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trans (they/she); queer; pinball, bookbinding, & generative art hobbyist; professional front-end dev, making forms for journalists. priv: @promytheme

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Retweeted by Miriam NadlerWhat a CRUEL way to depart. Fuck him forever
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@questrpg feels like i didn't need to be told that @oh_theogony wrote this to know that @oh_theogony wrote this 🖤
@ScottKellum oh, for sure agree with that sentiment. part of why i got into bookbinding was being finicky about not… @low_mountain just for you @ScottKellum is that because of some properties of the paper or the form factor of the notebook?and aspect ratio:a blank paper notebook/sketchbook size preference question, out of curiosity: (where small = 1/4th of an 8.5"x11"… @SzMarsupial good defense imo, would 100% believe this isn't how it works only because they haven't started selling that version yetrelated: @amyrmarv’s “The First Trans Poem” from We Want It All (2020)
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @SzMarsupial my point being that their adorable kittenness today is a cute garden that will bear adorable fruit in the future. cats rule. @SzMarsupial this adorable baby boy looks a *lot* like one of my friend's cats (also one of two brothers) who i "ac… @audendum belief shattered. also 🥺 @audendum i'm choosing to believe this is about a human @sophaskins i stand by my words 😛imagining a world where "siri" was instead called "sir", and if you wanted to use voice input on your phone you had…
@antimytheme This is what it looked like in the UK version
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @harrybr obviously immoral, but also... wow, that's funny as hell.In Italy (2014), Ryanair was fined € 850,000 for its famously hard to find to find "don't insure me" dark pattern.…
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @LissackMichael you absolute coward.
thinking abt what an adhd-friendly website would look like: - pop-ups/modals used only when needed - doesn't move s…'s 2345. you swing by a pit stop on the way home to pick up a new eye. someone yells at you for using the wrong droidroom @tabatkins missed chance to use the word malus :pwhat depressing motherfucker came up with a world where there are droid pit stops and binary gender @HarronWawker something bitter in me believes that 90%+ of trans people who aren't trans women fundamentally agree…
@livlab ah, The Epoch Beforereminiscing about the Age of Splendor, which is how i refer to the regrettably short span of time where "coming ou… hope this email finds you not mad at me
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@SatansJacuzzi yes! furthermore i strongly feel that those who say "the only correct way to use an em-dash is witho… @mspowahs i'm like 99% sure it is not! just platonic goofing. i also have a personal policy of not flirting w/ peop…, untitled goose game larpingbeing inside too long has brought some to drastic measures. for instance, one of my (adult) neighbors has started i… this *is* a sport where size & strength can be an advantage, or at least another tool in the toolkit — it's pre… comments about the whole trans-women-in-sports uproar that are like "trans women don't even outcompete cis w… @mspowahs probably, but to be fair i've done the same thing to a little dry-erase board? hung it up, got markers fo… @mspowahs needs like little robotic crab legs so it can unbox itself, read the warranty to you out loud of course,… Snack, the adorable new game about wandering around the Pokemon world and eating the various Pokemon you find
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @heybonanos @trufelman this article is Good. also, as an unrelated (?) Nadler, whenever he's up for reelection next… me the worst gender selection forms you've seen, I'll start
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every time i see the strop my brain goes "wow! me? yes! i did that! hell yes!" as though this were something i was… love language. "i made, by hand, a hand-made strop (which is a specialized tool for hand-sharpening knives)"? sou… @zeigenvector @github strongly relate to this; my family tree is also significantly smaller than it should be. trul…
As a Jew whose family is markedly smaller because my grandfather's family members were all killed by the Nazis in t…
