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@kmtildsley @drpaulitious @zakhalwe @a_leesha1 Gimme break, how many more miles of roads and highways are there tha… @kmtildsley @drpaulitious @zakhalwe @a_leesha1 Nah, you’re the one refusing to engage a legitimate rejoinder - cars… @israhirsi Wait, what? Instawhatsis?
what a jackass
Retweeted by aprudyWTF is wrong with people‽
Retweeted by aprudyEvery adult involved in deciding to imprison this child should be disqualified from ever making an important decisi…
Retweeted by aprudy @sullydish This is NOT to say that Critical Theory and/or Postmodernism should be uncritically embraced but it is t… @sullydish Jeez, have you actually read any Critical Theory or Postmodernism? Both explicitly undermine the power-l…
@Icebeck731 @Kenny_Sowellfan @BauerOutage Racist felon... @adamkotsko Hurled@?! wtf autocorrect? “gutless” @adamkotsko They can run on it because they’re hurled wonders who don’t want a strong grassroots reaction to Republ… @JApolloDev @KrisChesshir @raggelli And the warrant wasn’t for him, they already had the guy the warrant was for in… @RaiderPig76 @raggelli Wrong on every count, when in doubt don’t troll and spew.
@MarxinHell @threadreaderapp unroll @leninology And I don’t know the original debate that was referenced. I worry that ideology loses meaning when used… @2020MediaChamp Appreciate this, Ken... was there, of course. Losing a senior baseball season has been brutal but p…
@leninology I like Barbara Jeanne Fields’ argument that everyday relationships, institutions and landscapes that fi… @RogerLancaster Shit, man, my goal at all such things is to get to hang out and learn with folks I like... don’t ca…
2020 you will still be homeless but you’ll have access to a lawyer? Am I getting this right???
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@CorrectOpinio_n @EAncients @jeffersondewitt @hollyotterbein But, but, but Russia, millennials, sexists, Greens, Pr…🎶 ALL BY MYSELF 🎶
Retweeted by aprudy @FogBelter @ryangrim @daveweigel Nah, that one comes from having left European nations where religion was imposed b…
NYPD’s own stats debunk claims of bail reform leading to spike in gun violence
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@ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals The secret is this, most white Northern and Western - and just about all Bl… @ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals So, your imagination only envisions white politicians, or do you believe th… @ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals You don’t have to apologize for your skin color, but you probably should fo… @ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals I bought them, too, you fool... but, having been to games elsewhere, Cards…
@ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals surely, at a minimum, you're aware that there NFL Cardinals left because St… @ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals seems so, you know zip about Curt Flood, racism & free agency; how strikes… @TDavid_21 @Max_Bennett17 pthhttttth @ArmesJeremy @abigail_brenai @Cardinals basically, you were happy with the implicit racism, the perpetual militaris… @ChristianKosky glad you're no longer a fan - so, maybe, is Waino: isn’t just aiming to finish to tonight’s game. He wants to start tomorrow’s too. #stlcards
Retweeted by aprudyJack Flaherty taking the mound with #BlackLivesMattters stenciled in the dirt behind him. @ksdknews #stlcards 📸…
Retweeted by aprudyJack Flaherty is good at pitching. Send tweet.
Retweeted by aprudyWe are united in the fight to end systemic racism. #STLCards
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@ztsamudzi @threadreaderapp unrollI never spoke to Rep. Yoho before he decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s Capitol yesterday. Believe…
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@C_Leichman While I love the sport and so many players, families, coaches and fans in it, the game - at all levels…
@C_Leichman lit er ally
Imagine thinking these pigs are the heroes in this clip.
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@hitperformlab maybe could have been top 10 all time, at his peak, holy mother of pearl he was great @C_Leichman It's SO casual...
"The new U.S. sanctions on Syria are likely to bring the suffering of the Syrian people to new heights... If that’s…
Retweeted by aprudy @d5tar_ @GregProops @DannyVietti only Betsy DeVos were to blame for the sorry state of US public education. How easily correctable. No, this has…
Retweeted by aprudy @Matthuber78 Oil, Chemical and Atomic workers, right? One of his protegés started grad school at UCSC with me... su…
@bobneedsmoney @careforworld @AttorneyCrump @detroitpolice @NakiaRWallace @GovWhitmer Before more racists drive into peaceful protestors?“It’s just the flu.”
