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Am looking for a content writer preferably in the Eastern suburbs or Navi Mumbai for a full-time gig. Interested partes can DM me
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @bhupendrachaube Dear BC, can you please rewrite that tweet in English? I think you got over-excited by the bone be… context on JNU • The fee hike would mean a student pays roughly Rs 2,500-3,000 more per month • This is exclu…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiMy boys’ critique of The Lion King was SCATHING because “lionesses, actually, are the hunters, and animals don’t ne…
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Hi, I have been doing standup for 3 years. Previously, I have worked on content-writing projects and written scrip…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiListen, we all make mistakes. Just the other day I used “your” when I meant “you’re.” Sometimes you use the wrong w…
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Dear @Twitter, @TwitterIndia, @TwitterSupport, @jack, and whoever else I may have missed out: Either suspend this…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @anuragbakhshi Bonjour please find the unroll here: Thread by @JoyAndLife: "1/ When I was young everyone told me I…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @JoyAndLife What a beautiful, straight-from-the-heart, and relatable thread Sir. A couple of years ago, I changed t… @JoyAndLife Dear @threadreaderapp , please unroll. @surekhapillai Ha Long Bay, Vietnam last month.
I spoke to Anupam Kher about art, politics, his disturbing ‘Kashmir Solution’ tweet and his fondness for Modi and t…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @sonikabhasin All good. Let's make a plan to finally meet up 😂 @sonikabhasin Kya ho gaya? Sab theek ho jayega, don't worry 🙂 @ANI Dear @INCIndia, December 1st is still more than three weeks away. My dog ate my homework would have been a more believable excuse.The air we breathe is poison. The water we drink is evaporating. The sky is fire. The ground under our feet is slow…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiI'm so glad girls don't have ankles
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @KiranManral He's a proper jetsetter. Was on our flight from Delhi to Bombay just 3-4 weeks ago :-) @apurva_purohit @FortuneIndia Awesome. Congrats 🤗Yo twitter I have a small bakery kitchen in Delhi, will appreciate any retweets that can help me. Help a talented b…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @ikaveri @NameFieldmt A kar lawyer? 😝 @HonoriaPlum @mkgtlp @rameshsrivats IMHO, Leave it to Psmith was the most 'complete' book he ever wrote. It had eve… there any digital marketing agencies in #Goa looking to hire someone for content/strategy? Or any companies loo…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiIncredible
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @amethipolice @RanaAyyub Dear Sir/Madam, since when did it become illegal to make a political comment? Please rethink this statement.
@ghaywan - Bollywood may not be casteist, but it is definitely caste-blind! #crimeandpunishment @Civic_Studios Paul, director of Ka se Crime- Films make an impact on not just the common people, but criminals too. Low-leve… @ghaywan - Representation in entertainment should be forced, irrespective of reality, to make a larger difference.… Prasad of CHRI- Policing in Indian entertainment is only about coercive violence, a very dangerous equivalen… Vijay Hiremath puts up a really big point- in movies justifying vigilante justice, the cops blame the judici… @ghaywan killing it at the #crimeandpunishment conference. So sorted, so sharp in his insights. Great job… @jack, On Oct 20th, Twitter allowed a hashtag which called for the boycott of Indian Muslims. That is illegal…
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@pythoroshan That's Gaiman. Hymen is what Prince Adam becomes when he raises his sword and cries out, 'By the power of Grayskull'. @diaporesis @surekhapillai Here's the story I wrote, inspired by them :-) @surekhapillai This was an Onam Sadhya made for my wife and me by a Marwari friend who is married to a guy from Ker… @surekhapillai us for the launch of the incredible report by @Civic_Studios about how the way the police and judiciary are sh…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @QuirkyLogic @outofofficedaku @schmmuck Yeah, it seems this new process started in 2017. @QuirkyLogic @outofofficedaku @schmmuck Ohh, nice. But I just checked the official Japanese Embassy site, they say… @outofofficedaku @schmmuck True, but there's a 650/- VFS processing fee too in case of Japan. Also, there's a cost… if you can hear this tweet. #50YearsofBachchan
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiA sight to behold from Beirut #Lebanon tonight. Women lead a candlelight march for change in downtown. The noise y…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi1,00,000 crore ÷ 365= 274 crores per day 274 crores ÷ 120/- per ticket = 2.8 crore visitors per day 274 crores ÷ 10…
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Joining in, though I'm a few minutes late. @AmitAgarwal9 Is there not a single person in the BJP who is not a liar?
Talking of scientific temperament, here's Indian news TV claiming 11 grams of ghee can create 907 kilograms of Oxyg…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @whazittoya Thank you so much Wendy 🙂 @PoliticalBabs @whazittoya I married one for the same reason :-) #notkiddingHow disgusting
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @RURALINDIA @t_d_h_nair Happy birthday Manoj! Stay strong, and keep fighting :-)
I checked. No Lies Detected. Terry Pratchett is Boss.