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @Heofonum @brianarn legit @butsh_feygele i'm sure i'm wrong but i hope you mean this one @morganmpage is it possible that my impression of you and the other person's impression of you can *both* be accura… @morganmpage if it helps i can be more specific: iirc we were at the same event at that gay bar in manhattan near 1… @lorenschmidt no idea but your diagram looks like a cute lil disgruntled lion @emializh unfortunately you definitionally can only spend a medium amount of time therenormies are getting creative
Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @oluoluoxenfree @leahvelcro yeah, but otoh if you keep everything locked inside for literally ever then you DEFinit… @oluoluoxenfree @leahvelcro yeah, i get that, too. like my mental health is m/b mild-to-medium spice levels but wha… @oluoluoxenfree @leahvelcro my rationale for that being: if one acts in a way that actually ends up hurting them in… @oluoluoxenfree @leahvelcro imo (& like, obviously, it's your call) nobody should feel *beholden* to act any way at… @communoah imho "puppies that are too baby" sounds like something i def wanna see, but also i totally get how answe…"haha! get a load of this idiot! he wants jail to not be bad! also, as an aside, jail should not be bad"venn diagram of people making fun of the "qanon viking guy wants organic food in jail" story & people pissed off fr… @nzle miss you too :') @nerdygrrl in truth, nodo we not all dream big nightmares of a stranger approaching us to say nothing more than "oh, hey, you're that twee… the time i saw someone i follow on twitter (but who doesn't know me at all) tabling at an event & i wal…
@ckolderup would have flowed better if it were "the testers of the beta" imho @marleymedusa @morganmpage hell yes, morgan rules. firmly in the top 3 of my mental list of "v cool AND v nice people i know" @artificialnix @mspowahs element keeps things fresh. another pro, to me: if you have a good memory, everyone has th… @artificialnix @mspowahs it hits the mark for "consistently fun" and "not that complex" to me. i've played it a lot… @artificialnix just offscreen :psimply incredible has since started loading properly but i still do love the blank-and-google-translate aesthetic)like, some of the screenshots i've seen from thedonald dot win — can you imagine if exact and specific antifascist…, you're not gonna learn from paranoia to compartmentalize info & not post your exact plans or explicit threats… how so many fascists / white supremacists / pro-militia / etc etc people have never learned not openly plan c… @emializh in honesty i wasn't before but once i thought of the "forcible drowning" thing, like, yeah, bit @emializh ah, i see it now @emializh my brain is trying and failing to visualize this and it's somehow settled on like, piggyback ride, or whe… u wake up from a coma and gotta relearn your polycule
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Retweeted by Miriam Nadler @suchwinston articles of interest was fantastic, didn't know about th- oh god fuck the the cut podcast? the, the cu… @skullbasaur because you hadn't told me to yet, obviouslynyc: "thank you for improving access to vaccines" nyc gov: "de rien"this is the whole website on mobile: a google translate dropdown. at least it also lets me see nothing in french?… @artificialnix assuming that you mean this like @brianarn ah, the "mcelroy brother + their wife" genreso it turns out people like history podcasts @TheAutumnWright ty! @hard_goer blowback? @hard_goer help @modernserf arguably a fancast though :p (will check it out, ty) @racheldabb @emilywithcurls the conspiracy to WHAT? i'm sold @BurnAcademia i like oh no ross & carrie and will check out the other two, but i'd contend that judge john hodgman… @expliKateD neat, ty! will counter-recc Oh No Ross And Carrie if you don't know it already, sounds similar-ish @ashedryden @emilywithcurls it appears you like history podcasts 😛 @ashedryden @emilywithcurls tyty, i don't know any of these besides stuff you missed in history class @mjamurphy @LitFriction hadn't heard of this one, ty @transfaerie would count horror under spooky/true crime, but will check out the other one, ty!any reccs for podcasts that aren't in the spooky / true crime, actual play, news/politics, fanshow/talkshow, or dud… @phyllisstein he got 3 months free on his storage unit for that one iirc @phyllisstein and who can forget une journée de juillet, brought to you by the manhattan storage & warehouse co"in the warm New York 4 o’clock light we are drifting back and forth / between each other like a tree breathing thr… @butchfag i read in the talmud that if it went that far the twelfth pague was going to be punching yourself in the head as hard as you canassertion: "having a coke with you" by frank o'hara was sponsored by the company known as coca-cola. he was paid $5…