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Author of the 'David Saunders' book series. Historian and Explorer. My wife and I are to be found either in the Dordogne or on our travels.

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@kydawson63 this evening. Fish and olive pasta followed by chocolate dipped strawberries. Only water to drink as I have to drive later tonight.Daughter's first attempt at a crème brûlée should say we did this knowing they were driving back to the UK today. By the time they reach Paris their car wi… left a note on the car saying, (in French), "Please contact the police as soon as possible because of the road accident"Jules and I have attached said meat to their car exhaust with wire. Inside the radiator housing we have put fish.So... All rubbish now disposed off in the correct manner Now we proceed to the revenge stage. Some well hung meat...To those saying I should "let it go" and to be the "bigger man" Too late, petty act of revenge already in progress… ten minutes ago at the boulangerie, two British women in the queue, "Bloody EU, they imposed a 14 day q… they are seeking a war. Walked down to my gate this morning and found the rubbish all piled on my drive.… @suffolkspice1 O to be young again
@iain_nash My old friend Dick is still a Captain in my eyes.I was told the father of the family (a man as thin as his wife is fat) asked for some bin bags to clear out his car… @RealityAnomoly He's a friend of mine, I told him what I had done.The owner of the campsite just called me, the family have just returned to their car and discovered their returned… @suffolkspice1 The irony is not lost on meJust dropped in at the campsite my overnight visitors are now using. They had left a window open on their car so I… @louden_peter @1proudliberal One day I looked down and there it was. @EdMusman @annejanbrouwer Doesn't take anything away... @JFrenchTweet It's a cross I must bear. @CrypticMirror @rbirchall I'm very happy with the words I used. They were accurate and descriptive. @RjmcfDev I'm not dumb, I'm rude. There is a difference. @Nirya07 Being rude also takes no effort. @GenesHairyMole Exactly. Thank you @CrypticMirror Why not tell the truth ? She looked like a cross between a cement mixer and a Beluga whale. Is that better ? @cainalikehyena Well if it helps I am an Adonis but humble with it. Women (and some men) swoon with uncontrolled… @rbirchall How do you know what I was thinking ? @RjmcfDev How do you know what I was thinking ? @QSBobinho We have chickens, ducks and goats all ruled over by one dog.Several here have questioned my description of the mother as, "fat, ugly, chain smoking". If a person is indeed… should say we do get people asking if they can camp on our land. We usually say yes but direct them to a particu… @suffolkspice1 Pongo. @1proudliberal It happens a few times a year.They have left but leaving a lot of rubbish behind. I have gathered up the rubbish because I know where they have… pointed to the large bull in the next field (actually my neighbours) I shrugged, "Then regretfully my bull wil… helpfully gave directions to a local campsite, "You sound English, what you doing here then ? I ignored this, "… family decided to camp on my land overnight, "Excuse me this is not a campsite, this is my farm" says I to… lunatic just sent me a link to UK employment law while telling me that there will be "zero redundancies" in th… @secretfsquirrel Facts don't care about your opinions Roger.Egg banjos for breakfast today. A family favourite. @LinekersToe That is exactly what has happened. The bank in question knows the bad PR of a large well publicised mo… the most amusing element of the responses I received to this post were those telling me that it could not…
@Charlie_the_II @thompsonkf1 @JSWood75 @carusb And yet as I keep saying its happened. It's as though major global b… @Charlie_the_II @thompsonkf1 @JSWood75 @carusb O well if YOU don't know about it then clearly it's not happening. Sigh @AlanPeery Or employ an EU national without needing to bother. That's what they are doing. @Charlie_the_II @thompsonkf1 @JSWood75 @carusb Yet the bank has done it so the consequences are the same for those working there. @Charlie_the_II @thompsonkf1 @JSWood75 @carusb And yet despite all these Twitter experts telling us all it will nev… @Seggitorial And yet, as I keep telling people that is what has happened. Clearly the bank thinks differently to Twitter experts. @ToddDavidForem1 @ScarletBertie Whatever you say @Mr_Azemi75 @MAFamatic sigh @Mr_Azemi75 @MAFamatic OK then. I will let my friend's British colleagues