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Apidaez @Apidaez Alberta, Canada

22 | F/A Immortal Flex @PlayVALORANT for @ManILoveFwogs | business inquires:

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summer is just like i am so happy i am so depressed i have nothing to do i have too many things to do i want to go…
Still searching for a coaching spot in Valorant.....I'm starting to heal from my ER visit a few weeks ago and looki…
Retweeted by Apidaez @SundownVAL he’s right there! like close! :-)yes
Retweeted by Apidaez @Clyfen_ @Rifutosho @connor_nitebike thank you clyfen🥺
@DannJurek turn on photo tagging next time smhcant see the haters with our shades on ha ha things just will never make sense
We’re in for some killer games today! 🔥 Make sure to tune into Day 2 of #VCT Game Changers Academy presented by…
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Man I Love Fwogs will be playing in VCT Game Changers Academy today with @chloe_gaming7 subbing in for @cle_fairy
Retweeted by ApidaezNo one: @cch0_val: “ I literally wanna wear a diaper” Everyone: “???” @cch0_val : “.. for tournaments?”VCT Academy today with my girlfriends @ManILoveFwogs. Time to click heads 🐸🤍 @Liquid_Casper @JennahLeland casper, stopFinish on your foes. Rub out a clutch play with the Cum Collection, arriving this Wednesday.
Retweeted by Apidaez @chloe_gaming7 W’s all day😈 always wonder if people from my past regret losing me or if they really just didn’t think I was that special to begin with.
Retweeted by Apidaez @riversan LOOOL wtf
@nataIiey dude ME TOO. @cle_fairy spit in my mouthDark Sage? 🖤❤️
Retweeted by Apidaez @danii my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now dani. i’m so sorry for your loss, and if you… should call her
Retweeted by ApidaezAPEX STREAM @nate_yeww no just in general @turntdais oh you did THAT😍 @tryliife @ellietwitches @Rifutosho i want a new melee🥺🌃 NIGHT MARKET VALORANT POINT GIVEAWAY 🌌 1 $100 VALORANT Point Giftcard (Paypal also available) ✅ Like and Retwee…
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i used to say “fuck edating”. my opinion has shifted to “no seriously, fuck edating” :-) @emijuju_ i want that hoodie.. where.. pls.. tell me @nateschanker dude... what @xoxCheIs hi oh my😍Fangirling over how many women compete in @ValorantEsports #VCT Game Changers 🤯 NA: 32 teams SEA: 55 teams Brazil…
Retweeted by Apidaez @ellietwitches @Zoessielol yes x10🥺watch out.. haha😈 ur valorant gameplay
what stream ya’ll want tonight?time doesn’t always mean healing. time means preparing yourself to just keep going, because some people never chang… @EveryoneH8Chris @ManILoveFwogs awe🥺 @PlayVALORANT @juv3nileow forever @Clyfen_ @Drew_Invests me and clyfen are in love @Clyfen_ no pls..due to not wanting to, i will not. thanks. @Rifutosho @marcoluka_ @croosh_ marco luka on repeat rn on god @SnoodFN me pls @root7K @FragsPOG you said winnerS. plural. with an s. i want the collection as well thank you.due to personal reasons i need to b kissed rn
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ranked @DekyFPS MAN I LOVE FWOGS TO THE MOOOOON @danii god ur hot
Retweeted by ApidaezLIVE for VCS @EMUHLEET @ManILoveFwogs thank u🤍Still LFT -Experience on every agent -Prefer Sova/Skye -Can flex any agent like & rts appreciated🤍
Retweeted by ApidaezToday we will be playing in VCS and it will be our first tournament with our flex fwog @Apidaez ! 🐸 Come show your…
Retweeted by Apidaezfirst tournament today with my girls @ManILoveFwogs. W’s all day! @Rifutosho no no no no. being a prisoner in a hotel for $800 when u come back to ur country is definitely worse... can vouch.
does anyone else have that one person that you’d do anything on earth for
Retweeted by Apidaez @Rifutosho it’s u and me in chicago... @Rifutosho here’s one of ur photos, ur welcome @danii no YOU. i love you @thebairwitch a tide pod for sure
@Rano_ezpz @juv3nileowheaded back home today. ready to put all of me back into valorant. ping definitely is a choker, but i won’t let tha… @ellietwitches @Galorants that’s not me.... nopeyou differently. your boundaries are not an act of unkindness and are always relevant. people treating you with res… are still necessary even with people who do nice things for you or are really nice to you. i know someti…
@mel_anji so sorry for your loss mel, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now.🤍 @kxtieoh yes please:) @Rifutosho miss u already hunter😔🤍
@alyssakulani i’m on my way! @flowerful_ ur gorgeous!
@qtpanini people that do this are insensitive and make it look like they have a different motive, fuck them lolpeople joking about being trans and LFT to play in womens tournaments & other people finding it funny lmao. mentally ill
Retweeted by Apidaezif you don’t fuck with Yoshi, don’t talk to me.IM REALLY GOOD AT MINI GOLF RIGHT?
15 ping compared to 60 means i’m 4x better ong @root7K OK WHO TF IS THAT SERIOUSLY
playing valorant’ll let u all guess what happened from this photo..
@BunnyhuhVAL @seshiriaa_ @chloe_gaming7 @Laysix_ @raveslutt @annettaaval raze and reyna demon👀 @LichVAL never... until today @Junafour LOL @Sticeyzx @root7K ok time seeing the ocean🥺 @root7K who is that....
flying is SO pretty and SO fun. who knew? baby yeah baby fuck baby fuck
Retweeted by Apidaez @Rifutosho didn’t even tag me in the tweet... couldn’t be that important 😔 @LemayMusic_ it’s all closed rn feels bad @SymbioticVAL my flight isn’t until 1pm @Justinovah i’ve never flown and this is 9 hours of flying... massive Ldo i drink before / on the plane to keep my anxiety at a minimum or take medication that’ll make me sleep?🥲i fucking love chickens
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@cle_fairy ur hot kiss me @BellBopper @Justinovah @root7K he has been obsessed with this song idk what to tell youcovid test negative! we out of here TOMORROW✈️🤍