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i tweet a lot about music. #blacklivesmatter

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I just want a better life for myself
Retweeted by Awell then van jullie hebben geen tafelmanieren geleerd🤢🤢
Retweeted by AGod said back to senda de mensen met herexamens: Yall got this🥳
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Retweeted by A no.. who hurt this one? lot of y’all thought “defund the police” was just a cute slogan for your instagram story and it’s showing
Retweeted by Ai’m OBSESSED with black women actively rejecting the “strong woman” narrative
Retweeted by AY’all only support ridiculously pretty darkskins. Tired of seeing darkskin girls get so much hate for not fitting s…
Retweeted by A @V_esosa oh @ditisgeenburner okay missstG america isn't real @ditisgeenburner ojaa is vandaag eh 🥺find me where the good things are🌎
Retweeted by ALMAAAOO WHAAATTT?? it's way too early for this shit @pr3cioustaiwo aired with speed and efficiencyLMAAAO□ single □ taken ☑ ma br3
Retweeted by AWho Hurt You? - Daniel Caesar
Retweeted by Ai’m so private. moving things in silence!!! did y’all know i’m private? doing big things in private? i’m so private…
Retweeted by Aion know*People are actually sleeping in this heat, I can’t believe it.
Retweeted by A @Rashancl ain't no way you know all these people?Heavy on the supporting my friends but when it’s me... lol
Retweeted by Aion half of these ppl 💀 @pr3cioustaiwo your tastebuds are horrible @nnenna_ozzie we can only thank God 🙏🏾 @jnnthomas 🤝🤝 @rtm_huncho LOOOOOLLL sorry @yeaaight8 hope i'll get to that point thenHe ACTUALLY killed people but it was this shit that disgusted me
Retweeted by Aif i was lilllll bit more secure in my body. chai, it would be ovaaa @rtm_huncho this wasn't dark... or funny 🤭It's been 150 days since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police in her own apartment.
Retweeted by AAll this because she asked him to leave her appartement after a party
Retweeted by A @jnnthomas this weather can't handle my wap****aesthetic twitter is at it again @rtm_huncho times 2 in the highest degree. what a shit subject man @_nicmko 😍😍😍Late night media ytkvvv
Retweeted by A @rtm_huncho don't even do psychology but i completely understand. JesuIf 2020 was a Psychology module, It would be Research Methods and Statistics.
Retweeted by A @MELiSSABREEZY_ is jullie mattie btwHet menu van dit weekend!🤩
Retweeted by A“only ugly girls wear makeup in this weather” but your tongue looks like it has privilege? i remove your airpod fro…
Retweeted by A @nnenna_ozzie wtf what??? you okay?? @_faythez gorgeous 🥺#NewProfilePic
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@ditisgeenburner same @ditisgeenburner 🥺 @mrod1_ she's getting better, thanks for the prayer! & thank you 💕💕💞💓Campaign shoot for Doll Beauty Shot by IG:Jamesrudland
Retweeted by Ai know im not the only person who get mad when somebody comment on yo stuff like y’all talk😭
Retweeted by A“Dit maar dan als vrienden”
Retweeted by A @depressicaxo thank you dear 🥺🥺 @depressicaxo iwl i have no bloody idea?! 😣😣 @depressicaxo same @ditisgeenburner awh so cute @ditisgeenburner already read it LMAAAOOOOO @lyca_nosim ik pay dit x. not up for debate iwl @symplyJas it's so funny when people underestimate me 🤣🤣African uncles really be borderline rapey fr
Retweeted by ADit moet echt stoppen!!!
Retweeted by AHi its me again x
Retweeted by Aguys I’m so happy my skin has improved so much and I feel so comfortable in my skin for once in such a long time
Retweeted by A @_IAMDKx gefeliciteerd l!gonna go to bed now. im too tired 😣 @DeeMilano069 oh mbn👍🏾 vriendschappen mogen niet dieper dan jullie principes gaan
Retweeted by ADo not let this go unnoticed
Retweeted by A @ClothildeM_ i'm so sorry bubbs 🥺Dit zijn dezelfde mannen die later hun ooms en vaders beschermen die hun dochters hebben verkracht
Retweeted by A @mzmarisaa oh no sissigh 😣 be checking my phone like someone care bout me lol
Retweeted by A @dutchprincxss hodeMen being mad at the concept of women’s only gyms and saying it’s dramatic. Okay. Why should the absence of women i…
Retweeted by A @pr3cioustaiwo who doesn't?i still can't do this. i've given up so glad the only complaint I’ve seen about JAGUAR is that it’s too short! 😍 good news is there is a lot more ✨😌
Retweeted by AAaliyah painting process 🖌
Retweeted by A @YANAKX 💕🎉🎉YK turns 21💕 thank you for the most lovely bday wishes, appreciate yous all💕
Retweeted by AHappy 55th Birthday to one of the greatest actresses of all time, Viola Davis 🖤
Retweeted by AWaarom willen jongens altijd een applausje voor de bare minimum? “Ik ben zo niet” as u shouldn’t
Retweeted by Alate night & misunderstood but where's part 3??? who suddenly discover feminism because their girlfriends or wives just "gave birth to a girl" still don't get i…
Retweeted by Athis right here is a whole lotta me“I like my girls quiet and non opinionated” okay leave me alone then freak
Retweeted by AI’m a very intelligent and opinionated young woman. I’m calculated, well spoken and I’m very vocal when it comes to…
Retweeted by A @sonjayvdstreets awhhh @Rhodaaax bro. is te heftig manFlew ourselves to Greece 🤍✈️
Retweeted by Amannen reageren “niet zo toch pa 🤣” en denken ja man genoeg activism for the day ❤️
Retweeted by Aand that's why ion post on here