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi*hoping this will lead to something* I'm LOOKING FOR freelance/part-time work in the fields of graphic design, vis…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiThat’s Imrati Devi. INC minister in MP. Talking abt giving eggs in mid day meals to children coz that’s what the ex…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @pankajprasadin @MasalaBai Any specific reason for all this toxic bile in response to a positive thread? My guess i…
#WATCH Uttar Pradesh minister Sunil Bharala: Farmers have always practiced stubble burning, it's a natural system.…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @MasalaBai If Karma is a real thing, you're sure to be on top of the world very very soon, for no one deserves it m…’s really tough, overcoming my hesitation/pride to tweet this thread. The past year has been devastating for my m…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiThis urgent work, that involved investment of personal time for strangers, took up most of my time, & I’d do it aga…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiIronical, I know, given that I run a jobs thread for women. Media is in a slowdown & most doors are closed to edito…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @AmbarishBanerje @mihirfadnavis @awryaditi Aah OK, thanks. So he was still peddling anti-vaxxism, but insidiously. Got it. Thanks :-)
@mihirfadnavis @awryaditi Agree on the tweet and track record bit, but issues need to be treated on their own merit… @awryaditi @mihirfadnavis I tweeted a stinker after reading his tweet, but then deleted it. The problem is the twee… @SadhguruJV Does the rule of law not matter to you at all? The Masjid was demolished illegally, the only fair solut…
@JoyAndLife @schmmuck Comes highly recommended by @_sachinbansal. Sigh.Lebanon is not stopping! Making protests into incredible, fun events is looking like a winning strategy.
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Looking for a handsome 50 year old man for my mother! :) Vegetarian, Non Drinker, Well Established. #Groomhunting
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiThis.
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiSeoul Peace Prize for PM Narendra Modi - Organised by Westt NGO. Philip Kotler Award for PM Narendra Modi - Organi…
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#Hiring #help: Looking for copywriters with 2 to 5 years of experience (various levels from copywriter to team lead…
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Just learned that the Patriot who was heckling people in the theater and asking them if they were Terrorists, was a…
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@ashokepandit Thooooooooo
@GorwayGlobal @_NairFYI Aham Gorasmi! @_NairFYI @GorwayGlobal Goras, so automatically higher caste, no?
@_pallavighosh @TwitterIndia Kuchh bhi? What rules are being violated here? @bhalomanush @gauravsabnis We'd landed in Munich while going to Innsbruck a few years ago, but it was oktoberfest t… @aapvin As an Indian who visited Serbia just 5 months ago, I can say with some confidence that it is one of the eas… Chile, a country of around 17 million people, more than 1 million people r out in the streets of capital Santiag…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiJalebi or Jilapi is derived from the Arabic word zulabiya or the Persian zoulbiya. It was brought to Medieval India…
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@HarbirSingh_ @IlhanMN Dude, stop making a fool of yourself to score brownie points with your wife and delete this…
@DrGPradhan Unkil, internet par ladkiyaan taadna bandh karo.
@Ronaldsindhi @BalakrishnanR Oh come on! @Ronaldsindhi @BalakrishnanR I bought a laptop just this year, compared online prices with those at Vijay Sales and… @BalakrishnanR Not really. Have compared enough electronics, as well as food items over the years. Online is always cheaper. @RifatJawaid It's almost impossible to read anything on your site, I'm afraid. As soon as you open it, the screen i…
@vimoh Abhimanyu's death @HindolSengupta Kuchh bhi. Goron ki itni bhi kyon chaatni? Educational policy cannot and should not be decided so casuallyI saw a guy at Starbucks today. No iPhone. No tablet. No laptop. He just sat there. Drinking coffee. Like a Psychopath.
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @kapsology @EpicRoflDon And this is in complete contrast to the initial info that the killers spent half an hour wi…
@BeingChatterjee Take care. @ikaveri This has daal stuffed in it na? It's delish, if I remember correctly 🙂सभी मुसलमानो से अपील है कि हिंदू तुम्हें जहां मिले उसे वही गले लगा लो और तब तक गले लगा कर रखो जब तक हमारे देश से ये…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshi @FeignShourie @MyFellowIndians @aroonpurie Dear @aroonpurie, THOOOOOOOOO on you. Regards, A Human Being. Can't writ… Folks, I'm looking for a researcher to do some historical background research in Delhi in the next couple…
Retweeted by anurag bakhshiThe most Chinese story today. A man in Guangxi paid 2m to have a competitor killed. The guy kept half, hired anothe…
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@ABPNews @YRDeshmukh Saying 'Milengi' is misleading, seems like you are guaranteeing it, not predicting basis an opinion poll. @zoo_bear @SengarShibbu His profile says - Peace is the perfume of God. Sigh! @OnlyBabaSehgal Lunch mein toh baingan tha, par dinner mein papaya hai! @ANI There is no end to their cheapness. What has our country gotten into? Sigh!My contribution to humanity this year. A map to the best idly and dosa places in Bangalore. Please feel free to s…
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