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Just bought prediction market shares *directly on Twitter* via Uniswap and Augur using Maskbook wallet. Unreal.
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Best of luck to the @Filecoin team for their upcoming launch! Legit the only project apart of #Ethereum that I'm ve…
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It really is ok and much more honest to say that we're forced to use some tech because it won and you might as well make the best of it.
Retweeted by Jay Graber @rishmishra Toughness come from surviving bad things, so probably nothing we would wish for. Stronger selection pre…
@buchmanster Pathological narcissism reveals many hidden opportunities @meredithperry "kid's bulletproof hoodie - out of stock" @jemenger My experience of crypto and decentralization tech in general is people who could not be more politically… @jenistyping This is not a desirable outcome, but it is more desirable than open conflict, which either "no stateme… @jenistyping Refereeing a conflict and attempting to remain neutral by not making a statement is not intended to be… @jenistyping For a big company filled with people who have deeply incompatible politics, I think setting boundaries… possibilities get realized will depend on who builds them. I hope everyone who wants to will find a place in… find it fascinating that cryptocurrency attracts people of such different political persuasions, who may all want… can have differing political opinions that are mutually withheld, or you can have homogeneity, but you cannot s… is either attempting to referee a conflict and make peace internally, or drawing a line in the sand which wil… an organization, it's complicated. If diversity of political thought can be sustained without breaking out into…’ve worked with anarcho-communists, neoliberals, and right-leaning libertarians in the cryptocurrency space. My un… can see a form of horseshoe theory in action. It attracts anti-authoritarians of both left and right persuasion… find this understandable and appropriate. Putting aside the fact that the over-entanglement of work & identity le…
@ciphergoth Yeah he likes those! They're just really hard because of the complexity of the controls, and he has han… @GoodbyeWorldWIL Stardew valley has been the best fit so far. Video games have been a great way for my dad to maint… @wabmester My dad has hand tremors from early stage Parkinson's, he's no match for a battle royale with zoomers! @wabmester Slow reaction time, limited dexterity with controls, lack of desire or ability to keep up with the kids 😂I got my dad started with zelda, breath of the wild, but he mostly enjoyed foraging and talking to NPCs because lim… @ionincognito @ZaynaKhayat Yeah vr would be next level! But regular games work right now tooAre there games designed intentionally for seniors? I'm convinced it's a great way to retain neuroplasticity and a…
@dbasch I think any form of democracy would be more engaging to me than a republic @dbasch Well the US isn't really a democracy, it's always been a republic - calling it a democracy seems to confuse more than it clarifies.If you are part of the group of people who don't find this funny, I'm against you.
Retweeted by Jay Graber @jeanqasaur I found a YouTube fitness channel with targeted 10-20 minute workouts, where the woman just plays music…'d like one of these cost-efficient enough to put in the backyard. Fresh food all the time, with low time commitme… factory farms, more farm factories. @prajwalsheno Jumping from profile to profile through the social graph @whizwang Like this: @whizwang Usually soup! @whizwang There's another one in the garden that might be even bigger, afraid it's gaining sentience @whizwang My mom did, but she was waiting for me to harvest it because neither of my elderly parents could pick it up!
