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former fat teacher | owner - Anyman Fitness | father | husband | 5k+ clients coached | freebies and guides at link below

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@carnivorepower It's not. Hopefully you'll get to experience that one day. :) @WillHatch8 My dude! Thanks for joining us - I just added you to our client FB group! :) @shakil355 Dude chill the fuck out. You’re Dick-skin shredded. Congrats. You win. @shakil355 It’s not you - I doubt any human that says they’re 4.3% I was once measured at 4.1% by a bio impedance… @its_GTdawg It will come all off in a week no sweat @shakil355 What metric is putting you at 4.3%? Bod pod? Reason I ask is the most shredded bodybuilders on the pla…’m in. Best duo ever. @JoshuaLisec @limitlessleila @ucwilly Hey. :) I’ll keep ya in mind if I ever go that route. @MikeRMedici Legit the only way I keep a level head and can relax. Edibles are great but try pills. Flat out thc pills are great medicine. @OpheliaMaddsen Blush ;) @jackdcoulson That’s the goal 🎯Remember when you ate 1 shitty meal and gained 75 pounds? Neither do I. Forget it and move on. @jmuns22 That's another advantage to this. If I hang at this BF%, I can go all in at any time and look great in 1-2 months. @joejitsu13 Yeah, it would. I can be pretty loose and maintain this easily. I have to tighten up to 100% complian… is my goal for every client. I WANT clients to not need me. If your Coach doesn't promote independence, you… @ucwilly I’ve considered it. Seems very time consuming. Perhaps when the dust has all settled from the biz. Sounds… @mmooch17 Sometimes it definitely does!OnlyFans girls are getting all the money that simps could spend on a gym membership tragic af
Retweeted by Jason Helmes @ejzwart Interesting... @PhilBelonger Totally. I’d rather be healthy and sane than shredded and obsessed. And constantly hungry... @dtbaze You’re welcome to your opinion. The last thing I’m doing is getting into a twitter debate about a divisive topic. 😁True story. I currently look like this. I’m roughly 12% body fat. If I lost 10 pounds it would make an insane… @sybaritictrance Hahaha, I love Arnold’s...Yeaaah, boiii. Black Forest ham, Gouda, and honey mustard. #sammichtwitter you're a man without callouses on your hands... Change that.
Retweeted by Jason Helmes @jerryteixeira @mindstatex @MonicaRicci @tednaiman @FitzgeraldSTA @drjasonfung @DoctorTro @KenDBerryMD 99% of diet… biggest roadblock is YOU. And only you. @stratton_moore Haha thanks boss. :) @Mondochuk 20 kg, so 45ish lbs @jonsrennie You must have a great coach. :pEvery Day Is Shoulder Day Arnold Presses today 3 sets of 12-15 reps you focus entirely on your performance your results take care of themselves. If you focus entirely on your res… @Dwarfavelli Body fat definitely distorts your face and hinders appearances... @FitFounder Lol, sometimes I crack and check it at like 7 pm. BIG MISTAKE! You'll never be able to relax without thinking about it... @ZubyMusic Awww, a love letter!The desire for comfort has turned men into boys. You weren't designed to sit under artificial light and resist mo… @markallanbovair Track & Stack Keep it simple. :)5 inches off Phyllis' waist and 13 pounds down here. No cardio, carbs every day, lifting weights. I love it - THI…
@KennyJMcKinney Good. White tastes way better anyways. :)“It’s the Uggish-Ruggish Falllllllllllll...”"Toning".... Muscles can't get "toned".... they only get bigger and smaller. Christina shows off how to actually… get screwed when it comes to dieting. And if you’re: ✔️Petite ✔️Over 40 ✔️Sedentary/desk job The deck is… @sybaritictrance Understand that for sure. :) @sybaritictrance Hmmm... doesn’t look too bad. I’d still love your hands a tad lower to see if that helps. If it’… @sybaritictrance Yessir - then that's for sure what's up. It's tougher to get that angle right with the DB's. :) @sybaritictrance Check my last message - from that angle it's tough to tell form issues. A side view would be easie… @sybaritictrance This should *in theory* take the emphasis off your rotator cuff and keep it on your chest. Try it… @sybaritictrance Most issues with flyes come from having your hands too high on your body and bringing the movement… @Basem_ElAdawy