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Throwing you off the scent. Monthly parties in The Big Romance. Monthly DDR show /w Lunar Disko. PR/Bookings/Mgmt/Distro @ me. Team @openearIE

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The Thing is the perfect horror.
@Fear_E_DABJ need to give it a go
@top1nice1 @BigRomanceBar TrooperBack in the wunderbar surroundings of @BigRomanceBar tonight kicking off in an hour or so...electronic disco ambience all night...
I'm back in @BigRomanceBar tomorrow night. Hyped as ever. Also, my @openearIE co-hort @vicky_langan is in there ton… @enceedubya @dan_bean @Snoid @djchriscoco Yeah gluck reading a book for the whole of melon collieThe Bandcamp Vinyl is crowd-funding with extra restrictions. Not really viable for labels for a fair few reasons, c… @dan_bean @Snoid @djchriscoco I'd enjoy watching you sit thru an SP album.
@Whatfroth Dan Dad mode engaged early. @BigB0bbyT by another worker or member of public?The Sound And The Gary #bodybutteralbums
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"afx" did that, "u" downloaded this, "they" only pressed 300 copies of that, "we" only wanted to matter for a minut… @junoroland @Eddie_TrOne @sunilsharpe @dontbeafraid same - as in pls follow me back ;) @genofeves gomey house @Chymera_ @conorldisco @splitradix @sunilsharpe digital delivers the most profit, yup. but - in my experience - wit… @junoroland @Eddie_TrOne @sunilsharpe @dontbeafraid and i - literally - put my foot thru my copy last year @junoroland @Eddie_TrOne @sunilsharpe @dontbeafraid can explain ;) @junoroland @Eddie_TrOne @sunilsharpe @dontbeafraid same. the reason that record is worth money now is my fault (sorta)
@Eddie_TrOne @dontbeafraid I'm chill af @Richie_Sombrero End of a century, anvil, some kind monster, spinal tap, singin' in the rain @Richie_Sombrero Fiction or docMaeve's Day @SAOIRSE_MUSIC @allen_heath Booth eq? Awesome. @filter27 I seriously doubt any of them will bend it out of shape like the salaryman version either. @dontbeafraid Just remind yerself that you've been that guy burning someone's ear off before (even if not that intensely) @dontbeafraid I'd to just walk away from one a while back. My patience ran out, I had to be rude. He had projectile… twitter might try and eat and defeat us all but we'll always have #bodybutteralbumsMen of My Appetite #bodybutteralbums#metalwillneverdie @Patternburst @joeeuropemusic Yeah it's all out of tune and the mix down is all over the gaff then it bangs @posthuman Trawl thru jeffs just in case too
@disconihilist @truncate_la Sorry m8 @dan_bean Innit if pesky work hadn't gotten in way I'd have been over just for Tel. @djchloeharris Defo. Not usually 2 out of 5 purchases in one day. Tweet was an (oblique) note on my tastes then to… @214isJAlvarez Sorry, Profit PrisonFolk heading to cybotron tonight in ldn best be hitting up Terry Dixon after 👀 @Whatfroth @4m3thy5t Even as a smoker I prefer the ban. I smoke way less cause of it. @214isJAlvarez *nb - this isn't first time buying music from there since then, just not 2 in one day yknow @MARTYN3024 Reported. @214isJAlvarez Ha. U and Profit Planet. @MARTYN3024 I find myself muting more folk who turn up on timeline cause of tweets liked, not who I follow. One stupid tweet - mute.Bought 2 records from Seattle artists today. First time since I was bout 14. @grimesadhesif @SAOIRSE_MUSIC Sloppy and proud of it. @Apartment_rec P-ut L-ava U-p R-ear ends
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @truncate_la Or lie or cheat out of a shit, bland track @basilionichols But the WHOLE CULTURE is based on PLUR. I don't get how this could have happened#FF for the man @basilionichols @freshradish @brelson Urrgggghh @SteveMizek @tony_poland Most people never gave a shit in the first place. @WANDAGROUP If written with Alan in mind they should have started dialogue ages ago if money was gonna be an issue.… @4m3thy5t I've had better jobs yeah @brelson It is not a condiment, I agree @4m3thy5t Nightmares? 18yr old me worked 'em. @Patternburst @joeeuropemusic Aye I've half that picture disk double pack. Banger Saunderson cut and that UR cut which is rowwwdy @brelson Is it a creme egg with mayo in it or a mayo spread with the creme egg goo mixed in @b_nmrrs @b_nmrrs (I bought a RSD release yesterday. Plz don't tell anyone)Im told you could hear the boomkat bloooop over some Afx tracks last night. @lerosa_ie @duff_p4ddy He still uses the amiga live afaik @paulSDMCR Poss. Never understood appeal of his productions. Can be a good dj. @paulSDMCR The dettman one is nearly impressive in its complete pointlessness.
