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bee @apbeeZah California, USA

hey i. hey I like to draw monsters n nature n stuff. comms open! personal account @junipidge [21. they/them, he/him]

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Still pretty happy about this short comic I made last year titled “The Twins” :) #comic
Retweeted by beeYou call yourselves Monster Fuckers, but what about Monster LOVERS??? Where will you be when that long scaly basta…
Retweeted by beeThis bad boy is making the rounds again 🌸🌼🌸 Ps. I find these animals to be exemplary and adorable but many do not…
Retweeted by bee @Storm_Eris These are so beautiful 0:
i think about this post a lot
Retweeted by bee @twumblunni YES!! I’m trying to make them a little uncanny and intimidating but also have their expressions be read… @twumblunni Thank you so much omg!!! I think about how characters move and how they express themselves through thei… of my favorite things about making a new character is figuring out how they express themselves!!!
an orange
Retweeted by bee @BassetMortimer crunch @DarkGreenEspeon lmao neeeeerrddd @SPEARxWIND bro......yall: skincare i see: a late capitalism company collecting biometric data for surveillance & boosting profits by pr…
Retweeted by bee @Emma_The_Ward babies, all of them.Character interactions.
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me: “mutuals interact 🥰” me and my mutuals:
Retweeted by beei go absolutely feral when characters who have a reputation for being stoic & serious are revealed to be petty litt…
Retweeted by bee @SpookyBiscuits HAPPY YEAR OF THE RAT BAY BEEEEEme & my LGBT+ friends realizing we’re not bound by cisheteropatriarchal family norms and can just start giant famil…
Retweeted by beepeople putting "i'm problematic" in their bio feels like the new version of "welcome to my twisted mind'"
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@kinomatika Unrelated but I would also like to call out those art styles who are super rendered and finished but th… @twumblunni I wonder if he also commits terrorism in the anime @dimetrodont Clothes: one of those giant winter coatsIs same dude he just has to use a spell to disguise himself when he goes out now The dress is bc he likes to tho :3… this bitch slowly being taken over by demonic energies by no fault of his own that’s nuts’t sleep last night demon guy is now official @parkinglotchair The way you set tone with color oh my GODmy vague botw ganon concept comic😂🤘
Retweeted by bee @misteaky @16pxl Oh my god these are so beautiful #portfolioday! I'm chu and I make games, art, and art for games! I enjoy drawing abandoned places, epic jou…
Retweeted by beei made a fishsona today please don't ask questions
Retweeted by bee @Inkystarcomix elon muskI think my fav thing about being an artist is learning exactly how lost and confused every single other artist I've…
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One of my all time favorite tropes is terrifying violent animalistic monster who is best friends with a quiet childBumpFurries with way too much disposable income from their first STEM jobs commissioning pictures of their fursonas and…
Retweeted by bee @twumblunni I love being addicted to my phone
@klayfoam no horny people have no rights @King_lotl YEAH I FIGURED BUT OH MY GOD DONT @King_lotl NOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW WHY DONTblock eg/gy/fri/es and p/awpaw/sh/a for those who also rly dont want to see pedophilia! man is there like a list.....some of my characters are kids and i would probably have a small breakdown if someone did that to them holy shit i… just had another artist follow me and i checked their shit bc woo art!! and then they drew????????????? porn… making these posts but if u draw or consume porn of minors block me. im begging you, block me. and also go to jail please. @SparrowLucero MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLnew year new zapdos
Retweeted by beeWhat's the fun in nonhuman ocs if they don't get themselves into mundane and embarrassing problems
Retweeted by bee @twumblunni I mean my comms are open and I love drawing hugs ;) Tbh any amount and quality of art should be celebra… @dimetrodont I like this @Storm_Eris Post them!
@King_lotl thank you she has a complete plot and everything but in true jooper fashion i will keep it all in my heart until I die @idealbraintonic NO NOT BONE REJECTIONNSFW: nudity Bigfoot ain’t got no clothes’all member Sequoia. She’s a changeling who got out of fae hellscape a while back. Maternal, protective, and a bit… Sequioa! @Inkystarcomix yes but im the one who made it @twumblunni omphdkfhkanxkand 🥺🥺🥺 hh. YEAH!!!! @twumblunni YOURE SO HARD ON YOURSELF OMG PLS BUNN YOUR ART IS IMPORTANT!!!
Retweeted by bee @Veitstanz I rly love this 🥺 @twumblunni If you want to draw it you should draw it!!!
Artisan homes
Retweeted by bee @cysketch OOOHHHH THIS IS LOOKING SO GOODOh yeah and me!!!! I’m mostly just chillin 😎 is a slime monster who recently started integrating into civilization. A bit off putting and weird but has a ve…’re goin 🔥
Retweeted by beeHaven’t named them yet but this one enjoys swimming through the clouds and raining flaming arrows on their enemies!… is Cinder! He is nb and gay and is quiet, empathetic, and a bit anxious. Admittedly I don’t draw him as often… is Graff!! An older dude— theyre a shapeshifter in an astronaut suit, and is a bit reserved and stoic at first…!!! I’m Juniper, #IAmNonbinary, and I’m an artist! These are some of my nb characters!!!! @twumblunni Sketches on another paper can definitely help avoid the bane of five million erase marks!!! Taking a br… @twumblunni Yeah sometimes all you need is to start over!!!! Maybe try some different sketches and see which one you like most @twumblunni Maybe it didn’t come out how you wanted but I think it looks really good and still gets the main messag… have at least three other members of this cast I haven’t drawn yet y’all just waitjuniper are you fleshing our entire sick ass AUs for a whole day to cope again juniper JUNIPER YOU ALREADY HAVE 4 T… Amoeba monster concept. Photoshop, 4h
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@pegahoul @twumblunni YEAH GET THEIR ASS!!!!I SEE BIRD, I CLICK BUY #Zapdos #PokemonSWSH #IsleofArmor #CrownTundra
Retweeted by bee @urlknight I love this character so much @twumblunni HOLY SHIT @twumblunni This is an S tier memeself(or lack thereof) portrait. You know, that thing artists do.
Retweeted by bee @twumblunni HAHAHA THE IMAGERY zapdos 2: SNORT tree: gone @twumblunni I’m love the hummingbird ostrich!!!#pokemon #zapdos i like the chicken 🐓
@bedupolker What would a girl teacher look like.... @bedupolker One thing I think is rly funny about the animal choice is that the adults are literally dinosaurs @PossiblySebo u @wormstink This is so dumb. Walking your dog off leash when they are trained animals is understandable but when the… @twumblunni Bro what is goin on are you okay @Mossworm1 Some of these look like..... unhappy peppa the pig @S0RRYSAP Ignoring the everything else just look at the gendered animal species???? Male animals: boars, lions, ho…
bump (:<look at this spiderverse concept art
Retweeted by bee @housegoblin Everyone just silently retweeting this...... dead silent comment sectionlet's get burgers 16 "cop" 🐷 1/2
Retweeted by bee @tintoymoon PSHKDNDKSBSKKAHD
@_Cute_n_Squish TWINSIES @hannathenarc She said 👀 👀 👀 👀
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