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A “taxation is theft” numbskull wrote this headline.
I made a buncha cookies. @reliablecomics I just gotta get out and see the world and the Taco Bell redesigns in the wild while I still can. @reliablecomics I wanna see the "ON A CALIFORNIA DOCK" table in Brea. @tweedlebop I like that they used the qualifier "SLIGHTLY."Follow up to a previous tweet: I guess this is the current Taco Bell aesthetic direction. kids are gonna love it.
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistHere's where they filmed the mud bath stuff in SF: about our Aqua-Surge Whirlpool Dip understated exchange between Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum in 1978's Invasion of the Body Snatchers pred… one was something that just happened this weekend in Baltimore. #repelijahcummings #stelfreeze
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @thekarachikid A Will Smith duet with young CGI Will Smith!Sway
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @neilaglet they're mining bitcoin from him.Babu Frik is subtly hidden on the poster eats Babu Frik. @thekarachikid They're hoping to get people in and out so they can make a cool trillion on opening weekend.75 minute run time confirmed! Amazing! aren’t any outlets here so please stop asking.
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @bvanskiver @whichwitch143 I bring my own! (unpopped) @whichwitch143 I lied. I’ll probably get the 7pm day before show at Cinemark. I don’t know why word hasn’t got out…’m gonna buy my Star Wars ticket day of.
@whichwitch143 Curlgratulations!Mavis Beacon teaches typing in heaven now. @austinkleon I just wish the bottom lines scanned with the rest of the lyrics.I guess from now on I’ll wait five years before I post. covered my song “Comeback Kid” and it's so good! Means so much they connected to this song in their own…
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistThey got rid of the 90s aesthetic at the downtown SLC Taco Bell and replaced it with who knows what. I didn’t go in… Tulsa massacre depicted in the opening of Watchmen is a real historical event—read about it here
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @davids_industry Floors for divorce.All of my books that contain any advice come with a disclaimer
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @austinkleon The director of photography Nicholas Musuraca is the real star of these. @thatbilloakley and then eaten that paste on one of those tiny pumpernickel slices. It was the 70s!I did this same move to my high school guidance counselor who dared suggest I should take a note taking class. But… seems like a lifetime ago @daniellegee Absolutely.I changed my mind. I’m gonna be Pierre Delecto for Halloween. @timheidecker Hey that’s America’s sweetheart you’re talking to.Wow Losey didn’t like superhero movies either
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @Glenn__Kenny @Karaszewski Where is this from? I’m currently on a Losey bender.My son played a drum solo at a Halloween party Lugosi was born on this day in 1882, making it the perfect time to listen to our 2017 series devoted to Lugosi…
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2019 even have Crocs.’re probably better off. @Collectingcandy Is it still standing? @Collectingcandy I think I only ever once saw an issue. @Spiritgreen_Art Lebowski Thor! @TimmoWarner for sure.a recent reject“Uh, never mind. I’ll ask mom.”’ve know my share of Vietnam vets and not a single one has mentioned the hexagons., here's the thing – @shanepang I haven't seen it but I think this is the Joker movie.The Innocents (1961) directed by Jack Clayton. One of cinema's great ghost stories. So much is suggested, and so li…
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @jmarms that list is universal to all geese.These are for my Halloween costume but I’ll be danged if they aren’t cozy on a cold night like this. should make the Mexican bootleg Thing I just saw on ebay part of the official canon. Maybe his child or some… @thekarachikid @doctorow and @ddoniolvalcrozeHe's got a face only a mother could love.
Paintbrushes cleaned here! #AlJaffee #aMADlife
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @TaikaWaititi or learn to move them more.Check out these leafs I can peep from the comfort of my own home! @mturetsky dunno!I was worried about Talisman not being on the cover but @biorhythmist I smelled one yesterday and it brought back some memories.Miffy the Almighty.
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist may think you're a professional, but can you master bathroom? you’re in portland, the sale continues tomorrow. View Master Feels. Grab a couple reels in his honor: there wer…
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistHope everyone enjoyed the opening ceremonies for the Olympics today! I know we did! GOOOO USA!
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistwell hope everyone enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies at the Olympics today! Sounds like it went all good?
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistI don’t care if you don’t like her. She was right.
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologist @GailSimone I hope it’s not me.I follow the right accounts. son is home safely from Nepal, having circumnavigated the globe, along with a towel he took with him, which is now in the garbage.Damn these glasses! @KenPlume KoyaanisqatsiI bought a new broom at the store and an elderly woman volunteered the following information, completely unprompted…'S BEEN 21 years and I still don't understand the opening ceremonies...Pumped for the Olympics to get started tomorrow! Huge fan...let's go USA! Let the competition begin..
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistWatching the @Olympics on @NBCOlympics and am honestly excited. Can’t wait for the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistOpening ceremonies for the Olympics tomorrow. Go USA.
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistkinda bad when u take a picture of an orb and hear an evp saying its dust
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistThe next time I take an extended twitter break, I'm gonna sign off with "Yang is a libertarian." Not yet though. S… last ad mask: THE MUMMY here’s THE GHOUL from the aforementioned mask ad. didn't like "Mrs. Frankenstein" as much as I think she should.My daughter and I are working our way through the Universal monster movies in no particular order. We're currently… @davids_industry TELL US DAVID @austinkleon I work with the son of a microphone collector: @davids_industry yourselfBuy My Life, Drawing' on @Gumroad 222 pages on my path from classical life drawing to chara…
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I drew SHOCK MONSTER from the old pulp monster mask ad you might be familiar with. @johnroderick I’ve been specifically instructed not to mess with Texas.also sorry Sinead I love you you were right about everythingFeel free to use this when you call in sick (the twitter preview will likely crop it so click to see the full image… @ErikJLarsen There’s an animator I follow who’s currently making this exact same point about animation today.Louis Armstrong playing for his wife Lucille Wilson in Egypt (1961)
Retweeted by Adam Koford, occult primatologistGotta go. My ride's here.