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bee @apbeeZah California, USA

hey i. hey I like to draw monsters n nature n stuff. student artist. (21. they/them, he/him) personal account @junipidge beeZah on dA and toyhouse

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@CaucasianJames mans looks like the barbecue dad in 60’s propaganda posters wtf she on about @OutlanderS3S Nabbit from the mario series!!Me and my 3 shades of blue worked very hard to get the colors right lmaoIM GOING TO SMOOCH THE SORCERER @Battybuddy lmao don’t take me too seriously I just like to pretend to debate about fictional characters @Battybuddy Tom is a gen xer not a boomer! respect the cigBad habits
Retweeted by bee @King_lotl It scares me bc I make a lot of kid characters and if I saw any cp of them I would actually lose it @King_lotl OHHH MY GOD LEAVE STEVEN UNIVERS E OUT OF THSI @twumblunni drawing beady little eyes and nothing else on a face is nb wish fulfillment
@splendidland youre so right.*goes to sleep in a big shoe*
Retweeted by bee @ThomasRohrer216 house demons be like ( ^..^ ) @MysteryArt5 friend ship ,,,,,,,,,,, @dimetrodont thank u dime!!!!!!!!!! artists be like *creates character with obscured/heavily abstracted face* *creates character with obscur… @Storm_Eris i love thembo @Moldy_pumpkins peach flavored black teaTheir name is Ted bc.... turtle bed @socialistawk You’re a dink if u think democracy actually works in the US. Clinton lost in 2016 with 51% of the vot… @dimetrodont Absolutely terrifying!!!!! wowGLORIOUS #illustration
Retweeted by beeTeddy and Sofia!!!! i love a good shy kid/scary monster duo.
@Veitstanz he is not a raccoon he is a tanuki and he is my best friend @WusdisWusdat YOURE RIGHT AND YOU SHOULD SAY IT!!!!!! @twumblunni @Inkystarcomix you’re right and you should say it!!!! @HauteRotten LMAAAOOOOOOOOO @HauteRotten channel ur body dysmorphia into WHAT @ThatsMelvin they’re so sweet little dudes 🥺villagersona
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To anyone worried about their lack of art. WE WAITED YEARS AND YEARS WAITING FOR YOU TO GROW, WE WAITED AGES TO FI…
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@Mossworm1 I never get tired of these dudes. so pretty 🥺🥺🥺It's soothing to make things like this, almost like color-by-numbers. #stepbystep #mossworm #creaturedesign
Retweeted by beeAny more of this quarantine and my personality might actually start showing on this account
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@King_lotl that is OT I am naming him Teddy @King_lotl .... ted???? @PARALLAXABN LITTLE DINKY EYES ARE UNDERRATEDlike a turtle, but bed @MRobertsQLD You’re about to pay for unleashing this stupid ass tweet upon the world if u don’t close that racist mouth of ursI tried to draw yesterday!! I’ve had this idea for “monster under the bed” for a while @HikoryDikory This countermelody is so sick I love thisAnd the vorpal blade went snicker-snack ♠️ A piece of music and a picture i threw together today.
