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Author of the 'David Saunders' book series. My wife and I are to be found either in the Dordogne or on our travels.

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Text just received from the Idiot Son, "We're on our way, see you soon Dave"
Dinner this evening for those interested Green salad Lemon chicken piccata with honey glazed carrots Plum and sloe… wonder why so many people are angry that Jeff Bezos paid to build a rocket and travel to the edge of space? He's… an entire morning of manual labour so I am rewarding myself with a shower and then a swim in the pool before… egg and smoked salmon for breakfast followed by a morning helping my father fix the fence around his prop…
If ever there is a "Batshit Crazy Olympics" I think the UK has a strong change of a medal with Kate Shemirani. news – confirming the UK Carrier Strike Group will operate with the US, Australia, France, Japan, New Ze…
Retweeted by RS ArcherAll of Australia to Katie Hopkins reminder of what happens when you stand up for women's rights., a reminder of what he likes to keep hidden"English pubs have been caught selling fake prosecco" because importing the real stuff from the EU has become too e…
Retweeted by RS Archer.. and the award for worst idea of the week goes to.. funny. Antigoli - she was two years old. ignored in America and now Hopkins kicked out of Australia. Both a joy to behold. frothing gammon once again proving that no matter if it's Brexit, lockdown or a football match all they really… @HarriettMooreB2 was always asking for money at school. and I have just been for a river swim. I think the word I'm looking for is 'bracing'
Just been listening to the latest @MissedApexF1 podcast with @SpannersReady . Remarkable to hear that when Liberty… wife spending a busy morning painting in her studio (commission deadline approaches) so I am making lunch. Pump… @BradleyPhilpot Celebrity news: Squadron Leader the Lord Bertie Halsop and Captain Toby, "Tobes" Henderson of the… @soulman2811 We don't have Coca Cola in our house for any purposes. We obviously would not dream of drinking it an… @soulman2811 @SpannersReady "I say, isn't that Mungo with Caroline?"My weekend project, a double smoked ham with an apple and honey glaze. Preparation begins Saturday morning with th… @hancock_i @brianmoore666 Fair point.Burn confirmed mine. the UK reached a point where effective moral and political leadership is now only provided by footballers ?… @MirandolaGonzag Mine are indifferent toward cycling, I doubt they would bother. Of course if it's boules de pétan… years old this little boy from Paris. FOUR YEARS OLD.
Parents with us for dinner tonight so we are having an eclectic mix Prawn salad Chicken chasseur (request from my… 🎂 to astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (15 July)! Co-discoverer of the 1st radio pulsar in 19…
Retweeted by RS Archer📢Copernicus Masters : le concours qui vous donne l'occasion de répondre à des défis 💪! 🚀Challenge n°7: Planet’s Ch…
Retweeted by RS ArcherNine years old. by the tsunami of supportive emails and letters I've received, if women learned anything from the response…
Retweeted by RS ArcherFrom a media contact in the UK. GB News ratings now so low as to be effectively zero plus it's rumoured that Andre… hour in the Netherlands: traffic made up of child-powered school buses (ht^ @dirkjanjanssen & @MartijnLi)
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Le 14 Juillet 2021 est l’occasion pour nous de reflechir sur le partenariat entre deux des grandes Marines mondiale…
Retweeted by RS ArcherEggs Benedict for breakfast today followed by a day of writing, I have an editor imposed deadline to meet.
We have a dinner party this Saturday, eighteen people around the table so of course I have chosen a provocative sub… replied, "Sound's cool. Maybe we could have a bit of a dice when I'm over. We do some racing over Hemel and L… I got a sixty-nine Chevy with a three-niner-six Fuelie heads and a Hurst on the floor She's waiting tonight do… followed up with asking me what I was doing for the holidays, (he seems not to realise we are not travelling but… cause here worth supporting this evening, we chose a lighter meal as the warmer weather is here. Bruschetta Baked salmon with a grapef… was clearly pleased with his preparations because he quickly replied "I've been looking online and I'm going to… sat and looked at the message for ages, should I reply, should I ask him? I knew I shouldn't, I knew I should ju… @seanspicer Couldn't agree with you more Sean. Look at America with its Socialist roads, Socialist military, Socia… thought it was only fair to remind him of the stringent regulations here in France regarding visitors. He replie… from Idiot Son "Well that's it, footie is over and for a few days I wasn't sure I could go on. I was gutt… for breakfast today, recipe from our gardeners wife plus some new Sumatra mandheling coffee I found via my coffee broker.
