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I've got the message, you've got the method // Feminist media critic. Stream coordinator @blizzardwatch Pod @misfcast (she/her) // art @radsity @zeevkesley

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@forestfamiliar they made hot mashed potatoes sound unappetizing by contextAdmittedly I would have been mad but I don't get super toxic in chat Mercy player called me a c*nt because I solo ulted her as a Pharah because she used her valk to fly around and shoot peopleIT IS ICE AND BUGS AND ARCANE BOLTS AND PAIN AND DEATH AND FUCK YOU
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@ShareefJackson happy birthday! @pdcgirl10 @dietotaku @TheBlackNerd please don't include me in this convo anymore, thanksI wrote a thing about battle royale games cutting the social critique from the genre and how of course that was the…
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @_vidyala yeah there's so many elements that I am confused and wondering who came up with it. I have never seen this before in my lifeI am so confused by all of this, I've never seen this before. Where did this start @TheBlackNerd you know, as a white woman, sometimes I feel like...there's a whole realm of stuff that I am left out… going for hour #2!'re still going! I made it ot the top of the Fortress! @basketogress it's more of a self-instituted mantra for my own skillCome to Sen's Fortress in the next 2 hours if you want an asskicking. I'm streaming Dark Souls, come watch!… can't really catch a wave in New Londo RuinsDark Souls should implement a beach party pack so my Undead can go to the beach and start smelling like burnt baconDark Souls stream soon, I just need to finish eating breakfast because I was uhhhh sitting on my bed playing Animal CrossingDoes your AC town reset it's time and stuff after a long enough absence? I wonder if I was doing something weird to… the neighbor who started, revved and is driving their motorcycle around at 530 am on a Saturday I hope someone kicks your ass @mo_swordz well if the shoe fitsshit wow there's people I know who are still following Nick Robinson tooGames really do smooth over all political rifts which is the ONLY reason I can imagine people are still following Col*n Moriartyplease donate for covenant house
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @lizardengland honestly that sounds more fun than the night in OW I hadThis piece by the bi woman attacked on the bus is extraordinary, utterly deconstructing and challenging the leaders…
Retweeted by Year of the Demon#GentlemanJack’s finale — one of the finest hours in lesbian cinematic history — was crafted as the kind of aching,…
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @SamMaggs but books have politics in them!!!!!!111 >_>;; @rachelmillman if you're not staying overnight, I would say Lake George is a super long drive but it is really nice…
@xpatriciah are we sure she's not an adult babyAOL Chat rooms Random text-only message boards IRC servers Newsgroups like (shut up) Livejourna… @beccahallstedt Tips to Get the Summer Body You've Always Wanted to Possess - DEMON MONTHLY @Boooworth yeah, I got a tiny plant pal for my cubicle but I got it after work so I have to bring it in monday. I g… cannot understand how people manage to hold and look at a phone while driving. I've almost run into people while… woman was giving me a weird look when I was waiting at the bus stop today but then the light at the intersecti… @GigawattConduit I think the first half of the first season had some strong direction and then it flopped after tha… @Boooworth bones might not be good for office environment but thank you anyways!First half of our E3 takes here - what we liked and what got our attention. Next week's episode will be some of the… @OriginalOestrus South End - Krazy KitchenI didn't taste anything that made me think the chicken was brined in spices but the skin made up for it because it… had some amazing fried chicken from a local place we haven't tried. The skin was ULTRA crispy but so thin that… gave up after, I think maybe the season when one of the cheerleaders got hit by a carWhen people try to talk to me in the middle of an anxiety meltdown
Retweeted by Year of the DemonI seem to remember too that Jane Lynch's character got pregnant (alone) via sperm donation and also married herself… ever think about Glee having two lesbian actresses play straight women (or one that eventually had their charac… used to make me cry and now he’s what? unemployed whilst im booked and busy 💁‍♀️
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @thisdiegolopez if I were rich I'd just hire you to be my full-time comedian and bodyguard @ohhhsourry I don't stan for het couples usually but Veronica/Logan IS LIFE!!!!I got to respond with some of my top picks from #E31019 in here, you should check it out! @ohhhsourry not a huge fan of her being an adult means guns but I am here for the REST OF IT!!! aaaaahhhhh also I still think Logan is hotI can see why this aesthetic is so popular but now I have an office plant pal and 🌙✨ crystals ✨🌙 anyone affected by these layoffs or if you are just unsure your future at Amazon Game Studios - @straybombay is…
Retweeted by Year of the DemonDude sitting ahead of me on the bus has found way to be in my personal space by sitting sideways in his couplet of… my first raid boss and caught them! @ckunzelman oh yeah I figured that's probably how he got involved in tihs!Did you know Larry David was on Hannah Montana? As himself? I did not.
Retweeted by Year of the DemonFinally finished decorating my cube Kon saw Jennifer Connolly on a plane once.
Retweeted by Year of the DemonBetween this and the Ubisoft blog post, I think we're in the era of political having no particular meaning or minim… @dialacina HOW do you try to unravel a bad song about defending gays and also MISS WHAT THE WORD SHADE MEANSI found this because I had wanted to make a joke about the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme but then couldn't remember th… @dialacina yeah it's never been this bad. I wrote better poetry when I was 16.Did you know Larry David was on Hannah Montana? As himself? I did not. @dialacina these lyrics are straight up fucking horribleThe look on the other half of the couch with the first half going on about Kingdom Hearts is priceless. very brain genius about twitter is guys who reply to explain the joke i just made like i didn't know what…
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @brett_douville you also need a touch of black humoryou have to have an extremely sharp sense of humor to deal with the shit feminists do every day, basicallyHow to draw around the crotch and buttocks : Common mistake and the correcting method #1 Structre of the Hip Joint…
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @brett_douville @caraellison I looked this up and yes, I have no idea what a fudbaw would be @xoxogossipgita it's true, once we were workers in the laugh factory but now we have seized the means of production @brett_douville @caraellison oh shit wait I'll be in Seattle at the end of August @caraellison language is flexible, CaraI'll have you know that people have been telling me for a decade now that feminists have no sense of humor and I th… are you a writer and pulling shallow cuts about feminists straight out of the 80s like a pit crew: lubed up legs, rotate everything, in and out in 20 seconds @offbeatorbit the second girl is so off beat she almost came back around to the beat again @NaniCoolJ ah yes, well I guess the stabbing will stop, no one has been shot or punched or thrown against something… @tylercolp bugs me had so much to talk about that you're getting two E3 episodes this week and next. QUESTIONS ASKED: Does anyone…
Retweeted by Year of the DemonWhen people try to talk to me in the middle of an anxiety meltdown's room for only one sheepish man with an unironic mustache in my life
2019 and @AlexZiebart took over a gym! DESCENT INTO THE LEFT AND RIGHT HEARTS OF DARKNESS GOURMET MAKES VIDEO!!! @Bishonenknife I'm not like those other girls, I'm dad @taufmonster unironically 7yes @itsnonbb I guess that settles that!!!!...I own all these I dad?! morning to my fellow hand washers only 😇
Retweeted by Year of the Demon @brett_douville I will have to come to your house for coffee because this sounds like a real treat. I don't know if…, permit me a thread on an opinion I hold with greatest passion. If you need to eat a meal in an airport, p…
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Retweeted by Year of the Demon @brett_douville The smell drives me nuts in a good wayI saw The Sandlot in the theatres five times. @brett_douville Do you enjoy the process or just the end result?so glad @MIDImyers got to see the avengers game at E3 because she gives SO MUCH OF A SHIT about being true to these…
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