know they have nothing to worry about ba… @biscate9 My wife and I have agreed to put that entire "Saint Crispin's Day" incident behind us and move on. @MAFamatic Because at present their jobs are in the UK. @Mr_Azemi75 @MAFamatic Yes because that's a piece of cake isn't it ? <shakes head> @nicunurse94 @TheTuscanGun You're welcome. @ToddDavidForem1 @ScarletBertie "A mistake" ? So I made a "mistake" by stating here what is going to happen but be… @ToddDavidForem1 @Mr_Azemi75 It still doesn't matter what you think, what you believe is right or your opinion on i… @ToddDavidForem1 @Mr_Azemi75 OK - have a pleasant move to France. @ToddDavidForem1 @Mr_Azemi75 <sigh> Once again what YOU think is immaterial. They have made the decision, it is happening. @carusb That's their decision, made presumably because they thought it was the right one. @ToddDavidForem1 @Mr_Azemi75 Well that's the decision they have made which they have presumably done so for their b… @Mr_Azemi75 @ToddDavidForem1 With the greatest possible respect I think you have missed the point. Banks needs sta… @This_is_M_A_T Glad you enjoyed the fish pie, my wife will be proud when I tell her. @Mr_Azemi75 @ToddDavidForem1 This was, as I understand it a decision driven by the wishes of the bank not the legis… is the latest transfer by his bank. There has been a gradual relocation of various divisions and departments… spoke with an old friend who works in investment banking in the City of London. He's just been told his entir… @FishGirls23 OK, you are the official first reserve if the current one doesn't work out. @laurakerr64 I hope you enjoy it. @SueSokal We were there late last year and bought a number of cases for our cellar. Every bottle so far has been a delight. @FishGirls23 Well let's see. Did you make inappropriate boyfriend choices between the ages of 15 and 17 ? Are you… interesting responses to this recipe. My wife is not claiming this is in some way the 'authentic' method, jus… @DuchessFounder French mother but Scottish father. It was always 'pudding' when growing up plus being sent to a ver… we are celebrating the news of our daughter and son in law moving here we will be drinking a 2012 Zenato Amarone… @RingwoodUnitari Correct.As I am being sent out to do some shopping I have advance notice of dinner this evening and because I knew some peo… @pengytweet @sarahhappydemon @Stealthgirl21 O yes....... @RiteshT67268077 @HinduMonkey You say, "Identify as French" as though it is in some way a bad thing. Do you need r… good news for the day. My eldest daughter (currently pregnant) and her partner have made the decision to leav…
@MOliciousHat I have that covered Details of his colleagues @colmadoyle I thank you for your concern (and to others who have expressed similar sentiments) but we are fine. @DavidBl77772818 Delicious!A quiet food update tonight. Daughter produced home made meat feast pizza plus strawberries and ice cream to follo… @bangramonkey One hopesUpdate His Twitter changed to private Facebook deleted Linked in details of present employer removed. I guess he got the email @kydawson63 Gin and dresses Karen, that is your life 😀So somewhat of an anticlimax. He's currently out of the office on a business trip but back on Monday. Just to gi… earlier this month readers may remember this enthusiast for Nazi reincarnation. Well the good news is our sof… speak further on this issue. My cousin is a landscape artist who works on commissions. His website features so… @ewt84 @lawddicted @MichelleMMcGr @Joannechocolat Nothing wrong with offering help and advice, I do that on a regu… @Ancient_trav The Americans may well claim it as their dish but the inventor was.. <drum roll> French. Goes off… @studiodancewear A local B&B ? @studiodancewear Don't get me started on 'influencers'. A lady we know who runs a B&B near here now has a set emai… @ColumnaDurruti1 I included journalists because I am aware that the same tactics are being used toward young newly… morning I made my wife eggs Benedict for breakfast after finding real English muffins in our local supermarket… posted this because I am sick of seeing young artists, journalists and creative people being expected to produce… with uk media outlet: "Would you be interested in writing an article on your recent twitter thread" "… @talexr I ridiculed Brexit. One of their number (for reasons unknown) decided I was Jewish. @etchea Ten years ago a crack IT unit was sent to McDonalds for a crime they didn't commit. These men escaped to th… started yesterday on the identification of another six persistent racist trolls. Already two we now know thei…