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snake szn
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@MarkyWap 9/10 clip, would've been 10 if you killed the guy fris there FE Halo.. asking for a friend?Hop on Valorant
Retweeted by Apidaez @Jesheetv none of that worked for me LMFAOHALO FIX YOUR SHIT SERVERS. IVE BEEN BANNED 3 TIMES NOW FOR DC'ING EVEN THOUGH YOUR GAME IS POORLY OPTIMIZED AND YO… deserve nothing, you earn it. A little bit of my story past 5 years. Read:
Retweeted by Apidaezvalorant ranked with @justwic3 @ExaltVAL @Rifutosho DRAKE? @navcard_ i cant change it now though LOL @neemamahmoodi honestly makes my tweet look really scuffed or like a sponsor but that was not intended what so ever lmfao @Rifutosho NO WAY YOU SUBTWEETED ME LMFAO
It’s a privilege being able to compete. Don’t take it for granted and fuck up
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Retweeted by Apidaez @aheartout i totally get what you’re saying. honestly i think do whatever you are comfortable with and communicate… @fairyfps vouch. preach. say it louder fr. @turntdais is it hot when a girl is good at a game? lmk.. @Dety0 that’s why i ask first and generally whoever i’m playing with is reading / connecting with my chat as well.…’d say it’s rude if you don’t ask whoever your playing with if they are alright with it first. otherwise this is a…
Yeah I open carry
Retweeted by ApidaezHere is the DEFINITIVE Breeze callout map. Any other map that you see online or used in game is wrong.
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story of my life, what a dumb book.’s going on chamber kills me and TPs away so i don’t get traded
@BenevolenceFPS good stuff zach @ExaltVAL feel better Drake. glad it’s not covid though😵‍💫 @fairyfps @diaamondTV vouch @shelbygervais very hot! good job!halo ranked’m done going out on thanksgiving eve
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Retweeted by ApidaezReposting w/o the Twitter crop 🙌🏼 (1/2 Sage + Jett)
Retweeted by Apidaez @BenevolenceFPS @shiontodoTTV this is CLEAN asf @lavagrll now this is epic @Momiji_VAL tbh 10/10 ngl 🥵 @bbgKirito huge flexhalo is love. halo is life.follow @VforVendettaVAL and my exceptionally talented teammates: @bbgKirito @kaaylen_ @jenvalorant @kazzz_xmy team is so cracked. we’re all dedicated and just want to grind to get better. it makes me so happy. my mental is… @kaaylen_ yes kay. please keep fragging in our scrims you demon. you’re so hot and ily @GodSwante no way you tweet this before our scrim LMFAO
pee after esex or youll get an hdmi
Retweeted by Apidaez @Creakzzz moist @TerpsVAL first off grateful* second off i’m goated at halo and third ily @xoxCheIs @alexe1337 6-17 sexist killjoy😍
I made one
Retweeted by Apidaez @BenevolenceFPS wow @Rifutosho ur hotnew layout and i’m using my face cam. insanity. @PhysiFyee @Rifutosho did he send proof? send it to me so i can make sure… haha @xoxCheIs 1 for suredon’t post LFS then hop into a lobby with me and make me wait 10-15 for your 4th or 5th player. IM NOT PLAYING A LOBBY SIMULATOR. omg.
@HitBox_Hiros i’m a viper stan idc @Creakzzz u just ruined my childhoodand all this time i thought you all liked my valorant clips😔😔the only way to get interactions on twitter is to post ass from what i’ve been toldNOOO THEY CAUGHT BRO
Retweeted by Apidaez @rxedyn 1 game off diamond 1😳😤💯 @Rifutosho ur hardstuck iron 2 and i’m in your bio shut up hunter before i KISS you @Rifutosho it’s because he saw me duo with someone else! sorry ya’ll!new bio check🥱🥶 @ha1eyquinn NICE! @TerpsVAL WAIT… YES IT IS LIKE THIS @fairyfps chamber whores make me emotional😔ranked with @BenevolenceFPS @BlackHeartVAL see u back in april fragging, best of luck in school❤️ @Momiji_VAL u dont. ur stuck. forever.i really don’t like chamber or anyone who plays him. stop one tapping me with ur OP sheriff and TP’ing away in ur gold suit u fuck.
some people really be living in the past as if it’s something anyone can change. move on, move forward. @KingFPS__ and…. @WhereRtheMilfs @Rifutosho vouch @Casperrfps dude i don’t know i got a drink last and it was called a shaft and it was SO GOOD lmfao @KingFPS__ can we please play fortnite rnRT to get a shaftIt's M to the B, it's M to the B It's M M M M M to the B It's M to the B, it's M to the B BangDONT 👏 CALL 👏 YOURSELF 👏 A 👏 TRUE 👏 HALO 👏 FAN 👏 IF 👏 YOU 👏 CANT 👏 SHOVE 👏 A 👏 LIFE 👏 SIZED 👏 MASTER 👏 CHIEF 👏 FIGURE 👏 UP 👏 YOUR 👏 ASS 👏
Retweeted by Apidaez @TerpsVAL who cares fuck em @iLxke i swear it happens to me some days to an extreme lolanyone else 1. laugh when they use a judge, 2. zone out mid round and 3. have weird reactions to the fact you were… to spread awareness
Retweeted by Apidaez @takeafliqht @iLxke don’t give me that tyler @iLxke
@_7solo the ginger ale LMFAO @TerpsVAL lov u🤍 @999LKS was this :-) @katriggered GL kill it! @Momiji_VAL aw @BazziVAL @BazziVAL hi bazzii love you, stupid @LemayMusic_ @connor_nitebike you wanna kiss me too shut up @connor_nitebike u wanna kiss me so bad omgwhoever said guys and girls cant just be friends clearly dont know shelby. that bithc is fucking as dumb as they come i could never
Retweeted by Apidaez @rxedyn reminded x2 @GodSwante :sad: @akaFrizzle ya, F @iLxke sameanyone else?“yOu dOnT tExT bAcK” Lmao I know, stop texting me
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@Rifutosho :)