Retweeted by beehow fucked is it that pigeons are the oldest domesticated bird and have been companions to humans for thousands of…
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@GiddGoat MY PSYCHIC ART TASTING POWERS CANNOT BE STOPPED!!! THIS IS THE THIRD FAVORITE FOOD I HAVE GUESSED!!! Fina… @blisovi YEAH WE LOVE TEXTURE!! Yours is something creamy, rich, and served hot. Have you ever had salmon chowder?? It’s super good. @GiddGoat A lot of people are saying stuff w cinnamon in it!!! I like it cinnamon is a very warm flavor :D Your ar… @PARALLAXABN Bro u are making me hungry lmao Your art is crunchy sweet and a little smokey. YOU ARE A WHERTHERS ORIGINAL CARAMEL CANDY!!! @dullfangs PURPLE GRAPE JUICE IS FRIGGIN YUCKY BUT I UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE GOING W THIS THANK U!!Thank you for the requests
Retweeted by bee @dullfangs like the purple one or the clearish one bc those are different and its extremely important also yours ta… @griefgoose hoohooo
Retweeted by bee @drlazuli @Tucu_Tucus I LOVE HER!!!! those some sick ass kicks too damnQuick little idea to give my cloud girl some wing shoes of some sort also crossing her arms over like a scarf <:')
Retweeted by bee @dimetrodont i like of him @bacteriumbug my psychic art tasting abilities strike again!!!!!!! the worlds most useless superpower
Retweeted by bee @tigerparade CUBE IS MY FAVORITE !!!!!! @floralshopping I’m psychic it’s confirmed @floralshopping bruh samesies. I haven’t even doodled in like three weeks a little worried tbh 👀 Your art is like.… @floralshopping !!!!!! Thank you that’s v cool to hear!!! Do u have art that I may taste :y @floralshopping “Benefit of the doubt” rule is one of the key secrets to staying sane for me. dog bless that kid @floralshopping that’s...... super weird lmao @floralshopping im afraid to ask..... what the account do @peachy_bat @SUNMOURNER That’s rly the best way to learn color!!! Just fuck around w them until u like it LMAOMight just fuck around and make a color tutorial like it’s 2016 @sdavbaker ”We weigh the risk, we make the choice/ though we may never thrive/ seasons change and life remains/ you… to share something I’ve been working on... this is “you & I survive”, a short comic I made about wolves liv…
Retweeted by bee @dimetrodont I mean u inspire me all the time so like glad I could pay u back @King_lotl I WOULD NEVER!!!!!!! @King_lotl HE LOOKS LIKE HE USES HOMOPHOBIC SLURS AND THEN SAYS HES JOKING SO ITS OKAYhow does she... reach.. #AnimalCrossing
Retweeted by bee @King_lotl Pro jared lookin ass problematic youtuber lookin ass @dimetrodont OKAY I already said pink lemonade taffy but when ur art isn’t sour it’s v smokey and sweet like teriyaki or beef jerky @dimetrodont Your taste is very easy lmao pink lemonade taffy! Very stretchy and SOUR but your darker/more personal… @bacteriumbug LMAO the verdict is drawn I am sweet, fruity, and bready!!!! Your taste was hard to pinpoint!! But d… if those “color wheel tutorials” make no sense to you..........the secret to color is associations ;) @heebeejeebi That’s super interesting!! Yours tastes like mushrooms and turmericLate to the party!! Mutuals I will assign u a taste back lmao
#monsterdesignmonday #mossworm
Retweeted by bee @SparrowLucero f.... flesh leaves???? @SaraAlfageeh hi!! i'm beet (i also go by zachi or sar) n i'm a malay nonbinary muslim artist! i have a portfolio a…
Retweeted by beeHere's Dr. Mark Keim, a physician whose career is devoted to disaster assistance.
Retweeted by beeprogress! work week starts tomorrow so I’ll probably pick up again on the weekend~
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my partner teaching me to stop reading people's subtext and to operate like there is no problem unless a person tel…
Retweeted by bee @wankadoodles THE LITTLE KNEE BRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! @OutlanderS3S Kinda lemony and sweet, a little floral but something served warm like a pastry @MarisasHorror Carmelozed onions for some reason???
@spacescoob69 Cherry jolly rancher @twumblunni Not an item but I want..... Cube the penling 🥺🥺🥺Debridement's whole thing is dabbling in pandemics. Please listen to her.
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@twumblunni IM WATCHING THE FIRST PREDICTIONS VID AND “heterochromia =the chosen one” IS ON ONE OF THE BINGO CARDS!!! OH MY GOD @twumblunni THEY PLAY IT TWICE!! I’m watching the full version rn these dudes are funny @twumblunni OMG I’m watching this thank u so much @twumblunni rly I just hate writing that thinks that sad = deep. Like just because you wore the most tragic thing e…