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@Ninfa_dp @stcymsn is AMAZING, highly recommend!
i painted the fleabag i love her weird face so much gosh
@MattGambell I probably think about this comic randomly like, 4 or 5 times a week. @nicterhorst @oryozema omg this is sooo cute :3 @CPHigson I should have added the credit to the first post and am kicking myself for not doing so, so I'm going to… @jenncurran Thank you!! Living my cyberpunk dream ✨ @corecorina Awh this is so nice, Corina! I remember that evening, it was great! You were awesome to chat with and get to know :D @AShellinthePit @sarahrols omg congraT holy shit I mean so well deserved yall. @JeanLeggett Haha I think about this comic SO much. You too, happy Galentine's gaaaal! :) @Shamstam @Guillustrator Ahhh this is amazing omg!!! Well I'm... sorry it was kinda spoiled for you? But I hope it… @LeishaRiddel OOF yeah! @ca3studio Cool, I'll check it out, thanks! Another of his games has been cited by people in this thread, too! @K_Digest Man, same. Playing that in 2002 my mind was absolutely blown. @metaphlame Wow that's really powerful. :.I Thanks for sharing that story. I'm sure that was years ago, but condole… @nightsharkss Oh yeah this is a very good one!!! Such a magical feeling, so much possibility! @samuraidan Ahah I had that exact same experience, and you're spot on, totally captivating. That "Woaaah I'm both u… @mallorycktaylor I don't think that's basic at all! The Sims is SO good at rewarding curiosity, play, and delightin… @BigChambowski I forgot about this one and it's VERY good, yeah! @tomscott90 Aw yeah the first few times playing Minecraft are especially magical. @tydaspy_PAXwest This is really nice, thanks for being a nice person. You're cool. :> @AndreaaCW @OliverSnyders Ahh this is a very good one, I know that feel too 🌟 @Shamstam omg are you for realComic credit @CPHigson !valentine's day 2020 mood
@FlorianVltmn Who's to say you don't! I dunno man you make good stuff!!! >:D @lysandraws shit I gotta play this huh SO MANY GAME TO PLAY @FlorianVltmn Absolutely, I agree! I've been thinking about this a lot as well. I think it can be specifically desi… @freshsqueezedg @Danielleri Omg I feel you. I had an actual crush on Alistair, A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. It was so embarrassing. @Coyotegrey That's so beautiful, thank you for sharing. I hadn't heard of 9.03m and I'm going to play it, it looks really special. @beesborger That doesn't suck, that's a great answer! There's a common thread here of games that really push scale/… @jmarlinmusic Splatoon is so underrated, truly. @dudelongcouch @Danielleri Ahhh, that's super special. It's cool to know you can be an adult and still capture that feeling. @Zhinse @Danielleri Yesss! I remember playing FF7 for the first time with my brother, and us literally screaming wi… @aaronlinde This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I mean, I bet you already have, too! :> @joliemenzel Nah this is awesome! I think TES games were always really good at peppering a very small amount of tot… @The8Digital Somehow I missed KOTOR!!! :.0 I don't know how, I was a huge Bioware nerd. Do you think it'd hold up o… @adamthreetimes YESIt's so precious that we can be grown adults, have seen and made so much, and still have these feelings of experien… response to "what game moments made you feel wonder". As an adult, I sometimes worry that the TRULY special,… @Calliko Clearly they bottled some magic in HZD, so many people have fond experiences with it in the thread. So nice, so nice. :.) @Alyatirno Hadn't heard of this, looked it up, and WOW this looks really lovely. Gonna try it out for sure. @RemyAroundTown Ahh I remember you telling me about this the first time you did, too! C: @FlorianVltmn I haven't played Outer Wilds yet but clearly need to! So many people have had good experiences from s… @MrAlexBethke @BeatSaber Ahhh this is a great one, both from a player and gamedev appreciate standpoint. :) @gtjuggler Gosh so many mentions of Outer Wilds I finally need to play it huh!! I'm excited C:1st time you play Persona 5, it states the story & characters are purely fictional. You can agree/disagree. When I… @disco_jill Yesss, this is SUCH a good example! That happened to me too; it was so NEW and WEIRD and a perfectly de… @samuraidan Hmm yeah I could totally see how it won't be everyone's cup of tea! If you *generally* like D&D-esque R… @tuncOfGrayLake Two whole months, that must have been brutal! Did the rest help, are you better now? :<This is a classic, but Journey was a big one for me. I knew NOTHING about it going in. I played with the other per… is an experience you've had in a game where you felt genuine 🌟WONDER🌟? A sense of awe & magic; the kind of fee…
