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Abiémwénse @aphx_ 🇳🇬🇬🇭 | The Netherlands

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@lyca_nosim ben alweer weg @lyca_nosim lang wachten paDit weer is so satisfying
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @lyca_nosim achja, thanks love @lyca_nosim zit er een beetje doorheen meiscan't lose myself again 🧍🏾‍♀️mentally im too stressed out. @lyca_nosim hoi, je pf is leukik praat quite literally hoe ik typunfortunately i do.📌 really did his thing on this one.Hi guys, this week Clarion claimed they ‘got the balance wrong’ on the Eastfields Estate. Suggesting the disrepair…
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @dxtri_ 🧍🏾‍♀️ @dxtri_ wait what?This 👏🏾
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @746ness happy birthday 💕niggas really showing their asses. good Lord @sauceybihwiths1 📌Mensen die zo praten zijn dezelfde mensen die niet geloven in verkrachting binnen relaties.
Retweeted by Abiémwénseik zie mannen topless in de supermarkt, topless op de fiets en scooter, topless op de stoep lopen.. waar stopt dit…
Retweeted by AbiémwénseAnd I’m feeling good...
Retweeted by AbiémwénseThis has to be my best work to date ✨
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @yesitskayjun i did not like the outcome 🧍🏾‍♀️ @tonysliim uh @dmntla yess ma'am 😌😌this is so me. man why 💀 dysmorphia stays kicking my ass
Retweeted by AbiémwénseZ4L
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @smino ily 😞can smino pls just drop an album :(clap, clap, clap for this pussy nigga but i can't give this pussy to a pussy nigga’t fuel your brains w black traumathe life of the party always 🥳
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @thee_auntie je gaat de mijne haten. ik dm je ja?Oto jo meta ta ti rira wa
Retweeted by Abiémwénsesong is iconic @VlntnVns hear itpussy stay warm, pussy on vacation. you loose bitches need a pussy renovation. @VlntnVns HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAyh a lot of points were madebut i can't give pussy to a pussy niggait's a holiday, play w my pussy day.yh niggas need to stop thinking they can buy or degree themselves out of being a nîgger or being oppressed one i gotta mute call me poc niggа im black
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @swahilibabe teyana taylor i think. her body goes brazy @shefffc @lyca_nosim that's kinda the point... @dejongste08 @VlntnVns ?Thinking it’s a chapter and it’s a long ass authors note<<<<
Retweeted by Abiémwénsethe worst thing on Wattpad was finding a good story that the author was writing as they went along. they'd post an…
Retweeted by Abiémwénseneed a dagger in my chest, that's all have decided that I’m rebranding into a badder bitch
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @lyca_nosim @sonjayvdstreets i know @lyca_nosim @sonjayvdstreets prada ya! @dejongste08 @VlntnVns mhmm @VlntnVns bless you man 💀 @lyca_nosim @sonjayvdstreets JIJ KOMT OOK UIT EEN HOEK @VlntnVns HAHAHAHHAHA FIND SHAME MAN @sonjayvdstreets HUH JE GAAT? @VlntnVns jij en jouw gigantische grote sappige billen gaan gwn slapen! @VlntnVns WAT IS DIT AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAjullie skippen chicks om wat je matties zeggen? trouw gelijk met je matties dan
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @shefffc sameNog steeds even grote hoofd
Retweeted by AbiémwénseCan’t stretch it enough that u ppl need to stop inviting your mates that have 4 allegations to these functions
Retweeted by Abiémwénsegot pretty mutuals frfrCommon Sense 🎣
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @VlntnVns a bit but i aint mad 😏 @VlntnVns you're on JOB today!Money won’t suck my p*ssy either dusja
Retweeted by AbiémwénseDoor zulke tweets vind ik het sws belangrijk om te kijken wat je potentiële partner uitkraamt op sociaal media.
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @oforiwaa__x love that for you man. @smoovyk_ stay on job 🤝look like a 16 year old without makeup @WhitneyJasadam a true naij woman @kpopkech purr bestie! as you shouldi know eggsactly my fit, mhmmm lowkey gassedokokok if my makeup slaps tomorrow, i might take a pic here and therewhat a somehow tweet. fuck you and your daughter, bye 😂.
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Retweeted by Abiémwénse @wageshiB purri aint mad at this one @w1ssal @sauceybihwiths1 there's always a reason for that @missnoage 🤢 @swahilibabe men @dmntla helppp 😩too scary how many guys are properly unaware of consent @VlntnVns oh ja man. i understand why 😳 @VlntnVns so where is it @KingMahirr succes met je zoektocht! @KingMahirr most likely a yoruba woman thenwade in the waterrrrrrrr
Retweeted by Abiémwénse @mxgilb YOOOO 💀 @thee_auntie HQHQHAHAAHAHAH. & that literally does not work for my edges, idk how you do it. i do use it to slick my hair tho @jamtheeclown ja heb t net gebruikt. zag er wel goed uit dus ik ga t zien after i unwrapped it @susuajoke AHAHAHAHAH YO?? @MARTHEESTALLlON letterlijk gwn HAHAHAH @ditisgeenburner purr