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My friend and incredible artist #MarcelDzama painted this yesterday to deal with his heartbreak. He tried to make t…
Retweeted by A. Koford @JamesUrbaniak We got called philistines for zipping up our backpacks during a Waterboys song.Happy birthday to the man who my 11th grade English teacher got mad at us for not acknowledging the brilliance of!… @joelcarroll Yes! @joelcarroll Hahaha! Awesome.I’m coming for your crimes! @mattkaufenberg My catchphrase is “glub glub.”You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehicle? Retweet with the answer.…
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I’m fortunate to have never had someone call me their “direct report” to my face.This belongs in history books.
Retweeted by A. KofordSpiral Jetty @ Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty @TheOfficialACM delete thisRuin the pronunciation of "ruin" by saying "roon."“Nothing But Time” (1926) experimental silent film by Brazilian director Alberto Cavalcanti
Retweeted by A. Koford @brittneyg based on Pee-Wee's recommendation earlier this week?Ruin a band name however you want but keep it to yourself. The time will come for you to present it before a committee. Be ready. @Sleestak I was fully expecting that RT.“American children are garbage.” — Walt DisneyWatching Pollyanna with my daughter. Surprised by the biting political commentary in a Disney movie. They’re wearin…
Hey, this is pretty sweet. You can now read PLANET HULK for FREE via Marvel Unlimited! And…
Retweeted by A. Koford @KenTremendous Bad faith agrumenting yourself to own the libs. @realdonaldtrump you seen this? a band name with a sarcastic pronunciation.I'm not paying super close attention to this John Wayne war movie I'm watching, but I coulda sworn a fellow sailor… a band name by changing all of the letters. @igb @KenJennings I'd livestream it, but I'm told there's zero reception. @KenJennings nobody else wants to come with me, but I figure it's worth a solo journey. They've seen enough of me lately anyway.I might finally go to Spiral Jetty this weekend. @cackhanded nope. I just caught that. I really do want people to take me up on that offer though.I started a new portfolio site, but it's a work in progress: liking anything as much as Walt Disney liked middle America circa 1890-1905.
HAP is an old word for luck or chance—so if something HAPPENS, then it literally takes place by chance. If someone…
Retweeted by A. KofordThis events that began on Monday (seen here) conclude tomorrow was so much fun to do. Check it out and support a good cause!
Retweeted by A. Koford @aaronflorian except for scissors. @cabel I had only found it there earlier this week. @ChuckWendig was today years old when I found out Michael Hordern was the voice of Frith. What day years old were you?The best ones are [obscure actor] and [even more obscure character] sale at The Illustrated Press it's no longer on Hulu. @scottjohnson this is that tool they use to rethread screws. I see it all the time on youtube restoration videos. @AJemaineClement #releasethedongcut Black Cat (1934) directed by Edgar G. Ulmer
Retweeted by A. Koford @johnmoe 🎶Keep me searchin' for M. Emmet Walsh🎶One thing I've noticed in a couple of the Ida Lupino directed movies I've been watching: she uses noise (a car horn… work!, if you like, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel: 👌🏻
Retweeted by A. Koford @travis_goodwin Sore but not too bad. The blister is leathery. @calebandrew @valree time will tell! @ScottBatemanMan Basement Tapes of the Mole Cabal
Retweeted by A. Koford @crhazelton1 I’ve specifically avoided riding my bike for weeks because of that curse!about 95 minutes @travis_goodwin @travis_goodwin Okay!Burnt my thumb on an oven rack. Put honey on it. Then a glove. Then ice water. It’s my drawing thumb.
2020 Septim = 15 USD @oclibraryk time to coat all surfaces with puzzles.and here I thought I had enough puzzles."@oheysteenz is one of the few women of color to draw a daily nationally syndicated comic strip now that she's take…
Retweeted by A. Koford @JesseThorn @ghweldon Good thing I only read the first half of words now! @Collectingcandy @KelloggsUS Kelloggs has my number if they need me. @FilmClickbait You're going to be getting a lot of feedback today on your use of "we'll" here. @Collectingcandy @KelloggsUS It would have been cool if they made Tony the Toucan and Tiger Sam. @alt_horizon exactly this.This and hiding followers & likes are all a step in the right direction. We don't need an edit feature. There's al…*graupel alert* we ever figure out which mastodon instance was the one everyone was supposed to have fled to?How did they know my nickname from high school?!'s like the Twilight Zone, but without all the weirdness. (She directed a Twilight Zone too.)Poking around in Ida Lupino's filmography I stumbled upon this show, which I'd never heard of before:…'m reading Clarence Darrow's memoir and very early on he expresses a sentiment very similar to this: phonebook’s here I know very little about this show or this character. out, there is another word for “thesaurus.”
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It was @JimLee and Carl Potts at a tiny con at Raincross Square in my hometown of Riverside, CA. Must’ve been 1988.… that when you quote-RT the very bad thing that the terrible person wrote, even to dunk on it, you are rewa…
Retweeted by A. Kofordmiss me with those images projected nonsequentiallyImages projected sequentially plans 2020
Retweeted by A. KofordConcept Art by Brian Froud for The Dark Crystal (1982)
Retweeted by A. KofordYou can tell an Anime/JRPG fan by how they add "type" to an otherwise perfectly serviceable noun. (Sorry if I'm being a jerk type.)Sincerely, this is a very welcome surprise. You can watch my 5 word acceptance speech at at…
Retweeted by A. KofordHere’s the first 20 minutes of the first episode of the new season of @RememberThisPod. It’s about Polly Platt, the…
Retweeted by A. KofordI will never get bored of Edwardian intellectuals taking one (1) trip to South London, being frightened, then writi…
Retweeted by A. KofordHere's an example of an outside set. This one's very old. In Philadelphia, before everybody realized there was bett… can really see the breeze in this one. aside the obvious for a moment, I absolutely love the intermittent flutter of wind you often see in silent… @RobotJQ It's the little things that make it special.comfort movie / comfort show / comfort album plans 2020 @timheidecker here you go Timbo