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Visual artist/Painter,Photographer&the journey pics,my views, RTs not endorsements. I also do a Photo blog

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Indra Swarup. My mother. Lawyer, Bar Council Member, Community activist, Social Worker. You will live forever in o…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupAs a young bride when I was brought to George Town mansion,my beautiful mother in-law stood there along with a 100…
We were thrilled to see human rights defender #ViolaDesmond featured on the new $10 bill released in 2018. Now the…
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @CNN finally! And abortion??
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupMy money on 4 an Einvite with a message- please be with me. Hmm.. wondering what to correct first???Engaging the European Union to enhance our Strategic Partnership. Met the new EU Ambassador HE Ugo Astuto…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupForging international partnerships for durable peace and security. Honoured to deliver keynote address to participa…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupPrepping... @SinghNavdeep 💜Time is precious. Give time to those worthy and value. Period. @MajDPSingh Happy Birthday! @jinnysims 😳sending warm hugs... So not missing the minus. @manjul36 😳keep warm!Serena Williams won her first singles title in almost three years on Sunday in New Zealand. She is donating all her…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupAll smartphones phones for that matter.So much traction is given to launch of new iphones but what goes ignored is the significant health threat it poses… @devoirtech Thanks, Amit! To you and yours...आजका सूरज आपके नाम। GM🌎
@SanjoyRoyTWA @virsanghvi @MahindraKabira Tomato chat from my sasural is sensational. Nimish too :)And you don’t want to miss this. Listen till the end. That’s it from my music notes for this weekend. Henry(Super J…!, a friend from Canada sends me this saying the talented singer is Imash. The video says Sanam. Not too sure? Fra… love and power of equipment makes me crave for my studio. Been months.Transit!
@shruti_shekar @bitebeauty She is beautiful! Btw I personally love @bitebeauty and own a few :) happy birthday!Good music is for all decades. Watched this stunning piece by @Yanni after ages and loved it. What a treat indeed!… @vivekagnihotri Congratulations!Brilliant #RuchirSharma on @ndtv #mandatoryviewing is... when you ignore your meds and the busy other remembers. ❤️Wow , love the description. New role in the making for you.
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @rajinca Haha, I’ll clink to that 🥂 Thx!Now that our Salmon days are over,we are enjoying winter veggies.This dish from eastern UP is sort of a mezze.Large… about meeting friends is there is never any dearth of affection and mithai... @AditiMody and Pravash. Loved…❤️ with Jojo❤️
@SanjoyRoyTWA @SinghNavdeep 😊Cry Me A River....Wrapping up my Friday with this stunning rendition of our favourite piece, going out to the one who worships Coltra… @smitaprakash 🙌Kaun kambakht theek hone ke liye pita hai... Ahmed wins equal pay case against BBC
Retweeted by Aparna Swarupहर मर्ज़ की दवा यहाँ
@aroraprem Wrote this years ago:)“When cakes,cookies&chocolates don't taste the same, When stacked guitars wait for the hands that tame, When laught… our love for #Canada, #India, & @StewartRWheeler! A pleasure to finally meet you in person and welcome you…
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @StewartRWheeler @alykhanrajani Come soon!It was lovely living Canada, momentarily, with you @alykhanrajani 🇮🇳🇨🇦❤️pleasure indeed! @StewartRWheeler and Mr CO… is always hidden company... GM🌎
Sister sends me this... Delicious tangy pineapple bites. happened to you Ottawa? Come on... does milk viscosity here looks so fevicol’ish ?This pops up as memory. Can’t believe wearing the same trouser and boots today.😊 display... think I should stop watching these, I might soon give into temptations forgetting homie allergies... Pure ❤️कुछ हम बोलें कुछ आप #हिंदीफ़ितरत तो कुछ यूँ भी है इन्सान की बारिश ख़त्म हो जाये तो छतरी बोझ लगती है - #गुलज़ार GM🌎
And some own the roads with style... @masseysahib @deepikapadukone @meghnagulzar @atikachohan @ShankarEhsanLoy @foxstarhindi @_KaProductions @MrigaFilms is precious which people don’t realize. Start!Baby Sis called. Wanted something done. Said- J, I’ve told all but I think it’s only you who can get it done. Family knows me best😊 @masseysahib Delighted! Will come! @masseysahib Will you be there? I have an invite so I’ll see :) @masseysahib Is today the preview?Leaders with good judgment tend to be good listeners and readers.‘Akbar Padamsee has passed into the ages’: Iconic artist dies at 91 via @scroll_in
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupSky’s the limit... GM🌎 Auspicious Tuesday!
In papers 👇 saw pics of a glam photoshoot. The props and colour used gave a feel of Turkish hamam. Was expecting more I’d say.“Ma’am am covering my bare feet for the first time and I’ve never felt so good”- Another happy person on work today… wins Best Actor award for #Joker. #GoldenGlobes Read LIVE updates:
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupWoke up to the sounds of Republic... GM🌎 #RepublicDay
@StewartRWheeler 😘🥂 @StewartRWheeler That shall be on the menu for sure 😊come soon!Mexico City banned the use of single-use plastic beginning Jan. 1, joining efforts worldwide to protect the environ…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupHad a meeting with a guy in local horticulture team the other day. Showed him a pic of a plant I was looking for. Q… an option of Alloo paratha to someone for lunch. It was rejected. Reason stated- it’s not lunch, it’s a sho…, I don’t fight, I order and thankfully they all happily listen @rajinca :) gold! GM🌎 keep it bold, make it gold!
@malinisharma2 🙏 @ambkcsingh Thank you for always being kind and encouraging 🙏If I decide on something, I make sure it’s done.Period. I fought with management to get cleaning staff proper footw… simple pleasures of life... GM🌎have a great start!
First toast of 2020 with this one... @Aparna to many such, Kanpai🥂#namesake #KimonoClub tweet of the day with first smog tower news, not bad... GM🌎 @smitaprakash 🤗
For no rhyme or reason, craving @MoetUSA today. Oh well!I think I should chuck this habit of shaking hands now. Scaring the Admin guys here. JE,AE et al. 😳Saddened to learn of the passing away of Professor DP Tripathi or DPT as he was known to his countless admirers. He…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupDeeply grieved to learn of the passing away of DP Tripathi. Since 1973, when we joined JNU, have discussed and deba…
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @sircarnabanita 😂That kind of morning... GM🌎 keep it fresh!
And no auspicious occasion is complete without puri-sabzi. For first day of 2020 our dinner plates looked like this… @BeeRowlatt Happy New Year, love! Leaving the rest to our very own Helen 🥂❤️ @SanjoyRoyTWA Happy New Year🥂now get back for your share of AQISo, my almost 4ft wala little nephew attends a new year bash last night. DJ played his fav.Bala bala&he danced. Coz… @devoirtech Happy New Year to you too, Amit!🙏