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Digital illustrator and sometimes traditional artist. 💖 Botanical art - @BlueConstine (she/her)

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@thejayteegee Thank youIt’s strange how people wait for white cis het creators to “get better at” depicting nuanced marginalized character…
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellGonna do the rest in CSP I think. It’s quite busy and I may tone it down. I wanted her to seem surrounded by life… I was so happy to get mail today and I get online and see clownery everywhere. I do this to myself.I have so many thoughts on this but I’m terrible at wording things. I’m at the point in this pandemic where I’m re…’m going to continue to wear a mask because I know clowns around here are going to pretend to be vaccinated and I… my copy of Geneva Bowers’ (@gdbeeart) art book came and it’s 🌟💖beautiful💖🌟. I can’t wait to read through it. just found out this Summer Reading piece for @thewalrus was nominated for a National Magazine Award! I did my bes…
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell @Zambicandy Thanks sugar. ❤️ That one is super old and I look at it and think “how the hell did I do this so long ago?” Hahaha
Some old mermaids. sketching around because it’s MerMay and I try to make at least one a year. @LauraMakesArt Thank you! @eliciadonze It’s relieving to know that others can feel me on this. ❤️ @LauraMakesArt Yes, I feel like having a group of artists I know that have similar goals would be helpful. I’ve be… feel as though I have to be putting on a performance at all times. It’s one thing to be cruel to yourself (which… the mid 2000s I had a blog that I updated regularly where I talked about my weaknesses as an artist and what I w… discouraged as I am, I am also excited about exploring new methods and techniques and brushing up on the basics.… year ago, I thought I had the answer I needed to take my art in a better direction. Looking back and seeing what… am learning and growing as an artist and I like talking about that more than just pretending that I always like m… feel like there is a lot of pressure to always be positive about my art. Obviously it’s not good practice to say…
@Ellethevillain @fiyahlitmag Aww thank you for giving me a lovely job that was a joy to illustrate. 💖 You seem to…
@thejayteegee LOL I would love for someone to pay me to do that hahaha. Thank you :)Another pastel study. I’ve been practicing drawing/painting cats for a couple of years and they are starting to lo…
@thejayteegee Thank you. Your support is much appreciated. I was thinking about going back and working on a coupl…’ve spent the last year experimenting with my style and I gotta say that I really don’t love what I’ve made. I’m…
@unzambi VERY VERY POWERFUL!The amount of times a day that I want to tweet someone an ass whoopin... @Zambicandy Thanks sugar! @thejayteegee Thank you :)Steps from my last pastel study. Need to take my time more
@abellehayford Me too. Got mine yesterday and it feels like I have the flu. Hope you feel better soon. @nervousdoodles Good luck! 🌸
I got my second does of vaccine today and my brain is mushy and tired. Would like to sleep for 8 years.TWITTER CROP IS GONE?! old art but LETS GOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell“When the sun goes down it feels more like you’re in an oven and less like you’re being followed by a giant blow dryer.”So excited to announce that 'Genesis' is available now as a Limited Edition Signed Print, as part of the VMF Academ…
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellok, I wont go reposting my whole portfolio, but this is a very nice change to see. crop test. Seems like there is a limit to how tall the image can be. I also noticed that everything is st…
Enjoy some more old merms~ #mermay 🦈🌊
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell @mildhippie okie doke all done. Your pendants are exquisite 💖
Treasure 🐚🤍✨ Happy Mermay !
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellHahaha I already posted this. Well here it is again.Well, it was less that I had forgotten what to do and more that I never learned what to do in the first place. I o… was having quite a hard time with my pastels for so long, and it seemed like I had forgotten what to do. Everyth… thought I would compile some of the resources I've shared over the years!
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell
@Zambicandy I cry a little every time. 😭 @Zambicandy This is so good. Pastel colors can be hard to work with (for me) but everything looks perfect and so pretty.💖Stardust is just the sweetest movie. I’m always happy after watching it.
