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Seed starter. Yarn artist. Coffee Drinker. Pastor. Mom. Writer. Food is my love language. I do my best work at the table.

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@rdixondis it really was :)There's something about getting in the car and physically leaving town that helps me disconnect in healthy and rest… an honor to be included on this list <3 Also...if you are not following Ryan, I recommend you do that right…
@dptann @matthewwinters6 Wow, Damien. Thank you <3 @NickScutari @KaitlinCurtice @sarahbessey @isierranichole @tim_fall @courtneyellis @katehanch I just call it like I see it :)
@2or34Christ Oh, how I love this! @NickScutari @KaitlinCurtice @sarahbessey @isierranichole @tim_fall @courtneyellis @katehanch Nick, what an honor.… @isierranichole @faithandcoffeee @KellyLaddBishop @aundikolber @TheAmberPicota @queeniebbella @Antof9 @TTDerandere Haha love it!Couldn’t fall asleep and then was wide awake well before my alarm. I’m still going to try hard to stay within my on… @JenniferAGLayte @csbaker Thank you!
@ad_bedford Ha! I had the same thought! @joshmrowley Hahahahahah! :) @joshmrowley Yes. Or, no. No...yes... @courtneyellis We went from green leaves to freeze dried brown leaves overnight this year :( @AlyCatCreations thank you! @KristenStieffel lol! That's a valid question!
@theharriot I love this, Harry <3 @revdbutterworth This is so good! @KaraBetzerCones Sure! Where is there good news in the text? Is there any? What is the context - both time/place,… @powe2550 so important! @csbaker I love this!! @tabinfl love this! @syreetalynnn haha! Sometimes I do that too!One of my favorite things to do when I read the Bible is to ask questions of the text. Is this something you do? @meggiethehooker Oh I hope you will love the end result! I hope you will share it! @meggiethehooker Thank you! I did :D Tomato basil soup sounds delicious! @chis_mi_refugio haha! Pretty close to pizza! @jabuc @thejuniaproject @RevJesKast @EllysiaBanks @TinaOsterhouse @RevJenButler @emmykegler @pastorgricel
@NickScutari Amen! @CynRogalski @NickScutari Yum!Tomato basil pie is for lunch, and it’s a little evidence of grace. ❤️❤️❤️ @LIT_Labyrinth thanks! I liked the pattern, too! @stephensondg Thank you!! And I think you are right! @stephensondg Sure! @Mokilees thank you! @stephensondg aww! I hope you will share it! @dandevilder thanks!
@HisWord4Life I blogged for years at Xanga, and the only people who read it were my college friends. Those were the days :) @HisWord4Life They do seem to have dwindled in popularity, which is good IMO. I blogged a lot more regularly when t… @sallyahw Oh how wonderful!!! <3 thank you so much for sharing this! @HisWord4Life I don't know if people do anymore, but my tweet inspired me to post on my blog. Haha! @gamma909 thank you!NEW POST: Remember Your Baptism via At the Table with April Fiet | @mlcfrench Well, my tweet inspired me to actually blog a thought instead of tweet it. LOL! @mlcfrench This is probably very true, especially considering someone asked me the other day, " have a bl… @meggiethehooker thank you! @suntreeriver :D @drjewest for this, and many other reasons. :) @mlcfrench If this is a thing, I'm exceptional at it! LOL! @NaomiJKrueger It's really an amazing phenomenon. :)Me: <staring at my blog> Ugh! I never have anything to write about! Me: <staring at Twitter> I've shared 10 tweets… @tsamp009 thank you! @CynRogalski thank you! @meggiethehooker thank you so much! So glad you found the pattern. The yarn is Red Heart Ombre. @MochaLite I like this one because it is stretchy (can fit a variety of sizes), and it could work for men/women/kid… @AikenMatt thank you! I love this ombre line of yarn! @TresaRyun thank you! @MochaLite @Handserifed It really is! @HistoryGypsy Thank you! @storygirljo Thank you! @moorloc Thank you! @virginia_garret Thank you! @AikenMatt Thank you! @AmandaGeaney <3 thank you!! When I first learned, my stitches were so tight, you almost couldn't get the hook in t… @MaryLouDivis Thank you!! This is the pattern I used @elizabethagan Yes!
@sandycompany You sure can - cotton or wool. :) @MacWhirterJ @The_Parishioner I have knitted exactly one thing, and it was a struggle! I think crochet is more my t… @ChistieSparks thank you! @gracejoyvictory awwwww, thank you! I cannot take the pain away for my friend who will receive this shawl, but I h… @gracejoyvictory haha! Thank you! @beckydurham thank you! @pastorgricel thank you! @ltovar6 @ChrisannDawson thank you! @CaitlinFrazier thank you! @bonniecaye You’re welcome! :) @ChrisannDawson Thank you! @Handserifed You’re very welcome! I hope you’ll share your knitted shawl when you are finished! @pattyjoy60 Awww how wonderful! @tracesoffaith Thank you! @bonniecaye Thank you! @bonniecaye I don’t think it is just a Presbyterian thing. I was given a fleece tie prayer shawl once and it was fr… @Handserifed Thank you! It’s free at yarnspirations! @pattyjoy60 Thank you! I got the pattern from Caron brand. Here’s the link: @cbwebster Thank you! @readergirld Thank you! @mmccubb Thank you! I hope it brings a lot of love and comfortJust finished this #crochet prayer shawl @marthaarose Sure! I used this video: @pastorgricel @fairlyspiritual @sandravanopstal @mwestramke @JosefRasheed @tracesoffaith Pastor Gricel, thank you.… Kipchoge on a Saturday morning - *runs 26.2 miles in under two hours* Me on a Saturday morning - *tries to br… @JulieReynolds42 Right? I told my daughter who knew 80s me would have been so popular today. @simplyjennifer My daughter is thrilled that I can make them. She wants all the colors now :) @OconnerDan Great question! I’d have to do some more researchEvidently scrunchies have made a comeback, and evidently that means my kid asks me to crochet them for her... @sacwriter Exactly
@wanna86Jo thank you!!! @DavidApsens "We all live in a yellow submarine..." @RevAllenC @fairlyspiritual @thomaslhorrocks @joshmrowley @jorymicah @isierranichole @KitMickey @sortareligious