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I have heard stories about what India will be in 2020 since last two decades. And here we are, in the year 2020, wa…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaThe walk from Jaffrabad to Maujpur wasn’t one bit easy. We were heckled and abused. Men with sticks are roaming a…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaNo idea if Head Constable #RatanLal was pro-CAA or anti-CAA. We only know that he was just 42 years old. While he w…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaThis is Narendra modi. From Gujarat to New Delhi. Remember Gujarat where the cops themselves set fire and enabled h…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishnathe level of violence is being increased in Delhi . All the Kapil Mishras are being unleashed . An atmosphere is be…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaIndia rose peacefully in defence of the Constitution, with the icons of Gandhi & Ambedkar. The govt stubbornly refu…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @literarystew Everything is making my eyes bleed! These jokers are killing the world!Violence destruction and death in my city today. Ashamed, disturbed, fearful. May good sense and calm prevail. Do N…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna
#VERIFIED 👉2nd casualty in Delhi. 👉A protester has died. 👉Succumbed to his injuries at North East Delhi's GTB…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaDelhi Food -- there's nothing quite like it. you for the wonderful feature @scmplifestyle @anubhutikrishna @anubhavsapra 😊🍽️
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna#Repost @anubhutikrishna • • • • • • The Imperial, New Delhi Those who know me know that spas and salons are not m…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @inkslev Hi Levin, emailing you now.
@shirinmehrotra humko bhi. Wo bhi sanjeev kumar se -- hey bhagwan @VernikaAwal @ScMp @SCMPNews Let go next weekend. Call me.In which I talk about the vegetarian flavours of Old Delhi for @SCMP. Vegetarian street food in Old Delhi – a world…
@shirinmehrotra It is my most favourite song -- gives me goosebumps. @inkslev Thank you for saying this, levin!
See this Instagram post by @thatgirlinmuddyboots @AnoothiV It is very common in the east :) where they are called vhegitabul chop. :)
@Naina See you!In which I talk about Nata, the beautiful pastries from Belem. #pasteldenata @Naina @BrigRetdVPSingh I am coming! Tell me you'd be on my noon?
And this is why I say an absolute firm no to CAA_NPR_NRC. Not only is the basis of the whole thing wrong, the imple…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaYesterday BJP lost delhi election badly Today BJP Govt at the Centre increased LPG price in Delhi by Rs. 144 Rev…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @zoo_bear @literarystew true
@thatdoggonelady @sundermanbegins Positive feedback since this is work and ittakes time -- and we are talking about payments, no? @thatdoggonelady lol.Yogi Adityanath campaigned in Maharashtra. BJP lost. Yogi Adityanath campaigned in Jharkhand. BJP lost. Yogi Adit…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaWhoaaaaa! What is that margin! Mubarak ho AAP sabhi ko. #DelhiPolls2020
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @KarnikaKohli lol!गार्गी कॉलेज में हमारी बेटियों के साथ बद्सलूकी बेहद दुखद और निराशाजनक है। इसे क़तई बर्दाश्त नहीं किया जा सकता। दोषि…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @Saurabh_Unmute @AtishiAAP And Manish ji? These two deserve to win. Delhi deserves them
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaIf you heckle a man in a plane, ministers get their knickers in a twist. But when a mob of men abuse female studen…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna#lucknowkakhana you even been to Jamshedpur if you haven't had Surendra Kewat's litti-chokha? @Finelychopped shares his find.…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaFrom East, West, North, South, our pick of the most exciting young chefs who are changing India's dining scene.
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @thatdoggonelady @adrijabose Joanna, I'm texting. Saturday I may be able to step out. @NayanBasuu you alwas can! @anindya0909 Come here we'd show you! *eyes rolled and went to back of the head*
@thatdoggonelady Carry a light jacket. It is cold. And the pollution is okay. Feb is the cleanest month usually bec… if you take a second to breathe while ordering stuff on bigbasket, your delivery slot will get pushed by a few hours *holds breath*
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @saffrontrail ha ha ha @anindya0909 come! Delhi shadis await, what with a gift wrapped merc in the mandap. #truestory. @rockyandmayur Ye kaisa sawal hai ji? Impossible to have one favourite, no?Have you ever written a love letter to a broken thing?Hahah I love chai ☕
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @monikamanchanda AEHF! eww
Don't delete this tweet coward. This is a direct threat to Indian Muslims from the offical handle of ruling party.…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @saffrontrail @tmkrishna So hot, so hot!
