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Seed starter. Yarn artist. Bread baker. Pastor. Mom. Writer. Food is my love language. I do my best work at the table.

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@CareeseSmiles thank you! @KSPrior LOL! @ReaTschetter @KelseyMLoo thank you <3 @LaurenJShields uggggg. @LaurenJShields oh ouch!! @Kullervo_1979 <3 @psavoie626 ❤️ thank you! @bgruhn thank you. Praying for you, too @revmdj yesIf you have a pastor, would you please pray for him or her? @pastorsings Ohhh! I bet they are wonderful in salad! And...fresh sheets are the best. I'm on vacation this week, s…
@JennMGreenberg I am loving them. So pretty @JennMGreenberg ❤️❤️❤️ @JeffKaes Amen. I upped my vitamin D upon learning I was still deficient and I actually have energy again :) @NickScutari ❤️❤️❤️I was very motivated today. Tomorrow I will probably crash. Chive blossom vinegar, parsley in the dehydrator, and… @JosiahHawthorne I had the same reaction. Being at home all day with your kids is hard. For anyone. I felt so sad f… @ChrisAgne @Kullervo_1979 Just take a sharp knife or scissor, and snip off the outer leave about 1/4 inch from the… @pastorsings It is! But you can track other projects now, too! @rdixondis @dixonamy12 Write or die is a good website, too. You can set word goal and timers. I wrote 1400 terrible words today 😂 @rdixondis Have you ever done National Novel Writing Month? So fun! @taylorjordanm Oh good!I just discovered that NaNoWriMo allows you to create new projects, set goals, and time yourself. This is the best… @gdueker I've been writing some every day. Today was about a 1,200 word day :) @mmccubb thank you so much for letting me know about new projects and timing writing on NaNoWriMo! I'm all over it! @taylorjordanm Uh oh... @kat_armas Yes. I can't keep up @jewels390 @mwestramke I loved Gregor the Overlander! @CatherineMcNiel It's been tough here lately @tracieloux oh no! I'm so sorry!! @SmilingKIJ awwww, I love this!!! @SmilingKIJ haha!I used to hear car horns and think a near accident happened, or someone was honking at a friend. Now I hear them an… @GraceChinHuang Hehehe :) Nope. I checked there a few times @chuckdegroat I find that on social media, I use emojis in place of exclamation points so that people know I'm bein…
@ashleybc90 aw. It happens. As long as you didn't short him on purpose, it's fine :) @pattyjoy60 Thank you, Patty. We so appreciate your prayers! We are wrapped in support right now, which is wonderfu…, look. It’s me! @AuntJME Thank you!It is more essential than ever to cut through the noise and listen to the whisper of the Spirit. @peace2uben Gorgeous! @FreedalynGreene We did! @stephanienels Sometimes it just happensBeautiful things this morning: Western White butterfly, my first iris, chickies, and now trying to find some words… scathing political commentary here. Whew. That felt better :) @EmilBrunner1 @RachelKnits @drhingram @IMarketos @SarahTaras @hilaryluros @TearsaSmith @ninaburleigh @egtewinkel @nancycars @joshmrowley yes :) @katehanch Congratulations!! @mmccubb ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @The_Parishioner @joshmrowley Amen! @joshmrowley Thanks be to God (and the marvels of technology), yes :) @tracesoffaith Thanks for being gracious when people disagree. I used to be firmly against and changed my mind :) @nancycars @joshmrowley But, it is confusing. In John 20, Jesus breathes on them and says "Receive the Holy Spirit,… @nancycars @joshmrowley Then in John 16:13, he continues, "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into a… @nancycars @joshmrowley Yes. In the farewell discourse in John, Jesus uses the word Paracletos - Comforter/Helper/A… @mmccubb oooooooh! Thank you for this!
@ToscaSac @joshmrowley Haha! I love how you describe it! @DutchBoy323 @joshmrowley word! @joshmrowley @M_Jensen23 Oh yes. Prior to the ascension, the Spirit still moves and works. I'm thinking of Jesus's… @rdixondis Me, too! Only, I made like 200. Elementary graduation/car parade tonight, and then back at it. @joshmrowley @nancycars depends on if we're talking about the reading from Acts, or the final words of Jesus at the… @joshmrowley Without the ascension, there would be no Spirit given to each of us, right? :) @EmilBrunner1 I get that :( I stare at the screen, and there's just nothing. @EmilBrunner1 Same. I didn't read or write anything for a month and a half. I finally read some Nouwen and it helpe… @EmilBrunner1 Oh's meJust engaging in a little competition with myself. 😂Writing day over here again. Let's see how many words I can get this time. More than 1800? @sarah_wxtx It’s beautiful! @dpoupard1 I froze this batch for later, but we love both rhubarb pie and rhubarb crisp @CynRogalski @aaronjayjack @MyRadarWX The storm weakened right as it got to us. We got a nice, healthy rain @XianAtty @elizabethagan It’s still not my favorite, but the interesting thing is...I wrestled so hard, and then af… @peace2uben Oh that’s lovely! @bj116 You can get through more difficult things than you give yourself credit for @JillsyA thank you for affirming this. @4norsemen storm seems to be splitting around the monument. We haven't had a drop of rain yet. It's not over yet, thoughI have decided "Wake up!" on social media is like "Calm down!" in any heated discussion. #DefensiveImmediately #BearWithOneAnotherInLove @aaronjayjack @MyRadarWX Hopefully no hail larger than that for Torrington! @4norsemen yikes!! @chadp34 haha! You could easily make it here with a couple of rhubarb leaves :) @CynRogalski thank you!the clouds on the leading edge of the storm @joshmrowley I think Nebraska is under-reporting due to lack of widespread testing. Rural America has been one of t… @jasbuddy Yep. My reaction, too. The storm is tracking closer to me now, so I guess we'll know in a bit.
@chaplaineliza thank you - praying for your husband's sister, too! What a tough year for so many people for so many different reasonsLooooovely... @mwestramke YES @joshmrowley “Precedented, but human memory is short. So...” @joshmrowley “Weird” @DamonJGray Ha! You've got the idea! @DamonJGray I was trying a "set an unattainable goal, and maybe you'll get something done" method. LOL
Ok. I’m at 1800 words. Breaking to eat, and maybe do some reading while walking on the treadmill. And then we will… @OldeHippi @tracesoffaith @JosiahHawthorne thank you! (Also...Snoopy always makes me smile!) @EmilBrunner1 @tracesoffaith @JosiahHawthorne @tracesoffaith @JosiahHawthorne I do not think I will see 5,000 today, but I will go to bed knowing I did the work. :) @tracesoffaith @JosiahHawthorne Thank you, both of you! A regular day for me has been 0 words since Covid-19. Typic… @OldeHippi Thank you :) I'm at 1,200 words...thought about procrastinating, and you are helping me get back on trackToday's goal: 5,000 words. If I tweet anything after this, fav something, or reply to someone, ask if I've done thi… @MamaGumpsays Please do! @MamaGumpsays oooooooh!sourdough coffee cake <3