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aslinya ga putih –

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pars ajggg tertuduh main slot depan bokapngl i have a bad habit of not talking unless ppl talk to me
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Kalian pasti mau banget punya support system, orang yg actively listening to u, nanya balik tentang keadaan kita n…
Retweeted by ali πŸ• @hazzzelnude si cantikkk @yaasukaaja salto @naenanaey sumpa iya bgtt wkwk @DahhlahMales ikut ki @oodywoodyyy masa @twtzaki pap @hhhmmm98 tos dlu @legendarishh emg knnaduh mau nntn srimulat @BayipakeU kenapaa yukmrku tempat persembunyian dri barang halal sampe barang haramπŸ™πŸ»
i might be a littleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toxic but at least i’m loyal
Retweeted by ali πŸ•God, I’m not okay but I trust your plan.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•I know it’s cringy but I really want my man to be like this. a man who loves LOVES you
Retweeted by ali πŸ•bertemu dengan orang yang tepat lalu bucin bareng is another level of happiness
Retweeted by ali πŸ•need someone who can appriciate and feel proud to have me😺😺😺 wanna feel sleep without anything on my mind
Retweeted by ali πŸ•bingung mau terharu ap sedi liat tmn2 gue way more excited for my graduation than my parents mwehehe☺️fuck this world fr
Retweeted by ali πŸ•when you are under pressure in your life. But you're always still happy haha hihi
Retweeted by ali πŸ• @SokayDestiny ngapain ya🍞 Iya mas
Retweeted by ali πŸ•me everyday:
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Semakin berumur saya semakin sadar bahwa sebenarnya orang yang selalu ada itu gak ada.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•"Can you multitask?" Yeah, actually I am losing my mind and chilling at the same time.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•β€œare you ok?” no i want a tattoo
Retweeted by ali πŸ•im a private person until it comes to twitter
Retweeted by ali πŸ•i want your attention but i won’t ask for it
Retweeted by ali πŸ•sending tiktoks to eachother is a love language
Retweeted by ali πŸ•sorry to disturb your scrolling, we don’t know each other, but i wish you all the best in life and may things work out in your favour
Retweeted by ali πŸ•want to appriciate ayes dan rere cuz klo gd mrka keknya gue bnrn dh gantung diri😺 @tr4shy0u ya ak taube her peace bro,her family issues are already making her cry.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•jd sbnrnya ak ni penting ap enggakkkni anaknya lulus sklh pdhl kok kaya gda excitednya yhhhheven acra pnting pun gd yg bisa dtg. aku gpp, dh biasa jg kn ngpa-ngpain sndri tnpa sosok ortuπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»jd sbnrnya ak ni pnya wali murid ap enggakπŸ€”sp yg ortunya diminta dtg ke gradu mlh oper-operan? akuuu WKWKWKWcri alesan ap yyyyofficially ga dtg ke gradutp jujurly gamau dtgmemantapkan niat dtg ke gradu walaupun sndriβœ‹πŸ»Aku ingin mleyot sambil dipeluk terus dipukpuk, sama disayang-sayang.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•realizing you’re handling a situation better than the old u would have >>> πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’“
Retweeted by ali πŸ•May Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ remove the uneasy feelings. Amin.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•bnr2 melongowhen u thought u were special to someone🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑🀑
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Terlepas dr gue jg perempuan, tp asli deh, perempuan tuh beban stigma di masy berat bgt πŸ˜… Bangun siang, dianggep j…
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mlm ini w liat2 u sweet bgt😼 berusaha ada buat org lain soalnya tau rasanya gd siapa2 tu gaenakπŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ bgt liat org lain yg keluarganya cemara @topi_jjerami jumat banggggasuka acara formal yg mengharuskan ada ortualias sekeluarga gd yg bisa ajg lahneed org yg bisa gantiin ortu buat kelulusanTrue 😭
Retweeted by ali πŸ• @sltnandra emg engga @urbaymaxxxx taauuusleepy gf thingy; ini waktunya kita baik-baikin mamaku yπŸ€” @sweetielark dah anyep kah @cesarenovaldo gue make mangkok rmh aja ketar ketir mampus ini ashskskdbsjsk tolol @stilltheoneonly semangaattt @omnislazh pagii, u too dapaamy anxiety makes my day always think, think and think
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Setelah jadi orang tua, w akhirnya paham kalo orang tua itu pengen selalu berguna buat anaknya. Makanya w ga ngelar…
Retweeted by ali πŸ•kalo udah dibilangin berkali-kali tapi dia tetep gaada perubahan, it's not a mistake, itu kebiasaan. gaada yang nam…
Retweeted by ali πŸ•zuzur😌☝🏻 teach us to keep smiling even it's hurt
Retweeted by ali πŸ• @peachystalitez pagi ina sygkuu @hhhmmm98 yauda mlm deh2009 2022
Retweeted by ali πŸ•bgun pgi mrasa sprti diriku kesambet
@westenthu WIDIHHH APENIterlalu gemas @wh0sther3 hdeh @ivedev tbl tbl @maqyubee boleehhpunya partner yang suka cerita kayak "kamu tau ga si tadi?" is best feeling ever
Retweeted by ali πŸ• @gorgarinn bolehh @suckkboy IYAKAN WKWKWK @ilhmanggra jangan ya @wirausahaaa knppp wiraaa @sltnandra kenyangknp kang es tutup smwa yhh akjksksjsjkj
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Maudy Ayunda gaada hujan gaada angin tiba2 menikah Aku nanti, gaada hujan gaada angin tiba2 kaya raya. Bismillah
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@urbaymaxxxx iya janganterimakasih sudah berjuang om ariiii. love to see u back <3 @topi_jjerami udah nihhaving me as a gf is a win btw
Retweeted by ali πŸ•i like private but not a secret.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•harry styles / late night talking
Retweeted by ali πŸ•harry styles / matilda
Retweeted by ali πŸ•Goodbye Mufasa, Long live the KING.
Retweeted by ali πŸ•me with my friends:
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