The Godfather... and yes, my grip was a claw for the next 48 hours lol... @sybaritictrance Hmmm... what do they hurt? Your chest itself? Your shoulders? Something else?Changing your workout every time you get bored so you can "mix it up" is one of the worst things you can do. Milk… @hendo24 Not at all“Happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing in your life.” -@naval @badpillowfly My man! Looks amazing! @markallanbovair Me either. I didn’t see the point at all. What a waste of $17k. @JoRome Excitement for tv and movies is waning hard right nowAmerica is waking up to how pointless Hollywood is.’re going Black Forest ham, meunster, and A1 today. #sammichtwitter @markallanbovair For sure. Mine isn’t fancy at all. Not limited. Cloth seats. Basic other than it’s a crew cab. Sti… @markallanbovair Blows my mind how many people I see who make $50k in this state who drive $70k trucks. It’s absolutely bonkers. @joejitsu13 Cheers, my dude :)~ My Training Program (2012-2014) ~ M: Deads Weighted Chins T: Bench Incline Bench F: Squats OHP - Everything… @DavidRachford Oh for sure. Brilliant marketing no doubt. Seems plausible. @jackbly_ Yessir, boring is often best @DavidRachford Nope. Myth for the most part.Progress > Novelty Some of the best physiques on earth come from completing seemingly “boring” workouts for weeks,… @BioLayne Dude, still with Practical Bob? Block already... I did a long time ago...If you don't use every angle to your advantage, what's the point? A LOT of hate going on in the comments here...… @jerryteixeira 🙏 @PrynzesV Pure nonsense. You’re being brainwashed...A big problem in America is people care more about politics than their own family & friends Y’all, wake up. These…
Retweeted by Jason HelmesAll self-help boils down to "choose long-term over short-term."
Retweeted by Jason HelmesAn excellent point...'t ghost. Saying no is a skill worth learning.
Retweeted by Jason Helmes @dhc1975 Lmao... because that one second will help... so stupid...If you cave at every sign of hunger, the "lean life" isn't for you.
The last thing I want to do is get in an Internet discussion on “privilege”... But this is hilarious... accounts to follow @ZubyMusic @AshleyHomol @mitchdmoore @itsadamsikora @alexfeinberg1 @Rugged_Legacy
Retweeted by Jason Helmes @sybaritictrance LOVE it, bro! Thanks my dude.~ Stuck At Home W/No Equipment? ~ Here's 4, Free Bodyweight Routines courtesy of Anyman Fitness. I use these 4 Ro… legit thought my biz would be "side hustle money". An extra $15-20k/year for investing and home improvements. N… @markallanbovair No matter the level you're at, there's always a slippery slope. I find myself "checking" my spend… @markallanbovair I feel like a cheater on this. Haven’t paid a penny of interest since 2005 when I paid em off. I’v… @TheForeverFit They look amazing when sparkling clean. Which is roughly 0.000001% of the time (est). @CapX15 The comments are gone! Maybe they blocked all of the commenters... too funny @EricJorgenson @naval Nah man thank YOU! This is great. I’m 80 pages in already.Forget the identity politics. In fact, forget the politics completely. What are you doing to make your life better…
Retweeted by Jason Helmes @jonsrennie Lmao very smart!This is exceptional. Naval’s best stuff, not on Twitter or a podcast, but in book form for you to reference, high… @CoachJoeHart Game recognize game 👌Roast beef, American cheese, yellow mustard, and horseradish. #sammichtwitter - I have a lot of respect for Joe. Dude is CRUSHING it financially. Most people in his position wouldn’t be… @Mondochuk Yessir! Endorsed, brother! Enjoy that A1!Gettin tha (vitamin) D before the weather turns in Michigan...*ck wanting "results". We all want "results". You have to WANT to: ✔ Meal Plan Each Week ✔ Track Your Protein D…'s my Anyman Fitness #5DC members at? Today, we are: ✔ Choosing our meal times + meal frequencies ✔ Getting… may say they want health. But that’s not what they REALLY want. They want: > confidence > vitality > de… @DavisFlanagan Awesome, Davis, much appreciated! Hope you enjoy the Challenge! @ZachHomol @ZubyMusic @AshleyHomol @mitchdmoore @itsadamsikora @alexfeinberg1 @Rugged_Legacy @AJA_Cortes @CapX15 @DanteJacksonXU @jpmacura Couldn't agree with you more.