I remember being confidently told this would never happen. #brexit @LeeAnn_lastname @bill48902 I still have them...😀Well played have been to a lot of rugby internationals in my life. I have seen my team win and lose but not once have I felt… see that the people who were economic and trade experts during Brexit and epidemiological experts during the covi… Idiot Son offers his nuanced thoughts on the football in a text message to me late last night "Italy end Engla…
I will not be watching the football this evening but good luck to England and Italy. I hope the fans get an enjoya… has also sent me an email with his itinerary.On the 21st he will be getting the ferry sailing at 0915 from Dover… Son update. He just called me and asked about the "Chinese Flu situation there". It seems someone at his… thanks to all who offered sympathy after the bike crash. Both SIL and I are fine albeit him having a cast for t…
Well that was an eventful morning. Went out for a cycle ride with my son in law when just a few minutes from his h…
I have just informed my wife that the Idiot Son will be dropping by, I explained that I had not invited him and had… @dicofran I just ran a check and sure enough @dicofran is an automated troll. Reported and muted.People have asked, No I did not invite him, quite the opposite. I suggested after the last time that he would not… @BingoBangoBong9 this evening for those interested Cheese filled mushrooms Lemon chicken (mother in law's recipe) with green… email from Idiot Son, "What about the football, we stuffed the jerries, only the Italians to go. Ferry… rotting in fields because of nobody willing to pick it, food not reaching supermarkets because there are no lo… news that the UK is liable to pay €47.5 billion to the EU as part of its post Brexit financial settlement I tr… @CountessofW Yes you must feel foolish now knowing you never left the ground and the images outside were simply a f…
Seems legit"Are these changes safe Mr Shapps?" "Of course, perfectly safe" "So why did we have the previous regulation?" "Errr… we still believe all women? Do we trust that a church woman knows a semi when she sees one? Women’s testimony in…
Retweeted by RS ArcherListening to the radio this morning, I understand England have won a football game so congratulations to all those…
Dinner for those interested: Grapefruit salad Fillet of beef with roasted garlic and mustard cream together with f… @Biglarry2k11 Of course, here is film of people enjoying an evening at our local bar made a Tomato Galette for lunch. We are just about to enjoy it at the kitchen table as it's raining and a dull 1… the 7th of July 1944 this two year old was murdered for no other reason than the fact she was Jewish meanwhile i…
@DancingBadger @Trump_ton Fighting crime in New York @Larisaios2 Backlash? Last time I ventured an opinion on this issue I received death threats. I thought Brexiters…'ve only followed tangentially this story of a man claiming to be a women and exposing himself to women and childr… @HairyAngus No you're thinking of giraffes. It's why they have the long necks, to see what's around before they take off.They can offer 'proof'. Well when I say proof, I mean they can rant on denying reality, facts and science in the… this is pure vintage Express ! 😀👇 A British haulier is, we read, "exploiting a loophole in the EU's Brexit dema…
Retweeted by RS ArcherThe Flat Earth people are back in my DM's, aside from the usual "do some research" and "wake up" lines I also got,… @reallyglobal @pifiagenesis I don't believe YOU exist Send birth certificate, home address, bank account number and your pin code.Scroll down the thread and you will see a copy of the letter (real wackadoodle stuff) and it references 'Romana Did… women in Canada actually takes the time to write a fictitious 'Cease and Desist' letter because her local fast fo… overnight DM, "Why did you feel the need to tell everyone it was your birthday? Do you think for one momen…
Great headline.... was three. this evening for those interested Cheese soufflé Wiener schnitzel with cucumber salad And to complete the… might try that next time official quoted, "The UK has a long, distinguished, respectable and admired history in diplomacy so we do not u… the spin, the flag waving and the lies there are always the numbers, the facts and the truth. #COVID19