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You know you're in for something special when you launch a game, and before you even hit the title screen you're roaring. #ClockworkGod @TimeGentleman Congrats! @danthat Congrats!It's time folks! Support Dan's continue Indie-Darling status and enter the Lair of the Clockwork God! course it's telling when I was writing these ideas down because I fashioned this (awful) gem you get fresh new young-bods and go multi-verse hopping, during which Bean gets lost and ends up as the villain at the end.You'd start out as geriatric Dan and Ben and need a trip to the (oddly uninhabited) hospital, rip a hole in the mul… @danthat @TimeGentleman Dan and I chatted briefly about it when you first announced LotCG - but it was intended to… @danthat @TimeGentleman So, on the eve of some new Dan and Ben adventures, I completely randomly stumbled across an… @TimeGentleman @danthat That certainly was the noise I just made @apocalynds Aside from seeing temples and bonsai, I'd be hard pressed to be dragged away from... @tha_rami @animalcrossing Animal Crossing Royale
@lizardengland I must trot out my evergreen recommendation for @Harkaway's brilliant The Gone-Away World. Also Iai… @sheridangames for having us over to talk to student about portfolios! Always awesome to see all of your amazing work :)
Retweeted by John LethbridgeThis! It's always an honour for us to be invited to visit @sheridangames. The faculty and students are such a pleas…
@lizardengland I imagine the conversation leading up to this went: Liz: Can I roll to see how the castle flies? d… @bowzerj I will help you pack the boxes if you'd like to mail out assorted poisonous scorpions and spiders. @asticastle Your rendering is consistently incredible!There no words for how much I love this.
@justin_cummings RUINED.People think I'm joking when I say we are going to have to storm the legislature.
Retweeted by John LethbridgeDEVIL'S KISS is an enticing Visual Novel prequel, chronicling the events of Dan and Ben meeting at High School in t…
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Hmm. I probably shouldn't be allowed to cook when I'm really hungry. Made an absolute mountain of food for just me.… @bowzerj The best kind.I am an awful human being and I'm absolutely not sorry. @bowzerj @aphoebebarton @dannyodwyer Nah, the aftershave is fine. Just give up the necrophilia. @BexSaltsman Awesome work! Solid parenting, that! @SamMaggs Oh no, you didn't listen to the Mogwai rules. Never get it wet.
I've started playing around with Crusader Kings 2 again and I'm coining the term 'Casus Bellend'I am intrigued as to how this solution arose.
Retweeted by John LethbridgeI'm dying @holly I'm sorry Holly. She was a wonderful, crotchety old lady. @krveale Which isn't to be reductive on your annoyance - certainly justified given the argument you've laid out. It… @krveale When it comes to the new trilogy, or more specifically RoS, I'm very much shrug and Star Wars. There are b… @krveale Meh. I take this as technology advancing because why not - it's more interesting when the thing you though… @ChuckWendig If she's interested in 3D, I'd recommend checking out Blender ( which is free…
Spoiler: The end of the movie is Sonic and the dog getting married
Retweeted by John LethbridgeThis episode of Dark Mirror is a true nightmare are red And love is bliss But I got a new phone who dis
Retweeted by John LethbridgeRoses are red But not all reds are roses Language gets weird If everything transposes
Retweeted by John LethbridgeRoses are red, And you look nice, I now propose sex, While employing a birth control device
Retweeted by John LethbridgeRoses are red, Violets are blue, OMG, STFU
Retweeted by John LethbridgeRoses can be red, Violets are violet, not blue, Poem now haiku
Retweeted by John Lethbridge @Baconwich It is impossible for parody and satire to exist in this reality anymore. @saxen8 Pretty sure you're thinking of The Running Man. Because he was running from the vampires. @oleivarrudi Nintendo Eel of Quality have no words. @ltvargus Could have saved it with "Uhh Tits! I meant Tits! Yeah, I'm being vulgar. That guy has some wicked tits o…
pitch: sonic the hedgehog with death stranding gameplay. sonic is weighed down by 100s of gold rings. he carries ta…
Retweeted by John Lethbridge @holly I imagine when one takes one of these home and opens it, one is swarmed by hundreds of wee skeletons. @OldWulf I am happy to lend you my pie eating expertise. I have many years of experience and majored in Lemon Merin…
@RobertEngen @theunshaven @aphoebebarton That's funny. I don't find the idea idea of squirrels in the brain troubli… @ugobananas Wow do I super hate that.Seeing this new Pokemon thing I can't help but think
@0xfeedc0ffee No sir. I do not like Quantum Onions.Blargh. There's a reason why I avoided 3d maths for so long. It's terrible. All of it. @p1xelcoder NOICE. Does that mean people can get sent to your office for a stern talking to? @ChuckWendig Perfect. Very much in line with my standing game development feels @docsquiddy @charlesrandall @SwiftAusterity Everyone making art was doing it to fulfill a need, not necessarily as… @docsquiddy @charlesrandall This is something I've been thinking about for a while - how can we make experiential p… @charlesrandall @docsquiddy @SwiftAusterity I'd argue it's not an even comparison to line commissioned historical w… @charlesrandall @docsquiddy Totally. That's where a lot of folks fall out of it, and with good reason. Having inter… @docsquiddy @SwiftAusterity I'd argue you're both right. AAA games are games, but also products that have to make m… @docsquiddy I don't disagree - I just think that we're doing it 'the way it's always been done' because of budget c… hooks perfectly into respecting the player's time invested. I can play for 5 minutes, place 3 blocks and that…, with that in mind, I've started thinking more about how games can be structured to let players use the tools th… there are objectives. And yes, parts of the game still feel like work. But so much is left in your hands. The…'ve been reflecting more on this since I started playing Minecraft again with my son. That is a game that encoura… you end up with is a game that has set paths that you can't deviate from (or when you do the game punishes you…'s a lot of double-talk in AAA about lettings players experiment and find their own way, but by the time the g… and more I want to make games that encourage players to actually 'play', not just chase objectives and tick boxes. @ugobananas cc @BexSaltsman b/c as parents this is life changing.What sorcery is this?! @apocalynds Glad to hear you're on the mend! @floatvoid @justinchans @jwaaaap I'm super down for this.
@tha_rami The twist is the security camera showed you on the couch getting attacked by the burglar @AnnaHollinrake @Mediatonic Congrats!
Everything else though? No. Nope. No thanks. Bad.The best part was building a mini Minecraft server with my son by re-purposing his disused Raspberry Pi 3, which ha… what a weekend.The youngest is officially on puke watch.I've washed my hands so many times this weekend they're dried out and cracked almost to the point of bleeding. $20… have become one with the barf smell.My carpet and stairs are going to smell like barf forever.Welp 2/3 children have barfed this weekend. Let's go for 3/3 because why the fuck not.
@lizardengland Soooo everyone's just acting like they're in a Nicholas Cage film then?This. Always this.
Hah, I had no idea! Souls: Remastered (2018) Dir: Hidetaka Miyazaki
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@BlueIsleStudio to see my pals @BlueIsleStudio getting a write up about their new game Broomstick League! @UnburntWitch People around me wonder why I plug one ear and stare off into space randomly or suddenly say 'beeeeee…'m fucking crying @JurieHorneman Wacom? Wacoff! @KyleBeautweet The expression and the texturing are brilliant. Great job!Plus we're at least 200% more likely to get at Bruce Campbell cameo. And he wins everything if he brings Campbell'…
@TheCodeViking High five for slow times skill development! I started dipping into Blender and working up a low poly… @SamMaggs Me: this is just a bunch of puppy barking Sam: Yes, it is. AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS A PRECIOUS GIFT.