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Noble Apex @Apex177 Pennsylvania, USA

Coach #Valorant For @NobleGG |🥇8x | Process and Data-Driven Performance | Looking to Better Myself Constantly | Business :

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@mintaims @ChoicePlays @LeviathanAG @LeviathanAG My English is broken. I go to Starbucks... @mintaims @LeviathanAG I haven't but I get something only Starbucks sells. @SoularizeVFX @LeviathanAG 100% agree it’s legit stuff but it’s expensive. @LeviathanAG Just chipotle is. I got to Starbucks everyday and they get the job done truly. Never fails to impress. @vinnerwinner @LeviathanAG @zillxst Ayo ?? @DerrekOW This is like putting a nail in an already boarded-up coffin. Well done LOL @DerrekOW @triskkkk So cringe all I see is deleted tweets and receipts yikes...
@boxrTailored Absolute legend. Hope to see you soon best of luck.🤞 @JakeSucky Has to do with covid related issue.It's show time baby.💪 @RSafemoonson 👀 @NobleGG 💪👀🔒🌕🚀 #SAFEMOONARMY
Retweeted by Noble Apex @Vanityxz @Hiko care to share a thought or two? @NobleGG Ayo Noble. We up time to grind jk I’m already sleeping.🥱 @aRubyz Love ya man🙏
Retweeted by Noble Apex @aRubyz Love ya man🙏 @BayonetVAL Egos tear apart teams and their reputation as a player. Maybe not the 1st but a big one that comes to mind. @nitr0 It's fucking awesome. @LeviathanAG Fr man 🙃 @RSafemoonson 📈📈👀 @480Wrap @SpotlightVal @RifleCrutchers @foxy_ggs @DnaDiff @OG4Z1 @StarlightVal Alan has an unmatched work ethic. Vouch 🙏
Anyone know where I can watch SNL live stream?
@Scrounge_ @Resonate_VAL @Complexity Gl tho @Scrounge_ @Resonate_VAL @Complexity Ayo I’m using this next time I have a tourny. @sfX_x1 Mf just sound and look like a scam. Let’s speed run these guys out of the scene.🙏 @theKingFPS_ RatioNight time runs hit different.The squad is looking, hot man. So hype for what's to come.👀
@frostyZK @Governor_Val You Zex and him IK it @frostyZK @Governor_Val LOL fr @TSM_ZexRow @Governor_Val Fr @wafflenomster12 Looking for someone to do IRL stuff with a product I will ship out.I'm looking to hire someone who is super talented at TikTok. Creating content and Pr for a non-related Valorant gig. Dm me if interested.
@XSET Ayo @SyykoNT can you work some connects? Might need this 😂 @SyykoNT @CoachTrippy Ayo got 3 straws?A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others.…
@_novaVAL @TrickVAL @Yazzers @TrickVAL @NobleGG @theKingFPS_ @menace_val Yoo where you find this stuff Loll @TrickVAL Shoutout Tricks mom! Raised a beast. @TrickVAL @NobleGG @theKingFPS_ @menace_val LOL glad to have you on board @AnderzzTV Anderzz your a beast dood and the first person I ever followed while getting into valorant. You deserve it all man🤞 @Upmind_ Wait how tf? @riotgames Yall making a mistake. @zekkenVAL Bro too early for this wack stuff.
Don't listen to what the others tell you, join us and @PrecisionVal on the Dark Side. #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Retweeted by Noble Apex @LeviathanAG Really trying to farm these impressions.Solid decision, with the Brazilian teams still playing their qualifiers and the potential randomness of a 6 map vet…
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@LeviathanAG @zekkenVAL LOLL 2-0 btw.... @zekkenVAL @LeviathanAG UPDATE 2-0 LOLLL @menace_val @janglerrMenace and Jangler were part of the foundation of this roster. Their impacts were there and I'm truly grateful for… @hazedCS Blows my mind some of the shit I see. Truly @TSM @reltuC Absolute legend and staple to this game.🤞 @NobleGG My day 1🤞
@KingJames Herman Miller @Yazzers @JoshNissan Just have people with taste that follow me. @Yazzers @JoshNissan Poles tell a different story. @lucasVALORANT @JoshNissan It's in the works admin told me about that today.Each platform has there flaws no doubt. Just want to see what my followers like. The last option was taken from the man himself. @JoshNissan @itsfongfongg NO SHOT LOLLLGood news guys. Going to be running internal scrims with my 100 man roster! Thanks, Spike! trolls are the only people in the world to use Spike over @VLRdotgg. LOL
@mintaims @Yazzers Not just us my friend. Big house hold orgs as well. @mintaims @Yazzers Oh it’s coming your just starting to see some of that.More to come from me in the upcoming weeks. Please reach out with questions or ideas. Ready to make Valorant a foundation of esports.I have had in the works a lot of fundamental ideas to help orgs rebound or start with the right foot forward. We al… many Orgs dissolving there Valorant teams. It’s not sustainable at all, the money these Orgs are paying for a la… @theKingFPS_ Need proof kid. @Sliggy_ Absolutely nuts let’s get it dood!Happy to see @Sliggy_ in Iceland. God this is going to be a great LAN. @LiquidValorant @OXG_Esports Good night @OXG_Esports @CoachTrippy @PlayVALORANT This might be reaching but two slots in Practice and a selection for tourneys which would only be 1.. @PlayVALORANT Hello. Requesting a couple things for coaches slots. 1. The ability to move through players with…
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@FionnOnFire @TenZOfficial @Asunaa @leaf_cs Just wait, @zekkenVAL gonna be on that list soon coming in at 16👿 @OfficialfRoD Wishing you the best Frod much love! @aRubyz We’re partners now 🙃 just got mine. @ToKacey Seamless didn’t have a problem. @DepthEsports @HitBox_Hiros @ChippoVal @GrimmFPS Depth background checks @CasperrFPS LOL
@SyykoNT @leaf_cs It's just so good. GG Sent win @leaf_cs LOL @PureRedfish All xset warms go crazy.Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Crappy we… @bturner4559 @avenShaa @coachJVal @FreakazoidA You're right not worth arguing. @coachJVal @FreakazoidA Fish oil has been proven to do more harm then good. @Prainex17 @theKingFPS_ @aRubyz LOLL
Got my shot today. Pfizer gang🤞 @CFD_Jay @NobleGG they have my heart🤞 @sfX_x1 You always do your best and I respect it a ton. @TSM @Subroza @Danucd1 @jumayumin1 @pokelawls @Co1azo @EmadGG @Snip3down @TSM_Myth @TSM_ImperialHal @athxna Where t… @JoshNissan Such a Steel tweet to have the 3rd option😂 @iyencs No shot LOL @menace_val @zekkenVAL @TrickVAL Good old UPL days @menace_val @zekkenVAL @TrickVAL mf was always the demonSo much stuff on my mind right now man. Some good some bad. Going dark for a bit and hitting the lab. Coming back o…
All jokes aside. I had absolutely no experience in gaming, esports, entertainment, nor did I have any experience in…
Retweeted by Noble ApexGGs @SoniqsEsports. Lost 1-2 all 6 pistols we lost. Time to get to work.💪
@Unholykid3 I truly think it is. Take 100t as an example. @Norway_Out @NobleGG Steel is such a legend for that no doubt.