Recording for posterity the absolute unit that is this winter melon. @BrentHueth I know, right? Made my browser scream, but makes me imagine what entering "websites" in VR could be like. @nickarner @BeakerBrowser @danfuzz @andypahwa 👋 this is a great time to be alive on the internet @wminshew I'm trying to do that more again @maneszjt What do you deepdive on? @SarahTaber_bww Beautiful veggies! Feel like sharing pics of your veggies is like sharing pics of children or pets… @Smerity Twitter especially is designed as a global virality lottery, where every day a seemingly random tweet from… @Smerity Yeah, unnerving to consider how any random thought I put out there may end up hijacking a few seconds of a… @syswarren Setting aside time to explicitly be creative and positive, in whatever form that takes. Getting heart ra… @JimmyRis @zarinahagnew @jongold Yeah it does these things! Lmk if there's bugs, code has been idling for awhile @normancomics Looking at that site I saw a bunch of sharks just hanging out near shore... Might've changed how I fe… @wmhilton Turns out alternet is a left wing website 🤷‍♀️Ten years ago I used to go down internet rabbitholes by finding a site with a trove of weird stuff, or searching ra… @dzesika @wwwjim The superlatives that felt applicable - digging this Los Senderos station in Rio Grande, Argentina, "your lactose pipeline", has been online since 1994. Are you interested in buying my dom… font. Nice font site. you know shopping for a sperm donor is like any other online shopping experience? I did not. "Sale, buy one get… kinds of white noises. Turn them up, turn them down, mix em around: guy who owns gets all your emails addressed to Here's his lil story: the heck is this site and what is it about? Idk, there's fairies. Enter to find out. can track sharks and see what they're up to. Here's a shark named David hanging out near New Caledonia's Saturday night. There's nowhere to go. So my partner and I went looking for interesting things on the web. Thread of interesting sites: @provisionalidea I have the domain "" for the same reasons :D - in the process of putting up… @provisionalidea Same. I feel the tendency towards nihilism and paralysis too, but try to turn more of my attention… @wmhilton No that's an option @DatDotOrg That kinda ages out of relevance by design. I guess all these terms do @provisionalidea Btw I love this kind of envisioning - imagining the best possible outcome and working backwards to… want to live in a highly-educated, innovative society where humanity has reached out to the stars and become an i…
Retweeted by Jay Graber @provisionalidea Need advances in energy production and storage. More renewables, nuclear, battery capacity. @antoniogm @zmanian I keep leaving and coming back, it's like an on-again/off-again relationship. @dzesika @wwwjim That sounds like a somewhat fun experience @angely1618 I wish I'd known or tried more ways to participate in the adult world as a high schooler, besides stand…
@wwwjim My high school was much worse than my college, I appreciated college but felt trapped in high school. Bad t… @AlmostMedia @micsolana @pt Work for the best, prepare for the worst is becoming my life philosophy. @AlmostMedia @micsolana @pt Why not both @drewvolpe @sarah_cone Yeah I guess I wonder if this is how people on the right have decided to be, or a result of… @Lamesatx The first time I visited home after college, my mom pointed to my framed degree and said "this is the mos… @NicolasDVillar1 A thing which causes cognitive dissonance is always a good place to start examining assumptions from @sarah_cone Plus there's the strong influence of anarchism that drives populist left movements, which makes structu… @sarah_cone But do financial vs social conservatives really have a visceral problem with the other's desired future… @goodalexander More like 1 FAANGCoin - some digital corporate scrip @goodalexander In the event of major civil disorder and institutional collapse this is clearly the most plausible s… @Lamesatx Yeah I did college because it was overall much better, and cost my parents moneyIn place of awkward graduation photos I have a memory of a mini roadtrip where I couchsurfed in Wichita and met some fun people.I skipped my high school graduation, saying "why would I celebrate getting out of prison at the prison". Parents an… @okdistribute Bundle and then unbundle and then bundle and then unbundle and then -- @default_friend Made you look @sarah_cone My conservative uncle used to make fun of the left for being an eclectic "tent full of crazies" who con… end of history is when there's one big tech company that just does everything. @BrianRoemmele Worst thing I've seen all day. So complex to make, so quick to destroy. Increasing entropy is a quick trip downhill. @BrianRoemmele Does it say "mama, help me"?? 😰 @garybasin Yeah it's basically saying "my time is worth more than yours, be my Siri for a sec"Spent 36 hours on r/unemployment, which has seen 2,000 new subscribers in the last week. It's impossible to capture…
Retweeted by Jay Graber @garybasin I feel like it's become disrespectful to ask people something you could easily look up nowadays. Like, t… @erienneyoung I always believed this, but still had a sense of online relationships as less rich. Prolonged social… @normancomics I don't watch many movies, so it's random that I've seen that film @normancomics Same @Desi10g @whizwang @ArtirKel I think the ham and nuts version is cantonese, haven't tried it. The yunnan one is bas… @normancomics Yes, I actually have! Thought of that movie in past few months - being in an apartment in the city must feel like that now @aaronykng 😥Month three of lockdown was when my mindset might have permanently shifted from "online is not real life" to "my re… @codedevstack @DavidSpinks @csallen @nehbit