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truly insane how difficult everything is
Retweeted by Haddie @elivxd @allyaloneinnyc @growlgrrrr @itsmikbitch @Dean_Monteiro21 ☺️💞My Twitter Family: Parents: @allyaloneinnyc @growlgrrrr Spouse: @elivxd Children: @itsmikbitch @Dean_Monteiro21 vi… @growlgrrrr @elivxd @badbirthchart @slashatrashton @francesformayor @itsmikbitch i’m stealing everyone’s girl apparently 😳
@itsmikbitch @TrevorD1123 @KellyWarbrick @yourlocallhomo @ppagan99 @ppagan99 it’s on 👀 @elivxd i love u 🥺 @elivxd I THOUIHT YOU SAID UNUSUAL @allyaloneinnyc hehe ilysmfuck zoom fatigue- let’s talk about how hard it is being the hottest person in class everyday
If you gon post Bernie sitting make sure you got the right picture of him...
Retweeted by Haddie @david8hughes “my best one yet” she’s made multiple?!?oat milk is for coffee. almond milk is for smoothies. coconut milk is for frozen desserts and soups. flax milk is f…
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One of these takes is correct.
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people will just stand in front of something at the grocery store and not move i’m gonna do one more lap and if thi…
Retweeted by Haddielosing my mind over book nooks
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only thing i accomplished
convenient ur up next 😤😤
@Coll3enG mines giving her sisters false information 😳can’t get over the fact americans react to smirnoff ice like they’ve just sniffed 45 lines of coke
Retweeted by Haddiei still can’t believe some people never had to work at Wendy’s — or like, the mall — or like autozone or a gas stat…
Retweeted by Haddie @poorlycatdraw:)✨Astrology Resource✨
Retweeted by Haddie @Theunbiasedmonk @GiselleSanxhez Lol home wrecking isn’t a actual thing. No one could ruin your relationship unless…
Retweeted by HaddieI love that cats throw little tantrums. Like okay little miss i don’t pay rent tell us all about it
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I used to write “sorry :(“ on my math tests I 100000% should not be allowed to have a credit card
Retweeted by HaddieIf "high schoolers" are bad labor and don't deserve $15 an hour then why is the government so heavily recruiting them for the military?
Retweeted by Haddie @itsmikbitch THAT WAS MY PROBLEM
my biggest flex of 2021 is that i finally learned how to spell exercise"We can pay teenagers less because they don't need the money to live" is something you never hear about rich people…
Retweeted by Haddie @yzzykv @shamstfu tumblr is aquarius @growlgrrrr you’re so old 🥺please don't forget disabled people when you're talking about minimum wage. we can LEGALLY be paid below it. there…
Retweeted by Haddie“is it a he or a she” it’s a me mario
Retweeted by Haddieachieved my dream of commissioning a piece from @poorlycatdraw and i could not be happier look at sir isaac newton
Retweeted by Haddiewhy do people care more about not kinkshaming others .. but will literally be homophobic or racist
@rudegyalzeee i agree bezos is who we should be mad at but i love that they think filling boxes is so much harder a job at mcdonald’s?If you call anyone who works in fast food “just a burger flipper” or they just “pour coffee” you can’t use those se…
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theoretically i should be down w moths bc they’re the rats of the insect world but god nothing brings me more satis… @SmallTownCommie @buberella @JohnWBeaton @jaboukie My school did not have any minority presence and we never did this
if he don’t make u cum 5 times before he does, he hates u and wants u to die
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hamsters when u lift their little igloo
Retweeted by Haddie @emilyonhere how dare theywasn’t even a one direction fan and i just learned what the carrot thing meant .. no i don’t know which one louis is but don’t txt
you’re gonna punch a lil guy on his birthday?!? @unknownwockets notice how tumblrs not on there? @quelokait but if she responds then they’ll bitch about being “friend zoned” pick a struggle
@DaveMcNamee3000 post quarantine vibesthe thing about me is that i’ve thrown up in front of all of my friends
Retweeted by HaddieI need to hold a kitten or i'll kill my self
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@Dean_Monteiro21 why so ominous what are you up to
You know how many people died to prevent that flag from ever being in that building.
