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anthony @antnyvlz Washington, DC

All Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Don’t Exist | 25 he/him/his

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@tonyycollinss Your energy rn. Unmatched @weasgaypeople she gave the give @ierickcordova @ierickcordova’d go as far as fake crying because I “must have accidentally left it at home” millions of Americans are waiting on survival checks and can’t afford food or rent but let’s plug those $15… @kjfkid Yup..... “We won so we’re not afraid to be bold now.” @MyCoolJames For sure! The lip sync is a last effort to save yourself from being eliminated from the competition. S… @MyCoolJames If you watch the show, multiple challenges throughout the episodes call for singing, dancing, and acti… @MyCoolJames I mean some drag queens have vocal talent, some are trained dancers... across the board though, a capt… @marcjordancohen @ryan_trotman I lost my contact. found it. @kingdeficit whte people :) @MyCoolJames Lip syncing is one of the main pillars of drag art getting to party to THEE song I wanna dance to.........I’m physically in pain </3 @KadeemNYC @BlackSuedeShoe potatoes and yams are not the same thing don’t fucking text me rn @r33dles 25 years of living a lieare sweet potatoes and yams NOT the same thing???!!?? @soyjoseuseche Can I have at least 10,000 @james_pascucci I would!!!! @KadeemNYC ok they’re like not the same thing what the fuck @KadeemNYC but the tea is google is making me second guess this...... what is real @KadeemNYC this video just saved my life @KadeemNYC a yam is a sweet potato baby let’s get u to bed @KadeemNYC bitch there’s a yam emoji? I came @petworthot I hate the accuracy @mce1201 bestie yes. 100% @tonyycollinss oh yes you feel mesweet potatoes taste sexy. you either understand it or you don’tRacist
Retweeted by anthony @martinincolor ok hi @ungodlysamer yes bestie ❤️ @troysavv The whole album owns this ass
knew it before I even opened the pic @its_tayce I have not stopped thinking about thisspongebob when he was in sandy’s dome: @martinincolor me too let’s get it @BrvvnSugar @maloo5hka Superior track!!BEYONCÉ!?
Retweeted by anthony @barrettlane Tamisha Iman is truly coming,, for them.I know I can’t stop tweeting about her but seeing the world fall in love with Tamisha Iman could literally make me cry @ty_ler_michael k it takes 4 hours to get there giving me a total of 20 hours w/ you great @Bray_erryday I don’t hate Taylor but GOAT is a stretch babe! 💕 @thequeenpri Pri..Sure grandma let’s get you to bed ❤️ @JoeMichaelII And Spotlight. Whew @TevinJC Imagine returning to a thread I never responded to a year and a half later like please find a hobbyoh my god are men @maloo5hka I BEEN DRINKIN COFFEE!!!!!!!! AND I BEEN EATING HEALTHY!!!!❤️“we’ll figure it out together” is a love language
Retweeted by anthony @SpenserMestel Dad why are you being like this @maloo5hka Your account *is* a Jaida and Symone stan accountMark my words we WILL DANCE TO LEVITATING IN THE CLUB!!!! @hoodopulence Keep going! Gets even bettersooo fucking true bestie @maloo5hka catch up twin 💔 @totallyyyykyle Haha he does, this is just a lil showmance @urdadssidepiece lmk if this worksalright I started search party season 4 don’t txty’all I just really love the cast of s13 drag race @taylorjaxgang 😭😭 @MaxRut 🥰 @_codez water conservation queen @KalobGossett wbk!!! @KalobGossett ok don’t be lying on main!! You have a lovely bottom lip 💘I believe in Slytherin supremacy!!! @kingdeficit 😭😭😭why do yt men with small lips do that selfie face that makes their lips even smaller.. you know which one @BlackSuedeShoe ‘twas an absolute blessing bestie ❤️Started my Saturday morning seeing @antnyvlz’s beautiful face (via FaceTime) so it’s going to be a good day 🖤
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Retweeted by anthony?"who got the new _____ nudes" "omg they leaked?! Link?" or maybe we just log onto pornhub and respect consent inst…
Retweeted by anthonyBrown Skin Girls 🤎
Retweeted by anthonyand she has every right @phagnano keep me warm n @ryanstephen0 💛muting someone’s story & forgetting their existence 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Retweeted by anthony @MissLaLaRi yeah you fucking did that @thereidfeed @AuntyTare been sayin @BlackSuedeShoe figure it out Mary!we truly do live in a society where Tamisha Iman is coming for you @BlackSuedeShoe I have zero missed FaceTime calls from you as far as my history can see which is 10/28/20 ❤️🤥 @BlackSuedeShoe why do you keep using this straight person devicerent free true bestie @RyRysYerGuy well guess what Mimi, we did @_rywest My people need to hear from you before you post my name like thisok so is it Denosé or Rosali ?This is sending meeeee is not having miss Kandy at awlllll @its_tayce @atx_scout_ YES BITCH YOU 💘Symone is now $10,000 richer and that makes sense with my fantasyTamisha Iman, Tamisha Youman, Tamisha WeAllMan ❤️thank god these queens can carry