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@L0stAlex @Dark3stVal hey baby girlThe best thing I ever did was stop spending all my time in the valorant scene, hanging out with people IRL and maki…
Bro how you gonna have me bricked up first thing in the morning @DanimalVal @OsiasPH @Nurfed @C0Mtweets Bruh not everyone is famous like you 😭
@khanartistval @NYXL Put me in coach @GhostGaming @seshiriaa_ goated pick up @BrockBaker Yes @zeldrisval @Dark3stVal @EleventeenRL @cohburg @kayavlr @ShyJim_ @DanimalVal lol sorry I didn’t tag you young prodi… @Dark3stVal @EleventeenRL @cohburg @kayavlr @ShyJim_ @DanimalVal Wouldn’t be half the man, player or friend without… @kayavlr @Dark3stVal @EleventeenRL @cohburg @ShyJim_ @DanimalVal Wouldn’t be here today without you as my friend kaya @cohburg My style is Agro, I.e scaling up with op and tp aggressively
@RealStrongLegs @Dark3stVal is the one on the right contemplating jumping @Dark3stVal @katriggered Vouch mfer can swing in 7 languages @katriggered Gl gl @JusticeGG @floodnewk @PlayVALORANT I can guarantee you that’s not me.. @EleventeenRL Down already too late for today but I’m tryna get out of scrims at like 7 or 8 and then go everyday
@Vansilli All wrong watch @Dark3stVal vods @Dark3stVal @daimyoFPS I swear that guy always causin trouble in my name @BoiN1ck My shit ain’t gas anymore I’m washed @BrainBlastVAL @iceeVAL Feel like from what I’ve heard galorants is worse then the open scene idk tho @Junafour Oh okay seems legit @Junafour Wait I’m so confused that seems like so much power for one group to have like if people are given tempora… @EleventeenRL @calicovaI You could do that but then she might leave you when she goes to college @EleventeenRL @calicovaI Bose quiet comforts go hard had these in hs using them for gaming now @harusajin Mommy
@presidentdove @fairyfps this is ur twin I swear @NESORedeye @PlayNESO Also people competing also sacrifice a lot of time to be there regardless of the tournament @NESORedeye @PlayNESO Teams call other teams shit all the time part of competing. If a tournament has poor ruling… @PlayNESO Id be pissed too if I got rounds deducted for typing in a chat, just stop making statements please
@KrakennIV Actually looks so good @kyutie_cat @TSM The hair is fire @KrakennIV serious inquiries only @BoiN1ck I would tho @ShyJim_ @DanimalVal @RealStrongLegs @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz Pieced* @saevalorant @RealStrongLegs @dudeitsaduck @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz Team orgy @RealStrongLegs @dudeitsaduck @saevalorant @cohburg @Dark3stVal @SexyValorant @yazzyxz Too many sexy people on one… @egirlsteve @Jasprrx I like it when you tbag me @Dark3stVal @hypocrtt @TroIIman_ @jakeeVAL @tylerboyy_ @yiinel_ @vinnyvalorant same @JPARKJMC Mfers dont be fuckin with classical music?
@iamhcu nevermind theirs four different ones in this vid @iamhcu Crosshair? @FraggVAL @TroIIman_ ur lucky ur hot @TroIIman_ I need you to @ them @FoxWithAPh Theres a whole lotta crouchspraying in this aimbot clip
@EleventeenRL No @alitheowbot @c4Lypso_ Tbf abdo shit talks in ranked scrims officials whatever, so at least he’s consistent @ShyJim_ @Dark3stVal @Nightmare_VAL @alitheowbot @c4Lypso_ Darkest rn
@karnthc @KrakennIV THATS WHAT IM SAYING WTFFF @siipppss I teach u learn @Dark3stVal @vibesncuddles 😍🥰😜😜😆😅 @vibesncuddles My second and third @ s have boyfriends so ima @Dark3stVal @siipppss Just win lol @Dark3stVal Nice gif nerd @tkitty_1 If you’re immortal you’re already doing better then a lot of players competing is a whole different beas…
@starlovesuu Damn that’s crazy @Nurfed I’m locking Reyna anyways sorry nurfed @seshiriaa_ @Junafour @_Od26 This is what you and agility are like don’t get it twisted
@NethenoobVAL @HarmonyyVAL @Dasnerth Who said anything about Wardell, also getting to radiant with a judge is far e… @kev_fps I chamber diffed u on breeze 😎 fr though I’ve never played with you so @Rex0xo @NethenoobVAL @Dasnerth @HarmonyyVAL The noob title is valid @zillxst @karnthc @KrakennIV It’s okay nothing can hurt me as much as I hurt myself @zillxst @karnthc @KrakennIV Hi zill what does that mean @karnthc @KrakennIV Bro what does this mean @karnthc @KrakennIV Ur like 4’4 on a good day @karnthc @KrakennIV This is why your bad at valorant @karnthc @KrakennIV Don’t lie to me you have no regrets lmaooo @karnthc @KrakennIV Nah u bullied me too @ahrarei Oopsie dasie @karnthc Oh I know, all I remember is @KrakennIV being bullied tho @karnthc Send me a vod then @karnthc Ur good but ur also a bully
@JPARKJMC Ha u suck @calicovaI I realize my original tweet said sniffing, smurfing* with you was one of the most fun experiences and yo… @cle_fable 1 5 2 3 outlines on white will transform the world @jawgemo Your so hot remember me now that your famous @CarbynVAL @EleventeenRL Stop @saevalorant 💕 @jekorfps Young demon as always experience and game sense + comms is gonna push you to the next level @operationfork Bronze demon me on breach u on duelist we win out @CarbynVAL Imo one of those players that just needed to find the right roster sad you retired big man @Junafour I wasn’t gonna say that 😔 @JayGMx Easily one of the best f/a midrounders, loud voice plus a good game sense makes it come naturally to you, I… @saevalorant Actually so fun playing with you a team player that holds yourself accountable is rare, I’d love to se… @EnzoSS_ Timmy disagrees @TroIIman_ Your the tsm defeater and I love playing against you and with you @EnzoSS_ Always fun playing with you but holy fuck…there’s a time and place to lurk and hold flank, besides that yo… @trunkZnopants Haven’t played with you mr trunkz your just really hot @HawkPog Haven’t really played with you in mad long @LouVAL_ You are a very complicated case, I really think you need to pick a role and get really good at it and lear… @FaNbF41 Don’t think I’ve played with you besides once before sorry 😢 @OkeanosQT Really don’t know how your not signed rn, I think your mechanics are insane and you gained that experien… @callmemar_val You have good ideas and aim, just need to be louder PLEASE LOUDER your mid rounding is good just tak… @HotSauceVD No notes u got the girl @NukeProphet Haven’t played with you too much but I feel like I want you to be more vocal, you have the aim that’s… @DREFP5 I feel like I’ve played with you only once or twice but you seemed solid general notes would be comms and game sense @cohburg Your the dumbest smart person I know, all jokes aside your good at almost everything you play (fade) you h… @KillerMillerGG I think you have a good mind for the game and your mechanics are coming along nicely, I’d say be op… @Dark3stVal I don’t understand how you aren’t signed you can play anything proficiently at high levels you can igl…