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@Twitch Partner | 18 | Immortal 3 shitter | Valorant cc for @OfficiaIDevour

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@DerpDream idk shits gotta be a myth @ItsImaCarrot Im right here @LIDSKIZ smelly in a... good way :) @LIDSKIZ HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SMELLY GAMER!!!ITS HOLIDAY SEASON BABY @kayvalorant All the time @kayvalorant aint no way people think your 21 and saying happy birthday LMFAO
@snhuz undefeatable you say πŸ‘€ i’m down @webbslie LMFAO @snhuz Thats fucked but also SHEESH @sagemommy_69 Nerfed battle sage buffed pocket sage @divorcexo Mission lvl : Impossible @HayMartinn LMFAO2026 will be different @punzopng no usa is losing not like i expected anything else but still T-THope was giveth and taketh lolNOOOO @TaikiHino @sevuh_ I said this in vc before you tweeted it @sevuh_ confirm this pls @TaikiHino @sevuh_ I was first get good 😎 @sevuh_ Make you cry 😭
@gnatto_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @LudwigAhgren @FairlyGab Just aim and you'll love it @jelloannaa 5'6 on a good day @sagemommy_69 The fact that I know some people are gonna take this reply seriously πŸ’€ @sagemommy_69 WAIT REALLY!?!? MY WHOLE LIFES A LIE 😭 @ihyviper you trippin @ddoubledom1 i don’t think that was the main reason because icebox and pearl have the same issue @Storm5Mario doesn’t bother me map was boring @nateschanker @XSET best of luck nate, can’t wait to see what you do next!!! πŸ’œThey’re removing breeze wtf 😭 @QuarterJade CONGRATS!!!! @kyedae Happy birthday πŸŽ‰ @Greninja hi hi @starboyceleste hey stephen 😳 (With rizz) @HayMartinn I shake my salads but mix my bowls
The chamber nerf's are so beautiful I can finally play the game 😩 @Sarsarcha @902Creed its a good question @dolomerk @OfficiaIDevour I'm a insta lock jett 🫑 @ilexxiee NO SHOT.... @Peytaltlive my comprised immune system can’t relate @Peytaltlive /J @Peytaltlive my bad let me just insta recover from covid next time 🫑 @iH8uJay Where tf is yes??? @s0mcs KAY/O after that round @Class 4th one >>> @ItsImaCarrot Me Ill make you look straight out a horror filmmy fluffy boy 😻
IM LIVE AGAIN WOOOOO VALO WITH @LIDSKIZ twitch dot tv slash sevuh_
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@jasminericegirl What about her? πŸ˜” @sagemommy_69 Lmk if you find someone I need this @sagemommy_69 Easy just play valorant ranked @divorcexo HOLY SHEESH CHILL BRO GOD DAM @Governor_Val Get shaders pls @ElainaExe @Eret Love you both!!! ❀️ @madeofjade Happy birfday!!!IM ALIVE???? Finally feeling better πŸ™ @vana__nz I'm safe LFG @Sarhmarie @flexinja It came out really good SHEESH
@ahad @NativeGaming Congrats!!! @ItsImaCarrot No @nateschanker Happy birthday!!! @Average_Jonas This is so beautiful I might need to go skiing in Norway one day @vipersaurusrex hi @natasukashii @t9ler rip leah @junniehime I would most likely either thrive or die @xirenaa_ Yes @lumbogg 🫑 @daiseehue Happy birthday!!! @Class @brevax Manga > anime 99% of the time take your shit opinions elsewhere
@DyIanNova Just saw this but Happy birthday!!! (Sorry im late T-T) @ClassifyAlt bro LMFAO @Class yes @Justcallme_Vixx Ultimate power!!! @str4wberry you did not... @derivakat SHEESH
I miss juice 😭 @xirenaa_ Get a gojo body pillow @kayvalorant NAW WHAT THE HELL 😭😭 @mazooter @xoxabstract I love you bro πŸ’œ @xoxabstract Is it bugged why can i see this??? @yoimdelta @Pikaclicks in 😩 @HayMartinn halesSMP @Pikaclicks I would be so down if you would have me I need something new to grind and have fun with
@ellitt_tv @vGumiho ellitt better watch out before i put a collar on you