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Visual artist/Painter,Photographer&the journey pics,my views, RTs not endorsements. I also do a Photo blog

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Posted in Ottawa together and this morning we meet here. Guess what did we discuss?? ☃️❄️ ⁦@StewartRWheeler⁩ 😊 power just shattered to pieces. Dilli ki sardi ka gajrela... #familyindelhi sunsets... @Leopard212 On invitation for Diplomatic corps... @Leopard212 Indeed!Change of Guard Ceremony, Rashtrapati Bhawan. magnificent third century B.C. #RampurvaBull stands strong on the inverted lotus. The majestic Rastrapati Bhawa… some mornings begin with Grandeur... #RashtrapatiBhawan GM🌎
@NMnewdelhi is a beautiful museum.Happy to see large attendance. Just a few pointers, The modern wood bench was gr… one can never get enough of Natraja Stunning #AnandaNatraja or Shiva doing Ananda Tandav-dance of bliss.Lord Sh… real dancing girl.’s great grand father Rai Bahadur Bishan Swarup headed the Konark excavation. This gorgeous Sun God sculpture… is, when friends from a place that was home, remember you... Thank you @grantjmcd @CarolDevenny absolute… know am a fan but enjoying “mere paas ma hai” moment today:) See you all 9th @SanjoyRoyTWA 🤗 rings. “Ma’am monkeys spotted on roof top. Please don’t open balconies and eat peanuts or sip tea.” From Peel… comes every morning and greets us with her beautiful smile.Her hidden stress shows in her eyes She says-ma’am a…, I did it again... your Safal... breaks an egg. Whisks. Pours. And manages an egg flip like a pro. All charmed. Day made😊 #eternalcharmer #juniorloveमेरा सूरज आपके सूरज से मद्धम कैसे? GM🌎make sure your Sun Shines Bright. #AQIhazardous you are missing someone:) @StewartRWheeler
So I’ve got mithai, I’ve got flowers, sweet lord now I need a reason to celebrate... Come on... @ShachiKurl 😂totally!*to* 🙄Winter goodness! Now is the time for snowshoeing, actually. Dodha, gajak, til laddoo. in too see mother. Mother- you’re looking lovely. Are you going out after this? Me- No Ma, visiting you. See… @ashoklalla @JUMP1069 @935redfm Will do, thanks!From @JUMP1069 to @935redfm so fast the frequencies in life change.... Stay tuned, for the music must go on. @AnnieFDube Or when you are in Delhi😊Would absolutely love to!Sunrise in my cuppa... GM🌎 keep the goodness brewing.
"Bond… James Bond” – The first trailer for #NoTimeToDie is here! In cinemas April 2020 #Bond25 #BondJamesBond
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupBreast cancer linked to permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners in study of almost 50,000 women
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupThis is fabulous! Thank you! @SinghNavdeep Have you been trick or treating? @aparnaswarup Nothing to do with kindness; just being factual! 😉 Have been noticing the simple & elegant language in your tweet for a while!
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupThank you so much! @aswinsek you are kind!🙏 put my money on best&I don’t change my loyalties. Delhi has been home for decades.I enjoy comfort of a loyal set-… the best results are obtained when you give the right people a chance. Found someone really nice!Someone said, December will be my best month of the year. Well, am all yours December. Der kis baat ki, show me al…
@MaxSt_Pierre Congratulations!I desperately need a genie right here, right now... @ArpanaKAhuja In other other acchi nind, achchi chai aur achcha kaam.😊Last evening spotted this beauty at sisters... NMB birds! @ArpanaKAhuja Totally! 😂❤️I think I have to a stage where my pillow, my comforter and bed tea have become my top priorities. And my chair too…
Another day, another sunrise... GM🌎May your week blossom like this beautiful bud.
Home is all about family and celebrations. With my top guys and daulat ki chaat.“Ma’am why don’t you take sujata? Sujata is nice, solid, trust worthy, looks good and lasts long.” Sujata the new mixer grinder in town.😊 @Steven_Travale thanks Steven! You are kind! is how I begin my mornings, with oodles of Jojo love... gorgeous Sunday morning... is something about dunking biscuits in tea... GM🌎 have a great Sunday!
