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existential crisis 24/7

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@yaudahhhlahyaa morning!!!! @ssuprocky hiiii u @Sweetgoion__ wasn't feeling well tp udah okay2 ajaahi hello everyone
@doofensmrtz gimana gimana😭😭🤣!!!! THINGS HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD !!!! on-going thread, reply w/ more and I'll add them on!!!
Retweeted by agnetha @wambohuhu SEEwhy do saturday and sunday mornings feel different than the rest of the other days or is it just methem: you okay? me: im good
Retweeted by agnethahappy birthday @zianosyne 🤍gm
@khansaneira glamazon + smartie @inspiratioed this is so cool😳😳😳 @bluberriela ❤️ @khansaneira 🥺🥺🤍that moment when u cant find something and ur mom comes in and ur heartbeat escalates🤣❗️tips❗️dari pas tanggal 31 kemarin, aku nerapin sleep schedule baru karena capek bobo subuh terus, otak sama fisik…
Retweeted by agnethaada gak ya olshop selaij thrift stores jualan racer jacketThe pretty boys on tiktok be kinda cringed 🥴.Like the lick and smile while singing “sHoRtY a LiL bAdDIE” is like 🥴Y’all like this ?
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btw if you ever caught me doing / saying something wrong please, by all means, do remind me. i’d really appreciate…
Retweeted by agnethaand i apologize for not explaining before hand!!to clarify the matter, nope i did not say the N word!! yes it does look like i did but nope i didnt!! makan solaria td nasi goreng spesialnya lumayan enak @avisienna 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️ @jjjjeremih yESS @avisienna ok what is it2021 kecanduan belajar, amin.
Retweeted by agnetha @looneyfrozz i knew it🥲lets see what i got lesgooo @oddire glamazon & indie emily!!! @chiyoakiraa my forever woman crush rebel
Retweeted by agnetha @cowmeh iya anjir buang2 sabun shampoo dll lg mau nangis gue liatnyaorang2 segabut apasih tolong dijawab ini ape maksudnya bingung aku @crepuscoulo this is so fucking good what the fuck congratulations girl!!!!!!! pemalsuan surat hasil tes PCR Covid-19 yang diperjualbelikan di medsos sempat ramai dan dibahas oleh dr Tirta…
Retweeted by agnetha @riverphhoenix the absolute prettiest ily @ssuprocky AYOK COBA IHHHH</3cita2 forensic psychologist tp keseharian nonton animedont mind me im just HANGRYsiomay supremacytongseng ayam supremacyramen supremacysushi supremacynasi goreng supremacyGUYS I JUST DROPPED SOME SHIRTS ON MY ONLINE SHOP, THEY'RE 150K/PIECE GO CHECK EM OUT, A RETWEET WOULD HELP TOO @/T…
Retweeted by agnetha @looneyfrozz smooth @badgaIdidi beauty🥺❤️bukannya niat banget, im just fucking bored @cannababiess lebih tepatnya gabut sih[fifty][forty-nine][forty-eight][forty-seven][forty-six][forty-five][forty-four][forty-three][forty-two] @F4THERSDAY 😩😩😩😭😂😂😂[forty-one][forty][thirty-nine][thirty-eight][thirty-seven][thirty-six][thirty-five][thirty-four][thirty-three][thirty-two][thirty-one][thirty][twenty-nine] is a protest this is terrorism
Retweeted by agnetha[twenty-eight][twenty-seven][twenty-six][twenty-five][twenty-four][twenty-three][twenty-two][twenty-one] the fuck, its fucking chaos[twenty] @tootiredryan u too king!!the difference is fucking disgusting.
Retweeted by agnetha[nineteen] @icecoldnovember true😪i should gather myself instead im 2 am and daydreaming[eighteen][seventeen] @icecoldnovember broken hearted[sixteen][fifteen] @tootiredryan gm ryan!![fourteen][thirteen][twelve]