@samuraidan Have you played it? How do you like it? :> @ArchaicJohn Thanks so much!! :.) @samuraidan Not finished it yet, but so far I ADORE it. Has the same heart as oldschool RPGs I loved (like Baldur's… @neomonki Well if givin' high fives is anything like playing Disco Elysium, I am prepared to deliver: CLUNKY-TO-MODERATE
@Syncos2 Thanks Miiiiike! <3Cuz OF COURSE when you can't use your good hand, your brain cooks up exciting ideas and projects you want to start.… back online after a week of rest⭐️ With my xtra time I: - read books - woke up at 6am/went to yoga daily - quit… @cyceratops @punktvr @gtjuggler I AM FUCKING SMITTEN GET IT GET IT GET IT @cyceratops @punktvr @gtjuggler EXCUSE ME
@TreverBerryman thank youuuu!!!! 💜😭 @BourassaArt Ah good call! I always ice my neck (cintiq messed it up years back) and hadnt considered it for my arm, thx for the idea! @JonRemedios ugh yeah its like your body sees you doing well and throws a wrench in its own machinery 😤 sorry to he… @TreverBerryman these are GREAT suggestions, thank you so much trever!! @midiankai omg haha thank you??? I hope Hogarth Senpai notices me @Miffy495 Oh gosh this is so pure. :.) @MakeMuchStudios That is definitely the most villainous act the goose commits, for sure. @Guillustrator Oh right!! This is a great suggestion, ty!! @DevRelCallum Aw nice, good to know! And thanks friend. 💜In the interim - I would LOVE suggestions for video games one could reasonably play with their non-dominant hand!… drawing hand has been feeling a bit weird. Last night I found a LUMP in the joint of my knuckle. A bit freaked o… @AndreaaCW I like how that tweet is basically "ARE U A WOMAN Y/N??" @DreamingMks For sure! It is a sweet and cathartic lil romp. :3
Today I had the distinct pleasure of describing the Untitled Goose Game to someone who had never heard of it. Shar… @AShellinthePit This is so awesome. It's also been so cool to see your journey over the months and this really heal… @Rajio After 15 years of ARDENTLY washing my rice, one day I just stopped doing it. And I have to say. I don't rea…
I see this is hitting alt right twitter so I'm going to mute and just say: If your fear makes you lose your humani… @baph0meth It's not racist to be scared and worried about a disease outbreak. It is racist to hate Chinese people. It's pretty simple. @tonykstanley It's not perfect but it's better than nothing. I swear to god if I get any racist apologists in my mentions trying to "um actually" me I will block you so fas… about the Corona Virus? Here are some tips to stay safe! ✅DO wash your hands ✅DO sanitize objects you tou…
@carriesloane Thanks so much, Carrie! I've always felt a bit weird about my style so it's nice to hear :.) @nickjgraves The best shape~! @MikeWardDraws Yep, all freehand! I'd say it's 70% brushstrokes, then I hit the more important hard edges with the… @hamzahneo Yep! I can never get triangle texture / scatter brushes to look right - freehanding em takes a bit longe… @K2theSwift Thank you, it was super fun! :D @JoelBurgess Thanks Joel! 😊 Man I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I'd like to do a card game or board game...! @AvivaMaiArtzy Thank you!! :D @adamthreetimes thanks friend!!!!! :D @Pioldes Aw thanks friend! Lately I've been really liking Sparth's square brushes (which are totally, totally meant…'s a couple juccy detail shots because I really got in there. I did the #toonmechallenge and it was so fun!! >:3 #toonme
@legobutts Ya correct! I don't know wtf those are. They aren't even tarts!!! @legobutts @Graham_LRR @tha_rami Butter tarts are totes a Canadian thing and some people are SUPER into them, but T…
@swordsnarrative Honestly I kinda did too! Or was hoping, at least. I personally don't love the high budget flashin…
@blankdave @legobutts yes i neeD it @ziplock9000 aw dip really i thought this is the scene where magneto here takes the serenity to caprica to finally… @Bruinraven Q moves into the competing vineyard next door. Shenanigans ensue. Riker shows up occasionally to inexpl… @The149thBishop @Danielleri This would be incredible. Still cast John de Lancie ofc.