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washed up girl next door ♵ instagram: aprilarson ➟ @made_in04 | she/her #blm

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bout to walk into my apartment and get fucking screamed at by my cat and ya know what i'm kinda looking forward to it i missed him tooi'm having a lot of thoughts that are having a lot of feelings @lilaaron911 @ualreadyknowJMP love the bangs sm honestly
He’s not dancing he’s channeling Spirit.
Retweeted by has one vodka cran: @ASHXS2ASHXS bro i was just talking about how i swear ur literally in LA and Dallas every single day it seems like @Ch3xican i already KNEW THISwhy do we all just never mention how weird the word patty is
@prncesscyd any of my "good" ones ended in a pulled muscle somewhere in my back lol @smutlover89 yes i live in LA but i'm from dallas lol @babygirlmystica one day yes but also come stay with me in LA damn it my car is always broken when ur so close but so far @smutlover89 i'm from here @NotFVTH3R are u serious @bowdown2chelsea oh my GOD i just left dfw 3 mins ago lolhello i am in dallas it has been 9 months i am going to go get chicken expressi am aware that me being as tall as i am makes my body size seem more alarming but if you find yourself wanting to… @Peewkahbewh @breadflavor helll fuckin yeah ! @C0rpsePimp oh it is lmaooo my fav fav is either chimchar or vulpix @C0rpsePimp i SAID TEPIG U DINGUS @Call_Me_Caleb__ this is only valid if caleb is the dog in the avi @C0rpsePimp no. i don't care how bored i get it if the apocalypse took out all of humanity and every pokémon but flying types. no. @C0rpsePimp i never read directions or instructions on anything i refuse to do anything but wing it so makes sense @C0rpsePimp oshawott is secretly my fav but i have to play fire types due to the way that i am as a person 😭❤️ @breadflavor if you are currently 30,000+ feet in the air it is. shits so bright and also the UV rays are substanti… @SnottieDrippen thank you 😌❤️ @bird_racer solid choice. i think oshawott is my favorite of them i just prefer playing fire types @bird_racer tepig oshawott and snivy are from black & whitethat is not platinum now is it bud that is not a choice @millatheangeI ok actually gasped and had to double check it was YOU saying this today is such a good day omg i thi… @bigdaddyiris literally anything we did together would be that. the one thing we have done together was that. @pokedex noted @KattDriskill i miss you toooo ughchoose ur starter mines tepig so he's off the market @RBMc3 i am @scorpioassheaux everyone is always surprised. i look like a short 5'8 i've been told lolphoto diary about 5'8 being too tall for trying to get cute pictures in an airplane bathroom's the point of first class if i still can't juul up here tfi forgot that i remembered to bring my pocket knife and now i don't have a pocket knife and the TSA guy saw my hall… morning't believe i was laying in bed dramatically pitying myself for not having weed when i had. more than enough weed. less than 2 feet away.i really went like 4 days without smoking weed bc i couldn't buy weed till yesterday & i just found an whole fuckin… yes. just what i wanted while being trapped 3 stories under ground and the train isn't coming for another 10 m… do men just come stand right next to you at the train station and stare like you're a fucking zoo animal get the fuck away from me @wydstepbrOoke idk maybe thank you? it didn't rly sound like anything without me trying super fuckin hard lol @badboychadhoy i would just like to let austin know other places know about tacos that's my biggest qualm @badboychadhoy austin is rly good at making u think they're really good at things literally everywhere else does betterI'm bisexual, by which I mean I am physically terrified of dating men and emotionally terrified of dating women
Retweeted by @brattypenelope @858KER i know i'm from there. @urinternetgf i found a pic of the menu on yelp 4 uuuu @urinternetgf i think they have a vegetarian burger but not vegangirls here are some tips in case you are in a position of getting taken advantage of (please retweet so that alot of girls see this)
Retweeted by @fr0laye thank uuntil i take actual pics
Retweeted by @userjaymes that bottle ain't the only thing bubbling @userjaymes brooooo lol @yourshittygf i present thy hand @yourshittygf i would do it n then make u a snack to feel betterIf u looked like this when i saw you id ask you to step on me
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@858KER it's legal to fly from lax with weed it's just your responsibility to deal with if you go somewhere it isn'… you are not an enigma you're just an assholei don't know what this means i found it in my drafts so take away whatever you wish from thishate that i'm not hot enough for y'all to forget you forgot i was hot @carmentakesdix sick thank youpls i don't wanna smoke texas weedserious question i know i can technically fly out of LAX with weed but i don't wanna check a bag. do you have to pu… @toocoolfortool by accident lmaoo @_LindseyLove me too. so bad. all those songs i'd listen to on my little radio in my room id think abt how fun it w…'t imagine what it was like to be in the club at the height of Like a G6 by the far east movement @lilaaron911 where @C0rpsePimp is that.. is that a real thing @C0rpsePimp i'm just so curious but also extremely worriedwhat the fuck is the first reply to this though @godslastbee same @ROZZDYLIAMS feels nice righti prefer subs over dubs do u see my biggest problem @tiredhan @Ch3xican has been terrifying me for years with this fact. still v scared of the concept of closing my ey… mad abt this bc my eyesight has declined so rapidly. i had 20/20 6 years ago and now i can't even search… if you can see for free fuck ui just wanna lay in bed, get cozy & watch tv, but no0o i have to either wear bent glass hooked onto my face so i ca… mean like i don't have a basement but we could figure something out for the right price @bird_racer hell yeah it is @kk1nss @jackimissyou @flexwedding tarot readings and also screaming into the voidi started prioritizing myself and i swear my boobs got biggerwhats wrong? never been read like that before? 📖🖼
Retweeted by @learydass we love to see it @neuroticasoup wayfair! @Buns_nd_Tongues okay eric @bigdaddyiris right lmaoooofuckin twitter got me feeling like my step dad is slow roasting me @_SaiKoSama what lol i wasn't anxious then i just talk like that @softbby123 wholesome 🥺i can never go back to working anywhere but salons bc i have spend $0.00 getting my hair from black to strawberry blonde. i love it here. @thbeggingbrat 🥺❤️ thank youuu @Cyborg720 yes. but i need a minimum of 2 snoot shots ans 2 toe beans @Cyborg720 yeah there is actually i'm on the board were you interested in membership? @bigdaddyiris i wish i wasn't anyone so idk @angelmma01 yes @Cyborg720 hate u