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A. Koford @apelad The Basement of the Alamo

Senior writer, Hogwarts Legacy. WB Games/Avalanche*. Cartoonist. Your friend and mine. *Tweets = mine.

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Aspiring Director: I can't wait to make my own movies someday Disney™: WHOSE MOVIES? Aspiring Director: ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵛᶦᵉˢ
Retweeted by A. Koford @crhazelton1 Viddy O'GameI hope Trump goes full Matt Foley tonight. Dubovskoy «Hushing (Calm Before the Storm)» (1890)
Retweeted by A. KofordPierre Soulages.
Retweeted by A. KofordBowl with grapes on wooden plank    -   Simeon Nijenhuis, 2011.
Retweeted by A. Koford"Inside you there are two wolves." - TSA x-ray operatorYes. It's great. Listen to it, pals.
Thinking about investing in this award base from the McDonald's store. It's on clearance. makes a good pointskidointski His taxes CNN: His taxes Animal Planet: His taxes Cartoon Network: His taxes FOX News: Hearty fall soup rec…
Retweeted by A. Koford @racconconnoisse that's fine because most books on politics are bad and the next 10 years of them are going to be an absolute wasteland.this is how I examine bagged salads at the grocery store someone who grew up in a ski town with a lot of realtors, let me say, this man is on cocaine.
Retweeted by A. KofordOptical Illusion Makeup Art by Dain Yoon @designdain
Retweeted by A. Koford @clastowka that's the guy!!!Some of Trump’s reply guys seem to think they’re gonna get a book deal on the other end of all of this. Lee is unfit for office. @marknkilmer I couldn’t stay til sundown. :/this frog and toad knitting pattern is the best thing ive seen in a while
Retweeted by A. Koford @damenleeturks Yes. That’s the one.
Are Bert and Ernie human
Retweeted by A. KofordFACTS:
Retweeted by A. KofordVote for this punkin head while you still can!
Retweeted by A. KofordSiri, is there a tweet for everything?
Retweeted by A. Koford @whichwitch143 There’s a website called worldwide labyrinth index that has them aaaalll listed @SavageCatfish it’s new as of December. It’s by the reservoir above Smith’s. @Sleestak ask me again at the new moon. @calamityjon that is my understanding.We found the town labyrinth yesterday and made it back alive. used the paper backing from this sticker by @thebeast_isback to draw this devil dog thingee @TangoCharlie That was the first thing I noticed too.Pal @waxpancake responds to someone upset that he is talking about current world/political stuff on (checks notes)…
Retweeted by A. KofordThe suit, the smolder, the technical expertise. This is a flex. you watch enough Forged in Fire you begin to wonder how any sword has ever been produced effectively, let alone… @aerobearPX or worse!Still too many. Donate to @splcenter here:
Retweeted by A. KofordHello everyone. It is International Observe the Moon Night. Please get your butt outside immediately.… a sec to remember the old youtube app icon tonight I was a kid my parents told me taking the name of the Lord in vain was when you said “oh my god” or “goddamn”…
Retweeted by A. Kofordgood corn doesn’t need butter @JenniferLMeyer at minute 109 I make no promises.For the next 108 minutes I LOVE Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland because my daughter wanted to watch it with me.I wonder if, during the height of his decades long career at Oroweat, had twitter been around, my dad woulda come h…
I got this one very quickly! DO NOT WATCH! This video is solely for the management at @2HeartsMedical. Unsolicited jingle spec. NOBODY EL…
Retweeted by A. KofordMore creative people need to adopt this attitude please. @Jasinski thanks! Hope you’re well!Last night’s ghoul, no longer wet. @Blueguy40415598 but he's the smallest in his family.A lil ghoul to get you in the holiday season. would be no Gaga without Karen O I'd relax by watching some old REM Pop Up Videos
Retweeted by A. KofordOh, and don't mention R o b l o x on twitter. Bots notice.Folks are already using whatever songs they want on Roblox, right? Are any of the mainstream artists I overhear in…'m very happy my favorite podcast is back (second only to yours, of course).
@ARTofCOOP in 20 years when these children look back on Roblox with fondness we will sigh too. For different reasons.Freebooted songs will be Roblox's undoing. Just wait til the RIAA finds out what's happening on there. @Bohemiangirl heck yeah!Today we believe in Crystal Light based solely on its own merits. An Argosy of Fables, illustrated by Paul Bransom, 1921. @MisterLorde I'm so glad you brought this to my attention! Thanks! @brintown not yet. @semibold twice! @dangermaus both! @MisterLorde I didn’t! I’ll look it up. @malki that's more like it!and it looks like the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator confirms it @_toddjohnson I have it! I'm not sure why I ever stopped using it though.Tonight while considering whether or not I should go for a walk up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, I discovered… Can See You Now available thru @shirtkiller All profits go to the Louisville Bail Project…
Retweeted by A. KofordThe only problem with this, if it even works, is all the Gomer Pyle tweets I'll miss. @mturetsky it’s worth a shot. @mturetsky I think it’s gone by design. All in the name of “conversation” and “the discourse.”I’d also like follower counts completely hidden and for people to stop asking for an edit button, but what do I know?I don’t want to see your replies to people I don’t follow. No offense. What are my options, aside from complete acc…
mad about the bad Kubrick take? VOTE!
Retweeted by A. KofordA Red Devil phonograph needle is tougher than Satan...
Retweeted by A. KofordA tribute to Tony Millionaire, and the many, many portraits he's drawn for us:
Retweeted by A. Koford @playazball @VeraDrew22 @justingaynor have you exposed yourself at a national park? That’s probably a federal offense.Julio Reyes
Retweeted by A. Kofordeveryone: hey, read the room, ring. ring: okay. @playazball @VeraDrew22 @justingaynor you call it “el capitan” Phil? @playazball @VeraDrew22 @justingaynor what do you actually mean when you say you're gonna "free solo"??? @ACNewman I really want him to release the theme song he did for my favorite kid's show. That's Cat. I even emailed… @kibblesmith @HomeDepot aaaaaaaaa!!!!!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🥘🥘🥘 🥘 🥘 🥘 👇 🥘🥘 👇   🥘 🥘   🥘  🥘   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of shallow pan of food
Retweeted by A. Koford @playazball @justingaynor are you watching it on repeat? @bheater whoa! It is!I'm the kind of guy who boos at a funeral. Can't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will.Oh, helleu.
2020 got him gotta get one or more of these. LABE took it right out of me tonightHere’s what @realDonaldTrump has to say about 200,000 Americans dying on his watch. #TrumpVirus
Retweeted by A. KofordI finally did a #transmundanetuesdays based on Carson Ellis’s latest prompt on IG: ursine, wearing a garland of flo…😍