@mwinkillo Yes! It holds a special place in my heart.I forgot Boyz in the Hood and Tales from the Hood awwwwww1995 Mortal Kombat (my fav movie of all time) Hot Fuzz Constantine WALL-E 1982 The Thing The Dark Knight that said, thank you to my followers and/or those that leave me comments and likes. Chances are you’re bombar… am happy to see so much lovely art, but I am sad that I no longer have time to savor every piece that inspires me… DeviantArt I loved to just look at art for a long time and I would leave detailed comments. Now it feels like I… & the wife @mopinks lost a lot of days this month bcuz of vaccine & because I've been monitoring 1 of our kittie…
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@SugarySymbiote Happy Birthday!
@Zambicandy Bullet train hell yeah, that would be awesome!I often wonder what kind of world we would live in if adults didn’t destroy the softness of children. “Toughen u… with your first digital art vs most recent 2012 vs 2020
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellThread of black cottagecore and vintage princesscore accounts
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@Zambicandy Oh I want to have adventures with you so bad hahaI saw three insta stories with baby ducksI know the pond is full of baby ducks but it’s too hot to walk and I don’t want to bus to the park 😞Happy earth day please check out Rews amazing resource page on eco friendly packaging !!!
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellCats are really hard to draw. 😞 @Princess__Sloth I did the same thing with my Tumblr 😭 @abellehayford Have a Happy Birthday! @Beavs Well, that is a quality gold dragon. I like the brushstrokes in your most recent one. They give such a lov… vs. 2021
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell @thejayteegee Ha thank you. I’m so happy I found art.Qrt with your first digital art vs most recent 2004/5 vs 2021 *I forgot to QRT last time so sorry if this is the…
@SayadaRamdial Thanks ☺️ @eliciadonze I wish I could offer some sort of meaningful support. You deserve to make your art in peace without constant retaliation. @Elisa_Swann Thank you :) I was bullied as a kid so I’m not about to take that abuse as an adult. @Elisa_Swann @grumpymartian Some people get a LOT of hate (I just read an example) and it’s scary to respond to that. :( @OpossumOs Haha thank you @Zambicandy Lol I hope he thought twice before doing that shit to someone else @grumpymartian @Elisa_Swann Yeah they’re everywhere. I’m lucky that almost all people that interact with me are kind and lovely. @eliciadonze Ugh I wanna fight himTo be clear - I appreciate (and welcome) honest to God critique. Telling someone that you don’t like their establi… he is, I hope he found an artist that he likes and that he showers them with praise instead of insulting s… some reason, I am thinking about this one guy that told me he didn’t like my art and gave me a scathing “critiq…’m on Artfol! Let me know if you are as well. I won’t have separate accounts here like I do on Twitter. Everyth… husband just regaled me with info from an article about why McDonalds milkshake machines are so often broken or…
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@nanelsonart thank you ❤️If I responded angrily to every person who seeks to provoke anger from me on social media, I’d never experience pea…
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrell @azimedes Thank you :)I don’t know how to feel. I’m happy that he was found guilty but it doesn’t change that I’m still anxious every ti… fact that I’m surprised a police officer was convicted for the murder of a Black man is very very sad.We're open for submissions to our Sound and Color issue through the end of the month. Don't self-reject (but do fol…
Retweeted by Jessica McCottrellHey everyone, I took a long enough break I think. I thought I might be gone for a couple of weeks but it turned in…
@Zambicandy Pretend this heart is a big hug from me 💖
@Zambicandy 😍 You’re so amazing ❤️❤️❤️
Ok, this sounded more ominous than I intended. I was tired when I tweeted and I wanted to make it short, sorry. L… @Elisa_Swann thank you! @Zambicandy I’m ok! Just busy and tired. @thejayteegee The tweet sounded more cryptic than I meant 😅 I am just working on stuff.I won’t be around for a while. If you need to reach me, send me a DM.
@ArtOfEdge Your art has a really lovely energy. It’s like everything feels lively.