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washed up girl next door ♵ instagram: aprilarson | 18+ acct: @aprildoesarson | she/her #blm

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@catpooppp i’m ur biggest fan pls notice me#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by april🧚🏻‍♀️just had to break up with my psychiatrist since i’m moving out of state. i’ll miss her sm 💔new rule: i’m not saying yes to any boyfriends unless they get my name tatted on their arm with angel wings
Retweeted by april🧚🏻‍♀️Posting this so we can see the faces of the murders who will be freely walking the streets amongst us
Retweeted by april🧚🏻‍♀️ @insomniblvck #l##ohhhh @kingbrujx i’m wheezing @deathbyromy i love u lolsorry i kept calling u bro while we were hooking up @GUN_Vanguard precisely @CdyRnkn absolutely honored twitter considers me crucial @legallyines then one could maybe concludei said no
i am literally both of them combined @hollabekgrl thank u for your understanding @chrollomagic @hollabekgrl lmaoooo felt too many ways about this to pick one @LePlayisDead yes hardyso you can read tarot cards but not a room???he was a punk , she did ballet
Retweeted by april🧚🏻‍♀️
@bigdaddyiris i use the joico defy damage leave in and the l’oréal biotin inforcer leave in and a rly like the joic… boys and their damn attitudes @rllysoft_ ilysm 😭😭 @Keefler_Elf mine do this so i can’t get out of bed without being an asshole @jonathansenin i forgot what tweet tbis could have been a response to and thought you were a horrifying person to h… @bitchitsbrielle i have absolutely no clue @ashleeedwins ya my parents got divorced lol @ashleeedwins omg mine are flippedralphie is a capricorn so my cats are my moon and rising sign and also both of my parents sun signs what the fuckjust figured out my cat is a gemini i need a moment @tropicanapussy dust the top side of your ceiling fan so the only thing you can possibly think about is getting dust in your eyes and mouth @tropicanapussy fuck okay time for plan b @tropicanapussy did it work @escoterra thank u it’s a prized possessionwhich la dispute song is this @centerfluid how do u feel about the fact i have two @postersalmanac truly @postersalmanac this was nice @trippyelf i love u 🥺 @elistrobeck truly one of my greatest thrift finds even 5 years later @diblekpentha also thank you!! i have good feelings about it!! @diblekpentha omg what is HER i haven’t heard of that?despite aggressive attempts i was unable to fall asleep so pls admire me with pigtails @diblekpentha like not necessarily connecting with the intention to collab just connecting with the intention to su… @diblekpentha yeah i was more so thinking along the lines of ways to get connected with the diy scene in your area… @jonathansincl14 why would i skate a deck i bought to collect not skatethe fact that tattoos and piercings are deemed unprofessional when they're a meaningful part of many indigenous cultures stinks of racism
Retweeted by april🧚🏻‍♀️ @Jake_S_official interestingwait is it obvious the fucking aspect isn’t in play here it might not be i just hope i find other people that like… but just for other creatives and people that make art @teddyrxpin @urinternetgf personal protective mequipment @boywithraccoons cuz it get dark around hereeeeee @postersalmanac i spent all day cleaning and packing i can not move now that i have stopped moving @postersalmanac i’m also allergic to bees @postersalmanac nvm that’s bumblebees ignore me it’s 2:30 am and i forgot to eat today @postersalmanac honeybees don’t even sting @ROZZDYLIAMS do keith richards nextplot twist: my mom woke up to a second approval and i get to PICK WHICH PLACE they are so cute it’s so hard @InebriateState gonna be the name of my autobiographylike you don’t even have a job or a phone how did you find out you were late to laying down on the other side of the room???what makes cats so suddenly need to be over there doing exactly what they were doing over here @TheBrandonScott i’m just glad the mall i worked at banned the actual sparklers so i didn’t have to risk burning my brows off @TheBrandonScott omg rly @grownbebe you get used to that the worst part is how every table thinks they’re the most important table bc it’s t… love having multiple tweets with at least 500k likes but having a pinned tweet that has 9. we about the vibes ove… @kingbrujx literally id just randomly be like “oh shit bro are u thirsty?!?” and shed just go “a little but it’s all good take ur time” @grownbebe that job was the absolute hardest serving job i’ve ever had bro. i would walk like 11 miles on weekend shifts it was stepdad accidentally told me cuz he thought she already did so he said he won’t send me the link w pics so she c… think you can hurt my feelings?? i was a server at rainforest cafe @kingbrujx i miss my snake plant already 😭😔💔oh my god my mom and stepdad broke their lease early and found a new place to live that was bigger just so i’d have… announcement related to nothing specific: i do not care i made a typo @Cyborg720 i tbink ur right tbh there are some i rly want rndo i have too many decks??? @MC_LordLoki thank u i like having them in just too lazy to cut them myself so they grow out a lot before i get aro… @ZeldaHunk amazon!! i lost the password to the account i used so i can’t find the exact ones @JonAimes thank u! @bellbottompunk once all my stuff arrives and i get unpacked ur coming to visit immediatelyi’m planning on telling her i go by a different name now but i was gonna say it was bc of my art not bc of my bhole… @PastelCoffins and if u hate it just do some cute hairstyles where u clip ur bangs back. it does take a bit to get… @PastelCoffins also u could get like whispy bangs to test it out bc they grow out p fast ! @PastelCoffins i’m suuuuper pale too and i liked how it washed me out kinda but it only looked good if i took the t… forgot to specify my legal name for a package i had to have shipped to my moms so i tried to casually menti… is very nice but i’m wondering how you tweeted this from a flamingo @Cyborg720 it was black with bangs! @PastelCoffins i loved that phase i just have to accept i don’t look great with black hair unless i do my makeup fo… @bigdaddyiris 🥺😭
@Nate_Halls you are welcome @bxnzxbxby he truly isalso the power of having a very plain face: i can look like a completely different person just bc of my hair color lol @fsufan95 i loved it but bc i’m so pale it looked best when i still liked wearing makeup and not as flattering when… @creativefaded i try to keep em on their toes @_marketflowers the dark red?? that was the initial step into me ending up w black hair bc i accidentally dyed my h… @logansoftchaos lmaoooooo oh my god @seachellz thank u :) @gnartistic_ nah a coworker did it for me. i work in salons @MsHoneyBambi that’s so funny bc you’ve known black haired april the longest. truly shows how much my natural red is what i’m meant for