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Visual artist/Painter,Photographer&the journey pics,my views, RTs not endorsements. I also do a Photo blog

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@masseysahib @ZeeStudios_ @KDevanshuSingh @kriti_official @ZeeMusicCompany Double😊Congratulations! @SanjoyRoyTWA 👍yes sir! Am behaving I swear:) @jasuja Haha.. thankfully off alcohol till my will power lasts. You have a smashing one too. 🥂 cheers!Earning my Friday pizza on treadmill and boy, am only half a slice done. Sweet lord itni nainsafi 😓 @ashoklalla 😂Boss playing jaane jaan remix ;) Damn! GM🌎 HPpy Friday! Have fun🥂
People should play chess more. Just saying... @RupakChatto Lol. At least am in good company:) @RupakChatto Such incredible variety in India with most divine scent. Unfortunately so florally illiterate. But lo… @malinisharma2 Right Ixora. The lady said the other one was clementus wasn’t too sure though. Smells stunning.Bago men bahar hai... Somewhere in Delhi. Madhumalti, Allamanda creeper. Others not sure.Anyone? @Leopard212 Actually acting silly, should have tweeted the nicely done before ones. No one reduces or ignores me 😂😊From Cghs to staff, all hell-bent on reducing me... Not fair ya🙄 a crisp, cold, lyril waterfall’ish shower is the closest I get to dipping in pristine Canadian lakes.… preaching is like backseat driving.To monsoonlicious mornings... GM🌎 live upto your reputation. Pranam!
It’s the first time in the history of mankind that the blaring nagin dance band tune and the slithering baratis wit…हर अर्जुन को अपने कृष्णा की ज़रूरत होती है - #bandishbandit Happy #janamashtamiCusp. in campus sends the most delicious prasad which she made. Bhog/prasad that is offered to the Gods is usually pr… @ashishkundra Sure! @ashishkundra Don’t remember, maybe? But now am curious:) @ashishkundra My all time favourite...श्री कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी 🙏
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @kirunaidoo @TamilGuardian Knew you’d be jumping :) right pic... your hands if you woke up feelin like #powerpuffgirls today. 🖐Brilliant moves are not just seen on chess boards.श्री कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी 🙏 the deluge of #KamalaHarris biographical articles that will inevitably follow, I’d recommend this lovely piece…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupThe #SupremeCourt on Tuesday reiterated that a woman is entitled to #equalright over #parental property as it in ac…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupKamala Harris' Indian roots and why they matter
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup
#BandishBandits Insanely brilliant! The tops. Bravo!कभी कभी जन्नत अपनों के चन्द शब्दों में छुपी मिलती है।Remember everyone in the family happily volunteered to fast coz fast was a feast,with delicacies like Beeja katli,…❤️ for celebrations and friendly footfalls... @raiulalumni @RupakChatto @richmonduni Fantastic! Congratulations!#JustIn | Vladimir Putin says daughter inoculated with new Russian coronavirus vaccine: news agency AFP #CoronavirusVaccine
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupRussia unveils possible coronavirus vaccine, claiming victory in global race before final testing is complete
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupSupreme Court in its order says that a daughter is entitled to equal property rights under the amended Hindu Succes…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupInspired by her mother and grandmother, Aiko Hachisuka sees stories in old clothing. “I don’t want my taste or liki…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupThe world passes 20 million coronavirus cases and nears 750,000 deaths five months after the pandemic was declared,…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupVaccines usually take over 10 years to develop, test, and mass produce. But, scientists predict we could have an ef…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupChutti kal, #Janamashtami kal.मंगलवार मंगलमय हो। सदा नमन🙏
Antonio Banderas tests positive for coronavirus
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupI’m convinced Covid is here to bring out the Tarla ben in us... Aapnu pharsaan, khaman dhokla.*Aapnu*I’m convinced Covid is here to bring out the Tarla ben in us... Aapno pharsaan, khaman dhokla. wonderful surprises from that brilliant combo: China + 2020 China bubonic plague spreads: Beijing orders seco…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupRight, they did say short spell... Itne men itnaich.... enrichment and problem solving for animals😳 And food enrichment/nutrition? behave! lo..., in other not so important news, Hara Dhania aka Kotmir flying spice jet( joke) from Chennai and selling… might not have great eyes but I can see all I might not have great hands but I can feel all I might not have a gr…
My fave singer with my fave sing... Have a good one folks! Cheers! Joe Cocker - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood HD… @scribe_prashant Lol. Best was they had no doubts and believed with full conviction 😂Sir, thora paani ka pressure please... Tanki ke paani types nahin.. is 2yrs yngr &2grds junior to me in school. Today to her kids,she narrated stories of how in grd1 she used my s… my sister’s rose garden ⁦@28Varuna⁩ #NMB @ananyadg @smitaprakash Lol. Unbelievable... @smitaprakash No chamcham here. Very kum kum here🙄Me calling complaint office- Bhaiya, plumber bhejiyega please. Barish men pressure kum hai. Raining like tanki men…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupThere is one particular street where dozens of them madly chase every vehicle that passes by, specially aiming at t… peace memorial! #Nagasaki75 #peace @JournoPranay Totally.She decides to send across fresh appams and I pass on the veg stew. Menu planned yesterday for a perfect Sunday Pot… @JournoPranay I tell you, people are in a total “parwah ille” mode.A colleague sent boss Air India men aapka swagat hai famous flute piece which he was playing. So much for the long… @aparnaswarup Salute and Pranaam🙏 No doubt best Air lines👍
Retweeted by Aparna Swarup @smitaprakash @AshuMittal Lauly lauly 👏Bela, chameli ka... focus, always the beautiful center. GM🌎 focus right!
Stunning! the long lockdown starts showing in your vitals then dinners look horrendous like this. Egg whites&spinach fr… plants growing without tori, blue skies without the monsoon glory. Life and it’s mundane story 🙄 @KapilKumria @Mpalawat @SkymetWeather Haha.... counting on the peacocks🤞Wow, such geniuses🙄 trough is now over #Rajasthan and North #MP. It's moving to North. Chances of #Rain over #Delhi NCR and pa…
Retweeted by Aparna SwarupWearing mask is not a game or a challenge, it’s our civic duty. Period. Get serious people.FYI the same breath.... sadabahaar!बिना सपनों के क़ाबिलियत अपाहिज सी है। GM🌎 have a great, dreamy weekend!
Am longing for a beautiful pastel/gold organza saree with gold coin motif all over and satin beading.So this one flaps around then comes very close to me. Gets scared and flies out... Guess, that’s what everyone does…*KhwabAnd we call this monsoon... Bas itna sa Kwab hai.... #VocalForLocal @BDUTT Love it!#Vocal4HandmadeMy daadi saas was married in this Odhni/Chader.Upon her demise,this heirloom came as her prasad for me.Specially or…😱😳