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doughnut enthusiast and lover of cowboys. they/them. i’m very tired and very queer... #harmreductionsaveslives 🖤@ssdp_msudenver🖤

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well this is entirely expected @mushroompillows I love this for you
Gov. Polis again suggest prisoners, who have been subject to many of Colorado's biggest outbreaks, aren't a high va…
Retweeted by bailey🐎It's not clear that there's any epidemiological rationale for the governor's position that prisoners should be vacc…
Retweeted by bailey🐎I am in shambles. We live in the cruelest society
Retweeted by bailey🐎Cool shot of the full moon passing through North Windows Arch in Arches National Park, Utah by photographer Zach Co…
Retweeted by bailey🐎 @transmisc so happy for u!💕🌱Hannibal 😔 is mads mikkelsen a real person
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Retweeted by bailey🐎DDDDD D D D D D DDDDD D D D D D D D D DDDDD D D…
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Yesterday, I posed myself a question. A very simple question. And that question was: “What if NBC Hannibal did the…
Retweeted by bailey🐎 @jroberts332 I am so glad this is the first thing I saw upon waking up!!!!!I’m over at 29th and Delgany where the city of Denver is sweeping a large homeless encampment that has been here fo…
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Retweeted by bailey🐎 @AAMAZINGFANTASY Ha! Miss you 😊last night my coworker asked me if i was going to paint houses...
Colorado is only 4% Black so check out this list to Help DBE’s in the State! 400+ Black Owned Businesses to Support…
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@transmisc i come visit one day!!!!!!!!!Catherine Deneuve in Jacques Demy movies is my sexuality: shit, that blew up.
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ah, the two genders... will graham and HANNIBAL ! @quintetmagician omg
if i knew how to make a fancam... just knowthe song “sexy bitch” by david guetta came on at work and i told them it was how i felt about hannibal lecter and t…
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The cities treatment of people living outside is outrageous. We are in the middle of a pandemic, HUGE gaps in servi…
Retweeted by bailey🐎I think something needs to be said about porn bots using Letterboxd. Ig? Twitter? Facebook? I get it but Letterboxd… @tyberiousductor is this a cali thing
“Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire” Patti Smith Photography © Norman Seeff 1969
Retweeted by bailey🐎The Age of Innocence (1993) dir. Martin Scorsese
Retweeted by bailey🐎Harm reduction doesn’t need to be a pathway to SUD treatment - but it absolutely can be Got a call from syringe ex…
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@amidoh @jroberts332 James I am begging you to continue torturing Tori on this cursed app. @jroberts332 one is awake right now so i want to tweet something very important to me..... Hannibal @capbaddecisions HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️would like everyone to know that the watermelon red bull is my new favorite flavor @mineinchcraft that is totally fair LOLthe difference is palpable
Retweeted by bailey🐎Please care as much for the life and well-being of the person actively using drugs as you do for the person in reco…
Retweeted by bailey🐎 @mineinchcraft put down the phone and take a nap and then take another nap after appt! @mangiotto Thank you so much!! Send her my way if she is interested, I’m working on getting a distribution day set…
@ojamabros 😳🤪🤨
SAY IT NICER! People who use drugs are human and worthy of your respect and compassion!!!!!!! We are humans!
Retweeted by bailey🐎Another man pulled from the moss park port-a-potties this afternoon- dead. Another man was pulled from the the po…
Retweeted by bailey🐎The DEA insisted that banning 1000s of fentanyl-like compounds all at once would halt supply. They claimed that inc…
Retweeted by bailey🐎 @mangiotto Thank you! :) @shortc1rcuit When dude listens to TOOL, he is going to manipulate you into listening to him talk about sacred geometry.
