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24, she/her. author ✥ designer ✥ multishipper ✥ satan wears a rolex. hope is like the sun. i love the galaxy far away & always will.

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Retweeted by aquaThe exact moment she saw the treat in my hand. you to whoever bought me a Ko-Fi! 🥺 What a lovely surprise!! It's much very much appreciated! There was no na… before she went for my wrist. @thereminsonata Taken literally 3 seconds before she tried to bite my hand. It was the only pic that isn't blurry.'ve been on LinkedIn a bit more trying to network and find opportunities and it's the weirdest mix of "find time f… little hellion. night from this little snuggle pup ❤️ (Almost every picture I take of her has my Swiffer in the background th… computer has died and I'm going horizontal so I'll continue these tomorrow!! I love you all so dearly ❤️ @Mockingbird7821 Oh!! I haven't started the next chapter yet 😅 But I'll see what I can whip up tomorrow! @Mockingbird7821 From There May Be Something There That Wasn't There Before “… Because as insane as it may sound,… @endmebensolo Which story would you like it for? @mintycel I'd love love love to do something more high fantasy. Elves, dwarves, orcs, lots and lots of worldbuildin… @maha_ranis Oooo ok. Sort of a generic fantasy AU, I suppose. Ben's the knight in search of adventure and on a ques… @coffee_and_sky Ben is ready to provide Rey with literally anything she wants if it will make her happy at Renberly… @thebittersnake Oooo... I have a few different drafts of ones with Rey Palpatine where I actually try to make the c… @art_of_stardust From Satan Wears A Rolex ❤️ @MeedaWrites Ooooo okay ... Ben learns very quickly how Rey likes to take her tea so that he can make it for her if… @Desertflower221 From a longer, fairytale-like oneshot I've been planning for a while but need to flesh out a bit m… @MeedaWrites which story would you like it for?I'm looking forward to having the mental energy to update things later this week - this day has just been a LOT. Bu… @s_laurr PRETTY MUCH. IT'S NOT ATTRACTIVE. @DarthMaullie left eye has decided to get a Kiri hair in it, then I broke blood vessels when I aspirated and choked on a salmo… @Nedi_Doe Oooo the best is when it dries completely and you get to move all your face muscles and you feel like a statue coming to live!For Halloween I'm working on a one-shot where Ben and Rey fuck in a haunted house and demon Kylo Ren gets involved. 😄
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@jakkugerblin Both my stomach and mouth vehemently reacted to this image in I WANT ways. mind I'm keeping her to myself ❤️ far today, Kiri has - nipped me multiple times (bad teething day) - almost fell down a drain - insisted upon g… @trixie_ren Hello my name is Kiri I am here to say hello and I love you and I hope things get better soon!! (Yes I'… is apparently the "I'm sorry for biting you the entire time as you drove around running errands" face. @binarey_ They really said "pop pop" to every industry and initiative in the best way possible @SEOKJINFlLM You're not a coward, not at all. For as much as we can prepare for things, sometimes the moment comes…’s too late to use the mails. Given Supreme Court rulings I urge everyone to now vote in person; early vote or us…
Retweeted by aquaIt's a rough night for a lot of us, so here are some Kiri pics my mom took that make her look like a Sears catalog…
Retweeted by aquaI was so tired my neighbors and I were talking about election night and I thought the elderly one asked, "Who is yo…'s a rough night for a lot of us, so here are some Kiri pics my mom took that make her look like a Sears catalog… @thebittersnake @jakkugerblin Are you going with Ashley or Travis tho @AdamGFerguson Pretty much! I just want something that says "I DO NOT WANT TO BE DISTURBED PLEASE AND THANK YOU"Be clear: Republicans did SCOTUS like this--violating RBGs dying wish--so we'd get depressed, think we don't matter…
Retweeted by aquaAnyone have wireless headphone suggestions? Not earbuds, I have those. I want giant honking headphones that blatant…