Listen to more Italo and less sulky techno, twitter. @dan_bean @Uncle_Music A comment is a comment wut @dan_bean @Uncle_Music Bongo Carnival #bodybutteralbums @CountachAndy @TheBlackDog When I saw them the bass player knocked the butt of his bass off punters heads at the fr… @lerosa_ie I need to visit them soon actually @mikeservito Prince here a few years before he died cause I was pissy about the price / outdoors venue @lerosa_ie Time 4 u 2 go home m8 @paulSDMCR Aye I rewatched EH recently. It's still...okay.Detroit funk for yer booty @r_o_b_e_rt InnitBB84 playing this alongside some very fine folk indeed @OceanFloor2 @SunkenHum @WovenSkull @IMPA_TV
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @tom_cavalier I can already hear burialsLuke Slater's love needs 8 remixes does it? Fair nuff. News to me.OPEN EAR 2019 | PART TWO Our 2nd wave of acts is here! Tier 4: €155 + Fees Tier 1, 2, 3 SOLD OUT Tix:…
Retweeted by ApartmentRecords @matdryhurst @PlatinumRay @ChiuauaTeardrop That's fair. The silly fees and everything that surrounds that is a huge… @matdryhurst @PlatinumRay @ChiuauaTeardrop You want a simple answer to a question that raises many other qs for me.… @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst @ChiuauaTeardrop What happens to clubbing when djs then stop playing music by others and… @enceedubya @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst LOL @matdryhurst @PlatinumRay @ChiuauaTeardrop How much is too big a fee? @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst That party is still a commerical enterprise for the venue. @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst A licenced commerical venue that is supposed to be a paid up member of that countries representative org? @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst Have u ever been asked to submit a setlist by a club? I've not. @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst It's traditionally supposed to be the responsibility of the venue, which clubs are notori… @matdryhurst @PlatinumRay It could well be, I don't know the answer. @matdryhurst @PlatinumRay Promotional material is part of music. The music was not taken without permission. Is pro… @PlatinumRay @matdryhurst The issue with fees is one thing, they are outrageous. Unpaid work suggests exploitative…
Primus - Johnny the Fish Mongerer (or whatever the fuck one of their songs is called this week) Radiohead - Radiohe… @Patternburst the blurriness just ads to how intimidating / eerie the whole thing is. @Batmurns Jus messin'. The bit u quoted. @Batmurns Nope. The candles in bum cheeks bit. @Batmurns cause someone was paid money by a big website to write doesn't mean what they'll say will be sensible or worthy of discussion. Jo Johnson is suitably lush @JimmyMaheras @mikeservito @AnthonyParasole @contakt321 @bennyrodrigues like, Afx gigs are the most trainspotted se… @JimmyMaheras @mikeservito @AnthonyParasole @contakt321 @bennyrodrigues my word. Maybe he should change his visual… @sweetoblivion26 Interesting - but good, it played to a fairly empty screen in lighthouse last night, I expected it to be busier. @sweetoblivion26 yup. the film itself doesn't know what it is some of the time too either. Loved seeing Reilly in a… @sweetoblivion26 I went to see it last night. I thought it was decent but it was definitely sold as something light…
@Patternburst realised this after coming in from pub on friday night. duly stayed up half cut to watch.