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@JessKranny @chanceNSANE no awareness lol
@Ralph_CSGO @Ninja @skubacs i replied for him @Ralph_CSGO @Ninja @skubacs skuba: ralph what is this cringe man?have a nice day @raplineshero @MellohCS ez @AJaxzcs @CLGRed @TeamVerum ws only for mr. ajaxz @hydrikcsgo @tactilecs whats the problem here @hydrikcsgo @tactilecs just get some bitches eddie @Mitsuki_BOW @bron_exe i wanted them to do it before we played the dh quali bo3 but unlucky @jermaine_cs @sodreamXgod i need more pfps like yours jermaine
@slomojoCSGO @zylueCS is that what you think when you wide swing mid into pistols @zylueCS @Mitsuki_BOW flexing on joe @zylueCS @Mitsuki_BOW all the valheim paying off @Am1racle @FPLCircuit @Mauisnake @jitt3r3 @jitt3r3 con swing god @Ralph_CSGO @jam_csgo @shutoutcsgo @rin_cs ralpg retakes awper @PNDLMcs @sodreamXgod me filling in for sodream in dh open quali sodream: hey arcade please drop 10 adr in match so i dont get cut thnx @sodreamXgod ECO ELIMINATOR BILENKO @theletterkei kris stfu man wtf @FeedaleeCS @ExtraSaltGG you guys are nuts, @fijics2 was the first to experience it firsthand :P @Herculezy @brett_csgo @ThirdImpactGG @fijics2 ak doin work @Theta301 He was calling people autistic and subhumans on stream, and when I warned said streamer about how this wo… people autistic ON TheSurgeon’s Stream plus purposely throwing low rank pugs because his team “doesn’t dese… @SithCempt @KriksCS L @KriksCS @SithCempt ian i said you can come see if my cpu works and you tweet this.
2021 @zylueCS @BrienanaBanana @zylueCS @BrienanaBanana stay mad that I live here where there are multiple places that serve poké @zylueCS @BrienanaBanana @PuggCSGO @CoachKayJay @FNATIC @Reeeeptar @JPARKJMC goin soft in your old age using emojisF/A for Valorant 4 Seasons of Esea-advanced Playoffs 2x Rank G Duelist/Sentinels Can awp as jett well also. I'v…
Retweeted by arcade @KriksCS @2TR1LL @Reeeeptar with no motherboard @2TR1LL @Reeeeptar @KriksCS he can come pick it up if he wants. let him message me :P @Reeeeptar @KriksCS wtf @KriksCS i appreciate you ian @onevoltage @MTUEsports pov: me quaking while logan "voltage" long talks to me in discord
@realtatm yo i see me dude @FatalityCSGO @X13GG @bilenkooo @Wanted_Hyena @EboverCS LOOOOL @bilenkooo @X13GG @FatalityCSGO @Wanted_Hyena @EboverCS hahahaplaying Oceanus today in semis of the DH Open Quali today, should I stream again? again filling for @X13GG playi… @Reeeeptar @X13GG free delivery cuz i used chic fila app nt tho @Mitsuki_BOW taking an extra dab tonight for that one jesus christ leave some women for the rest of us @ramuelcs @akasyns im shrouding out mid @landmazCS @thatonepiano started building my immune system up when mfers dropped oreos in preschool @bilenkooo @X13GG yeah it was my grandpa out back made it rqfeels good man, glad i played well filling in for @X13GG in the DH Open Quali. @ImP_GG 19-16 ggs @EboverCS @bilenkooo @Wanted_Hyena @FatalityCSGO @X13GG @FatalityCSGO @EboverCS @Wanted_Hyena @bilenkooo glad i could stand in
@subihighwaters you play the algorithm well EZ @csniise @omniscientCS @Alvincs_ niise cuddling the photo when he’s away from omni
@hydrikcsgo eddie on the up
@jaysef7 @bilenkooo @ESEA @jermaine_cs @jermaine_cs Birthday @tarik - its been almost 10 years since you told me you could plug in a video card while banging my…
Retweeted by arcade @foxwounds @witmer bring back msi club streamer witmer i miss those days @jermaine_cs @thatonepiano seconded
@1stormie andrew @tactilecs turning my heat on to flex on texas @sodreamXgod xaxaxaxa#NewProfilePic
@2TR1LL @zaannzz max u are funny @zaannzz @2TR1LL tell us the scoop or he gets it man. @2TR1LL @zaannzz YES MAX HAHAHAHHAA @homerhpc miss u clipper @kber_cs and she liked it first too gg kberand so it starts to vuong who fucked up my doordash order but gave me more food than i paid for @thatonepiano you wont be feeling anything my dude @jam_csgo ns @9nerve michael @hydrikcsgo w @souplovr23 LETS GOOOOO
@J4CKMULL @arcadecs fuck that guy @dianeCSGO @rin_cs @ennpeecs boy shut yo ass upDon’t really post my own music often and especially not on twitter but imma start posting some snippets every now a…
Retweeted by arcade @eminsCS yo this shit fire
@CSGOKermi happy birthday kermi :)) @ramuelcs @fijics2 let ram save naanyone need one for cash cup hml @TheSurgeonLIVE @TheSurgeonLIVE @subihighwaters interesting how you reply to this and not the other one. @subihighwaters @TheSurgeonLIVE no shot u replied subi HAHAHAA @TheSurgeonLIVE you’re implying that im bad enough to stay in open, when obviously that isn’t the case. im glad you… @TheSurgeonLIVE literally have better stats than you have in rank c pugs, keep chirping someone half your age man @TheSurgeonLIVE open’s going great, especially since im playing with people who i dont pay to be my friends
@xcege @AtomiKCSGO @coachswitchy severely doubt anything changes, this is like the fourth incident with them in the past year @TheSurgeonLIVE rent free man remember when i warned you about letting sensu call people autistic and retarded on y… @souplovr23 wtf @Minus_CS @aulexcs @sacrificeCS @dafCSGOLike + Retweet Follow @Minus_CS Follow @aulexcs Tag 2 people
Retweeted by arcade
Retweeted by arcade
@dust2us @dust2us continuing to compete on ESEA despite malicious activity ban - Report
Retweeted by arcade @dust2us @Nohte @GhostiiCS LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOgiving away @DepthEsports sticker get em while they’re hot