@sircarnabanita Yeah! It was an emotional moment! She looked gorgeous!Attended a lovely wedding reception this evening. Little girl I knew was a stunning bride tonight. We also got to m… Ma’am Canada ka mausam kaisa tha? Or how was the weather in Canada? Me- It was -40* He- Tab to ma’am aap glacie… in Khan!⁦@ashoklalla⁩ btw my 9.11am today looks like this 😊 @ashoklalla What I meant was the quality of the newspaper not oily indulgence. On the other hand they affectionatel… the paper quality is such that felt like someone will instantly give me two oily hot samosas in them . Come on...I know reading fine print is important but seriously don’t take it literally when it comes to font size 🙄 A lot of… cuppa with Jojo ji.. up to a lovely shared video of “Masala Dosa” being made by important people on the other side. Now I want MD f…
On my Friday night playlist... Gregory Porter performs It's Probably Me at the Polar Music Prize Ceremo...… come home from work 8.30-9pm, dinner is served around 10pm. Health is surely at stake here.Only a week and already getting restless. Mother says you should be used to by now. Guess you never do. Oh well! @gauravcsawant Thanks!!🥂 @gauravcsawant Itni der baad?😊been here a week...Delhi times! chatting with local staff. Working mothers with working dreams. Beauty is, none of them are in a rush to get th… @SinghNavdeep Haha.. gone are the good old Saha days 😊 @SinghNavdeep I like gentlemen who use Ms. Very classy!👍Every morning the Queen in me wakes up. Might not be good news for many 😊GEMINI May 21-June 21 This is the time to change tracks, as luck turns favourable. A planned event will go success…
My #kendriyabhandar becomes hep, chia seeds and all... Absolutely courteous guys, delighted to see me back. Even b… @Leopard212 One day I shall in all my glory! Pray hard 😊These delicious giant custard apples from the orchards of Hyderabad were brekky today. #delhibites week in this gorgeous capital. Delhi, you’ve been spectacular. Thank you and hope you’ll keep showering love. GM…
माफ़ करें मैं इस मामले में आपकी मदद नहीं कर सकती- Loving the desi gps, though the local chauffeur still prefers the… @kaul_prachi 😊Mandatory when it rains... #delhibites #desitea days it’s not too hard. Whatever you want to know, ask google. Yesterday I couldn’t figure out somethi…“Bhaiya yeh kahan parega” days are over. Our desi guy opens up google maps and happily follows the woman in videshi accent. Nice! @Nidhi ❤️ @Nidhi huge Congratulations!No matter what you eat, where you eat, it’s With whom you that does the trick.Morning glory... good to receive you as our first guest from Ottawa. @rajinca thank you!
Very early to bed And very early to rise Is all jetlag dahlings So don’t think you’ll be Healthy, wealthy and wise. 🙄Today marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption of India's constitution, the remarkable document which provides th…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupNo high like seeing your man walk into the corridors of power. Always a moment of pride... The stunning #SouthBlock decades I’ve been going to this temple. No matter after how long I go, I always get a daughters welcome. From t…
@SinghNavdeep This is brilliant, thank you!Congratulations @VikasSwarup Wishing you and your team all the very best. As you know, the diaspora are committed t…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupCampus here is dotted with majestic old trees and beautiful flowers. NMB. @AdvaitaKala Yeah😊 @AdvaitaKala This kid is an absolute genius! Baby sister’s younger son and we had a blast goofing around with him.… with my 5yr old nephew- Me- So what’s your height? Neph- Almost 4ft. Me- How do you know? Neph- I all… the nitty gritty of consular, passports, visa and diaspora issues. Had the first meeting with my enti…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupNephew in an excited tone said- I know, I know... Wise man must have said- this is a desert, beta sarpat sarpat kat… king once told his sons he would pass on his wealth to the one-whose camel would cross the desert crawling. Sons…