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nothing humbles me like hinges “most compatible ” suggestionJobs do NOT pay enough to try to regulate what I choose to do in my free time or what I wish to post on my social m…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽like i have n*kits dragun vetting a fight against victoria secret for what they said. meanwhile black and brown tra… think the funniest thing about people being like “trans women are women” is using the look of incredibly rich tra… don’t flirt with me i’m not trying to cheat on my crush that doesn’t like me
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽anybody in tempe az got dick on deck? (must be 6’1 and taller) @CdyRnkn club promoter @NycObedient no it’s called an unhealthy coping mechanism @Kailyncroissant omg should i finally sell my soulsee drivers license don’t hit me at all. maybes it’s bc i just fuck his friends after he choose someone elsegood morning besties. if he wanted to, he would. so just remember he doesn’t ❤️i want someone to f*** me so hard sonic rings come out
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽y’all really gotta do the reading 😭😭😭 photo is burned into my brain they trying to impeach Biden already ? He hasn’t even taken a shit at the White House yet .This just shows me…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽someone just unlocked a hidden memory of eating cañadon’t play with me. i fuck friendssomewhere in this world, a man who wears jean shorts has convinced someone to have sex with him. channel his confidenceyes i did just make a fiona the hippo fancam to get me through the last ten minutes of work
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @yik3sbitch wait. what’s his name @coochieman86 do anal @dovenymph giving very much mary i bligey’all stay subbing me 🙄🙄
i hate when my friends are like “god he’s ugly” like okay imma still get my pussy ate. @BeefedUpBro im ready whenever you are!!! @BeefedUpBro have had it @jackharlow @leximinogue imma hit every club. @CdyRnkn the way this image is burned into my 13 year old brainOnly fans creators traveling to other cities to make content with each other, call that a meat and greet
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @jazz_inourpants he the cutest booger!!!!tell me why i need to move to NYC. the men are so hot. @dovenymph it’s everything. omghow do we feel about this hair
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽They’re asking for Land Back, Joe
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @CallMeRedDeuce @haleynbingham @snowbonnyy no i think i’m good @snowbonnyy @CallMeRedDeuce @haleynbingham imagine the stuff i hear them say when i’m visiting. like y’all need a water hose @CallMeRedDeuce @haleynbingham @snowbonnyy this was so disgusting to read even have an olympianhaving sex with me is having sex with all the athletes and college athletes i had sex with. im every mans dream. @iloveOxtails @eerrriiicaa haha first time me and erica meet we gonna kiss just for u!!!the same line of “work harder” as if struggling and doing what u can and must to survive check to check is a sign o… of living has risen. we see this in shady practices of companies outsourcing material and still pushing up pri… some white girl is like “but milk will be five dollars” as if a mother with multiple kids trying to survive and… then we go further into the aspect of race/gender identity and how that plays into the way you are paid in this… that “well that’s unfair that i had to pay and other people won’t” like that’s almost as sound as saying we sho… meanwhile people of the upper class, are just swiping an amex and failing communication course for fun.and then we have the counter argument “well i paid off all my student loans and worked three jobs” like does that n… is why we need to clear all student loan debt, make education free, free access to healthcare and a federal raise in minimum wage.and then we go further with, say these people use social services like WIC/Food Stamps/ and whatever else, society… wage is at a laughable rate. meanwhile, cost of living, cost of health insurance, your national 7.25 minimum wage is a joke.say they think “maybe i can just work and take a year off of school and save money.” and here is where it all break… we think, well if we don’t go to school we can go to trade school. But, average trade schools cost could be up… let me get this straight: we tell children to go to school to make something of themselves. But 45% of people un… know my likes. not my story @Kailyncroissant before i deleted mine, i had like 97kjanuary 20, 2021 will forever go down in history as the day jojo siwa came out
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @coolchick420 what tweet @nxtvxkxng omg that’s pretty“kamala is america’s first african-american and female vp” ummmm are we forgetting about her ? 🤨🙄☝️
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽OK now let’s cancel them
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽wait why hasn’t his snapped score updated in a few days?!im boutta make my own stimmy check dare my friends have other friends besides me? dirty whore @Redbull7161 do u mean it?if i buy you a waist clincher, will u shut up saw the message. i ignored it. stop @MelissaarnaudAZ girl let’s get dreaming together okaySome girl dmed me that she’d send me money on Venmo to see if her bf would flirt with me and I looked at his profil…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽
@eerrriiicaa can we get each other flowers?biden extending freeze on student loans. come on baby. just don’t make me pay at all. i’ll give u four more years @jazz_inourpants who’s fault is that?? @jazz_inourpants our son will grow up just fineso do y’all just have kids? no thoughts? no plan? just vibes? screams i like to hit women and act like it’s kinky really be so cute :( be like in a sex coach and educator... only thing they touching is abusive kinks and weirdly dominant situationsMe watching her fill up her air mattress before I pipe
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽seeing yts tweet about “first shelter dog in the white house” like girl??? an animal?! not ya know the last preside… be the national anthem anyone wanna fuck on valentine’s day? (must be hot) @MoRoRadio there no fun thengirl please. no. i can’t say the sentence i want willy wonka to fuck me. biden looking sexyyyyy this. would have performed just dance @anbabsss wheee is heokay he’s swore in. this mfer is so centrist. and has back pedaled on all his promises. u white people better start… @irayoeywa @TwitterSupport ILL DO AS I PLEASE a bitch like me, imma handle this one: cuties by the time i get home from the store: would fuck hunter bidendon’t know who momma need to hear this but quit babying that grown ass man. u literally raised the worst mangirl weren’t you just the side chick?? hotties on hinge in austin, tx?im like 6 trulys in and ready to harass men @ashleyyyvonne15 ooo baby i’ve been ready @ashleyyyvonne15 GIRL ILL BEAT SOME ASS @Coll3enG @matchu_chutrain new year, new u i guessi pray men find help. or like a hole to crawl into. idk. something, anything