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SEN Apazo @apazo_ Scotland, United Kingdom

Editor @Sentinels • Doing YouTube things for @Bugha @ClixHimself

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@SiggyGG Let’s goooo @excelvfx wait are u talking about actually leaving the org, or just pretending to leaveGot some exciting new things in the works with @ClixHimself, looking forward to sharing with all of you soon! @super_sophia11 Shado :D
@nnumby Should’ve bought that shitcoin when I told you @TimpersHD @punk4156 @ChristiesInc PixelPunk @RelayPSD @ClixHimself 🔥 @Finnex i like your twitter name 👀 @xtra_sly @MiamiLawSchool WWW @nnumby delThis is pretty cool @daprcs 🙏🏻We have already raised more than $225k in donations in less than 12 hours of today’s trading fees! Lets $SAVE the world together 🌎
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@RaineXVI Aye happy birthday bro! Have a good one⬇️ @HayMartinn Elderflame pack is overatted 🥱 @HayMartinn ok but glitchpop frenzy is the only good frenzy skin @elipse93 I'd say the greatest value Shorts bring is reachability, far easier to make a short go viral than a stand… your a TikTok/Instagram manager, this is your chance to offer Short's Management to clients as well, now that yo… @rokcit @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ This is the evolution above anime PFP’s @super_sophia11
@Sentinels Trying to push mid like: for an experienced video editor to join the team! • Can edit Fortnite videos with cinematics (replay mode)…
Retweeted by SEN Apazo @ItsLightMind We lost 13-11 Jett left 5 rounds earlier, not that it would’ve made a difference @AidenSPhan Holy shit, yeah Valorant queue can be wild @ohmodss He is LMAO
@Hantao investing in crypto until I have enough for Real Estate, aiming to own my first property within the 18 months @OwlFN_ <3 @rokcit Doge is, the rest isn’t
@Reisshub When in doubt just reupload @Minimojo8 <3
@Blizzy i bought back in at 0.3 tho, selling at 0.99pain. #doge
Retweeted by SEN Apazo @Blizzy i had paper hands 🙃 for someone talented. Get in touch if that person is you. RT so we can find the best person possible!
Retweeted by SEN Apazo @InFamousmp4 @beehhive @nnumby @beehhive My FYP all over the place broYo @beehhive was this you? LMAO
@ClixHimself @nnumby Numpers went crazy on thisTonight.
Retweeted by SEN Apazo @gwinchie @devourggs_ Congrats! @Sentinels it's a good one 👀
@InFamousmp4 top right 😍It’s literally May... wtf is this @MrBeast @Fwiz @LachlanYT @YouTubeGaming THISSSS @Fwiz @LachlanYT @YouTubeGaming Any opinion on having shorts on the main channel vs a separate channel?Hoping this will have a live audience 🙏🏻 @CBearFN_ Same 🥲 @the1ZK I had them both in my store yesterday, it was a tough decisionOno Phantom gives your super powers
@Advyyth @xQc @Arthium free my boy 🙏PULL UP @GradyRains @JackMelaschenko @SiggyGG @PureClickbait
@Lt_Klutzy @ClickbaitGG @PlayVALORANT @TenZOfficial The real MVP of Clickbait right here @Mongraal Heyyyyyyyyy @tobylewiss Okay @tobylewiss U wanna play @tobylewiss thats what i do with @InFamousmp4
@turntdais happy birthday turnt @TenZOfficial @Sentinels @SicK_cs @ShahZaMk @zombs @daprcs Let’s goooo @Sentinels @daprcs @ShahZaMk @TenZOfficial @zombs @SicK_cs Sheeeeee, now it’s time to become best in the world @ShahZaMk @version1gg Let’s go Shahz! @DylanJFreeth Used to watch this on repeat on my travel DVD player @CoreyPilat Tip me 100 and I’ll give you 50% of my profit 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 💯 @nnumby No problem sweetie @nnumby Nah numby tbf this is a bit cringe stealing from Oreo @TalentLacking dude.... @tommyaltinnit i am only fortnite editor man, sorry tommy @itsKozar Man, I really hate people sometimes, Elon is probably one of the few billionaires putting his wealth to ACTUAL good use @ClixHimself Good shit man @itsKozar Why are they refusing to work with him? @Goku1xdzns @oreoxv I didn’t use a bot
@Advyyth trust its gonna help me edit vides betterCan't wait to bottom frag in plat lobbies with my $200 mouse @zombs @Poach 😎🤝 W's just keep coming @ByZachLange @Sentinels I must’ve skipped that Geography class LMAO @TenZOfficial EZ for Tenz @threezy Insaneeeex2 @Sentinels 😤😤😤Yo @Sentinels, just saying, I’m the only Sentinels member that lives in Europe, I could catch a bus or something...… Clientwork @ClixHimself 🎨✏️ Any Kind of Support is appreciated!🔥❤️
Retweeted by SEN Apazo @nnumby fine ill comm tab u @JackMelaschenko Your crazy, congrats
@TenZOfficial LETS GO TENZ @nnumby niceDamn 100T are some boomers Tenz
@TenZOfficial 🐐 @ClixHimself W @bugha I have one somewhere I’ll try find it @TenZOfficial Let’s gooo @CHIPFAT_ remember seeing this and being blown away, so happy to see you continuing to kill itGoing to hit Diamond for the first time this act, coming back to this tweet when I have. @ClixHimself When you recording the vlog 👀