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@S0xKrispy LMFAOOOOOLmaoo
Retweeted by StrangeLMFAOOOOOOOOO’m so glad a new generation is rediscovering the Marshawn Lynch at Applebee’s video.
Retweeted by Strange @Blvck_soap Just walk up. Act like you’re supposed to be there.YO WTF HAPPENED TO DEJ LOAF?!?
“Yo bro why don’t you get sick” Me as a kid:
Retweeted by Strange$15/hr • 40hrs/wk • 52wks= $31,200 annual salary. Why are you angry about someone making $31K a year?
Retweeted by StrangeShot this back In Octorber for @gucci heres a Directors Cut 🎬✌🏽🙂
Retweeted by Strange @MaxNoPrinter @IAMAIMOS you try to shake hands in the pandemic ima take it as a threat.
Retweeted by StrangeLmfao I can’t believe people buy pictures I take. Like actually give me money for shit I see. I’m literally a scamm… @AYOjuicee This is the most trifling thing I’ve ever seen 😭😭😭You deserve a life sentence @IAMAIMOS @MaxNoPrinter LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @CashApp $DEMONTIMEAP SEND ME MONEY FOR BAGUETTES PLEASE @stevesweatpants YOOOO WTF 😳😳🤯 @anderhijo Definitely not 😭Andrew Yang is a phony.You are in midtown in some overpriced market. Cut the bullshit. morning"chopped cheese" on a baguette with avocado for $13
Retweeted by StrangeYou can't spell culture without cult just went up.
Pistol P did this and the next day league created a super team.
Retweeted by Strange @stevesweatpants @WhatJuSee It’s a studio! @stevesweatpants Lmfao this is me. @raptographer @toreno__Fuck you then nigga
Retweeted by Strange @3L_Kam @TrueNeB @Isaihstewart I’M CRINE!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣NEW YORK THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD NO KIZZY ❤️
Retweeted by StrangeI be giving out heart eye emojis like Oprah Winfrey.Who is this?
Retweeted by StrangeHiii! I create and edit with my iPhone and have been for 10 years 💙
Retweeted by StrangeNew York. City of Dreams.
Retweeted by StrangeThey’ll do everything but fix this capitalistic society that drives people to the FUCKING EDGE what a news day
Retweeted by Strange @WhatJuSee LMFAOOOOHe finally showing us the ranch, I told ya niggas he got a farm
Retweeted by StrangeFor @UrbanOutfitters Shot by @APTheAngel
Retweeted by Strange
Takes a deep look in the mirror. Nets have now acquired all three types of Brooklyn guy; a weirdly skinny guy, a guy with a huge beard, and a gu…
Retweeted by Strange @SirBruceLeroy Am I wrong?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣Shot Cinestill for the first time today. Might only shoot that from now on. Cashapp: $DEMONTIMEAP (to fund my dream… is where James Harden will be every free night he has in New York Brooklyn Nets team is basically that old OKC team with a better point guard who might play or might be the nex… it back!!! @fauxly I see what you did there @WhatJuSee Lmfaooo @justinaharoni 🤝🤝🤝 @GregNoire Something they have never practiced. It’s always been profit over people. SmhHarden out there on the court just thinking about hoes right now, that man does not want to play basketball.
Retweeted by StrangeStop waiting for life to “open back up”or “go back to normal”. This is life. This is it. Slow down and enjoy all of… “So say it “ gets me every time 😂
Retweeted by StrangeAbolish net30
Retweeted by Strange @3L_Kam @ftbladam_ @Pguapp LMFAOOOOO “acquaintance” @S0xKrispy LOL might as well change my name to APTHEBAG since I’m always in it. 🤣🥲She probably just fell asleep. @MatthewFelix_ 🤣🤣🤣🤮*this is a joke* wonder if she’s playing chess with other dudes in iMessage or just really thinking about her move. I’m sick.The picture has me in TEARS LOSE!!!!
Retweeted by Strangeu know damn well kyrie ain’t gonna be there
Retweeted by StrangeYAMS DAY JAN 18TH
Retweeted by Strangesooo orange juice??
Retweeted by StrangeOh and #PortfolioDay
Breaking news on @CNN Key organizer of Capitol protest, Ali Alexander, says he was getting inside help from 3 members of congress.
Retweeted by StrangeMans just pulled out a strand of weed called “Halal”... You probably smoke that and got diarrhea in 45 minutes. The… THE SIMULATION IS DOING NUMBERS @fejzcreates Thank you thank you!Sunset @striikeaposey 😂😂😂 if you don’t make your move 🙄 @SirBruceLeroy was about to lay down and play chess all day but I suppose I’ll get up and go do my job for a couple of hours. Th…“What’s the F stop?” $200 for 9 hours... I wouldn’t give one single fuck if they liked it. 🤣🤣 is so beautiful if you stop for a second and really appreciate it...
Retweeted by StrangeBuddy in the orange on that SHIT😭🤣
Retweeted by Strangei am FULLY against the sentiment that we don’t owe anybody anything. we owe people common decency. we owe people re…
Retweeted by StrangeTrump Supporters on the way to The Capitol since they’re all on a no fly list. y’all can build mini houses for OUTDOOR Dining but can’t build homes for the homeless ?????
Retweeted by StrangeOne thing about them tables.... they turn baby!
Retweeted by StrangeKyrie in the NBA tryna work remotely
Retweeted by StrangeJust found out Justin Bieber really follows Steve and my whole morning been different
Retweeted by StrangeI just quit working for Xfinity/Comcast. I want families to know that the special Essentials program they offer to…
Retweeted by StrangeDe’Aaron Fox. GOODNIGHT.
Retweeted by StrangeLmfao shut up lot of people crying dictatorship because tr*mp was kicked off the internet clearly missed this Twitter era
Retweeted by Strange😳😳😳😳 next @TomiLahren 🤮🤮 @realjaylife @Blvck_soap 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @ellenbhansen @Blvck_soap 🙏🏾🙏🏾🥲 @SirBruceLeroy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