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@rubenharris @davidgoggins 🔥🔥🔥🔥Apply for a new job where you can help build the future and take back the system: @WarrenDavidson Appreciate you always fighting the good fight, Warren! @zachweinberg That’s the point - you can’t just pick either. You have to actually do the work to figure out the tru… @zachweinberg You’re proving my point. Your world view is based on intellectual laziness that relies on googling an… @zachweinberg Please tell me what you think inflation is right now? @zachweinberg Lol USDX (what you’re talking about in prior tweet) is stable but relative comparison to other curren… @zachweinberg Thinking the dollar is stable in purchasing power terms is completely insane. 40% of all dollars in… @zachweinberg Less than 10% of the $1.9 trillion actually goes to help people. Plus, I’m not arguing that giving p… @zachweinberg Go back and read what I wrote last March/April. The liquidity crisis, the asset price inflation, be… @TomSchuIz @zachweinberg Yes, exactly.
@shortblockstack @modestproposal1 It is both, but you are correct interest rates play big role. @modestproposal1 Well we can start here: 1) do you believe all socioeconomic classes experience same inflation rat… @modestproposal1 Add in the fact that the lowest socioeconomic classes likely experiencing 6-10% inflation right no… @modestproposal1 So the $4 trillion of past stimulus, which wasn’t really given to the people, didn’t solve the pro… @VeganMarine_ You mean all these times I’ve said it? @GoingParabolic @fewocious 👀👀👀👀 @KpNews13 @TheStalwart @stephendpalley If they wanted to help people, they wouldn’t pass a $1.9 trillion package wi… @modestproposal1 I’ve learned a lot from you over the years but I think you’re drastically misunderstanding the sit… @modestproposal1 You can’t argue personal income is up, savings is up, and people are in pain. Either they’re bette… @JoePompliano @saquon 🔥🔥🔥🔥Saquon Barkley is now officially a Bitcoiner. @mcuban So would it be fair to state ~ $90B in interest from 1.5% x ~ $6T in stimulus over last 12 months? Add in… @mcuban Agreed on interest rates, but not sure I agree on stimulus not having impact too. Sounds like you’re more…, I've said my peace about the stimulus package. Do your own research. Decide for yourself. You know where I s… @Frances_Coppola You must not being paying attention. Here are a few examples where I said not to do it:… @drewskilee7 I was yelling louder than anyone that they shouldn't bail out the corporations or airlines last year. Check the receipts :) @neikkoe I am the first person to explain that everyone should get financially educated and should have investable… @AuroraCordeira If I give you $5 but make the goods that you buy cost $8 more, I didn't help you. I actually made y… @jdcmedlock The unemployment insurance is less than people were already getting, so technically they cut the insura… @TheStalwart Thanks for highlighting the difference between the financial media and the market participants. Anyon… equation is simple: The government prints money, asset prices are inflated, rich people make money, and 45% of… @theFinnish_Sisu @GerberKawasaki between you, Ross, and myself there is one degree in economics and it ain't the two of you holding it :) @GerberKawasaki Yes, Americans got richer because they saved the $1,200 that the government sent them 🙄 Wrong. The… @GerberKawasaki This is all less help than the people have received over the last 12 months, yet somehow the rich g… @ParikPatelCFA That is not what I said. The dumb shit is the rest of the government budget, which would be enough t… @brianarundel I constantly tell people that investors win in these situations and those with no investable assets l…! The Bloomberg blogger who has been wrong about the economic situation for the last year still doesn’t und… @TheStalwart @stephendpalley Joe, you claim to have me muted yet continue to tweet at me. I live rent free in your… @derivativeburke @kimmaicutler Appreciate the kind words, Kevin. Have a great day! @kimmaicutler I’ve been writing extensively about this for a year now. You can read the receipts at @kimmaicutler Yes, the NYT is a great source of disinformation. Inflation and devaluation of the currency is the n… The People’s Protection From An Undisciplined GovernmentThe government just decided to enrich the financially educated and punish the financially illiterate. The lack of… @mitchgross9 Someone has to say it @BitcoinOrigins 👀👀👀👀March 18th last year. People laughed, but here is my “I told you so.” stimulus package is called the American Rescue Package. It doesn’t rescue Americans. It hurts them in a signif… US government is the greatest cause of wealth inequality in the last 12 months.The government just voted to devalue your currency and savings.If you’re invested in assets rather than holding cash, the government is going to make you rich as they flood the s… market down big this week. Senate approves $1.9 trillion stimulus package over weekend. The government has outlawed bear markets.The US Senate is just agreed to reiterate to the world why Bitcoin is important and valuable.Senate just approved another $1.9 trillion to pump asset prices to the moon and push the bottom 45% of Americans wi… you’re making investment decisions based on prices instead of changes to your investment thesis, you’re unlikely… great companies sounded too small or too ridiculous when they started. @LucasdiGrassi The trade-off between efficiency and resiliency is a multi-century debate :)A media publication that celebrates technological progress, human advancement, and encourages our young people to d… must decentralize the systems that we depend on. That is the only path to resilience. @GBousis 🔥🔥🔥Change your mindset and you’ll change your circumstances. @2ndOldest @Fact 😂😂😂Stock market closed. Banks closed. Bitcoin always open.Think for yourself @rubenharris @davidgoggins Let’s roll!What was the best article you read this week? Any topic is fair game.Twitter will make a gazillion dollars if they make an edit button that you have to pay for
Retweeted by Pomp 🌪 @kkayembe @fewocious :) @MackOrigine 😂😂yo yo we have a 🔥 collection dropping 03-09-2021 || we will never charge more than $1 || thanks for the shoutout…
Retweeted by Pomp 🌪 @rekodi_i :)Just saw the Satoshi collection that @rekodi_i is launching next week. Unreal. Next great digital artist.The best investors are really good at doing nothing for long periods of time while their thesis plays out.
Retweeted by Pomp 🌪 @SequencetheSE @polina_marinova 😂😂😂😂 @polina_marinova @gannicus822 @polina_marinova Appreciate the moral supportI’m going to get a big ass bowl of ice cream tonight and no one can stop me. Not even @polina_marinova @brent_kt @polina_marinova Can’t make it up be intelligent, you have to be willing to change your mind.Founders can now live wherever they want and build technology that serves users who live anywhere in the world. G… is the 9th wonder of the world
@RomeenSheth @arjunsethi @KatColeATL @DuriyaFarooqui 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @MarioLemieux99 Good eveningThis week I committed to invest in various founders that live in Nigeria, Pakistan, and India. We live in a global… will make a gazillion dollars if they make an edit button that you have to pay forEvery trading platform will eventually have traditional assets listed next to bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. Stocks,…’ll keep saying it - they know the official numbers aren’t true, yet the finance world pretends like they are. Yo… @ln_strike @OKCoin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @calebpressley @JODYHiGHROLLER Can't waitFortune article: @a16z crypto post: I'm announcing a new investment in @eco. It's not a bank — it's something better. Experience it for yourself… @Eddy91555243 Wait till I remind people that my favorite rap group of all time is NWA 😂 @LovingTruism You're imperfect. Your profile says so @pevon_darson mixtape. 3 tracks. whatever you want to call itObligatory "Drake album is fire" tweet @FrancisSuarez 🔥🔥🔥 @PeterSchiff How are the shiny rocks doing this year? @tuliptrust Majority of his wealth is in ownership of the stock probably... @nic__carter Sir, but I thought Bitcoin was bad???Stock market really testing who really has diamond hands vs who was just tweeting about it.