Retweeted by bailey🐎 @roni_kgg i was coming here to message you about opeth and then saw this tweet and made this face: @Courtwizzleby WOW this type of statement is unacceptable. The misinformation and then resharing of that information...🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Don't get me wrong, we have to lockdown to slow the spread of the virus. But locking down without support is a diff…
Retweeted by bailey🐎Locking down again right before the holidays is going to be brutal for the minimum wage "essential" workers & small…
Retweeted by bailey🐎Looking to speak with other non-binary/trans individuals that use drugs (of any kind!!). If that’s you please shoot… blame War Games (1983) for the creation of Ready Player One (2018). @tyberiousductor i work overnights lol @Ell_b_rose42 Let’s do it!!!! 😊😊i’m working on getting another big batch of winter clothesVery helpful element of our latest public health order.
Retweeted by bailey🐎Aaaaaand here’s a link!
@stardustbytes Thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️ @stardustbytes Love you Z! ❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s going to be a rough winter... i have a wishlist of stuff in my bio if you feel so inclined. Last distribution… @petitforce people can just come on here and say anything lol @petitforce crazy because literally every news station i’ve seen in the past 24 hours has talked about itI can also take clothing donations, camping gear, toiletries, and snacks off your hands to redistribute! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️The cities treatment of people living outside is outrageous. We are in the middle of a pandemic, HUGE gaps in servi… a camp at 6:00 am in 35 degree weather is inhumane. While you are warm/fed/clothed at home our unhoused ne… @GovofCO @MayorHancock It’s 6:00am and the city is already starting it’s sweeps on our unhoused neighbors.…⚠️ Sweep this morning at 19th & Emerson ⚠️ After speaking with the camp, all of whom wanted to stay where they wer…
Retweeted by bailey🐎Police should never be at the scene of an overdose, they aren’t medically trained and only aggravate the situation.… Islanders please consider signing this letter urging action re an OD prevention site in RI. As OD deaths cont…
Retweeted by bailey🐎changing my sleep schedule for the THIRD time this month but thankfully back to being nocturnal and being able to sleep through the day🙏🏻 @KlTAKI RIGHT LIKE??? indoor dining needs to stop and everything needs to go back to takeout/delivery only but stat… quality content: @tylertalley22 @letterboxd Even you!My profile on @letterboxd: please add me i enjoy lurking on what other people watch :)
@prunewt YA!!! he is hot in repo (oghr as pavi is sexier tho imho) house of 1000 corpses is streaming on most platforms rn!!!bill moseley gets hotter the deader he looks... see the following for my proof: picture one i would rate him a sol… think there’s better ways we could use City’s money right now. The housing disaster, the overdose crisis, transit…
Retweeted by bailey🐎Morning, don't forget that when the government said there was no money for free school meals for hungry kids during…
Retweeted by bailey🐎No one asked me when we bailed out Wall Street, or the auto industry, or when we spotted the airlines during a pand…
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@RwCJesse @sins2hell It’s dry (no pun intended) @fabrickind I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!!!😭😭😭i just watched hannibal season 2 episode 8 @IRossICampbell bookwise I LOVE everything by phillip k dick that i’ve read (unfortunate that blade runner didnt re… @sins2hell I’ve read dune twice now so i’ve definitely given it a fair shot but it’s just not my flavor of sci-fi!!… @deathbyboukai @mementomoogle @deathbyboukai ur gayhate when you’re talking about sci-fi with people and they bring up dune and blade runner :/ controversial opinion… @ruththecreator I ONLY OWN ONE PAIR AND I’M HOUSE SITTING 😭😭😭😭Whatever happened to Ed the Bed?
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@petitforce i’m kitty sitting for a friend!!! her name is debbie 🥺 @jesuisfeff YES!!! @ruththecreator DONT JUDGE ME IT WAS COLD!!!!! @solar_tay SHE IS LITERALLY THE 🥺 emoji @damainwayne Hi... i’m watching Total Recall and has anyone every told you, you look like Sharon Stone???? @captcomboss @silencedrowns WHICH ONE DO YOU GO TO THAT HAS A GOOD PARKING LOT??? the two i go to are a mess 😭😭😭hello... @MetalGunTalk SAME LOL ans my sense of time tol @modmice thank you, i had it mixed up with fanime 2019 LOL