromised by Russians and/or Ukranians @intrnetdaughter @nomunnynohunny You don't want the ladies to tell your little Tyler he has trash dick, do you? @RavMABAY @joshjame @Bencjacobs She made 2 million dollars and she wants to put successful people in work camps @AdamMantine @DavidKlion My man out here posting Rick Wilson & Joe Biden talking about being disgusted by anti-immi… @nadanothingzip @DavidKlion Not as ashamed as first and second party voters @chhelenach @DavidKlion @socalmd54 He also got caught sucking her toes in a hot tub so that's dope @TrueAnonPod What is Real
@Tenebyss @HeerJeet @daveweigel He's in the CIA @Dev0ra @Ange_Amene I went to a Bernie rally and a bunch of Bros surrounded a young mother chanting "no more girl c… @cushbomb When John gets a hammed burger, hey man, when he gets a cheesed burger he knows what's going going on in… @BandaidC @phantomgirl3 @EdHotan @SkyNewsAust Love my pqcisit president!! @raaleh Not until 6G fuels fleets of self-posting feet @GeraldMcGer @SenSanders For the Dave supporters @SenSanders @TSBigMoney They're not going there to avoid paying taxes @oldflrtybastard @getfiscal So you're not happy about Honest Abe freeing the slaves? @jram03 @AnnCoulter NoCats can have a little Somali @carterforva 100% convinced this whole thing is a setup @NYforSanders @CobraKeiser To be fair nobody in Virginia knows Tim Kaine exists @mikegmarsh @SallyGold @maggieNYT @MikeBloomberg Bullshit there's only oligarchs in Russia @OvertonGringo @zei_squirrel @ggreenwald He also wants to execute every police officer & soldier @DeanObeidallah Can't believe Jorermy Corbyn said this @liz_franczak @OzKaterji @raaleh @JoanaRamiroUK I'm stacking paper over at smash that follow, we can collab on some goon shit @OzKaterji @raaleh @JoanaRamiroUK Oz have you ever considered showing feet @raaleh Don't fool yourself gents, look at America all you need is some podcasts and a kickass free zine @BlackOmen2021 @AbuJafarFiroz1 @VABVOX @BernieSanders @HillaryClinton That's good. @VABVOX @BernieSanders @HillaryClinton A bunch of people just saw Bernie Sanders urinating in an alley and when the… May Cry is so fun. Turning into a gamer in 2019A Kratom and cbd prize pack from Street Fight Radio
Retweeted by AMERICAN BAD ASS @MattHancock @zei_squirrel @fuckinalpamare @dom209 @mormonmclaren @Luc_Rage @JasonCowleyNS You can be working class if youre rich and drive a truck. You can b… @jayweiner18 @JoyceWhiteVance I agree we must smash Saudi Arabia and no amount of human suffering is too small to avenge our AmericansBroke: Karen Woke: Karenn @WeWuzBoomers @KBeds @SteveGuest @realDonaldTrump Would it be possible for your candidate and Trump to engage in an endless cycle… @MuellerDad69 you're broke you should be able to get a public prosecutor @BagageHandeler @getfiscal I think he just knows whose name is etched into the heart attack gun🙄 @sensorsweep @TrueAnonPod MI-17America's craziest congressional candidate is crying on my shoulder in DMs & getting left on read for days so I can… @AliceAvizandum 🐍🐍 @david_j_roth @nytimes A real queen plays fair. ✝️🇸🇦🇮🇱🙏
@limitlessjest @PlankySmith @RacismFactory @Lis_Smith Why do presidential candidates need to be kept safe? Do they plan on not serving the people well? @ByYourLogic If you ask him if he'll learn Russian he'll burst into ten thousand ebony shards @tnewtondunn Pete is on TV pounding Kombucha and promising to never learn Russian.Trump's going to win re-election when he dazzles Mayor Pete's base by not referring to him as a slur. @larrycharlesism @WSJ @tarenceray I've been parking in these things forever. Always works. @whorevidal Courtney rules @ass0c1ate @indianaboognish @Lelal12 @inthesedeserts Leaks are bad unless they hurt people who will damage the ruling class on purpose (Corbyn) or accident (Trump)first day at the dog shelter. calling all the pit bulls “mister worldwide” as i push them into the oven.
Retweeted by AMERICAN BAD ASS @FakeTedVanDyk @drmistercody This is accurate @HKesvani Is this woman cancelled yet @NYC_Loving_Girl @jackturmanIII @Med4Pete You say this as if we've had good presidents @jamesrbuk My line is i hope Jeremy Corbyn is aligned with the Russians and they take over your country and make you eat shoes @raaleh @joejglenton @libbycwatson GLOBAL MARXISM.@cmclymer needs to be stopped.
Retweeted by AMERICAN BAD ASSThe letter omega Ω comes from the ancient Greek symbol for headphones.
Retweeted by AMERICAN BAD ASS @MileHighBrendan Oh no my well is getting poisy woisined @Eytan___ @beavrmstacheman @MrsFinkelstein1 @gasiews1 @fritolaysia @neeratanden Yeah follow me @peterrobinsons2 @ben_geier @AidanSmith2019 Yes, capitalism. @ctognotti @jackallisonLOL RIP Buddha Stalin @TheodoreFogel @libbycwatson He's still in the CIA who can, post. Those who cannot, reply. @gkmull @JASON_CRYER @VicBergerIV @DonaldJTrumpJr Fuck you buddy I saw Trump take out a whole nest of military aged male Iraqis @nostalgicshot @steelybel @GarbageApe How's Brienne of Snarth doing?
@CNNRGLDN @Lis_Smith @PeteButtigieg @InterConHotels How many of the cultures are allowed to take a day off workMight go beast mode and call Elon Musk a pedophile but I haven't decided yet @lib_crusher I wonder how nice that station wagon would have to be for him to not call it battered @ByYourLogic I wish Banksy would paint those little houses and give them a taste of the real world and not fake Hollywood plastic bullshit @hthjones @reddit Lmao this Russian shit works every time Lmao I know right let's go to Little St James we hit a bumpy patch around the Khashoggi incident but everyone's shown enough remorse and we're chomping at t… Trump is showing a lot of bravery not stooping to Islamophobic attacks against one of our most steady allies…