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@imbabyfr that manicure is criminalSee you at church this weekend @Prattprattpratt 😇
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽homes in the area start at 1.7M and up. ruin their days, night. messages projected on Camelback Mountain
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @poppajohn19 would that work on u? @pettydelapetty he’s an extremely ripped 6’4 man. i have no need to tell him how to do anythingMy good Sis SADE WHAT SHE SAID
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽I think ima drop these up until my album drop 😛😛🔥🔥🔥🔥 REAL MF HOT GIRL SHIT
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽what do i say to my gym crush!! quick
@ohh_livi_yuhh tacosTHIS BRUH
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽she said “hola pobres” still don’t have voice feature on twitter. they tired of me. i’d just be replying fart noises to everythingwell ate (tacos for lunch)
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽yes i’m watching little women, all over againthe movie industry just setting me up to hate saoirse ronanidk what they be putting in annies mac and cheese but it doesn’t need to be that good @IAmBrendanWitek ily 😘everyday i wake up and decide how I will terrorize Brendan and his poor choices with women @IAmBrendanWitek it’s okay bb. i promise u will find a wifehahahah about this absolute read for revolve x free people 2day
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽me: “i wonder why i always get kicked out of bars” also, me: *pulls my boobs out* @dallasjacklyn it’s so fun!!! but so hard's time for a woman to win this I'm voting for Lady Gaga for Favorite Artist - Electronic Dance Music (EDM) at t…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @uomichael stop. i would. and that’s all that matters @ItsNae_Love okay but the remastered one is so hard now @lilr3ds STOPbattlefront 2crash bandicoot the wrath of cortex, simpsons hit and run, star wars battlefront i just realized they make minimum nba salary...girl text him backi don’t know who needs to hear this. but baby, don’t answer his text. he just an exhibit 10 contract player.i love it when rina sawayama
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Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽you were given $1,200 to survive on after three months of unemployment. it’s been 8 months into a pandemic. you wer… if men left
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽imagine using vosotros
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @coolchick420 BITCH FIND ME HIMbecause they know at the end of the day, they will not be subjected to the lack of care and access we are subjected… repercussions we will face moving forward is not to due to just the republican party. it’s due to the inaction… system does not work for the working class. it was not designed to protect us. it was designed to protect polit… it downwhite privilege exists. proof: the court.
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Dua Lipa. I’m gonna need some more rnb miss mams
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽i finally voted. now will the calls stop. i voted blue. i voted to increase public education. and legalize marijuana. leave me alonethis is why i’m pro choice
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @MrVito04 @BeefedUpStud yesIT WASNT EVEN A COKE CAN. LIAR @snowbonnyy but they do not hit. they just give me attentionhave you ever met a 5’8 man who wasn’t deeply evil? probably not. my theory is that they’re simply too average in h…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽everyday im reminded why i let white men stop hittingserving suburban trophy wife
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @snowbonnyy ON GOD @d_10R10 lmfaoooo IM SICK @d_10R10 how u got crows feet before ur first election??? @uomichael i can smell her from herebro how does someone look 36 at 18?? today, Martha McSally will vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. In doing so, she wil…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @ConnerrM i’m fucking ugly can’t believe the pornstar with shitty dick unfollowed me. how dare u @mopykav people make over 60K and starting acting like they still aren’t lower middle class. what makes anyone thin… are any of you surprised that wealthy people.... even young celebs... are usually lowkey republicans but voicin…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽nothing turns me on more than his manicured nailsthe indescribable things i’d do for a chance with this man @Bukkake_Bomb i peeked a little and had to stop. why do people think trans people are sudden new update in this sim… if all prayed hard enough he will text her back @BeefedUpStud i absolutely hate her. but it’s personal“he has searched up your description on pornhub” @bIondiewasabi ohio if we gonna be honest
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 want three miss when the illuminati ran the music industry. The music was better
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @DaveMcNamee3000 me @MrVito04 be quiet pls. the adults are talkingwait a damn minute @ikeasIut guilty conscious speaks firstIf we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽my impact must give great head. because these men answer my phone calls and listen to me cry about the smallest inconvenience too ofteni’ll cry whenever i want smh @SweetBabyTayz i need u to go to bed @Marassta 🔥 🔥 🔥 😍Vampire life...again.
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽fiancé’s car was broken into, he had like 300 dollars worth of cash stolen from serving this week & he’s gotta pay…
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @BeefedUpStud why u so handsome with the beardcan you believe I look this good without hair wow
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽 @gabfrab WHATay, who ever watched Cats on my HBO, i’m changing the password. you ruined it for everyone else @Coll3enG u @tommygodayeek 24! ✨🥂
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽Jeepers!
Retweeted by ari 🇲🇽nah my shit napping :/ i look like tracee ellis ross
@g1adly you’re lying. i know you’re lyingNon black people I have a serious inquiry: why do y’all be telling ppl that your parents would be mad if you dated a black person????? Lmaoo
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