@shirinmehrotra @maybeEcosystems @maiQHuun @6thrat @hganjoo153 Uff. Kitni baar roye ye line sun ke.When you chance upon your story on google, you must share #madrid A MOUTHFUL OF MADRID your conscience. Vote logic not rhetoric. Vote informed not misinformed. And most importantly - do, do vote.
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaA foreigner is pleading with us to stop trashing our own country #kerala
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @CPriyadarshini @LivingFoodz hairaam!
Ever since BJP came to power, the threat of Mughal Rule returning to India has intensified. And it has kept on inte…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna1. This is the 1st blow-by-blow account, based on official documents, of how the Modi Govt ensured that Delhi CM Ar…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaOne of those times when I am proud to read my own words -- while struggling to weave new sentences. On the food tr… with caution, Delhi! You do want education and sanitation. Not bullets and lathis for your kids. @monikamanchanda Mine is too. But I don't know yet.
Wow. Not surprising. 'Tis the land of bureaucracy & incompetence.
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @monikamanchanda 12 and not yet. @avantikabhuyan Hugs! hang in there!Some perspective: In the past week alone, while India fretted about Coronavirus,~3500 people have been killed in ro…
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When it comes to ordering in I am a noob and when it comes to Lucknow food I am a snob. This weekend both the noob… survey found that more women are opting out of the labour force and indulging in household work. A whopping 60…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @meera_ganapathi maid. husband. two girls. Sometimes only them. Sometimes 6 more. And somedays no one at all. @historywali No no no! don't let them. @historywali Is that even a question?A Taste of Lucknow, At home In Delhi. desperation of BJP to win delhi is getting them to do things no party would have done -- Delhi that's why you n… @JoielAkilan i only wish! sighBJP is putting it's full force to win Delhi, which is just one city, imagine the riots it will unleash to win West Bengal next year.
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@thatdoggonelady My chq has been eating dust for weeks -- when I go the bank is shut, when the bank opens, I forget. @shirinmehrotra @itsmjhere <3 <3Yes! @anubhutikrishna @OberoiHotels You should. It’s special.
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaWrite for money. Because if you write for free today you'll deny someone an opportunity, who's spending their time…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @OberoiHotels Calcutta is the best ever. Stopped by for a relaxed breakfast amidst a crazy pujo trip last year and… is a young hero. When the young man brandished his pistol in Jamia, Shadab chose to go to him , to try to ca…
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My airport look all thanks to @airvistara following due process... #lovevistara
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaWith respect, humbled, in awe of the Shaheen Bagh women. They have now led the longest 24x7 protest by women ever,…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaThree classic ads in a row. The third one is the one I referred to in my farewell note to Vistara. Classic JRD and…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaI’m going to gift a jar of Pond’s cold cream to all those NRIs who think gifting creams to their poor, Indian counterparts is cool.
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @saffrontrail Really?
@sayantansunnyg 😆Guys! Please vote sensibly.अमित शाह जी, ये आपने क्या हाल बना रखा है हमारी दिल्ली का। दिनदहाड़े गोलियां चल रहीं है। कानून व्यवस्था की खुलेआम ध…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaThose staying in rented houses pay a huge chunk of their salaries as rent. Does it make sense to forego House Rent…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna
The picture of Shadaab walking towards the fascist terrorist is giving me goosebumps. What have we done to deserve such brave people? #Jamia
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @sowmyarao_ No no, gaddar is a traitor & sunny deol was in gadar -- meaning a mutiny. :)If 4th std school children can be charged with sedition then tell me again why they are trying so hard to prove tha…
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna @PhuckYou_ unfortunately what is sold in indian restaurants in the name of north Indian food is nothing close to No… @iKunaal @MsRiyaMukherjee Oh God! so many of us did that! Why did we have to grow old & stressed and forget music? @Saumyakul been wanting to read this -- recommended?Delhi Please not. You have no option but Kejriwal. You just have to do the right thing. There is no conflict. Don't create one.
Retweeted by Anubhuti Krishna👇क्रोनोलॉजी 👇 जामिया में गोली चलाने वाला लड़का "नाबालिग़" है : #दिल्लीपुलिस लेकिन कर्नाटक मे "चौथी क्लास" के बच्चे…
Retweeted by Anubhuti KrishnaWe are already Nazi Germany -- I hope the BJP voters are seeing this! you care about discussions about books, then please BUY new books by lesser known authors. Most debuts don't sel…
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