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Author of the 'David Saunders' book series. My wife and I are to be found either in the Dordogne or on our travels.

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Shocking, I remember refusing to rent one of these carriages years ago in NY when it was obvious the horse was abus… the process for the next leader of the Conservative Party will likely start again soon a new contender has stepp… understand Pickfords are keeping a lorry on standby near No 10 Downing Street to save time. #TrussUnfitToGovern @ParkerCaitriona O yes, digital photography uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors interfaced… Kwarteng describing the catastrophic fall in the value of the Pound as a, "measured decline" sounds so much… level UAV photo reconnaissance has identified Russia shipping 1950s Soviet era KrAZ trucks to the Ukrainian f… @BirdBlondebird If you grind up the lips of hamsters into a paste you can achieve a Dutch delicacy called....two lips from 'amster jam.Getting colder here so dinner tonight for those interested is Cucumber and tomato salad Boeuf Bourguignon with Lyo… @tomhfh here, brave enough to tweet that he doesn't understand what influences currency movements. Horace Butherston, Conservative member for Stockly on the Wold seen relaxing with some of his younger constitue… @BobHunterMD Correct, it's a suburb of the Scottish capital, Newcastle.Fujitsu, the company who supplied the flawed UK Post Office accounting software that resulted in hundreds of sub-po… @ArmyWife3333 Film just in...., if you do indeed have hair on any part of your body apart from your head I can only assume you are a werewo… unsure of their sexuality or their place in the world need help and support not medication from quacks and… I understand Darren Grimes discovered he was sacked by GB News when he read it on social media, suggesting the G… a country as wealthy and as well resourced as the UK every politician should hang his or her head in shame when… children in the UK pretending to eat food because their parents are unable to afford to feed them!!!! Get a… 1/. As the death toll rises to 41 today, four women you should know who were deliberately and unlawfully k…
Retweeted by RS ArcherYes of course it's easy to make money out of the crashing UK Brexit economy and currency but by any measure of mor… just heard from a cousin in the UK that last weekend a nightclub in London was offering a free "jump to the front… @henrykploetz So you are unable to understand the difference between supporting Trans people and being critical of… incredible bravery. @jacknannini @darrengrimes_ weeks ago Lizz Truss during her first PMQs made a statement that she would, "absolutely ensure Doncaster Sheff… that stupid thing you heard at a dinner party from a drunk woman with no understanding of the subject becomes…
Retweeted by RS ArcherIt's clearly time to take action. The Mermaids charity is a direct threat to the safety of children, young girls i… Sunak called it bet no one can guess which UK newspaper can come out in support of the extreme far right in Italy. Conservative MPs in the UK are already sending in letters of no confidence regarding Lis Truss, considering the… the loathsome Darren Grimes has been sacked by GB News for being so bad even they will not employ him. How do I…, musicians, business owners, taxi drivers, and MPs. We all seem to be able to identify what the UK medi… @GOPnot4me ongoing decline of the UK is all the more upsetting for knowing that it is completely unnecessary, a flawed ref… the British people the #BrexitRecession that was warned about is now a reality and will only get worse. The cr… UK Pound is now at $1.03, an all time record low and a damming indictment of the disastrous Government the Brit…
This is Claude Vecksler, a Jewish boy from Paris. He was murdered in a gas chamber at #Auschwitz II-Birkenau on 25…
Retweeted by RS ArcherI wonder what the consequences for sales will be now women know that the changing rooms of @Primark are not safe for them?I was discussing last night the pleasure I find in long railway journeys. My trip home from Berlin traversed Europ… like a lot of money has been made on the collapsing UK Pound by the same people who made money out of Brexit… the only "benefit" of Brexit the frothing gammon could shout about is now abandoned. All the advantages of EU m…'m making breakfast today as my wife worked so hard on dinner for our guests last night. It's going to be labne a…
Just as long as the men are happy, that's the important thing.... don't understand why so many people in the UK think the recent tax cuts are going to benefit them. A simple loo… this evening for those interested Smoked salmon on sliced potatoes Chicken Cordon Bleu with honey glazed…
This is what happens when you refuse to fall out of the window. is some speculation that this individual is not in fact a woman. I have no idea why people might have reache…, bag packed and off to the station for the train home. Berlin has once again been a great place to visit and do… I see that the latest explanation from the Ròyal funeral "celebrity" pair is that they "walked past" they did n…
Had Korean food for dinner this evening. It is.........interesting.Hearing about women across Iran removing their headscarves and refusing to intimidated by the "morality police'. L… celebrities jumping the Royal mourning line - arrogant, inconsiderate and insulting Lying about it - stupid… call from my wife, "The man who is servicing the Aga is flirting with your mother. What should I do?"Trump: There are no papers The papers were planted They were not planted but they were mine They were not mine but… @_jen_mo So Mandela was as wrong about sport as he was so many other things.Watching TV here in my hotel room and I wonder at what point humanity finally realises that sport in general, and… don't say this lightly but the video evidence certainly seems to suggest Kwasi Kwarteng was on a cocaine high during the Royal funeral.