Retweeted by Haddietoday is a good reminder that americans have no perception of the political violence committed around the world, mu…
Retweeted by HaddieA nazi flag just flew in a government building in the USA. Tell me how I am supposed to feel safe here? I have no words..
Retweeted by HaddieWe're not asking for you to shoot them like you shoot us. We're asking you to NOT shoot us like you don't shoot them.
Retweeted by Haddie“Democracy Dies in Darkness” I see under the opacity of the Washington Post’s paywall
Retweeted by HaddieWhen Republicans say "Election Fraud" they simple mean that too many Black People voted.
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Retweeted by Haddieput timothee chalamet in charge of distributing the vaccine he will make sure all of nyc gets it
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i think as a society we should be ready to acknowledge how bad of a rapper drake is
@alan_maguire stop remember when everyone did this with 2020 bc all the holidays fell on fridays/ saturdays @dianaswidow even the dog wants them deadme at the customers at work even tho i’m a cashier
Retweeted by Haddie @JAjueny she had too much personality to be the main character @itsmikbitch miss u 🥺
Now that Biden won, watch me not wear his name on my hat and not put a giant Biden flag on my truck and drive aroun…
Retweeted by HaddieIf it wasn’t for Twitter I would have NO idea that there was a suicide bombing in America!
Retweeted by Haddie @KeifyB_ they act like “dependents” ain’t got bills and loans
Retweeted by HaddieI’m 0/2 with stimulus checks like damn am I not in a pandemic
Retweeted by Haddiei hate when no one else is awake on sunday morning!!!!!! if you all had fallen asleep on the couch at 8 pm like me…
Retweeted by Haddie @mafuyumaru anythingEveryone talks about people with preexisting mental health issues shouldn’t do psychedelics but we gotta talk about…
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*me rereading my own tweet every time someone likes it*
Retweeted by HaddieAsk a socialist why they hate capitalism, and they'll give you a myriad of reasons. Ask a capitalist why they hate…
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Gonna shoot my shot at midnight and try to kiss my dad’s new gf... wish me luck <3
Retweeted by Haddiefinally someone fucking said it
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@arikenobi i can’t believe my highschool then thought it was okay to use this song to teach about suicide awarenessThis is the life I lead
Retweeted by HaddieI just heard a mother on tik tok say "my kids didn't ask to be born I made the decision to have children. They dont…
Retweeted by HaddieNew Year’s Eve is gonna rock this year because now you’re a loser if you DO go to a party
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"you attract what u fear" AHHHH an apartment in nyc
Retweeted by Haddieidk the "I'm Just a Bill" sequel is way too dark for me
Retweeted by Haddiewhat if instead of “gifted kid burnout” it’s just that your 5th grade teacher was wrong about you
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@teaxtarot emotionally manipulative?Me saying goodbye to the hoe life once I get one of those relationship things
Retweeted by HaddieDon’t be funnier than me in my replies or I’ll delete the whole tweet. Now no one gets to laugh
Retweeted by Haddie @downbadpatrol pain
Retweeted by Haddieif weed isnt healthy why green
Retweeted by HaddieI missed a shift at amazon and they killed my little cousin
Retweeted by Haddie @etheralogy they can’t arrest all of us ..America just shrugged off a suicide bombing that leveled a city block on Christmas
Retweeted by HaddieCan’t believe there’s ppl out there buying books about habits of billionaires like waking up at early hours & doing…
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was 2020 a “bad year” or are we simply approaching the inevitable conclusion of living under an economic system tha…
Retweeted by Haddiegood morning to sagittarius moons and risings ONLY. sagittarius suns, please shut the fuck up.
Retweeted by Haddiestories about moving to a big city with pennies, sleeping on an air mattress and working 50, 60 hour weeks until ev…
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