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Throwing you off the scent. Monthly parties in The Big Romance. Monthly DDR show /w Lunar Disko. PR/Bookings/Mgmt/Distro @ me. Team @openearIE

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@Sollarbone @BigRomanceBar I may raffle off a TP of APT12 @Eddie_TrOne I'm all about slicing at the moI'm back in @BigRomanceBar tomorrow for 5 hours of playing records and I'm very much looking forward to it and it's lovely ales. Come thru. @matt_ob1 @pipecock Wait, there was a time this wasn't common consensus?
@paulSDMCR I'm not even gonna read that. how tiny is the % of music in the world that is only released on wax, and…
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsDJs r gon get cancel 4borrowin hedfone jax soon. Cnt do nuffin
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@dontbeafraid only linked if you score a big hit...maybeOur first Feathers of 2019. Live on air NOW from @DublinDigiRadio LDR X APT X DDR
@Uncle_Music @Whatfroth @datassette Yup. I've watched the 1st one about 5 times.
@ffskennz @JackBluffy Yup. Was great tho. First time I've ever found him likable @JackBluffy Or start singing pearl jam @JackBluffy I'm pretty sure Da Bomb would bring me to tears. @RoebindeFreitas @enceedubya @Uncle_Music LolChronicles of Yeti #bodybutteralbums @emmacawley This is very good for the dance musics @JimmyMaheras The house style of netflix docs doesn't help. @b_nmrrs The music did had me rushing my tits off tho @b_nmrrs it's not awful but I didn't care about anything going on, tonally all over gaff, too much referencing, wit… @b_nmrrs Wouldn't bother. Best thing about it is carpenters reboot of the music. @JackBluffy @FathyClynn Scaldy hangover up on Cathy.Better The Body You Butter #bodybutteralbumsThis needs to be the new Twitter slogan
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@terminal313 Got mine this week. How a reissue should be done.#12 Mr Master - Dog in the Night Absurd lyrics? Check Killer melody? Check Absolute banger? Check
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @WANDAGROUP 😂 @Irishpob3 Walking in the neon in my head nowICYMI (In 2011). Old mix I found on a USB that I did for the MnToThat blog from a few years back. No tracklist, bu…
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsA chance to make a difference:
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @Batmurns @Plastician It's probably the most important one now tho. Look at djs follower count on there compared with here for example. @eric_cloutier Or so the world has told everyone @eric_cloutier For many now a 12" is just a promo for getting gigs, part of reason over saturation. It legitimises you. @eric_cloutier It's been over saturated for a few yrs, but I could never release music digi-only - that's just me. @eric_cloutier Mnow do small ltd runs, distro myself and hope digi (also done direct) helps along the way. Not look… @ffskennz @squeeferskinsy Gonna stick with snail. @ffskennz @squeeferskinsy What is it ffs @BleachingAgent Its a nasty little song and already getting played by at least one big jock. @Patternburst Was the last trek show I watched with any regularity, always enjoyed it.FFS that Remy-x The Body tune. Do you even Bro, techno?
@djchloeharris Sending ❤ over to you guys x
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @franklindecosta @JoseyRebelle Peeos who hover over the deck repeatedly threatening are way worse. Wish they'd get… @franklindecosta @JoseyRebelle 1st time offender gets a dirty look (unless it's a mate, I've done it to mates too)… @tombstome BB84/FTW @Richie_Sombrero Blocked and reported.Brilliant read, brilliant album IS HE ON ABOUT.
@Laura_BTTF @laeti_d gonna take a WILD guess here its an event down south in March... @StevieGrainger Lil Drink @StevieGrainger Thought this tweet was about some young rapper till I finished it. @raspberryjones I loved that album but a band I can't bring myself to listen to in years. I've a feeling I won't li… @theonlypreslav @basilionichols Ha, I'll be putting it to the test (again) soon #bodybutteralbums
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsBring back strings in techno, ye dry bastards ye @Dean_TrOne @pghjwan @pipecock Planet E puts out good records these days @breenbeen Alive 97 is outrageous. @PlatinumRay I did a rewind at Forza once. An italo first I think (I'd put on the instrumental instead of the vox side tho lol)
2019 y’all talk about 3 day parties and 500, 1k+ attendance, but the best jams are 25 people dancing to disco at 10pm
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @StevieGrainger Black America creates modern dance music, we give a grammy to the chem brothers for the "DO YOU EVEN TECHNO BRO" category @StevieGrainger Even by rubbish American Awards for what White American People Think the Arts Should Be and Recogni… @paulSDMCR Every person on here making fun of Radiohead owned at least one RHCP album at some point in their lives. @BenUFO oooomph etc @BenUFO Innit. So deep. sends shivers up me every time I put em on, no matter how many times (linking tunes so peep… Update #bodybutteralbums @Uncle_Music So did I tbh @Richie_Sombrero @mnmlssgs @donatodozzy @mindgameslab outrageous stuff,Robin Hood, Prince of Jazz #bodybutteralbums @Dalphond always italo. @Uncle_Music Daz' Boots #bodybutteralbums @BenUFO the version that isn't on yt is even better imo @BenUFO He's insanely over looked. This is the one of the best 12s of the last few years and it seemed like it was… Creeper - One who spends the night right beside the dj, limp wristedly thinking they are bringing the vibe…
@top1nice1 Ah tis just a birthday party for someone. @paulSDMCR Lol 1 one sided 7inchTotal balls day in work. Roll on the #hammers & #heartbreakers later on. #italolife
@pipecock @KurosaraKokuou the All Night jam on that 12 always wrecks it tho.#dm2019
@danielliamh @newjacksonmusic @sunilsharpe @fabriclondon @loomingrass @Jerm_Athens Garies - Dull Clunk @newjacksonmusic @sunilsharpe @fabriclondon @loomingrass @Jerm_Athens Really thought that album would blow up 😕 @colindperkins I'm still not sure what bubble tea is. @DJmag @openearIE link doesn't work in the article?. @openearIE promises to be a festival like no other
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsICYMI: Part One of this year's line up is ready to go... Tier 4 tix now available, €155 +VAT/Fee:…
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @holmesprice @eoin_murraye tis lit. @eoin_murraye It's better when every random city can get a write up in in international mags when the whole of Irel…
Natasha lyonne channeling Andrew D Clay as she mugged her way thru Russian Doll did it's best 2 sidetrack the show but it was decent overallmusic journalism 2019 👌
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsDJs should start doing post set interviews *extremely athlete voice* yeah frank I had a real good set last night -…
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.@openearIE First wave of acts announced for this year's Open Ear Tix:
@dontbeafraid Which VargAny plans to make more of these? @Waajeed_ EAR | 2019 LINE UP & TICKETS 9AM TUESDAY 5TH FEB Music: Garies #openear19 #OE19 #festival
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@pipecock LOL @pipecock AWWWWW YEAAAAAHHHHHH
Retweeted by ApartmentRecordsI'm on tour again! C u on da floooour xx @phonopsia I wasn't bowled over by the 12, but maybe I'm in a similar situ as yerself. @phonopsia The LP is especially strong imoNurse with, Would ye? #bodybutteralbums #monaghanedition