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76 APPLE πŸ—£οΈ πŸ’― @aplwtf harry, police, fingers, cheese

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@OQuN_ON @aplwtf2 kk after this solo q @zacharyviramon1 @aplwtf2 SAME @zacharyviramon1 @aplwtf2 faxs @aplwtf2 me me i wanna play valorant with you ur so sexy
@YoVal__ πŸ’― @wolfiecindy stop it @red_optics sure @red_optics @ConsequenceYT @dlphin32 WOAH @ParallelTid @aplwtf2 wtf who is that @ConsequenceYT i was in da stream i remember that @loxwtf @FaZeSway mf you stole this as well @YoVal__ faxs @ConsequenceYT @OnePercentHQ V @stfucharlie @FingersTV @YoVal__ what the fuck @OMGItsEthann_ @vxrtgo idk but its weird @MuggyyHQ of course @red_optics yes much pog @OMGItsEthann_ @vxrtgo vxrtgo is one of the most suspicious hackers on twitter he has me blocked but one time he hi… @cheeswtf actually maybe David Dobrik @OMGItsEthann_ nope i think harry is the best maybe sirloin @OMGItsEthann_ @vxrtgo gg to your internet @Police_car1 i did before pandemic @OMGItsEthann_ no @cheeswtf @isneeo @OMGItsEthann_ and a human @qtAlexiaa hell no @Police_car1 yea @FingersTV used to play ipad games that my best friend introduced me to then played csgo bc my friends in middle sc… @OMGItsEthann_ a food @Juhwane_ yea it sux but once you start getting a higher rank you actually get competent teammates @OMGItsEthann_ pranav @cheeswtf dont watch him a lot but ive seen some of his cod stuff b4 @ConsequenceYT @cheeswtf also the loser above me @cheeswtf Cody Ko @CrypticNo facts @Juhwane_ genetics 😈 @FingersTV @Police_car1 @Police_car1 yes @FingersTV @stfucharlie i wanna see though 🀀🀀🀀 @FingersTV @stfucharlie you were being serious about that wtf lmao @FingersTV @stfucharlie never asked before headass lmao @FingersTV @stfucharlie do it then pussy @rrushspeed arrows go off the map (totally not speaking from experience) @arfuh see ya @stfucharlie @FingersTV πŸ’― @FingersTV @stfucharlie no the answer is always no @YoVal__ @SubToForer YEOOOOOOO LMAOOOOOOOOO @FingersTV @stfucharlie how many times do i have to tell you that i dont fucking care @FingersTV @stfucharlie shut the fuck up pls @FingersTV @stfucharlie @YoVal__ @snowsIiding its not what it looks like @FingersTV @stfucharlie who care not me @stfucharlie yes @snowsIiding photoshop @snowsIiding nah @cheeswtf chillin in da woom @OMGItsEthann_ im not @FingersTV from you big daddy @Donnowrld i love you too @qtMocha because yes @hobswtf fine @YoVal__ because boredill answer every question you ask me on this tweet @FaZeSway will you respond @Scopedlol yo scoped how u been @iamblackbear prove it @loxwtf down bad @Scopedlol hope u feel better @Police_car1 food fuck yeah @StableRonaldo stable ronaldo stole my tweet i thought this day would never come @zibasim @LilNasX true @ConsequenceYT @vurpp @ped4l you right @ConsequenceYT @vurpp @ped4l go con go!!! @ClixHimself do it then haha @astrotme . @TweaksOT @orangie @nCaustic_ man. @SerpentAU 1 following and it’s me wow i’m so honored @Tuiifn POG
@pikdotexe im just joking ily @pikdotexe it stands for please shut the fuck up πŸ™ @pikdotexe πŸ’ž @MuzFN NOOOOOOO ;( he had just followed me as well @xBillings_ billings stream lets fucking GOOOOO @super_sophia11 LMAO @super_sophia11 there i finished your next tweet for you @super_sophia11 hi @TweaksOT @itsJerian @zayt jerian has banger replies @ParallelTid @velocity simp! @ParallelTid @wavyjacob1 @play_Enterprise tid noti @xBillings_ @lIoydie noti #billingsnoti @UniqueTaIent nah u good lmao was targeting a certain type of individual @ParallelTid @isneeo @TweaksOT only hard ratio'd me with a reply to a reply πŸ˜… @rift2kyt pain @Goulzzy block me πŸ˜πŸ‘ @ParallelTid @TweaksOT am i famous now @ParallelTid @TweaksOT rip notis @TweaksOT dawg???? @qtAlexiaa directly @wavyjacob1 @play_Enterprise grats my broeif you got this emoji πŸ¦‹ in your name, please shut the fuck up @LanjokTV what the fuck wait what