@mnemehoshiko other replies: COOKIES me: okay i don't own a shovel but i do own a car with a big trunk and live near several lakes @drkldykay You're the sweetest!! 🥺🥰 Your smile is radiant and I loved loved loved talking to you! @drkldykay Awwww thank you!! Pretty long hair is long gone now 😂 Couldn't handle the knots on top of stress of the world! @drkldykay I loved it so much 🥺 I regret not putting on makeup though because you all saw me at my worst, I thought… @TheVuasLog ICE CREAM!!!Just Zoom call with some tea that will probably get cold because I could talk a LOT wait i just remembered i have tea that went coldOkay but seriously, if anyone ever wants to chat with me about anything, I'd love to talk about writing process, fi… @TheVuasLog wait damn it now i want chili and cornbread @binarey_ Want some DMs about Jester's princess gowns instead?I mean I can host a meeting where I read the last chapter of SWAR before posting it but you all have heard my voice… @binarey_ oh my god the most chaotic duo @geekmystic I use polymer clay!! Resin's a bit too smelly for a tiny apartment. @geekmystic Thank you so much!! I make them!! I have a bunch of molds so that I can make completely custom colors.Artemis and Artemis Mini are now in the shop! I love making these, they're so pretty and delicate. Shown in Navy!… love when she turns her head like this, her face looks like a chocolate chip muffin. @reylocaltrash LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THEY LOOK OMG how did you manage to capture the cozy feel I'm going for in a ma… for the spam I'M JUST SO HAPPY MY BABY'S OKAY! @trixie_ren Yep yep yep been there done that. Especially if a look has color under the eyes I always look like I ei… @trixie_ren I'm shit at eyeshadow. I do one color, MAYBE 2. @trixie_ren It takes a little practice but it made my life so much easier when I had to get up super early for work. Press and go. @trixie_ren That, my dear, is when you cheat. Flick Stick. Stamp, connect, done. @trixie_ren I can do a wing and that's the extent @drkldykay @guibassTM @sleemo Sephora has it! Saw it earlier today! @guibassTM @sleemo Sephora has it! @binarey_ I'll take the top left 2 individually pls keep the rest @binarey_ I want to like it because this "white as Twitter Light mode" girl has been looking for some good olives f… @guibassTM @binarey_ YOU ALL DESERVE GOOD SHADES @guibassTM @binarey_ If they don't I will @guibassTM @binarey_ They had a lip topper I bought like 5 of because despite my hatred of lipstick it's so PRETTY @guibassTM @binarey_ I think it was just lipsticks and an eyeliner or two tho. @guibassTM @binarey_ Another drugstore brand did a collection for TFA. I waaaaanna say Covergirl? I still have one… majestic portrait was taken about 10 seconds before she slid right down my ass (she was on my hip) and then cl… that little smile ❤️❤️ TRACHEAL COLLAPSE!!! Since her appetite has gotten better with the meds, the vet thinks it was mild kennel coug… @yesdnilindsey Thank you so so much!! ❤️❤️ @yesdnilindsey Maybe? I don't coddle her after so I'm not sure why she would, but it's a good thought!! @yesdnilindsey Not really? I mean it's dramatic with hacking and gagging but immediately after she's perfectly fine.Kiri Pupdate: Vet is stumped with a capital S since she's not coughing at all when tracheal collapse is triggered.… knows what angle gets mommy to say, "Awww, good girl!" morning from me and the little one ❤️ Treat yourself to something nice today, you deserve it! Your favorite ho… @obeetaybee Yes, we're on a round of them now. @yesdnilindsey Harness, from the beginning. I only put a collar on her if we're going somewhere where she needs her… @thereylovoid I would take Zertec, Allegra, and Claritin all at once just to kiss between her ears.Me, holding Kiri on my shoulder the way she likes: I love you so much. I'm going to do everything I can to take car… @AritouStuff Thank you so much ❤️ It's just hard because we don't have a definitive answer right now, and therefore… picture in question! @elsvette Hopefully!! Yep, lungs sound good, heart sounds good, everything's normal except for the cough. She's leg… is just ... not good, so I'm going to drink my favorite expensive tea out of my giant Knives Out mug and ha… @elsvette They have - lungs and heart look totally normal. She's a little conundrum!I have to hold the phone further and further away to take a picture of all of Kiri sleeping on the couch and I DON'T LIKE IT.If you see me editing TMBS instead of writing it it's FINE everything's FINE I'm just STUCKAaaand now she has hiccups (they just went away but MY POOR BABY) @kalaelizabeth @thereylovoid What a precious little snow baby!!!!!!! Thank you so so much ❤️ It's just one of those… @kalaelizabeth @thereylovoid That's wonderful to know, thank you so so much! ❤️ It's so nice to see the double digi… @SupportPorg Thank you ❤️ It's just one day at a time. My heart just hurts for her even though it seems it's not affecting her very much. @maha_ranis Also thank you ❤️ She acts fine otherwise, it's super weird. She's eating and drinking fine and literal… @maha_ranis There is one around here I think, my vet mentioned one. She's going to call me tomorrow and ask a few m… @thereylovoid She thinks it's tracheal collapse, but she's so young to have it. It sounds like it a bit, but also i… love Kiri so much but am so worried. Even with the cough suppressant, she's coughing 1-3 times a day. The vet has…