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@dcinspo Promising to tattle on me (always online) to my partner (never online) .... you have broken the posters co… @dcinspo rude unacceptable and alarming to learn that I have a narc among my mutuals... begone, loathsome pest!!! L… anybody want to mail me a loosie or a pack of Fantasias as a present because it's almost my birthdayQuitting smoking again (lol a least I never give up) and I'm freaking out bc I thought there was at least one cigar… relieved to see that so many are dust gremlins (like me!!) Context: I asked (for my birthday bc I am turning… curious just wondering it's that time of year and I have to know: how often do you deep clean your entire hous…
Ikea monkey biopic just dropped
Retweeted by dark mackenzieI didn’t find any frogs but I didn’t find lots of nice ferns from millions of years ago so that’s cool :) for a hike at a spot where you can find fossils in the shale cliffside 🥰 its mostly ferns and plants but appa… sport just dropped @ArinaFootball That cake looks amazing and YOU look so radiantly happy! Congratulations honey 💞
I fell into a hole about Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn and learned that it was originally released in Danish. I looked u… @adamjohnsonNYC I love that she treats “it turns out the wealthy whites who run everything are deeply racist” like… @ArinaFootball Absolutely heroic vibe @the_starkest My moneys on a shrill peep like a little frog!! And voice by Peter Lorre when animated.Motherfucker looks like he should be named Frödrick to report that if you can’t decide between a lime LaCroix or a corona one of these sweeties will meet you in… @StopGrammarTime @kendrawcandraw Can’t wait to back this incredible project!!!!!Waiting patiently for the sea shanty homies to pick up this trilling number about everyone’s favorite soda the ex boyfriend who texted me last night: I won’t forget and I shan’t be clicking your link for secure mobile n…
@jahovis Yes!! pancetta forever it ruledShe may not look like much but she’s my first carbonara, I’ll love her forever, and she is perfect in every way @jahovis Do it!!!!!This is actually a pterosaur, not a dinosaur. You can tell from its overall vibe.
Retweeted by dark mackenzie @megclark_txt I’m emotionally readyBlessed to have a coworker from North Carolina and who sounds normal in every way except for how often he says “this here”Our grandparents enjoyed salad* *fucked up protein of your choice in jelloFucked up how many things we call salad... like, yeah, I had some salad* for lunch *eggs smushed with mayonnaise and mustardSet a new contact photo on my phone and then set “don’t automatically send it to people” so now I see this every ti… have no words. This is evil.
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@eiffeltyler what makeup are you buying please :) package receiving enjoyers want to know!!! @DylanRoth dude! NICE @Sir__Duque Different like a fox! @Sir__Duque Love to build my enemy up and give them the benefit of my immense platform for free so I have something to complain about :)If you know Margarine TaylorHam Grinch is just doing stupid shit like challenging A*C to a duel of wits for attenti… the people who are like “aha man oat milk... did you know it’s just flavored oat water thickened with canola oil…
I just made this for dinner and truth be told she looks like a chunky beige nightmare and I SHAN'T force anyone to… @depechejoe I’m so sorry for your loss, Joe. Grief is so unwieldy; a painful and unknowable path we all must take.… rise of "ADHD be like" tweets on this website is just another segment of people coming up with a way to turn so…
Retweeted by dark mackenzieHappy 4:20 @depechejoe serenely as I imagine a world where the red snack-grabbing guy and the little trapped in an ikea wearing a… I hardly know alt! byeA childhood friend (now a cop) messaged me on instagram to push back on a post I shared. Then he told me that if so… @caitiedelaney NO. NOOOOOOO!!!!!this squirrel is a taurus're up against the most incredible mixture of cultural inertia and professionals who actively work to protect kil…
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This is the first I’m hearing of the parenthetical (Janssen), and nice double-decker reeses with pretzels inside? a god-tier candy @jeremynewberger Tribe Called SSThe “Blue Lives Matter” flag is an explicit endorsement of state violence, particularly against Black people.
Retweeted by dark mackenzieIt’s simple. We have to k*** all b***********. question if your parent who is turning 70 is feeling very morbid and insists on no birthday party whatsoeve… caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffeine add caffein… like "head of the Boston Police union is a child molester and they knew" should be a bigger story, I guess it…
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If I find out that the tweets that I fave and then unfave seconds later after reflexively realizing I don’t want th… we invented our own flag and then flew it at government buildings and at our homes to signal our special solidar…'s disheartening how many ppl in the foraging community think it's okay if they want to take everything they find… of ordering some dominos soon.... I have been craving a nasty pizzaAbsolutely same. I've never been able to replicate the flow state, the feeling of camaraderie, or the fulfillment o… @dcinspo turns out scrabbling around a sodden hillside in search of edible plants is an outrageous amount of exercise tha…
Love to run for mayor of a city on the premise of ruining it only took <10% of what we found — its so important to harvest with sustainability in mind! Ramps are a prized wi… R I U M P H wouldn’t
Crying real tears of joy into my first soft serve with rainbow sprinkles of the season
@JDVance1 american suburbs are “an ecological disaster” and “the most inefficient possible way to live” and “deeply alie…
Retweeted by dark mackenzieI bought my first real grown up bike yesterday and the seller shaved $100 off his asking price without my even aski… of three in the last 5 minutes so it’s definitely spring Love My Sensitive Husband
Retweeted by dark mackenzie @jackdanger Oh my goodness how horrible. I’m so sorry jack. Sending love. @SeanMowMyLawn About to read book two!!!!!!! I’m dying
@rant_vague It is. SO GOOD.Has anyone read Fifth Season bc I would love to scream about how good it is TYFYT"has never understood the assignment" and it's just a collage of me in every grade school portrait @HarryOnInternet where my ass is mean and the squirrels are shittyThis is going to get me canceled, but I can’t keep the truth to myself for another moment: the sound Totoro makes is unforgivable @eiffeltyler ummm I'm in the middle of American Fascism (looking at the Evangelical and Dominionist movements in cu… @StopGrammarTime Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for letting me reply to tthis
@dcinspo Love this for you.being vaccinated does NOT mean you can have a party without inviting me 😤 but if I am invited what can I bring what… tell my grandchildren this was Haim @RiggedPig He's gonna eat somebody! it might as well be snacksclimbs a shelf like no problem @RiggedPig hope you got where you were going, solidarity my friendI am reading American Fascism for the first time and it is riveting and devastatingImprov instructor
@Caitlinmae You got it honey! I’ll see what I can do!Obviously going to try to cop but if you see anything else you need like the big Bill Clinton plushie... hmu… @no_goblins a tom lad @ChadwickPrima You are right and we are now also fighting.michael asked me if my nice coconut water I got myself as a special treat bc so expense had electrolytes in it and… @dcinspo how dare u kinkshame like this on my page @dcinspo When the movie ends Ripley is pregnant and she and Alien are married :)Horror can't happen in space which supports my LONG time thesis that Alien is, in fact, a romcom @DylanRoth @the_starkest what I asked for for my birthday but ok