Tomorrow headline at the Daily Mail, "World faces nuclear armegedon. Why didn't Meghan Markle do more to stop it?"mmmmmm The sweet, sweet smell of Brexit. No benefits, no advantages, no upside. Bend over some more Brexit suppo… must say one must admire the absolute cheek of the British government. Their solution to the health issues resul… of many of the sons of Russias political and wealthy elites being quickly flown out of the country today to… Truss can now say she was once Prime minister of the UK, which is lovely but clearly we now need a competent in… @kmacraeplockton O well that's fine. @DisraeliStocks Why don't you use a search engine and look. Genuine answer.I hope this potential global thermonuclear war is not before Saturday because we have friends coming for dinner.Another wave of Conservative MPs in the UK closing all their social media accounts and trying to delete as much history as possible.King Charles tries to repair damage done by Truss see that the much lauded UK/ US trade deal that was going to be signed "in a few weeks" is now dead in the water… can be few funnier things on twitter than Canadians of all people posting about their "repressive" government…
I hate it when that happens, very off putting if I'm enjoying a meal. So selfish."Is it worth me learning your name?" knows.... Putin perhaps, "fallen out of a window" based on this evening's events? @JanAnFred In a restaurant @kydawson63 Simple answer is yes, sort of. They are linked to our principle lawyers in Paris and offer advice based on local variables.Brexit is now going so well that the British government is refusing to publish the official data of how well it's g… because when my lawyer here asked me where I wanted to dine I said "Somewhere authentic to the region I always enjoy."Dinner this evening Sausages, potato salad, sausages, cabbage salad, sausages, sauerkraut, sausages, roast pork,… this is a shock ! Elton John is Gay ???? dry bright morning here in Berlin. A day of businessman business work is about to begin. Flag being run up flag…
I can almost hear the anquished cries of pain from Brexiters this morning as they read HM The Queen supported the U…
It's nice to have as a final gift from HM the Queen what was what long suspected. She was firmly opposed to Brexit… see Nadine Dorries has deleted her Twitter account. In future years we will look back on her time as a senior po… my eldest daughter, "I am so proud of those like JK Rowling who are prepared to stand up for women even thoug… I see that the so called "rift" between Princes' Harry and William never existed and was a creation of the media. What a surprise.A baby, not even a year old. refusing to meet Truss is naturally not getting a lot of coverage in the UK media but it is unprecedented and… see the law breaking and corruption at No10 has continued from the Johnson government to the Truss government. busy morning @Eyeswideopen69 Now you are over 20k followers the twitter money really starts to flow. Look out for those cheques from CaliforniaIt's sobering to read this morning that the damage done by climate change is no longer reversible. We and our chil…
Consequences of money to be made out of the rapidly declining British Pound. @iesamina @Apollo_1776 @gaelicana @preselectlee Safeguarding exists not because all members of a group are a threat…
Retweeted by RS ArcherSo I read a rally of actual women has been stopped by a group of men who want us to believe they are women. Is feminism going backwards?It seems these people who felt they deserved special treatment are called Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. I… like @SilverstoneUK are doing all they can to discourage fans from attending the British GP. Rip off pricing of epic proportions.I have now learnt the "celebrity" queue jumpers were a couple of daytime TV nobodies. I wonder who authorised that? people have become incredibly upset that @jordanbpeterson was invited to a school.