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⬇️ My new album KiCk i is out now! check my site for links to my Music Videos, Discord, Twitch, Merch, and much more! 💖

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i love this photo of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera — S.T.A.R. forever 🌈 @conorcarlellis @MarkLuva 🎀 @naagelatin ily @FoxxyGlamKitty pay them no mind or maybe even pay them dust ! 🔮STILL T.R.U.
every word is a symbol; each symbol is a rorschach blot // toda palabra es un símbolo; cada palabra es una mancha de rorschachrelated: don’t have to understand the other in order the respect their difference— stay humble, be kind to yourself and… journey is more important than any destination; nurture the spirit, follow your evermorphing faith, trust in th… twitch i talk about doubting whether one is ‘trans enough’ because faith without doubt is nothing but dogma . &…
@aaronphilipxo 💖 @juliadfoo 😍<(.•_•)^ <(•_~)> ^(•.•')>
@rosalia @trvisXX @MarkLuva Bernard Herrmann @okkyunglee @AphexTwin Dj Baba @yirvinofficial @dzucconi mix lo titulé ±±±±±; ya se imaginan lo divertido q fue poder decir Radio DiVa ExPeRiMeNtA.FL y q de pana haya…🔥 This mix i made I titled ±±±±±; you know it was so fun actually getting to say Radio DiVaíu chaíl inbox b liek keisha @desiremarea happy bday icon @rosalia quiero ir a un parque de agua pero en ve de agua q sea leche con azúcar 😭 @0800shygirl madonna secret !!
i follow slowly after i recognize a username and it gives me warm feelings to see their name pop up on discord and… @naagelatin @eccofenty nu uh @itsimanz omg LFO on chorus feedback 💖💖💖 @juliadfoo 🦋🔥 @rei1000000 can’t wait @rei1000000 oh nooo reí! i didnt kno. ily :3Settle down children ! Please flip to the Alchemy chapter in your psychosexual philosophy books there’s a quiz tomo…
chakra paws 🐾 @sluttydreamer 🐾 @_rfbx_ 🦑 @Gedenciadriver purr @coolado_ sifhisd8hfwipeo[fgpja[rgikpn;js @perfectanthems [(*\/*)]<3 @angeIcraft @burnrvbber hi madison hi holden @RAMIIIIIIIIREZ <(^__________________^> @NICKMSMSMSM uwu @xeonxcx *curtsie* @swwiftie ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; @piscesangel o hi :]*SUENA LA CAMPANA DEL RECREO* a ver a ver q comienza la clase mis niñxs! hoy vamos a hablar sobre la alquimia 🐾;Mango bajito
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KiCk i unboxing video! <3 Abriendo una copia de KiCk i! <3 Video by Carlos Sáez and Arca /… @marando__ OwO
@murcieIaga apagándo las luces intensifies @immaterialfags |_| o | | | @abunchofhotdogs cqeytfawrubosyip gdfgs*throws glitter at the camera* *lanzandole escarcha a la cámara*| ||| ... .. .... .... | ||… @beyonso @sadlunala igual te sigo pq amo a lain @sayammontes @cxnrv mi opinión es que depende de la intención y el contexto pero más q nada del nivel de entendimie… @cxnrv con gusto @sadlunala @beyonso le voy a seguir @takeukaty sagousfdygp9sidufyghdsen español p quienes ten curiosxs como lo veo yo 🌌 @cxnrv a ver te cuento q veo a la identidad sexual más allá de lo genital. la primera pregunta es saber si uno ve a… @LoyFood 💖💖💖 @mariusghencea_ @ladygaga a queentaste the 🌈/// date un sorbito del 🌈 doll on the cover of i-D Faith in Chaos issue <3 photography: juergen teller, interview: frankie dunn /// La mu…— 👁👄👁💕 dolls <3 i hear ur music i start purring & my hips start vibrating, your flow is sick <3 icon<3<3<3<3 belllaaaaaaaa no jodaaaa! claro q si!!!<3 ily queen / thank u sooooo much ! i love making music with u, ur amazing <3
@bjork @rosalia @0800shygirl @SOPHIEMSMSMSM this image is so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰 made by @mynameisobel (IG) you to the incredible Carlos Sáez for making the genius claws i wear on the cover and for being there every s… a special thank you to @LatinDreams for letting me interpolate the melody, and flow of “Quiero Una Chica” for “… producer @Cardopusher for planting the sonic and rhythmic seed making KLK possible, to Alex Epton who mixed the…💖thank you 💖gracias 💖for the pleasure and the honor / por el placer y el honor , de explorar y crear conmigo / of e…💖 p4k; just to let you know, u misspelled the word 'furruco' Carrie Stacks’ Butterfly Fund ; ily Ms. Carrie ! you are amazing <3
KiCk i is out now! Rip the Slit Thru Mutants! ya esta aqui KiCk i ! A romper esa piñata mutantes, no jodaaaaa!!…
The video for mequetrefe was conceived and produced under lockdown with the brilliant: / el video de mequetrefe fue… q locura el rodaje en casa que estábamos ya usando todas las luces en la casa parecía un nido de cables alto l… how crazy this home video shoot was, lockdown creative alchemy with all house lamps pointing into one point <3My new video for Mequetrefe is out today!!! If you're one of the dollbabies you may or may not have heard it teased…
in 24 hours!; a Premiere 🕳 / EN 24 horas!; un estreno! ⏳🔥🎊💌 2 dias sale KiCk i y comienza el sorteo de los tacones , uno de los primeros tacones q me compré ever! para todx… i is out in 2 days! and the giveaway of the heels i wore in anoche, one of the first ever heels i ever bought,…
@arcaKiCki there is no wrong pronounciation 🥰 when i refer to the album out loud i say KiCk 1 🥰espero q les guste :] hope ur into it :]🍥 this KiCk T-shirt was made to feature a technovenus still from the Nonbinary video made with Frederik Heyman <3… @jaboukie don’t delete this oneKLK, @arca1000000 y Rosalía OUUUUUUUT YA pincha aqui y sube el volumen muy muy fuerte 😈🍑
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@softcoredoll jajajajajapara mi también es un honor trabajar contigo luis, y un placer ! gracias @Cardopusher <3<3<3<3<3<3 toy oyendo idm eggs n cheese mientras tipeo estos emojis: 🎵🎵🐾💅💄🦋🐙🦑🌷🔥💞💕☢️ diste durísimo bella, i love making music with u <3 un millón de gracias <3 can listen to my new single KLK ft. @rosalia on the #NewMusicDaily playlist on @applemusic right now if u wanna… música venezolana siempre ha estado conmigo, y me siento agradecida de poder haber estudiado algunos de los esti…