Retweeted by aprudy @wesinjapan At a liberal arts college just south of Philadelphia, in the early 80s, I was assigned significant port… @wesinjapan @WaywardChad Even if the formal answer is noMueller's op-ed has falsehoods. "By late 2016, FBI had evidence that the Russians had signaled to a Trump campaig…
Retweeted by aprudy @EdgeofSports The operative word in the tweet being “could”...
@C_Leichman Unbelievable, huh?! @C_Leichman Pre-live ball era, too... @jerseyjazzman @empireburlesque @nytimes @threadreaderapp unroll @cma107 @Jay4Rnt @JoeInStCloud @Ben13Porter @bigpackers4x Wait, so football doesn’t even play for the whole time yo… @DennisThePerrin Why does your ladder have lightbulbs?
@tarynfivek @threadreaderapp unroll @wepartynauseous @TanaGaneva @ryangrim I love how the NYT article lists cases of bad things happening as if they fi… @rfloh @TanaGaneva Nor about the cancel culture of the Omnibus Crime Bill, every restriction on union organizing, w… @rfloh @TanaGaneva Nor about the hundreds of colleges and universities where courses and majors about class, gender…
If by "sums it up" you mean there's been a historic outpouring of energy from communities across the US against rac…
Retweeted by aprudyTrump is a Confederate statue.
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@JoshuaPotash @threadreaderapp unrollBig turnout for yet another #BlackLivesMatter rally in Seattle. This city doesn’t stop.
Retweeted by aprudyMassive protest in Brooklyn for #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by aprudyDC going strong, protesting for #BlackLivesMatter for the 37th day in a row.
Retweeted by aprudyBig #BlackLivesMatter protest in Atlanta today
Retweeted by aprudyThere’s a huge protest in Pittsburgh for #BlackLivesMatter today
Retweeted by aprudyOrlando is protesting for #BlackLivesMatter right now
Retweeted by aprudyHow is nothing about the protests around the country trending right now? Every major city is having huge…
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@jessfromonline @threadreaderapp unroll @AxelOzzz15 @jemelehill seems to me, borrowing a line from my gal, that this is pretty much "separate but equal" re… a stunning betrayal of public lands, House Democrats just greenlighted giving away 850,000 acres of Nevada's Des…
Retweeted by aprudy @AnandWrites @threadreaderapp unroll(Please RT). YouTube has demonetized my channel. I find it interesting that the week I upload scathing critiques of…
Retweeted by aprudy @jaredmargulies @kaibosworth or a region as/in process, shhhhDear @nytimes, Fuck yourself. Sincerely, This professor
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According to the relevant passage of your article that you somehow left out of your tweet, one of those “other grou…
Retweeted by aprudy @DustinMulvaney Hah! Did you visit Slab City? I spent two days and a night... um, like, wow. @Matthuber78 Surely Biden will put a stop to this, right?! snort @DustinMulvaney Been to Plaster City... during my Imperial Valley research... @NuclearWessels @KWilliamsAuthor @Whatapityonyou the "left", you know... center right and mainstream liberal Democr… Columbine over 10,000 school police officers were hired just in case a school shooting happened. Two decades…
Retweeted by aprudy @bradleyrsimpson @moshik_temkin NCLB was bipartisan legislation, and the Dems followed with RttT, both parties so n…
@DustinMulvaney @ucsc yes, but, as you noted in the op, Soulé was retired by then...Pay attention to what is happening in Madison, WI. We successfully pressured the school board to remove cops from…
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Jeebus effing keerist @DustinMulvaney @ucsc Wait social research is equated with postmodernism? Soulé’s avowed neo-Malthusian made folks… @samswey Whole raft of v large structural & institutional obstacles to that “should”... including the instrumental… @adamkotsko Wait, you mean folks should collectively be thinking about and planning for time horizons beyond the im…
NEWS: Gilead is charging $3,000 for a COVID medicine that costs $10 to produce -- and that the American public alre…
Retweeted by aprudyEveryone and their granny knows who's been bankrolling the Taliban throughout the US war there. It's not a secret,…
Retweeted by aprudyI'm so glad the Resistance has spent 4 years giving unquestioning credence to anonymous leaks from the Yellowcake-A…
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@NicholasGuyatt @threadreaderapp unroll @EdgeofSports Anyone ever see Ozzie Smith's warm up? Watched one pregame in St Pete where he fielded and threw wha…